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Welcome to King Von's OFFICIAL channel. Subscribe here for all music videos, audio releases, and official content from King Von. \n\nKing Von was born Dayvon Bennett on Chicago's South Side and raised in the crime-ridden O Block neighbourhood. After beginning to rap in 2018, King Von caught the interest of Chicago flagbearer, Lil Durk, and was welcomed into the Only the Family collective. Following up to his early single "Problems", King Von broke onto the map with "Crazy Story", which was streamed over 200 million times. This was followed with his debut album, "Grandson, Vol. 1", which broke out onto the Billboard 200. Be sure to follow King Von on his socials and streaming platforms to stay tuned for the come up.

King Von - GTA (Audio)

King Von - GTA (Audio)

2 månader sedan

King Von - Mine Too (Audio)
King Von - Demon (Audio)

King Von - Demon (Audio)

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King Von - Ride (Audio)

King Von - Ride (Audio)

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King Von - Same As Us (Audio)
King Von - 3 A.M. (Audio)

King Von - 3 A.M. (Audio)

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King Von - Broke Opps (Audio)
King Von - Block (Audio)

King Von - Block (Audio)

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  1. Ron Mayo

    Ron Mayo20 timmar sedan

    They all evil.

  2. Devante Williams

    Devante Williams20 timmar sedan


  3. Lamis 21

    Lamis 2120 timmar sedan

    You sound like Eminem

  4. Blaine Worden

    Blaine Worden20 timmar sedan

    "Like in Giannis I play for them Bucks" tuff🥶


    SISKO CEO20 timmar sedan

    The goat

  6. gregg tsagaris

    gregg tsagaris20 timmar sedan

    Am I the only one thinking Von put up a bag and said whoever gets Duck I'm gonna make a song about you

  7. S21amir

    S21amir20 timmar sedan


  8. Nikita Podolski

    Nikita Podolski20 timmar sedan

    what a flowww this nigga have its crazy.

  9. Sebastian Larsen

    Sebastian Larsen20 timmar sedan

    Police steady watching me, every day they clocking me Red alert, armed and dangerous, I keep that Glock on me (Boom, boom) And I ain’t looking for no trouble, I'm just looking out for me (Nah) 'Cause I done did shit that niggas ain’t talking 'bout no rapping beef (What?) Boy, I'm talking tragedies, massacres, casualties (Yeah, yeah, huh?) Shit that I can't even remember, bet they remember me (Yeah) Shit that happened late in December, I bring that Winter heat (What? Huh? Huh?) Niggas dying the whole October, the real Halloween (Boom, boom) [Verse] Back to back funerals, it's them or us, it's him or me Don't get booked 'cause ain’t no bond money, we doing this shit for free (Nah) If he told then that ain’t my homie, that lil' nigga weak (What?) If I miss, ain’t going to sleep, I'm in the street, we play for keeps (Huh? Huh? What? Boom) 2011, August 11th, R.I.P. Odee (Damn) August 9th, two days before, I turned seventeen (Huh?) Twenty-one to forty-five, I'm like what the fuck that mean? (What?) You fighting an armed robbery, shorty, that's what they offering (Damn) My lil’ brother getting big, my uncle got that cough again He been smoking crack since I was born, that monkey stalking him I used to stay up late at granny crib just to talk to him When I was locked up, God knocked on his door and told him walk with Him (Damn) Back to this drilling shit (Huh?) Sosa started rapping now the war going viral (Huh? Huh? Yeah, yeah) Boy, this bitch cracking (What? Boom) Boy, they ass lacking (Boom) Hit they block twice, a lot of booming, no jamming (Boom, huh? What?) His mama pop out like, "Oh God damn, what happened?" (Boom, boom, boom) This the type of shit happen, the life of a savage (Yeah) You ain't right, you get left, you slipped up, you ain't having (Yeah, yeah, yeah) Not your blood, ain't your cuz, you my son, I'm your daddy (You my son, I'm your daddy) [Chorus] Police steady watching me, every day they clocking me (Damn) Red alert, armed and dangerous, I keep that Glock on me (Boom, boom) And I ain't looking for no trouble, I'm just looking out for me (Nah) 'Cause I done did shit that niggas ain't talking 'bout no rapping beef (Nah, nah) Boy, I'm talking tragedies, massacres, casualties (Yeah, yeah, huh?) Shit that I can't even remember, bet they remember me (Yeah) Shit that happened late in December, I bring that Winter heat (Huh? Huh? Boom) Niggas dying the whole October, the real Halloween (Boom, boom, boom, boom)

