1. Nassim RETIERE

    Nassim RETIERE2 timmar sedan

  2. Federica Canini

    Federica Canini3 timmar sedan

    their chemistry🥰🥺😩

  3. Ally

    Ally3 timmar sedan

    that was my fav song in 2015 :(

  4. Stanislav Jekel

    Stanislav Jekel3 timmar sedan

    zara larsson is proooooo

  5. lo wa

    lo wa3 timmar sedan

    The choreo is just perfection!!

  6. sude

    sude5 timmar sedan


  7. Joe McNamara

    Joe McNamara5 timmar sedan

    Love this song......WOW

  8. Khian Rivera

    Khian Rivera6 timmar sedan

    man its been two ears and i still like that movie

  9. Devonald Williams

    Devonald Williams6 timmar sedan

    I'm from the US. I found it as an ad. The label listened!

  10. Alex Linton

    Alex Linton6 timmar sedan

    The creature is so adorable and btw this song reminds me of my best friend and we promised each other we will always be best friends forever. Then one day she had to move and I never saw her again😭😭😭

  11. Dale Lastimosa

    Dale Lastimosa7 timmar sedan

    Love zara😚

  12. ᴀʟᴘʜᴀ ɢʀᴇʏ

    ᴀʟᴘʜᴀ ɢʀᴇʏ7 timmar sedan

    How many of them are here after seeing WORK IT❤️?

  13. Lift Miss

    Lift Miss7 timmar sedan

    Feel this moment Christina aguilera ft pitbull Vs Methis mixed race Ce n'est pas de ma faute si..

  14. Lift Miss

    Lift Miss7 timmar sedan

    Mon facebook est yesuh laulau Je présente des origine Fille avec plusieurs photos - My facebook is yesuh laulau I present origin Girl With a lot picture

  15. Letícia

    Letícia8 timmar sedan

    Eu só ouço oh mãe oh mãe oh mãe 2021😗✌

  16. M Lyngdoh Deh

    M Lyngdoh Deh8 timmar sedan

    I'm a little mix fan eventhough we support her since she also is the one who support little mix

  17. KA Way

    KA Way8 timmar sedan

    Who’s here in 2021?

  18. bobby sippy

    bobby sippy8 timmar sedan

    talk about Brazzers

  19. a l b e z z

    a l b e z z8 timmar sedan

    Indonesia kumpul 👇

  20. wasanthi desilv

    wasanthi desilv9 timmar sedan

    Best song

  21. wasanthi desilv

    wasanthi desilv9 timmar sedan


  22. Velvet Sky

    Velvet Sky9 timmar sedan

    Total Performer ❤

  23. Rose

    Rose10 timmar sedan

    When your crush enters the same room as you 😆

  24. Fancy Bread

    Fancy Bread10 timmar sedan

    I remember seeing this when I was younger and it freaked me out so I hated the song because of that monster. It was uncomfortable to listen to after seeing it lol

  25. Sapphire Orosco

    Sapphire Orosco11 timmar sedan

    classic, whose listening to this in 2021

  26. Chad Leduc

    Chad Leduc11 timmar sedan

    Now let’s be honest. Zara is soooooo underrated it hurts! 🥺😩

  27. SaNya Reese

    SaNya Reese11 timmar sedan

    why isen't this song called jaw drop?

  28. Baylea Johns

    Baylea Johns11 timmar sedan

    so talented

  29. Edmundo Baca

    Edmundo Baca11 timmar sedan


  30. Baylea Johns

    Baylea Johns11 timmar sedan

    I love the whole video it is amazing I think you are a great dancer but love when you are sitting in the stuffed animals because you are wearing a cute sweater your best song is never gonna die

  31. Ashley De La Cruz

    Ashley De La Cruz12 timmar sedan

    Damm I remember when I would listen to this song non-stop

  32. Esther Clerge

    Esther Clerge12 timmar sedan

    😍😍work it on Netflix make know that song 😍

  33. Mary Beach

    Mary Beach12 timmar sedan

    I love this song it fit's right in with the pop music today even tho it's old. Who's with with me?

  34. Grant Depenthal

    Grant Depenthal12 timmar sedan

    O banana monkeys g i sure wish I could b urz zara

  35. Grant Depenthal

    Grant Depenthal12 timmar sedan


  36. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss13 timmar sedan

    She deserves so much more attention.

  37. депрессия в 10 лет

    депрессия в 10 лет13 timmar sedan

    я одна смотрю это в 2021 году да?....

  38. destiney imani

    destiney imani14 timmar sedan

    Zara has such a beautiful voice ive been a fan for years. Shes so underrated she has an amazing voice and shes true talent with no background music she can sing beautiful.

  39. musiclova2112

    musiclova211214 timmar sedan

    This song and “Clover Cage - Better in Time” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...💕 ♥️

  40. Ромыч Ш.

    Ромыч Ш.14 timmar sedan

    Quite common. Nothing special.

  41. omar badri

    omar badri14 timmar sedan

    6 years later. Still sounds like the first time i heard it!!!!

  42. Live Miss

    Live Miss14 timmar sedan

    Feel this moment Christina aguilera ft pitbull Vs Methis

  43. Valeria Valgu

    Valeria Valgu14 timmar sedan

    I love the part when Zara is dancing at the first chorus, so gorgeous!!

