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  1. Eric Drake

    Eric Drake3 minuter sedan

    i speak better english then my parents is that bad

  2. IAm Wamai

    IAm Wamai4 minuter sedan

    He did that shit just for legal reasons😆

  3. vargen1414

    vargen141416 minuter sedan

    Floyd out here almost killed one of the paul brothers over a hat

  4. Vinayak Nagyan

    Vinayak Nagyan57 minuter sedan

    H3H3 is such a hypocrite

  5. BeepBoop

    BeepBoopTimme sedan

    Keemstar makes me so angry idk what it is about him just grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  6. Chrishub

    ChrishubTimme sedan

    we have now found jake paul's next opponent... shane Dawson

  7. Pitbull Life

    Pitbull LifeTimme sedan

    He’s so obsessed with Ethan jeez bru get over it

  8. Pogan Laul

    Pogan LaulTimme sedan

    You can go fuck yourself, keem

  9. Andrija Petrovic

    Andrija Petrovic2 timmar sedan

    Hust move h3 to the balkans mate Its worse than prison But piracy is legal

  10. Hendrik Bendrik

    Hendrik Bendrik2 timmar sedan

    Dawson is a fake and worst person ever

  11. Samuraidontdie

    Samuraidontdie2 timmar sedan

    oi who would think a jake vs logan fight would be cool. look im in no way saying that i support jake or logan but i would be nice to see jake beat the hell out of logan.

  12. HinterHault

    HinterHault2 timmar sedan

    Funny how hard he went on h3h3 so he get the jail time or waste $250,000

  13. jaidev singh

    jaidev singh2 timmar sedan

    Views are down......

  14. johan jimenez

    johan jimenez3 timmar sedan

    Don't like H3H3 he has changed

  15. David Burgemont

    David Burgemont3 timmar sedan

    The jealous gnome in the room award goes to Keemstar 👏 👏 Ethan has great lawyers and nothing will happen.

  16. Seriinnoo

    Seriinnoo3 timmar sedan

    Kids these days don't have a backbone.

  17. Skippy

    Skippy3 timmar sedan

    Keemstar, please never change

  18. Akshay Raman

    Akshay Raman3 timmar sedan

    This song is so bad it's good.

  19. Mobi Moddz

    Mobi Moddz3 timmar sedan

    Sad thing is keemstars word isn't to be taken with a grain of salt. Most shit he dose is to cause drama ( hence the name drama alert) by spreading lies, and speaking nothing but pure conjecture, with out having the slightest grain of proof to back up any of his claims. It's because of this thing that I'm hesitant to call a man, or to even consider a person, that a lot of would be popular channels go up in flames due to his pure incompetence. Many have suffered because he thinks it's funny to lie.

  20. Elite Eric

    Elite Eric4 timmar sedan

    Keem this video is now evidence used in the court room.

  21. Lade

    Lade4 timmar sedan

    so does keem watch frenemies too 🤔

  22. Kelogish

    Kelogish4 timmar sedan

    Keem play roblox with me!

  23. LyricBoss

    LyricBoss4 timmar sedan

    You never like my comments dude and I’ve been around here for years

  24. Abdul Kaddus

    Abdul Kaddus4 timmar sedan

    Is this the youtube BBC

  25. Andrija Petrovic

    Andrija Petrovic4 timmar sedan

    8:47 Hmm What abt dejis kids tho Im taking a trip down youtube drama and now that i know more its funnier

  26. Aztra Nine

    Aztra Nine5 timmar sedan

    I wonder how many people watched H3's stream. $150,000 per person watching the stream? Or am I wrong? Cause I'm guessing it'd be so damn much 😂

  27. david beirne

    david beirne5 timmar sedan

    Didn't get notified about this video

  28. Lucky LynkS

    Lucky LynkS5 timmar sedan

    9:30 yoooooooo 69 vibes

  29. Crimson

    Crimson5 timmar sedan

    Oh shit..

  30. Mike Brackman

    Mike Brackman5 timmar sedan

    Keemstar is the dogecoin of news networks.

  31. Matthew Burks

    Matthew Burks5 timmar sedan

    You can't get in trouble for showing a 5-second clip it's not his fault the fight was only five seconds if it was a longer they wouldn't be suing

  32. Matthew Burks

    Matthew Burks5 timmar sedan

    He won't go to jail cuz he's not the one pirating it he probably will have to pay because it is pirated but he's streaming it the people that are recording and posting it are the ones that are going to go

  33. Matthew Burks

    Matthew Burks5 timmar sedan

    Guarantee Ethan made a joke and they sued because I heard that

  34. Matthew Burks

    Matthew Burks5 timmar sedan

    Everybody's rebroadcast it it's been on SEtoos since it happened LMAO people were f****** recording it there

  35. Matthew Burks

    Matthew Burks5 timmar sedan

    Let's be real none of us paid for that s*** LOL that's why they're trying to sue what are they going to sue for 5 seconds of a fight

  36. Jack Back

    Jack Back5 timmar sedan

    Teacher: Trisha, who is Christopher Columbus? Trisha: I don’t know all the planets. Fuck Saturn

  37. Jamie

    Jamie5 timmar sedan

    Sucks h3 is getting sued when we all know we all b watching streams of it lmaooo

  38. Jack Back

    Jack Back5 timmar sedan

    Teacher: Trisha, who is Christopher Columbus? Trisha: I ain’t a sports Fan. Fuck Lebron

  39. Matthew Burks

    Matthew Burks5 timmar sedan

    Ethan won a lawsuit against SEtoos I highly doubt he's going to get in hardly any trouble at all let alone some fees

  40. a_jawz

    a_jawz5 timmar sedan

    Whoever this guy is us unbearable and a bottom feeder. Yikes!

