Chris Kläfford
Chris Kläfford
Chris Kläfford

Chris Kläfford is a singer/songwriter from Lindesberg, Sweden.\nHe is considered to be one of the strongest musical voices to come out of his home country in a good long while. After paying his dues as a traveling musician for over ten years, his well deserved breakthrough came with winning the talent TV show \nSwedish Idol in 2017.\nIn 2019 he got praised by both judges and audience on America’s Got Talent, where he qualified to the semi-finals. \nWith his talent, productivity and continuously growing social media following he has managed to gain a world wide fan base, multiple platinum singles and record breaking exposure with a #1 spot on radio airplay.\n\n2020; Due to the Covid pandemic this year, online content has been one of the main focal points for Chris. His SEtoos channel has grown significantly and his videos has millions of views. The subscriber count keeps growing in a fast pace. In addition to online content Chris keeps writing music for his upcoming album.\n\n

  1. Andreas Strandberg

    Andreas StrandbergTimme sedan

    Kommer aldrig glömma när jag och sambon hörde dig i Ludvika på en krog och vi båda tyckte du var så jävla bra och att vi ville se dig mer - och det fick vi!

  2. Barbara Foster

    Barbara FosterTimme sedan always🎸🎼💙🌈

  3. Jangtorp Maria

    Jangtorp MariaTimme sedan

    Jag kan bara säga wow . Tusen tack för alla rysningar och välmående du sprider. Vilken underbar röst!

  4. Ethan Bailey

    Ethan Bailey2 timmar sedan

    Would love to see you preform bring it on home to me next if that alright 🔥🔥

  5. malvin Ginger

    malvin Ginger2 timmar sedan

    Hie Chris, have you heard of Teddy Swims? you guys could pass for brothers and you both sound AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lapis

    Lapis3 timmar sedan

    This was a fun video. When you told your mom to let loose in the room alone...😏🤭😁! She's adorable! You both are! I understood more about singing, too ,watching this. Mom got more power in her voice. Even if it got a bit wrong inbetween some places, it sounded pretty at the end. She has music in her vanes too ,I hear she is musical ,just need a bit practice, more guidance from you and a bit more confidence, even though she's such a good sport. Continue with her ,please! What a joy it will be for her if you gave out a song together and she could see her potential ,x mas record or an other special song. 🥰😉.I'll check out more of your videos now ..Coronna virtual hugs to both of you 🦾🤗🤍💛🧡❤💖💜💙💕😘

  7. Nicole Anderson

    Nicole Anderson6 timmar sedan

    Sir, you now owe me child support. 🤰

  8. Ronald Glover

    Ronald Glover7 timmar sedan

    Chris, you could sing a phone book and make it sound good! Thank you for brightening lives and bringing smiles.

  9. Mikael Nilsson

    Mikael Nilsson7 timmar sedan

    Härligt gung.. Fina harmonier i ackorden.. Tack än en gång..

  10. Charles Kallay

    Charles Kallay8 timmar sedan


  11. Kathy Loizos

    Kathy Loizos9 timmar sedan

    I would like to make a request, Please do songs from Warren Haynes I'll be the one or Soulshine!! This would be amazing!!

  12. TheOwen1974

    TheOwen19749 timmar sedan

    Totally freaking awesome.. Love how you just let it go...

  13. Bonita Quick

    Bonita Quick10 timmar sedan

    Wow! U r my latest discovery and u r absolutely amazing!!! Johnny Cash's Man In Black.....Willie Nelson wrote Patsy Cline's Crazy.....Marty Robbins, Hank Williams - your voice is better than all these guys - they wrote these songs for YOU....Merle Haggard Mama Tried...lookn4word2what u have2give next....and if u r single - i want2marry u when i grow up! (Don't hold ur breathe.....hehe)

  14. Kathy Loizos

    Kathy Loizos10 timmar sedan

    Oh Chris Klafford you are smooth as Tennessee Whiskey. You did this so magically.. there is not another word I could describe this, just magic! Thank you! Always look forward to listening to you! David Allan Coe would be Proud of this..

  15. Emelie K

    Emelie K12 timmar sedan

    Underbart! :D Älskar att ni har så kul ihop

  16. Emanuele Cuffari

    Emanuele Cuffari12 timmar sedan

    Wow!! Great atmosphere 🎸🎶

  17. Ambition Hut

    Ambition Hut12 timmar sedan

    Damn what a voice!

  18. Tania Elliott

    Tania Elliott13 timmar sedan

    Aww that was lovely! Your Mum is a blast and she did very well considering! Tell her to try singing it after a bottle of wine! She will totally loosen up then! Or better yet get her a Karaoke Machine with various tunes on and have a weekend sesh! Tis what me and my buds did after a couple of glasses we did not care and deafened our neighbours out with our singing! Was nice to see and your Mum is lovely!

