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  1. Davyd Han

    Davyd Han11 timmar sedan

    Oh wow 7 years ago and I’m just watching this for the first time

  2. ScarceOrange

    ScarceOrange11 timmar sedan

    I'm not sure why I was listening so intently. I'm Australian and never seen snow or ice.

  3. Vincent Liu

    Vincent Liu11 timmar sedan

    "Smarter Every Day 144" New title: "Dumber Every Day 144"

  4. Ty Heartfilia

    Ty Heartfilia11 timmar sedan

    Danganronpa fans rn: *Loud Fear*

  5. Jacalyn Voltz

    Jacalyn Voltz11 timmar sedan

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  6. Monkey Boy

    Monkey Boy11 timmar sedan

    mlb teams should buy that thing for fielding practice. Then actual games would look like slow motion to the guys in the field!

  7. hyam ocpk

    hyam ocpk11 timmar sedan

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  8. Neal Miller

    Neal Miller12 timmar sedan

    Jumped in the time machine and went back to Episode 1.

  9. Stuart Conner

    Stuart Conner12 timmar sedan

    I remember crunching wintergreen lifesavers in the dark. Cool fun.

  10. Mary Lagua

    Mary Lagua12 timmar sedan


  11. The Fresh Fisherman

    The Fresh Fisherman12 timmar sedan

    Soooo.....what has 50+ years of research on a room full of moon rocks actually revealed? Is there something significant that we have learned? If so, what?

  12. Stuart Conner

    Stuart Conner12 timmar sedan

    So, is a prince Ruperts drop sugar candy or glass?

  13. Sarge Hawks

    Sarge Hawks12 timmar sedan

    Wanna shoot some bottles? Sure. You want the lid on or off? What difference does it make? All.

  14. Vincent L

    Vincent L12 timmar sedan

    "We're gonna need another Timmy!"

  15. Amos Pressley

    Amos Pressley12 timmar sedan

    I am wondering how Destin feels this video has aged over the past year. Twitter has morphed into something ugly and un-American, censoring people like you and me, even the President and the New York Times! Oh, and let's not forget "the nudge." Has it not struck anyone strange that there are so many people walking around with such an irrational hatred against the POTUS that they are willing to break friendships and bust up families? Where are they getting that? We all know it ain't from Newsmax!

  16. Hongjian Wang

    Hongjian Wang12 timmar sedan

    3:48 bullet shatters first

  17. Asethium OneClick

    Asethium OneClick12 timmar sedan

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  18. Jeremy Shackelford

    Jeremy Shackelford12 timmar sedan

    This is my first time watching. Came here from a Taufledermaus video. Truly amazing stuff! Very impressive. I too can't help but wonder what it would do to a wooden and an aluminum bat

  19. Spartan Patriot

    Spartan Patriot12 timmar sedan

    20 years later......must be done again because it was filmed with a potato

  20. Muhammad Nasirulhaq

    Muhammad Nasirulhaq12 timmar sedan


  21. Exiled _xX

    Exiled _xX12 timmar sedan

    Is this is SUPER HOT got their sounds?

  22. james wheeler

    james wheeler12 timmar sedan

    the fire @ 11:50 was air friction fire on impact was the compression of the air

  23. Glenn JACKSON

    Glenn JACKSON12 timmar sedan

    the sound came, 20 seconds after the rocket fired up, so this meant that the sound was heard nearly 7 km away from the launchpad, to the cameraman, remember speed of sound is 343 m/s

  24. Emilio Lopardo

    Emilio Lopardo12 timmar sedan

    Extremely good experiment

  25. Willes Nicole

    Willes Nicole12 timmar sedan

    the ultimate millitary weapon: SUPERSONIC BASEBALL LAUNCHER

  26. Emilio Lopardo

    Emilio Lopardo12 timmar sedan

    You're a master

  27. Sarge Hawks

    Sarge Hawks12 timmar sedan

    Great content, but that handgun shot could be a video topic on its own. Slow that down and go step by step through each step of trigger, hammer fall, ignition, pressure indications and when and where they are happening, in front of and behind the bullet. Please

  28. Mary Delbonis

    Mary Delbonis13 timmar sedan

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  29. Sarge Hawks

    Sarge Hawks13 timmar sedan

    I noticed that when the ball hit the stop, it didn't take time to start compressing, there was no squish, the front end of it just started disintegrating. Cool video and project. I sent you a tweet about a theory using fluid dynamics to test binary targets.

  30. drew nabors

    drew nabors13 timmar sedan

    I talked to a dishwasher and got more out of it

  31. Napoleon Tan

    Napoleon Tan13 timmar sedan

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  32. Mary Delbonis

    Mary Delbonis13 timmar sedan

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  33. cere tomer

    cere tomer13 timmar sedan

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    Napoleon Tan13 timmar sedan

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  35. Paul Titus

    Paul Titus13 timmar sedan

    6:25 the ball went super saiyan

  36. Philip Brucker

    Philip Brucker13 timmar sedan

    Did the pressure in front of the ball create a burst of plasma when it got to the glove?

  37. Robert R.

    Robert R.13 timmar sedan

    if you look at gnus in Africa it looks like the algorithm works on the ground to

  38. Timothy

    Timothy13 timmar sedan

    Much respect to Major Mace

  39. Brendan

    Brendan13 timmar sedan

    He's got about a slideshow understanding of metallography and chemical processing. I will admit, it's miles ahead of most CEOs and anyone from the business side of the manufacturing world but having specific knowledge as a process engineer for heat treatment, chemical processing (we did SAA, and HT for 7000 series structures for aero structures and satellites), metallographic and materials testing, and later a production/manufacturing eng... there was some things that sent shivers down my spine during his explanations. This aint no I am very smart moment, but FFS anodizing is not a plating process.

