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  1. Emanoel Miguel

    Emanoel Miguel14 timmar sedan


  2. tutuc

    tutuc14 timmar sedan

    here after billie quoted her lol

  3. Ryan de Vaan

    Ryan de Vaan14 timmar sedan

    My gay as switching voice be like:

  4. Valen Asano

    Valen Asano14 timmar sedan

    What are they saying at the very end of the video? I can barely make it out

  5. Charlie

    Charlie14 timmar sedan

    im torn after d'Angelos video about lana

  6. Юлия Александрова

    Юлия Александрова14 timmar sedan


  7. uf cok malmisim

    uf cok malmisim14 timmar sedan

    SOOOO PREEETTTYYYYY 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐

  8. Lucical Art

    Lucical Art14 timmar sedan

    Lol she had to include that mesh mask

  9. sophie n1k

    sophie n1k14 timmar sedan

    I mean that bridge tho

  10. Sam Valladares

    Sam Valladares14 timmar sedan

    She had us in the first half, not gonna lie.

  11. Meryem Yücehan

    Meryem Yücehan14 timmar sedan

    27 January 2021 , 23:31 ❤️🥺❤️😭❤️


    KING OF HACKER14 timmar sedan


  13. csaba horváth

    csaba horváth14 timmar sedan

    l ana i love love

  14. regina phalange

    regina phalange14 timmar sedan

    That guy reminds me of jesse rutherford

  15. Joelson Pinto

    Joelson Pinto14 timmar sedan

    I feel like I just watched a movie...

  16. илья прокуронов

    илья прокуронов14 timmar sedan

    Исправилась,за обложку к альбому,поёт с загорелыми людьми:)

  17. Dominik Čech

    Dominik Čech15 timmar sedan

    Day 2 (27.01.2021) of me listening "West Coast" everyday for 1 year.

  18. Andrea Maria

    Andrea Maria15 timmar sedan

    Ride is a poetical way to be yourself and feel really blues thoughts and don't be judged for others and you drive in a road completely alone with your real thoughts.

  19. Emilio Salcedo

    Emilio Salcedo15 timmar sedan

    A R T

  20. piera salerno

    piera salerno15 timmar sedan

    Il testo di questa canzonee è stupendo 😍😔ed esprime quello che provo per te...mi amerai lo stesso quando la mia anima sarà dolorante e io non sarò più bella??? Oltre questa vita se avrò il privilegio del paradiso... Porterò anche te....

  21. Рик Санчез

    Рик Санчез15 timmar sedan

    From Russia 2021

  22. Ivan Espinoza

    Ivan Espinoza15 timmar sedan

    Happy anniversary #9 to this work of art, an album that was born not to die, the way in which this album changed and marked my life is incredible. Eternally grateful to Lana Del Rey💙❤️

  23. ivalues

    ivalues15 timmar sedan

    aşığım sana kadın, aşık.

  24. Sara alkabbi

    Sara alkabbi15 timmar sedan

    she is so underrated bro

  25. Hs Trickshots

    Hs Trickshots15 timmar sedan

    Who can’t believe the Born to Die album came out 9 years ago on this day???

  26. xiaomi smartphones

    xiaomi smartphones15 timmar sedan

    we love you lana

  27. Daz Ronch

    Daz Ronch15 timmar sedan

    I loved this song and the video beautiful lady ...

  28. Nutsa Natsarashvili

    Nutsa Natsarashvili15 timmar sedan

    My god

  29. Kc Yelo

    Kc Yelo15 timmar sedan


  30. Jhun Rey Serdiña Corrales

    Jhun Rey Serdiña Corrales15 timmar sedan

    I just can't wait for the trailer for Chremtails Over the country club

  31. Bruno Figueirôa

    Bruno Figueirôa15 timmar sedan

    The Born To Die era is returning! And I think this is amazing...

  32. XXX18

    XXX1816 timmar sedan

    Rich girk

  33. XXX18

    XXX1816 timmar sedan


  34. csaba horváth

    csaba horváth16 timmar sedan

    lana 60s love imádlak forever

  35. normand jeffrey Rururush

    normand jeffrey Rururush16 timmar sedan

    Come on LDR fans, we must publish this song on our social networks, so that this song has more visits. I already did it, stream too.

  36. qurmanOFF

    qurmanOFF16 timmar sedan

    У меня эта самая летняя печалька..

  37. booker t

    booker t16 timmar sedan

    I love her so much

  38. csaba horváth

    csaba horváth16 timmar sedan

    lana ilove imádom

  39. csaba horváth

    csaba horváth16 timmar sedan

    i love lana absoluth

  40. pop those tags

    pop those tags16 timmar sedan

    I feel like someone who isn't even me

  41. Melissa Reid

    Melissa Reid16 timmar sedan

    I've listened to this every single day since debut. I haven't been obsessed over the last album or two, but I absolutely can't wait for this one.

