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  1. Kristel Vidhi

    Kristel Vidhi18 timmar sedan

    'The minions in minions aren't minions' *L.M.F.A.O.*

  2. Dylan Donign

    Dylan Donign18 timmar sedan

    Matt your video is literally a paradox

  3. Funky Pants

    Funky Pants18 timmar sedan


  4. KoolAid Man

    KoolAid Man18 timmar sedan

    Mat Calls his Son Bean??? hold on I need moment that's just so sweet

  5. John Slender

    John Slender18 timmar sedan

    I would add funds to my bank account during the purge.

  6. Master Froggy

    Master Froggy18 timmar sedan

    It's funny how matpat has a embedded rivalry with Mickey Mouse

  7. Rev Lemmon

    Rev Lemmon18 timmar sedan

    What about vitamins and minerals?

  8. JSRuers66

    JSRuers6618 timmar sedan

    No one gonna talk about the tractors that are basically cows?

  9. Brushido Bee

    Brushido Bee18 timmar sedan

    is salad fingers female?

  10. Anthony Chang

    Anthony Chang18 timmar sedan

    Me personally physically looking I think Ben Affleck Batman would be a worthy opponent against Will Arnett Batman.

  11. dollywompr

    dollywompr18 timmar sedan

    but I mean, at least being stuck in an endless loop of sadness is still better than eternal pain right?

  12. Zelioz

    Zelioz18 timmar sedan

    I'd say a better way to go about creating a game with a virtual world would be to create a perfect or very indepth ai that could go around the world and sense everything and then use what it feels, senses, etc., from it's brain and using that to insert all of that into player's minds

  13. sebastianwillows

    sebastianwillows18 timmar sedan

    But if the city is on one of the rings, and if only human souls *on that ring* can use the hotel, it's even less effective... Edit: Matpat's theology game is weak if he needs to count sinners by number. It's everyone. Everyone is a sinner. That's the point... We don't know the conditions to get into heaven in the Hazbin universe, but the whole point of sin is that it affects everyone...

  14. Dylan Donign

    Dylan Donign18 timmar sedan

    Interesting thought, in the episode we see the cat say to Jerry not to ask questions and the cat was also not supposed to ask questions but the cat failed making him human (in a sense) this is because that goes against human principles o ask questions and question almost anything I don’t know what they saw in the mind scanner but whatever it was it couldn’t have been as bad as they mad it out to be or it was

  15. The gaming otter

    The gaming otter18 timmar sedan

    dib and gaz have ears and nose

  16. Maple Leaf

    Maple Leaf18 timmar sedan


  17. c youn

    c youn18 timmar sedan

    Mat pat takling about cannablism “it is a win win across the bord i guess”

  18. Lucas Gribbon

    Lucas Gribbon18 timmar sedan

    Mangalorian! I'm Bebby Yoda!

  19. Paul L

    Paul L18 timmar sedan

    "Released before most of the people watching were born." =blinks in 1985...also the year Titanic was found=

  20. Tanner Smith

    Tanner Smith18 timmar sedan

    i watch five nights at elmos something and it gave me nightmares for months and whenever i see one of the character i get ptsd flashbacks from when i was 5 or 6 :)

  21. Benjamin Bierley

    Benjamin Bierley18 timmar sedan

    Earworms...the word for the music is earworms, music that are designed to get stuck in your head, granted their "good" earworms, but yeah...

  22. Ultraknight

    Ultraknight18 timmar sedan

    What about nutrition they may be enough calories to go around but do they have the vitamins and proteins to survive and if they are adding supplements into the smoothes where are they coming from? Also there are a lot of health issues that stem from eating other humans including a fatal disease from eating the brain.

  23. coconut

    coconut18 timmar sedan

    I feel like some people do things to just earn money

  24. Chesca Ranullo

    Chesca Ranullo18 timmar sedan

    Wait I thought The Ritual Of Chüd only failed because mike destroyed the Chüd thingie

  25. Gacha lia

    Gacha lia18 timmar sedan

    no it was not terw😡

  26. Jude luetchford

    Jude luetchford18 timmar sedan

    Imagine he uploaded this to The Food Theorists

  27. Prasetyo Prasetyo

    Prasetyo Prasetyo18 timmar sedan

    I'm a kid

  28. Meggy Stalin Reborn

    Meggy Stalin Reborn18 timmar sedan

    Arrest this man. *shows a woman on thumbnail* hol' up.

