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A TFT Song by Nevercake

A TFT Song by Nevercake

10 månader sedan

  1. 삐융삐융

    삐융삐융15 timmar sedan

    중국 빼라고;

  2. Maria jose Martinez

    Maria jose Martinez15 timmar sedan

    Yo solo vengo a decir...Ahri es bellísima!! .3.

  3. jmb 01

    jmb 0115 timmar sedan

    Nunu looks different xD

  4. Black Metal fox

    Black Metal fox15 timmar sedan

    Grab the chaos Zweihander and be a great big dad

  5. Yuki Ukanami

    Yuki Ukanami15 timmar sedan

    One of the ads i would watch

  6. sw4g

    sw4g15 timmar sedan

    my boy garen right there my main, in this video, im glad

  7. Astra Alterato

    Astra Alterato15 timmar sedan

    good song ugly game

  8. momo yaoyorozu

    momo yaoyorozu15 timmar sedan

    anyone else been here for two years?

  9. Qin Shi

    Qin Shi15 timmar sedan

    They ruining my fun

  10. Luisa

    Luisa15 timmar sedan

    I don’t even know what this is or why this is a thing I just think the song fire lmao

  11. 4TUNE-G.

    4TUNE-G.15 timmar sedan


  12. momo yaoyorozu

    momo yaoyorozu15 timmar sedan

    *me being here for thirty minutes and realizing i havent liked yet*

  13. TopStrikaComedy

    TopStrikaComedy15 timmar sedan

    So so cool 😎😎😎 I really love it

  14. gadgetwolf1996

    gadgetwolf199615 timmar sedan

    Anyone else get more goosebumps from the original version of this song? (the one by imagine dragons) Like the remake though.

  15. Mia Lopez

    Mia Lopez16 timmar sedan

    Me:when I play prodigy and this 🎶 plays in my head. Everyone: same but then I 🏋️‍♂️ or if I am totally 😑 .

  16. Galaxy X

    Galaxy X16 timmar sedan

    Do you songs remind me of the goodness I’ve ever had

  17. Galaxy X

    Galaxy X16 timmar sedan

    Legends never die

  18. Nagi

    Nagi16 timmar sedan

    That fly-by sound at 2:29 as the star passes is nutty

  19. Daniel Morais

    Daniel Morais16 timmar sedan

    i love is music

  20. junjie lin

    junjie lin16 timmar sedan

    that's fire

  21. Samuel Pereira

    Samuel Pereira16 timmar sedan

    Amazing animations and sound!

  22. José Ribeiro

    José Ribeiro16 timmar sedan

    Is it only me, or this (music + animation) brings back some good memories?

  23. Marvin Agustin

    Marvin Agustin16 timmar sedan

    make YI AP again

  24. Nathan

    Nathan16 timmar sedan

    is ahri washing her popstar outfit?

  25. Kenia anahi viera cardenas

    Kenia anahi viera cardenas16 timmar sedan


  26. marilyn medina

    marilyn medina16 timmar sedan

    Me : comes and watches it because see it on ad everybody: Ahri is doing her laundry also me : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  27. Mukip Lover

    Mukip Lover16 timmar sedan

    Who are armored men from and who lead them

  28. Ashe

    Ashe16 timmar sedan

    1:07 Ashe could never

  29. Nachi Senpai

    Nachi Senpai16 timmar sedan

    69 million views *NC*

  30. Izabella Peacock

    Izabella Peacock16 timmar sedan

    Ahri is my new favorite character!

  31. Taigar 76

    Taigar 7616 timmar sedan

    I can't help it, i'm still coming to hear this while reading comments

  32. Miguel Balchus

    Miguel Balchus16 timmar sedan

    I'm only here because of POP/STARS vs Megalovania

  33. 電音俱樂部

    電音俱樂部16 timmar sedan


  34. helmut cronaize

    helmut cronaize16 timmar sedan

    im always come back here every year.. ahri still doing her laundry..

  35. mrterin12

    mrterin1216 timmar sedan

    This is how you make people want to play a game !!

  36. Stratos Amv

    Stratos Amv16 timmar sedan

    5 Percent normal people 5 percent amv artist and 90 percent gamers

  37. Rakibul Islam Sabbir

    Rakibul Islam Sabbir16 timmar sedan

    I'm here from kongkaal gaming.