  41. Pri B

    Pri B6 timmar sedan

    He should be in jail and he is toxic

  42. McLovin197

    McLovin1976 timmar sedan

    KSI is the man!

  43. Stingykawa

    Stingykawa6 timmar sedan

    Keem are u actually fucking stupid? You're supposed to be a reporter, and yet cant align your comments with the proof you post. H3H3 illegally watched, which means he at most would pay the $50 by june. He did not stream it for others to watch. So the claim against him is wrong and unsupportable. And yet you're acting like he will go to jail and you have the scoop.

  44. ARĒS 2

    ARĒS 26 timmar sedan


  45. Stanlin Aquino

    Stanlin Aquino6 timmar sedan

    It’s really upsetting how soft the world has gotten

  46. Tyler Hicks

    Tyler Hicks7 timmar sedan

    Who didn’t pirate the fight? Leave Ethan alone you troll.

  47. Matthew Hankins

    Matthew Hankins7 timmar sedan

    I hope he gets the 5 years in prison

  48. Stephanie

    Stephanie7 timmar sedan

    Don't get excited. H3 ain't going to prison. You're still trash.

  49. Richard Payne

    Richard Payne7 timmar sedan

    If keem likes this comment I'll steal 50 cents hat

  50. Simply

    Simply7 timmar sedan

    So if he pays the $50 they drop the suit?

  51. Elena Lesage

    Elena Lesage7 timmar sedan

    hey keemstar, just wanted to add you’re not a good person 🥰

  52. Tim Stutting

    Tim Stutting7 timmar sedan

    I also pirated jake pauls "fight"

  53. Mr Beast 14

    Mr Beast 147 timmar sedan

    Keemstar ur fukin biased

  54. Elena Lesage

    Elena Lesage7 timmar sedan

    hi keem, just a reminder you’re a garbage person ❤️

  55. Energettic Idk

    Energettic Idk7 timmar sedan

    That stuff that happened with mayweather and jake paul is funny

  56. Hop hop

    Hop hop8 timmar sedan

    Your the best reporter ever

  57. g g

    g g8 timmar sedan

    Is the tik tok vs SEtoos even gonna be with the head gear or not?

  58. Beanmon

    Beanmon8 timmar sedan

    keem and H3H3 should box lol

  59. Jade E

    Jade E8 timmar sedan

    In May 2021 at 7:00 ... this did not age well with all the drama going on right now. 😆😆😆

  60. Neece LoneWolf

    Neece LoneWolf8 timmar sedan

    @DramaAlert Keem I hope your source is right about EDP because I have personally dealt with Kern County Sheriff's Office about my ex abusing their kids and gave them years of evidence. My ex went on FB and bragged about it in groups on there and only when KCSO got daily phone calls and visits did they investigate but my ex ran to Florida so I truthfully hope your source isn't lying to you. KCSO won't do anything unless they are forced to. Its disgusting.

  61. CrazyImaginationWorld

    CrazyImaginationWorld8 timmar sedan


  62. Bannana Handcock

    Bannana Handcock8 timmar sedan

    Yall ganna cover the story on MrBeast? Apparently he's a ass hole behind the scenes or some shit.

  63. connor t

    connor t9 timmar sedan


  64. Aoxzii

    Aoxzii9 timmar sedan

    If keemstar don't cover Jake paul getting beat up by mayweather I'ma cry

  65. Scarlet Serena

    Scarlet Serena9 timmar sedan

    Normalize content creators just saying "fuck you" to someone trying to cancel them over something "offensive." The internet is not a warm cuddly place in which everyone will like everything someone does or says. You're going to not like someone at one point or another, and nobody fucking cares. Watch something else. I know if I were a content creator I would be tired of walking on glass all the time in order to keep my "fanbase."

  66. HMz4music

    HMz4music9 timmar sedan

    This aged like milk

  67. Paul Ahn Mej�a

    Paul Ahn Mej�a10 timmar sedan

    Hi KEEMSTAR! I just wanted to ask you if you could wish me a happy birthday since my birthday is tommorow, thank you!

  68. ᗩᗪOᒪᖴ ᗷᒪ

    ᗩᗪOᒪᖴ ᗷᒪ10 timmar sedan

    Who the f is Shane

  69. Brian Green

    Brian Green10 timmar sedan

    Who is Thriller? And it's Fury, not furry

  70. I Seeu

    I Seeu10 timmar sedan

    Cancel Trisha Paytas!

  71. Bobby Fischer

    Bobby Fischer10 timmar sedan

    I watched the Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren fight for free! Come sue me Triller!!

  72. Kenneth Smith

    Kenneth Smith10 timmar sedan

    No chance in hell I’m paying for a stream I watched on YT lmfaooo

  73. Sepehr A

    Sepehr A10 timmar sedan

    Keem y u snitching

  74. Lol

    Lol10 timmar sedan

    Keemstar more like Kuumstar

  75. Connor Dodsworth

    Connor Dodsworth10 timmar sedan

    Love it keem

  76. KingHeartification9

    KingHeartification910 timmar sedan

    Kinda sad that he still wishes for h3h3 downfall. Petty people will stay Petty I guess