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H3h3 lies

H3h3 lies

6 månader sedan

I FOUND GOLD!!!! #DramaAlert
  1. johnny carter

    johnny carter13 timmar sedan

    I'm new to this but why is this guy acting like a girl can someone please tell me?

  2. Jordan Nguyen

    Jordan Nguyen13 timmar sedan

    KSI and pewdiepie best collab ever

  3. Jordan Nguyen

    Jordan Nguyen13 timmar sedan

    i really wanna see logan paul get slapped up by Mayweather @ancientgmainghq

  4. W4NT3D L1F3

    W4NT3D L1F313 timmar sedan


  5. Jordan Nguyen

    Jordan Nguyen13 timmar sedan

    its crazy jake paul sliding into the wifes dms lol @ancientgmainghq


    KINGWOLFIE22 !13 timmar sedan

    Imagine haveing 100millions followers watching your life every move 🤯😂


    IBBY_YOUNG_STYLES 2813 timmar sedan

    Didn’t have to subscribe and turn on notifications now because I’ve had it on for 3 years love to the biggest pot stirrer 😂❤️ keep doing you made a whole Twitter just to follow you too @yungen1bby love from Sydney Australia

  8. Shayan Habibnejad

    Shayan Habibnejad14 timmar sedan

    boxing drama is back let’s gooo😈😈 twitter: @ShayanHabibnej1

  9. Bcboy06

    Bcboy0614 timmar sedan

    No Nut November will be a bit easier to cope with if i had a PS5 To think about. still Going on No Nut November barely pls maybe i can get some hope just maybe.

  10. soumya r

    soumya r14 timmar sedan

    Happy that nick is finally think about his health, Jake Paul😂😂😂 @soumyarakesh2

  11. Sean fukuda

    Sean fukuda14 timmar sedan

    subbed with notifications on @wasain15

  12. Isaac Duncan

    Isaac Duncan14 timmar sedan

    Imagine the scenes of Logan beat floyd 😂 Twitter- @isaacdncn

  13. mediocre broker

    mediocre broker14 timmar sedan

    i love your videos

  14. Aurium

    Aurium14 timmar sedan

    my twitter @AuriumTV

  15. Aaryana Patel

    Aaryana Patel14 timmar sedan

    I can’t believe it

  16. Kayla McGowan

    Kayla McGowan14 timmar sedan

    Happy for that guy who’s quitting making mukbangs for his health. That some self love and care right there✨ subscribed with notifications! Twitter: kaylaxmcgo

  17. jax_productions

    jax_productions14 timmar sedan

    callmecarson said imma said to corpse is funny pic

  18. Grody_Josue

    Grody_Josue14 timmar sedan

    I think Floyd mayweather would beat Logan Paul ass @assassinjouse

  19. Robert Haynes

    Robert Haynes14 timmar sedan

    Jakes gonna get beat down in MOMs Basement while on Drama Alert lol!!!

  20. sura

    sura14 timmar sedan

    I subbed with notifications on and i follow you on Twitter can i get one of the consules pls @AbiyouSurafel

  21. 002 not big Bill

    002 not big Bill14 timmar sedan

    plz i want a pz4 plz not a ps5 a ps4 plz

  22. YUNGANAKIN Skywalker

    YUNGANAKIN Skywalker14 timmar sedan

    I need one of those ps5s keeeeemstarrrr!!!!! 😫😫😫😫 @alexr71420 <-- Twitter

  23. jax_productions

    jax_productions14 timmar sedan

    we did it bois we stopped simps

  24. b

    b14 timmar sedan

    Nick shouldve gone on one of those secret eaters or dr phil idk why im overweight shows

  25. tefonn

    tefonn14 timmar sedan

    My favorite part of the video is your intro @Foxytell_YT

  26. Antonio Torres

    Antonio Torres14 timmar sedan

    Let’s see what clout gang does once they return @sphuncho

  27. snooobis

    snooobis14 timmar sedan

    I need ps5 plz

  28. Thomas Awida

    Thomas Awida14 timmar sedan

    Faze banks and rice gum back bet I don’t have Twitter so my Instagram is Thomas_awida