  29. Panda Boy

    Panda Boy18 timmar sedan

    " the log is in the bin! "

  30. YamiDucky

    YamiDucky18 timmar sedan

    See this is why religion is more specific about things... In Christianity, God clearly tells people what the afterlife is going to be. That there was a definite beginning and there will be a permanent ending to life on earth. Once earth, and the universe itself is destroyed there will be nothing physical... Sure a majority of people will be tormented forever and who knows what kind of torment they will experience, but the only purpose of heaven is for believers and saints (and angels) to worship the creator. In short, it's not about making the afterlife "bearable" or "unbearable" for eternity, if you truly do believe in God then you will be fully content and excited to be able to do never fatigue from worshipping him in any way shape or form imaginable... In my opinion something as simple as viewing the beautiful landscapes this world has to offer can be worship. So quite possibly we could be worshiping him through all sorts of experiences and things. But on the end of eternal torment, it can't be physical, or probably won't be. If you have a soul that isn't strictly bound to your body then when you die you won't just get another body, you'll exist as your soul without body and because of that you won't experience physical pain... No nerves = no physical pain. It would be entirely possible that living through events similar to this would be totally possible for people going to the lake of fire. Because in it everything with a soul will be tormented. Fallen angels and humans alike.

  31. Geak-and-Gamer

    Geak-and-Gamer18 timmar sedan

    I actually like REM. When matpat referenced them in the video.

  32. Alexa productions

    Alexa productions18 timmar sedan

    Ngl Gaston is just r/arethestraightsokay in a nutshell

  33. Mishkola

    Mishkola18 timmar sedan

    There is also a talking donkey in the Bible, which could be the source. I think that donkey is female though.

  34. Darlene Polizzi

    Darlene Polizzi18 timmar sedan

    Hmmm crab

  35. Gei Diwanay Linggon

    Gei Diwanay Linggon18 timmar sedan

    Do your taxes

  36. coconut

    coconut19 timmar sedan

    I love your humor LMAO (^.^)

  37. captininsanoo00

    captininsanoo0019 timmar sedan

    They can only get that big from consuming huge amounts of calories and considering a lot of the energy will be lost as heat and mechanical energy from moving you still have a huge deficit.

  38. Jonathan Brooks

    Jonathan Brooks19 timmar sedan

    He should try to figure out what crime horst has done

  39. SMB HiboTheHippo

    SMB HiboTheHippo19 timmar sedan

    He He death go brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  40. Malachi Drew

    Malachi Drew19 timmar sedan

    Spoilers ahead: shows 6 wings, 0 spoilers...

  41. liam patrick panlilio

    liam patrick panlilio19 timmar sedan

    i found the secret ingredients its this

  42. JZiah Salcido

    JZiah Salcido19 timmar sedan

    Me Whispers: why is he in a green screen?

  43. Juanito B Productions

    Juanito B Productions19 timmar sedan

    Can u make a theory on battle for dream island?!?

  44. liam patrick panlilio

    liam patrick panlilio19 timmar sedan

    they sure taste like licorice

  45. Mark Karlo

    Mark Karlo19 timmar sedan

    Just finished Horizon Zero Dawn Complete this week, watched this theory and then I was rewatching The Matrix when I got to thinking: the Faro Robots convert organic matter to create Biofuel. How feasible is that? And what if the machines in The Matrix do not actually use humans the way it was said on the movie, but rather farm them to convert adult humans to biofuel as well. I think I have to rewatch the trilogy but other than the programs I could not remember any old people inside the matrix.

  46. tumblr sexyman

    tumblr sexyman19 timmar sedan

    That intro is basically how Hellpark started.

  47. josef grotegut

    josef grotegut19 timmar sedan

    5e dnd is best.

  48. DoggoPotato 8

    DoggoPotato 819 timmar sedan

    im here from the future the new movie sucks.

  49. PinkyPlayz YT

    PinkyPlayz YT19 timmar sedan

    Anyone notice that the symbol in bills eye are the characters of 6 1 and 8 in Thai at 1:31

  50. MEMERZ

    MEMERZ19 timmar sedan

    Maybe they cloned animal meat to make food?

  51. FailKing ofGuitar

    FailKing ofGuitar19 timmar sedan

    5:16 "Anterorade." Can confirm Matpat Illuminati.