  19. Wilma Ståhlgren

    Wilma Ståhlgren13 timmar sedan

    Åh så duktig, väldigt rolig video😍

  20. Andy Chris

    Andy Chris13 timmar sedan

    DANG SON!!! You've gotta come to Dallas area soon, you'd have at least two guaranteed tickets! Me and my wife have loved you ever since your first appearance on AGT. I knew then, I'd struck absolute gold hearing your voice.

  21. nathalia silva alvitres

    nathalia silva alvitres14 timmar sedan

    Your voice and songs are so beautiful ❤️

  22. Ichbinein Lauch

    Ichbinein Lauch14 timmar sedan

    Here new subscriber. Great musician🤟

  23. paula elves

    paula elves14 timmar sedan

    wow wow wow wow xxxx

  24. paula elves

    paula elves14 timmar sedan

    wowwww i love this xxxx

  25. Kerstin Büttner

    Kerstin Büttner15 timmar sedan

    Wow.... Great! Thank you. Rockin' regards from Germany/Hesse

  26. christy getz

    christy getz16 timmar sedan

    I LOVE YOU CHRIS, I SWEAR! You have such phenomenal GIFTS, along with a genuinely beautiful heart, spirit, and soul. 🥰 And to go from KICK-ASS GRUNGE voice to TRULY have it ALL going on!!! Christy Getz [email protected]

  27. Michelle Tobin

    Michelle Tobin16 timmar sedan

    Brilliant! Love this version so much

  28. LouAnne Dirawi

    LouAnne Dirawi16 timmar sedan

    Thank you for connecting to my heart today. You are magical.

  29. Mary Yeboah

    Mary Yeboah16 timmar sedan

    I love this cover so much...I have been a fan of your voice for a long time

  30. mac6435

    mac643518 timmar sedan

    Beautiful man!

  31. OZL Truth

    OZL Truth18 timmar sedan

    This remind me of my hard time😥

  32. Douglas Eddins

    Douglas Eddins19 timmar sedan

    I'd love to hear a cover of "Banks of the Deep End" by Gov't Mule

  33. Carrie Aubie

    Carrie Aubie19 timmar sedan


  34. Gilles Beeckman

    Gilles Beeckman22 timmar sedan

    Right, I think the best cover I have seen or heard..sorry that it didn't last longer..a 10 minutes version would be great..

  35. Joshua Escoton

    Joshua Escoton23 timmar sedan


  36. Oliver Kobing

    Oliver KobingDag sedan

    You have really perfected this version over the years. Good on you!

  37. Shane Butterworth

    Shane ButterworthDag sedan

    Man that's a sweet sound vocaly and instrumentaly

  38. Justis Johnson

    Justis JohnsonDag sedan

    i dont even know what to comment. im just in awe at what my ears are experiencing right now.

  39. Greg Hedrick

    Greg HedrickDag sedan

    Dude! No words

  40. Er Zha

    Er ZhaDag sedan

    He's d'best! Keep it up dude

  41. Victoria L molander

    Victoria L molanderDag sedan

    Bättre än originalet 😍du är bara bäst😍🙏🏻

  42. Alexandre

    AlexandreDag sedan

    Vocally Outstanding!! But i miss the guitar riffs!



    You rock on so many levels!

  44. emil östlund

    emil östlundDag sedan

    how dafuq can it only be 19646 viewers. Love u Chris.

  45. Holly Rolando

    Holly RolandoDag sedan

    Mystical, magical, and moving. You have a new fan!

  46. Prof Kleo

    Prof KleoDag sedan

    Thankyou Chris! You really made me feel like I'm not the only one grieving still for my Grampa... I dedicated your song at his funeral 🥰🥰 Thankyou 🥰🥰 you've given me a theme tune to my memories... ❤️😪

  47. Ryan Neuberger

    Ryan NeubergerDag sedan

    Fantastic. Keep up the good work.

  48. Marnie Rose

    Marnie RoseDag sedan

    I love your mum😁

  49. Terry Tully

    Terry TullyDag sedan

    I just discovered you tonight while listening to various songs. I'm a 73 year old grandmother and I have to tell you ... I love everything about you! You got it all ... the whole package. I'll be listening to all I can of you so keep composing and keep singing. You're one of a kind and addicting! Thank you for sharing yourself.

  50. Hamid Khani

    Hamid KhaniDag sedan

    You are wonderful❤👏

  51. Anna-Katharina Hög

    Anna-Katharina HögDag sedan

    Probably the sweetest mom-child Video of SEtoos. I'm in love with both of you. You can come and join our little family. <3 :-*

  52. Curre68

    Curre68Dag sedan

    You are so great👍

  53. Bryson Davis

    Bryson DavisDag sedan

    I got chills on this one. Amazing voice, @ChrisKlafford.