  10. Gamg MasterKing

    Gamg MasterKing20 timmar sedan


  11. Nathan Pigford

    Nathan Pigford20 timmar sedan

    When I think of this song🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. Kaisar Susulan

    Kaisar Susulan20 timmar sedan

    Omg the gun is real

  13. Shine Forever

    Shine Forever20 timmar sedan


  14. Ayuub Shariif

    Ayuub Shariif20 timmar sedan


  15. gang Bizz

    gang Bizz21 timme sedan


  16. Rośe

    Rośe21 timme sedan

    I wonder if you all worship God the way y’all worship these rappers.... be prepared for he will come like a thief in the night🙏

  17. Ra Jones

    Ra Jones21 timme sedan

    Fuck that nigga he from 63rd

  18. Anthony Hudson

    Anthony Hudson21 timme sedan

    So I'm gathering that he's not a fan of 63rd.

  19. ngu denzl

    ngu denzl21 timme sedan

    you young you black they dont like you, i felt that, rip brotha

  20. Eric Estrada

    Eric Estrada21 timme sedan

    R.I.P king von best rapper alive🥺🦋 fuck quando rondo🖕🏽

  21. Cookie -__-

    Cookie -__-21 timme sedan

    When he tells you to make less violent music

  22. DNS

    DNS21 timme sedan

    Love how brother actually balled against Harden in jail

  23. ayej

    ayej21 timme sedan

    what is that intense ass music in the beginning

  24. Delay X Comp

    Delay X Comp21 timme sedan

    Get caught I closin his curtains

  25. Boogie Gambino

    Boogie Gambino21 timme sedan

    King Von & Slim Dunkin would have been epic duo

  26. Destiny Hawkins

    Destiny Hawkins22 timmar sedan

    Why do we live to die like omg von come back 💔🥺 every time I listen to yo music my heart just Get Heavy 🥺😢

  27. A K

    A K22 timmar sedan

    🪦 RIP von

  28. Tanille M

    Tanille M22 timmar sedan

    We miss u von😔

  29. Ivanix

    Ivanix22 timmar sedan

    1:05 king von doing pop smoke dance shit crazy

  30. Lu Noi

    Lu Noi22 timmar sedan

    Is my is my mother goose club out.

  31. Long Live King Von

    Long Live King Von22 timmar sedan

    Anyone else notice *Pop Smoke*

  32. gekyume9095

    gekyume909522 timmar sedan

    U ma son I'm yo daddy

  33. Kamryn Tolbert

    Kamryn Tolbert22 timmar sedan

    R.I.P Von😥😥

  34. Kareem Ruffin

    Kareem Ruffin22 timmar sedan

    On the block shooing dice

  35. Luczek Dobrydzień

    Luczek Dobrydzień22 timmar sedan


  36. R1THV1K

    R1THV1K22 timmar sedan

    This is so fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  37. R1THV1K

    R1THV1K23 timmar sedan

    F him he from 63rddd

  38. Tdubs Tdubs

    Tdubs Tdubs23 timmar sedan

    0:25 mellys face tho😂

  39. aDawg Ruthless

    aDawg Ruthless23 timmar sedan


  40. Lil Pocky

    Lil Pocky23 timmar sedan

    When this dropped niggas was tb "Von all yo shit sound the same now" now niggas love it