  38. Jimmy Brave

    Jimmy Brave16 timmar sedan

    people talk about the jhin part while i'm here watching riven being a badass all on her own

  39. Cabelinho

    Cabelinho16 timmar sedan



    ZEPEDA PUEBLA ERANDY16 timmar sedan

    esa canción es de dulce hogar ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  41. Gadah Alkhaldi

    Gadah Alkhaldi16 timmar sedan

    This is great, I can't do it, and if I did, I wouldn't move out of bed for a week😂😂

  42. Дж Зарго

    Дж Зарго16 timmar sedan

    after ten thousand years no one - this video - Here We GO!

  43. Sett DeMamá

    Sett DeMamá17 timmar sedan

    Uuuu ¿A quien mas le hace temblar esta cancion? xD

  44. Mia?

    Mia?17 timmar sedan


  45. Rey Negro

    Rey Negro17 timmar sedan

    Kindred gg

  46. thefranc00

    thefranc0017 timmar sedan


  47. Mia?

    Mia?17 timmar sedan

    I wish they did the song more on stage, like, the one they did with the song more made me sad

  48. DR.black Death

    DR.black Death17 timmar sedan

    karma should denied ruination spell and says no

  49. BelovedBoy

    BelovedBoy17 timmar sedan

    The one critique i have on viego is that they need to balance his "makes your team flame at you for insta-locking him" effect, i feel like its kinda OP rn

  50. Ana

    Ana17 timmar sedan

    It's Bailey! She's such an amazing dancer

  51. The Ancient Tales

    The Ancient Tales17 timmar sedan


  52. Championalism Propaganda

    Championalism Propaganda17 timmar sedan

    Kind Dread

  53. 조춘치킨

    조춘치킨17 timmar sedan

    I always feel that song is for faker faker is Legend of Legend I respect him

  54. Guilherme Matheus Ferreira Lopes

    Guilherme Matheus Ferreira Lopes17 timmar sedan


  55. Sirius Spaera

    Sirius Spaera17 timmar sedan

    Isnt this the ost for "No game no life"?

  56. nathan lowry

    nathan lowry17 timmar sedan

    Can’t believe it took me THIS long to find this

  57. Camila Estrada

    Camila Estrada17 timmar sedan

    Lulu99 me envio aca

  58. SmallFireFlame000

    SmallFireFlame00017 timmar sedan

    why did 2011 LoL graphics look 1000x worse then 2004 WoW graphics

  59. N G

    N G17 timmar sedan

    I loved his ult so much when it was just pressing r and basically a nunu ult

  60. Jewish Frog

    Jewish Frog17 timmar sedan

    Even though this song is rather generic, it's still 10 times better than Rell's character and overall champion design.

  61. trenton moore

    trenton moore17 timmar sedan

    id watch this anime

  62. Brett Wood

    Brett Wood17 timmar sedan

    I miss old galio man. The rework changed him way too much

  63. MiStowgan

    MiStowgan17 timmar sedan

    And so it was. That love was the gravest sin of all.

  64. •Yuishie•

    •Yuishie•17 timmar sedan

    'Efsaneler asla ölmez..' EFSANELER ASLA ÖLMEZ!


    RIOT RECORDS17 timmar sedan

    Welcome DJ Ox to RIOT RECORDS!!


    ELENA TORO17 timmar sedan


  67. berat canturk

    berat canturk17 timmar sedan


  68. marignitee

    marignitee17 timmar sedan

    1 year...

  69. Camiryn Starr

    Camiryn Starr17 timmar sedan

    never back down from a fight you keep going forward even till you die thats a phinoix

  70. Jewish Frog

    Jewish Frog17 timmar sedan

    Why does she just have a better version of Taric's Bastion?

  71. Irmãos Ultra

    Irmãos Ultra17 timmar sedan

    LEGENDS NEVER DIE 🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆 Defqon.1 Enshow 2018

  72. Winston White

    Winston White17 timmar sedan

    Annie's Dad: No more starting fire, okay? Tibbers: *how bout I do anyway?*

  73. Raul Butucel

    Raul Butucel17 timmar sedan

    KDA is trash.

  74. Роскомнадзор

    Роскомнадзор17 timmar sedan

    *R.I.P. 2018 ♂BILLY HERRINGTON♂ (William Glen Harold Herrington) bright memory, LEGEND!*

  75. Pablito Siemano

    Pablito Siemano17 timmar sedan

    watch it in 2x speed :D

  76. Raven

    Raven17 timmar sedan

    remove samira from the game