  40. Rob Cas

    Rob Cas13 timmar sedan

    cats are amazing

  41. hunt4muleys

    hunt4muleys13 timmar sedan

    :19 look at the girl XD what a gamer

  42. Mahiya Jesi

    Mahiya Jesi13 timmar sedan

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  43. Orgest Zimberi

    Orgest Zimberi13 timmar sedan

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    Mahiya Jesi13 timmar sedan

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  45. AdamBlast Gaming

    AdamBlast Gaming13 timmar sedan

    I don’t know why but he has the same watch as I have

  46. cere tomer

    cere tomer13 timmar sedan

    8:41 What was that jar that the bullet hit.

  47. TITAN 0707

    TITAN 070713 timmar sedan

    Music is so Annoying

  48. Mahiya Jesi

    Mahiya Jesi14 timmar sedan

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  49. Sarge Hawks

    Sarge Hawks14 timmar sedan

    "this doesn't compute" also said the glove facing a supersonic baseball

  50. MrClimBlox

    MrClimBlox14 timmar sedan

    Ok that's it he is gonna make super sonic human I have to end his career

  51. BigChonk13

    BigChonk1314 timmar sedan

    Hopefully his last name...

  52. pad89

    pad8914 timmar sedan

    Wow Interesting. In the third experiment, I realize tip of the tail is break before break-wave from collision point reach the tail. Its weird, the tail is triggered to break. Or maybe the wave is transmited faster than glass-breaking and trigger the tail. I dont know.

  53. xxBODYCOUNTxx

    xxBODYCOUNTxx14 timmar sedan

    Sure they did.

  54. Thao Tran

    Thao Tran14 timmar sedan

    And I did not see you

  55. Kaden Tran

    Kaden Tran14 timmar sedan

    The water looks so blue in the thumbnail

  56. Thao Tran

    Thao Tran14 timmar sedan

    I saw you there

  57. 10 David

    10 David14 timmar sedan

    Legolas: The Later Years

  58. DFFUSE

    DFFUSE14 timmar sedan

    At 5:25 did he downplay her book choice? _Yeah, that's the book you choose? Just continue._ Or maybe he was just hoping to end the pain of the tattoo soon lol

  59. Jarema Karwowski

    Jarema Karwowski14 timmar sedan

    They eat the least amount of processed products possible. If they were eating premade pizzas and burgers, they would get fat, even with amount of work they have.

  60. Vishwa Mithra

    Vishwa Mithra14 timmar sedan

    I'd suggest putting the glove on a fly wheel and try. So the impulse decreases.

  61. Nick Stanish

    Nick Stanish14 timmar sedan

    There ain't no bike shortage. Go to Walmart or something.

  62. CRDtheCBR

    CRDtheCBR14 timmar sedan

    I think the fire came from the high amout of friction from close to parallel leather on leather contact. I would have to imagine it got high enough to combust the air. I'm sure you'd be able to calculate the coefficient of friction of leather when the two masses collide, based upon the approximate speed, kinetic energy and flash point of air molecules

  63. It's A Wild Life

    It's A Wild Life14 timmar sedan

    Would love to know where the zipline was in this video. Beautiful!

  64. Wajid Ali

    Wajid Ali14 timmar sedan

    Recommended 9 years later🙄 SEtoos's soap is really slow😁😂

  65. FX MAKER

    FX MAKER15 timmar sedan

    Why am I watching this

  66. Boris Sollogoub

    Boris Sollogoub15 timmar sedan


  67. Der Kartoffel Emperor

    Der Kartoffel Emperor15 timmar sedan

    What would they do if a compartment is in full fire ? Would they leave that compartment and try sucking the air out of that compartment thru vents ?

  68. joseph jackson

    joseph jackson15 timmar sedan

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  69. Jarema Karwowski

    Jarema Karwowski15 timmar sedan

    22:03 lol Connery from the Red October.

  70. joseph jackson

    joseph jackson15 timmar sedan

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  71. InteliJencia Rara

    InteliJencia Rara15 timmar sedan

    Andrea is the true star of this video

  72. Definition of Insanity

    Definition of Insanity15 timmar sedan

    When you think about it. They could just give them all MRE’s or frozen meals and the crew would be sustained and survive. Makes you wonder how submarine crew were fed during WW2.

  73. Steven Davis

    Steven Davis15 timmar sedan

    I just want to say Roll Tide!

  74. Alek zander

    Alek zander15 timmar sedan

    "There you go Jimmy you wanna ram it in" Jimmy: "that's what she said"

  75. Michael Taylor

    Michael Taylor15 timmar sedan

    Batter Up

  76. cere tomer

    cere tomer15 timmar sedan

    Now I know where Nolan Ryan got his inspiration.

  77. Angelica Lopez

    Angelica Lopez15 timmar sedan

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  78. Bowen Fear

    Bowen Fear15 timmar sedan

    This is awesome!

  79. Dice Blue

    Dice Blue15 timmar sedan

    *looks off into the distance* "if we pull full vacuum.... it's gonna go thru all of them"

  80. claudio andré

    claudio andré15 timmar sedan

    4:53 strike