  52. FimBim Penner

    FimBim Penner19 timmar sedan

    When you said “three hour tour” The theme song got stuck in my head 🤡

  53. Dominick Smith

    Dominick Smith19 timmar sedan

    My ex friend Johnny made me watch that crap and it was very very strange and I didn't like it one bit

  54. Todoroki Shoto

    Todoroki Shoto19 timmar sedan

    The scroll also appeared in wandavision at the end of the season

  55. BrimmyBeats Davidson

    BrimmyBeats Davidson19 timmar sedan

    yo that intro was fire af

  56. V1rus

    V1rus19 timmar sedan

    The "birds" in cars weren't birds they were just tiny planes. We only thought they were birds because they were tiny, on the ground and flew away when Mator got close

  57. Floppy

    Floppy19 timmar sedan

    Yeah their servents

  58. V1rus

    V1rus19 timmar sedan

    This means buga life came later than Wall E

  59. coconut

    coconut19 timmar sedan

    I'm glad I subbed to you film theory you're very helpful I appreciate you so much

  60. Alec The Blackened Avian

    Alec The Blackened Avian19 timmar sedan

    The old people fact means either humans dont age properly in space, or that the captain is the only human allowed to grow old, making the "lifespan" much shorter.

  61. Tbone Coming

    Tbone Coming19 timmar sedan

    I think this is just like Reck It Ralph 2

  62. Niko drops

    Niko drops19 timmar sedan

    his name is DAD for a reason. 9:32 is where I explain. The company named is named for Dads Channel, Possibly hinting he used to work there, and was named that.

  63. Evan Landis

    Evan Landis19 timmar sedan

    Aladdin is technically the prince of thieves. Maybe Genie changed the history of his father, making him the king of theives, instead of what could have actually happened before

  64. AND ME

    AND ME19 timmar sedan

    Intention takes precedence primarily if the desired consequence doesn’t happen. Whereas, the consequence of the action (or inaction) carries more weight than intention if their ends up being a consequence.

  65. JayLiburd

    JayLiburd19 timmar sedan

    Film theory (mat pat) I’ve been wondering this for a while but can Tom from Tom n jerry talk or not, if u can can u plz answer this it’s been bugging me.

  66. Lynly Ehrlich

    Lynly Ehrlich19 timmar sedan

    How much do you think a coin collector would pay for the tuppence in today’s money? May be go that route?

  67. jeffrey abbott

    jeffrey abbott19 timmar sedan

    The axiom could get water from comments, asteroids, etc. what else could it get from space, and how much could the human civilization advance on nothing but meteors and comets assuming food isn’t a problem?

  68. Luke Sams

    Luke Sams19 timmar sedan

    To be fair, none of the other DCEU heroes really care about the lives of the innocent

  69. PeytonGames 253

    PeytonGames 25319 timmar sedan

    hey mattpatt um there is this movie on Hulu and im censured it breaks all reality and the human mind please check it out it is called pooka please put some sort of credit in the video please -Peyton And Zaine

  70. Tbone Coming

    Tbone Coming19 timmar sedan

    Just think how long it took to upload that video

  71. Your fellow Weeb

    Your fellow Weeb19 timmar sedan

    I have a reverse card are the 5 words

  72. Arjun

    Arjun19 timmar sedan

    1:25 It would actually be 1 BC because that's how many years before covid. By the time you are filming this it would have been 2020 so I'm going by 1 BC. 2019 is 1 year before covid started.

  73. Kevin The Dude

    Kevin The Dude19 timmar sedan

    wait, wait wait wait so you came to the conclusion that there is a 1/4 chance of spongebob not being adopted. so that means he probably is adopted, a 3 out of 4 chance. so why did you end the video like he isnt adopted? can someone explain?

  74. Tbone Coming

    Tbone Coming19 timmar sedan

    You should have just watched the whole video Lol

  75. BoneZonelol

    BoneZonelol19 timmar sedan

    man im glad i regret nothing.

  76. Rlystupid

    Rlystupid20 timmar sedan

    I mean, thanos wrecked Capt’s shield sooo

  77. MrPhantomShade

    MrPhantomShade20 timmar sedan

    what i think they should have been doing. is make a human focused streaming series and then have them lead into the big movies. that way we get all the story main stuff in the series and all the big flashing monster clashing in the movies.

  78. Fermin maldonado

    Fermin maldonado20 timmar sedan

    Math tattoo or no load I always want touch that and I still do

  79. Arjun

    Arjun20 timmar sedan

    1:08 um his scar is supposed to be on the eye that's covered so the eye you're showing shouldn't have a scar. The one with the sharingan that is covered should have the scar.