  42. csaba horváth

    csaba horváth16 timmar sedan

    love lana love

  43. Eman Krlicevic

    Eman Krlicevic16 timmar sedan

    Why does this song feel so nostalgic?!

  44. samuell mello

    samuell mello16 timmar sedan

    é tão bom acordar logo pela manha, ouvir esse louvor e sentir deus entratndo em nossos corações e abençoando nossas famílias

  45. csaba horváth

    csaba horváth16 timmar sedan

    i love

  46. csaba horváth

    csaba horváth16 timmar sedan

    i love forever love

  47. samuell mello

    samuell mello16 timmar sedan


  48. CalamriKawi

    CalamriKawi16 timmar sedan

    Everyone saying she created vintage aesthetic, laugh my balls off. She’s taking fashion from 60-70 years ago, just because you weren’t alive doesn’t mean it didn’t exist. I also like how she isn’t able to make a facial expression because all the plastic.

  49. csaba horváth

    csaba horváth16 timmar sedan

    lana absulth forever

  50. csaba horváth

    csaba horváth16 timmar sedan

    lana 60s i love forever ilove forever

  51. Kami Lia

    Kami Lia16 timmar sedan

    2021 😘😘😘😘

  52. csaba horváth

    csaba horváth16 timmar sedan

    ilove 60s love forever imádlak

  53. csaba horváth

    csaba horváth16 timmar sedan

    lana foreverer wonderfull

  54. Dylan Joel Gabriel Mendez Paredes

    Dylan Joel Gabriel Mendez Paredes16 timmar sedan

    im like

  55. Nicolás

    Nicolás16 timmar sedan

    Happy birthday to this masterpiece ♥

  56. biraz üzgün

    biraz üzgün17 timmar sedan

    Born to die hiçbir zaman eskimeyecek bir şarkısın

  57. Mono Jam

    Mono Jam17 timmar sedan

    This effing bass!

  58. Cemil Erdem Bilgiç

    Cemil Erdem Bilgiç17 timmar sedan

    aranızda türk var mı

  59. David Kissner

    David Kissner17 timmar sedan

    Liked comment: Iggy Pop likes this song

  60. Catarina Kayla

    Catarina Kayla17 timmar sedan

    Eu vivo pra isso 😻🎶 MY EVERYTHING

  61. alexis

    alexis17 timmar sedan

    Just me who never noticed the painting scene before?

  62. akmack2

    akmack217 timmar sedan

    That was INSANE!! Love, Love, Love Lana. ❤

  63. Ross Claughton

    Ross Claughton17 timmar sedan

    Instantly reminded me of "Starry Eyes" movie 2014. As dark as I love it.😱😁

  64. Maddy Faber

    Maddy Faber17 timmar sedan

    Nobody: What Karen's mask looks like: 1:30

  65. Katherine Johnson

    Katherine Johnson17 timmar sedan

    Someone who bares her whole soul in all her art is a goddess just saying it’s brave to do in this world


    RUIVA RUIVA17 timmar sedan

    Ela é muito perfeita 😍

  67. Cle Dias

    Cle Dias17 timmar sedan

    esse foi o clip relatando sobre o que estamos vivendo agora .no ar está sendo jogado veneno rastro químico no ar .águas sendo contaminadas .comidas contaminadas . destruição das famílias. uso de máscaras. vemos que o que está por vir .furacões prédios serão explodido ou terremotos .causará isso .ela relata no vídeo que ficaremos sem luz.que nem o luxo e dinheiro que ela possui não tem valor .diante de tudo que ela sabe que está por vir .dias negros .climas horríveis. ela mesmo tenta diante de um ventilador desenhar um mundo perfeito. De uma coisa eu sei .Deus está voltando.e a nossa morada não é aqui.

  68. Lari Fernandes

    Lari Fernandes17 timmar sedan

    Omg she's amazing!!! So pretty with so much talent. I love you Lana 💜💜💜💜

  69. Eduarda Bonfim

    Eduarda Bonfim17 timmar sedan

    Parabéns para o mais icônico e antemporal de todos!! 9 anos de “ Born to die” 😍

  70. Monish Raj

    Monish Raj17 timmar sedan

    I can't even Express that How Boring and At the same time How Soothing it is to Listen😴🥰

  71. Joe Simpson

    Joe Simpson17 timmar sedan

    I’ve missed her

  72. Brittany M

    Brittany M17 timmar sedan

    goosebumps af

  73. riptide

    riptide17 timmar sedan

    lana 😭

  74. Fjona Vrenozi

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  75. Maram The best

    Maram The best18 timmar sedan

    The most u underrated Song of Lana

  76. Yafet Narciso

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  77. Qwerty Ytrewq

    Qwerty Ytrewq18 timmar sedan

    2:11 masterpiece

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    классная песенка

  79. RØGÜÉ

    RØGÜÉ18 timmar sedan

    Happy Birthday born to die

  80. rovena

    rovena18 timmar sedan

    this song rlly gives me goosebumps