  54. Dan Black

    Dan BlackDag sedan

    The thumbs down are probably people disappointed that you can hear the person in the background walking around, blowing out candles, and setting the candles down again.

  55. Fantastical Worlds

    Fantastical WorldsDag sedan

    OMG I just love your Vikingness and that voice!! I'm an old rocker now 58 years old.

  56. katta0706

    katta0706Dag sedan

    Braa morsan att du vågade jag skulle ha flippat ur haha!

  57. Tone Ollestad Music Channel

    Tone Ollestad Music ChannelDag sedan

    Love everything about this. The setting. The music. The voice. Perfection.

  58. Oliver Jahnel

    Oliver JahnelDag sedan

    Man, I just found you and all I can say is ...."you are a colossus...and a sweet one!"


    RKSARTWORLDDag sedan

    Outstanding work man! Keep doing it!! Thanks Chris!

  60. ItMatters

    ItMattersDag sedan

    do you have any CD's? if so where to buy?

  61. ItMatters

    ItMattersDag sedan

    very nice

  62. Caleb Eastland

    Caleb EastlandDag sedan

    FINALLY WEVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Whitehead Custom Crafts

    Whitehead Custom CraftsDag sedan

    love your voice my man and the acoustic guitar love it subscribed and notified

  64. Chris Chipolina

    Chris ChipolinaDag sedan

    Absolutely incredible!!!!!! thank you so much Chris for sharing your wonderful talent ❤ from Gibraltar!



    You got your own wikipedia profile.Congratulations you made it.

  66. tania7930

    tania7930Dag sedan

    Marry me then I can listen to your music every day such a beautiful voice and humble man

  67. Mikael Johnson

    Mikael JohnsonDag sedan

    Good version Chris, I would like to hear a version of The promise with Tracy Chapman, tears in heaven with Eric Clapton. Numb linkin park.

  68. Robert Jacobs

    Robert JacobsDag sedan

    Awesome voice

  69. Gilles Beeckman

    Gilles BeeckmanDag sedan

    Such a nice cover. If your dishes coming out your kitchen are so good as your cover ..well, just open a restaurant !! Nice job and very nice to hear.

  70. the kotzes

    the kotzes2 dagar sedan

    Chris have you done a cover of Lady, by Kenny Rogers yet? I can imagine you starting off calm, serene, fragile and then blowing us out of the water with your power! 👍 🙂

  71. Monique Jacob

    Monique Jacob2 dagar sedan


  72. Mary Willis

    Mary Willis2 dagar sedan

    What a wonderful mom!

  73. Mary Willis

    Mary Willis2 dagar sedan

    Just beautiful... I’m so glad to have found you ! ♥️

  74. Maurice Bryant jr.

    Maurice Bryant jr.2 dagar sedan

    This dude is king of covering a song and making it better than the original

  75. Robin R

    Robin R2 dagar sedan

    I love this guy but not sure about the pace or energy of this cover.

  76. Tina Jeffers

    Tina Jeffers2 dagar sedan

    I sing on smule under my middle name marieparfait1. That was the hardest thing Ive ever been through in my entire life. It almost took my heart my soul and my goodness. The pain of losing a child is something I don't want anyone to have to feel ever. Hope you keep on singing. Called to the alter! Wow!!! Freaking awesome!!!! Your amazing!

  77. Tina Jeffers

    Tina Jeffers2 dagar sedan

    Yeah whistles when I sing my dog sings with me when The song has either the word blue (her name) or the word love in it. Oh bless you sweet man, I sang Amazing Grace and Go Rest High and Dancing in the Sky for my son when he was in a one vehicle accident that took his life. Sk8IP Edison Allen Joseph Parfait III. August 15th 1993- March 12th 2016. That dash between those he lived his life without fear and to the fullest. He was very talented in everything he did. From skate boarding, to singing, to tattooing, to drawing,to dancing, and many other talents.

  78. Butterscotch Sauce

    Butterscotch Sauce2 dagar sedan

    Wow.....would you Marry me? 🙊 did I say that out loud......honestly.....I felt every word....👏 wow

  79. Tina Jeffers

    Tina Jeffers2 dagar sedan

    You are incredible ! Your chest, middle and head voice are amazing! I think I'm in love with your voice💥💗🎶💗🎶💥and your hair and beard just is the best. Applauds for Chris cool ass song Something like me !👏👏👏👏👏👏Thank you for sharing your talents with others. Your a cool man ! Wow man. The song sober gave me chills and goosebumps !