  41. Edward

    Edward23 timmar sedan

    4.6k clowns who disliked

  42. alvin smith

    alvin smith23 timmar sedan


  43. Brooke Biddle

    Brooke Biddle23 timmar sedan

    Lol polo said it’s gonna stick to his mind like a tumor

  44. Menor Music

    Menor Music23 timmar sedan

    RIP my boy

  45. Max Gdynia

    Max Gdynia23 timmar sedan

    I showed this to my grass, now its weed

  46. Max Gdynia

    Max Gdynia23 timmar sedan

    I showed dis to my grass, now its weed


    MAREK PROKOP23 timmar sedan


  48. Lil Cj

    Lil Cj23 timmar sedan

    Please give him your chance give him the time to give you the time you get a I promise I just got him to go with you a use a good

  49. Malikye Roberts

    Malikye Roberts23 timmar sedan

    Yk p

  50. Brayton Taare

    Brayton Taare23 timmar sedan


  51. Manofist

    Manofist23 timmar sedan

    Is it bad that he reminds me of Hardstop Lucas?

  52. Chem Koumad

    Chem Koumad23 timmar sedan

    This song is just the definition of HARDDDDDDD

  53. Connor Clark

    Connor ClarkDag sedan

    Free Ksoo

  54. Jamarion Chase

    Jamarion ChaseDag sedan


  55. Blitz btw

    Blitz btwDag sedan

    this shit fire cuz

  56. Aiden Phillips

    Aiden PhillipsDag sedan

    When eva i play Fortnite my niggas be like von made a new song I’m btw 🪦 von🥺😢😭😭

  57. Minute Bit

    Minute BitDag sedan

    Grrr heat

  58. Taneshia Carey

    Taneshia CareyDag sedan

    rip king von

  59. DaHood Pro

    DaHood ProDag sedan

    rip i wish he was still here he will always be the hottest raper

  60. ZoC hazard

    ZoC hazardDag sedan

    rip von bro really got hes mans out the hood

  61. brandon mardis

    brandon mardisDag sedan

    Rip Von 🙏 is the king flow is undeniable 🔥

  62. Mz. Burrows

    Mz. BurrowsDag sedan

    Fuck tooka otf for life r.i.p

  63. Armani Mckinney

    Armani MckinneyDag sedan

    Why did he have to see his enemy bro why did he have to have beef whit nbayoungboy

  64. Stratos Sotirioy

    Stratos SotirioyDag sedan


  65. Q B

    Q BDag sedan

    I knew this intro sounded familiar it sounds like petiteHDporn...😭

  66. Draxic

    DraxicDag sedan

    I be honest i hate mumble rap i only listen to oldschool but this is insane.

  67. Joker

    JokerDag sedan

    "LiKe If YoU wErE hERe BeFoRe hE dIeD" Stfu, him dying is literaly the reason i know about his existence. So that does mean that i cant listen to his music cause you were here before he died?

  68. Jocular_YT

    Jocular_YTDag sedan


  69. jonathan espinoza

    jonathan espinozaDag sedan

    Love you von imy💙🙏💯

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    R.i.p king von 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽⚰️⚰️⚰️😔😔😷😷😷🤕🤕😱😱

  72. Cool kid

    Cool kidDag sedan


  73. C Delaney Gibson

    C Delaney GibsonDag sedan

    Forever a BANGER. Long live King Von 👑 this was the best because he really seemed so happy.

  74. The Hope Andro Show **Hope The Entertainer**

    The Hope Andro Show **Hope The Entertainer**Dag sedan

    just learned about him a few Seconds ago rip🥺

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    the ultimate plot twist IT WAS HIS SISTER

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    I feel bad for his family and durk r.i.p 👑 von

  77. Nirzs xtry

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    rest up

  78. LifeOfIsaac

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    if y’all don’t know, this song is a diss to tay600

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