  29. Genesis Luna

    Genesis Luna14 timmar sedan

    I’m actually happy for Nick, he should do what is best for him! My Twitter is @Genehatemostppl

  30. Hector Esparza

    Hector Esparza14 timmar sedan

    Jake is gonna end up calling out someone that’s gonna whoop him -Twitter Hectorx090

  31. Ao

    Ao14 timmar sedan

    i wanna see logan paul get clapped by floyd. hope i get a PS5 my twitter is @usernameBroke

  32. Clay Rankin

    Clay Rankin14 timmar sedan

    Yoo yoooo hope u pick me 😁 @claytone51702

  33. Thompson Turd

    Thompson Turd14 timmar sedan

    My Twitter is @ThompsonTurd and I have subbed and did the notifications

  34. FxxlingXTae

    FxxlingXTae14 timmar sedan

    twitter: itzjusttae KSI and Pewdiepie are couple girls. look how cute they are together, being friends and hanging out on meme review.

  35. Thomas Awida

    Thomas Awida14 timmar sedan

    I don’t have Twitter so my Instagram is thomas_awida let’s hope I win

  36. KingM3llo

    KingM3llo14 timmar sedan

    pls please s 5

  37. starfinder

    starfinder14 timmar sedan

    Like keem said Clout game was basically one of the founding fathers of all these big groups lmao @starfinder9

  38. zSOULZz

    zSOULZz14 timmar sedan

    Belle being terminated is mad, undeserved really tbh @Spencer_morg

  39. Daniel Cyr

    Daniel Cyr14 timmar sedan

    I will love you forever 🥰 if I win and take bbc My Twitter danieljcoplove

  40. gautam timalsina

    gautam timalsina14 timmar sedan

    Bro this channel is all i have been watching currently LOL

  41. PipTale

    PipTale14 timmar sedan

    I bet you my last chocolate chip cookie logan will lose.......... agian.......... [email protected]

  42. NGHT

    NGHT14 timmar sedan

    Ayeee subbed have notis on and here’s my twitter: NGHTFN1

  43. Villalobos 99

    Villalobos 9914 timmar sedan

    those cakes are the real deal @alvillalobos99

  44. Samuel Adjei

    Samuel Adjei14 timmar sedan

    Life sucks Twitter: samueladiye

  45. Jack The Ripper

    Jack The Ripper14 timmar sedan

    I guess I’m Kobe Bryant cause I had to hit her with a double team

  46. Harry Thomas

    Harry Thomas14 timmar sedan

    Faze Banks always seem to spice things up. Twitter @hazeyht

  47. 0cyrax

    0cyrax14 timmar sedan

    3:34 just check his channel lol

  48. Harry Thomas

    Harry Thomas14 timmar sedan

    Would appreciate a PS5 for my twitch stream. Love the videos. Twitter: hazeyht

  49. Cj Lewis

    Cj Lewis14 timmar sedan

    sad to watch man

  50. Until Dawn

    Until Dawn14 timmar sedan

    Y'all think Logan's a meme now right. @The116764450

  51. lakey_all

    lakey_all14 timmar sedan

    I’m kinda glad belle delphine is gone [email protected] I’ve entered so many giveaways like 15-20 and never won my family doesn’t have the money to get me on for a long time and it would mean the world to me to win I’ve done all the steps to enter I’ve entered so many PS5 giveaways and haven’t won I’ve tried this like 2 times and haven’t won I’ve been a massive fan when u was on a guest account on SEtoos. Thank You. Good Luck To Everyone. 🙏🙏

  52. RustyButTrusty 23

    RustyButTrusty 2314 timmar sedan

    Shes so popular but I cant be suprised that see is but also wouldnt be surprised if see comes back Hopefully I win the give away would love to start streaming and gaming [email protected]

  53. Is Among Us

    Is Among Us14 timmar sedan

    ksi and pewdiepie i was shook when i saw that upload:O bruh banks and rice again :O miss the duo @PofkeB

  54. chris rodriguez

    chris rodriguez14 timmar sedan

    Lmao Jake Paul is a savage, I’d pay to see Logan fight Mayweather. My Twitter CriCri_Soft

  55. ExtraBANKII

    ExtraBANKII14 timmar sedan

    I ain’t gonna lie jake’s side chick thick. @fallahakareem

  56. Matthew Calagui

    Matthew Calagui14 timmar sedan

    If Jake Paul and Money Mayweather do fight...its gonna be a boring fight @DarthMevius

  57. MCiphēr

    MCiphēr14 timmar sedan

    That cake segment tho lmao, @eternalkwots

  58. GODS OF HYDRA Gaming

    GODS OF HYDRA Gaming14 timmar sedan

    Austin v Jake, Logan v Mayweather. Both the pauls getting dropped. @GodsHyrda

  59. * Flye2107

    * Flye210715 timmar sedan

    If every saw the wap video I’m the only one who hasnt

  60. ashbalisticdubh

    ashbalisticdubh15 timmar sedan

    Wow Charlie avting like a victim bu them calls someone out?

  61. Jake It Or Leave It

    Jake It Or Leave It15 timmar sedan

    James Charles is going to, maybe inadvertently, end so many peoples careers.

  62. Majed yousuf

    Majed yousuf15 timmar sedan

    pretty sure were getting baited on the mayweather v logan paul, mayweather will just lose money @uncrappy

  63. Иван Савельев

    Иван Савельев15 timmar sedan

    Bruh that's his wife 😵💀 @ivansavelyev69

  64. Lil bean

    Lil bean15 timmar sedan

    I don't know why the mcbruhs or whatever aren't divorced yet, haven't they like both cheated on each other? @littleyellybean

  65. n17212

    n1721215 timmar sedan

    Never gonna win

  66. TrulyyRain _

    TrulyyRain _15 timmar sedan

    Look at keemstar man, so inspirational. He really cares about the fans. I'm ready for clout ganging -BTW my Twitter is @JWxvyy

  67. taf ox_

    taf ox_15 timmar sedan

    Newbie here I like the news and updates thank u man love the work.

  68. Adam Smith

    Adam Smith15 timmar sedan

    Jake said mine @Adam38765051

  69. Adam Smith

    Adam Smith15 timmar sedan

    I disnt think well of belle anyways @Adam38765051

  70. Ash-G-05

    Ash-G-0515 timmar sedan

    I’m subbed with all notes so pls let me win good luck to all

  71. Ray Georgis

    Ray Georgis15 timmar sedan

    Lol LP couldn't even beat KSI lol... TWITTER: @RaghdanGeorgis

  72. Zachary Cilano

    Zachary Cilano15 timmar sedan

    Who else is from Buffalo

  73. Adam Smith

    Adam Smith15 timmar sedan

    I’m tryna see Logan Paul fight Floyd @Adam38765051

  74. Edtheb0ss Gaming

    Edtheb0ss Gaming15 timmar sedan

    I find Jake so cocky and annoying... such a child and I can’t wait for someone to put him in his place. @EdwardM57199881

  75. Wahi Karim

    Wahi Karim15 timmar sedan

    Boom done @WahiWasTaken liked and subbed love your drama alerts :)

  76. Cj Lewis

    Cj Lewis15 timmar sedan

    This is a man who is Manic.

  77. Gonçalo

    Gonçalo15 timmar sedan

    Me want a console @_InSightGamer_

  78. Pa1n

    Pa1n15 timmar sedan

    i'd cry if i lost my 70 subs

  79. Amber Kerrigan

    Amber Kerrigan15 timmar sedan

    All my son talks about is the PS5, he told me to enter this giveaway. he can be contacted on twitter @kerrigan_nolan