  44. Amy Taylor

    Amy Taylor15 timmar sedan

    ᗩᗯᗯ TᕼᗩT ᑕᖇᖇᗩTᑌᖇᗴ IՏ ՏI ᑕᑌTᗴᗴ

  45. Giuseppe Michele Antonio Di Pierro

    Giuseppe Michele Antonio Di Pierro15 timmar sedan

    Lights, colors, choreography, lyrics, vocals... THIS IS LITERALLY PERFECT 😍❤️

  46. Jacqui Van

    Jacqui Van15 timmar sedan

    3:19 🥰

  47. Nea Jokela

    Nea Jokela15 timmar sedan

    She is so talented🤩❤

  48. deepanshu sharma

    deepanshu sharma15 timmar sedan

    The Underwater scene

  49. moonlight

    moonlight15 timmar sedan

    i love you and this song zara 🤍

  50. Selena Goldenfeather

    Selena Goldenfeather15 timmar sedan

    This song is addictive. Great piece 💯💖🦋💓🍀 An inspiring yolo too!

  51. Zara Larsson

    Zara Larsson15 timmar sedan

    Tell me your favorite part of the music video!!!! It's ok if you have to rewatch it a couple times 💕💕💕

  52. Pablo Maciá Orts

    Pablo Maciá Orts16 timmar sedan

    ig de la minita?

  53. Ryan gamer xd

    Ryan gamer xd16 timmar sedan

    Quien en 2021

  54. Pierre Antione Rogers Sr.

    Pierre Antione Rogers Sr.17 timmar sedan

    The same injustice today is the same injustice of yesteryear. Nothing being new under the sun slapping today's insurrectionist with light penalties or facing no charges at all reminds us of the Roman insurrectionist prisoner Barabbas whom facing the death penalty Pontius Pilate "pardoned" released from custody, giving the generation of viperous people what they desired chosing MAN over GOD bared witness to the prophesied birth/fulfilled life/predestined death and righteous resurrection of the SON of GOD YESHUA JESUS the CHIRST our LORD and SAVIOR who demonstrated infinite authority/power over all things seen and unseen was falsely accused of treason and unjustly crucified thus following the pattern of a broken judicial criminal justice system where criminalizing the innocent is justified. Another mesmerizing case of when great isn't good enough.

  55. Pierre Antione Rogers Sr.

    Pierre Antione Rogers Sr.17 timmar sedan

    Present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

  56. Koe Loekoe

    Koe Loekoe17 timmar sedan

    January 27 2021: 329.919.506 lets see how much people are still going to listen

  57. Roblox Girl

    Roblox Girl17 timmar sedan

    my brother, and some friends ,family ,old neighbors and I will always loved them

  58. Marie Arefjord

    Marie Arefjord17 timmar sedan

    For første gang jeg så dansen og hørte sangen ble helt overrasket🤭 jeg er en stor fan av deg❤️❤️❤️

  59. Nitzan Caspi

    Nitzan Caspi17 timmar sedan

    still here yall

  60. SweetSadie

    SweetSadie17 timmar sedan

    when i saw the views i was like "yeah seems about right lol"

  61. Live Miss

    Live Miss17 timmar sedan

    Mon facebook est yesuh laulau Je présente des origine Fille avec plusieurs photos - My facebook is yesuh laulau I present origin Girl With a lot picture

  62. Live Miss

    Live Miss18 timmar sedan

    Mon facebook est yesuh laulau Je présente des origine Fille avec plusieurs photos - My facebook is yesuh laulau I present origin Girl With a lot picture

  63. Davinder Kaur

    Davinder Kaur18 timmar sedan

    why is that people like the comments that say that who is watching in 2021?

  64. Patrick Davis

    Patrick Davis18 timmar sedan

    Bruh this is literally the relationships we really want let's be honest even if we're all adults

  65. Rose Forever

    Rose Forever18 timmar sedan

    THIS SONG WILL NEVER DIEEEEEEEEE fell bad for other songs!!

  66. Prince Indrajit Law / Laha

    Prince Indrajit Law / Laha18 timmar sedan


  67. Edita Sergoyan

    Edita Sergoyan18 timmar sedan

    qui est la grace a tiktok ? 😭✨🦋 moi

  68. ناراكاونافا علي اخمت جشد ناحي خابد

    ناراكاونافا علي اخمت جشد ناحي خابد19 timmar sedan

    رئيس دوله اجنبيه في اليمن مقلوب فه فاي عملاق قريب من بيتنا يقول حياكم الله يعيش في نقس الفه فه كان انا موجود به واستخدمت رئاسته لاداره اليمن وايضا الرئيس اليمني مقلوب بدوله اجنبيه واستخدمت رئاسته لاداره الدوله الاجنبيه رئيس الجمهوريه بئوت يو

  69. Isla Burgoyne

    Isla Burgoyne19 timmar sedan

    who remembers when you listened to this and you just was in your own world

  70. Lacey B

    Lacey B19 timmar sedan

    I dedicate this to my person

  71. Ela Horáková

    Ela Horáková19 timmar sedan

    2021 ?

  72. Valeria A

    Valeria A19 timmar sedan


  73. Kondzio besting player yt

    Kondzio besting player yt20 timmar sedan

    2021 is now guys

  74. Jennie Kim

    Jennie Kim20 timmar sedan

    The fact that this comment section is alive after 5+ years is amazing

  75. lucia caldevilla canca

    lucia caldevilla canca20 timmar sedan


  76. Evan the Nerd

    Evan the Nerd20 timmar sedan

    This song hits different when you just finished a series

  77. Gsm Gsm

    Gsm Gsm20 timmar sedan

    Hi ! My baby i miss u so mach i love u ! 😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😜😜😜🥰🥰🥰😋😋😋🤫😴👼👅💋💋💋💓💘💖 👷‍♂ working day.. 😥😒😴🤫 👅💋💋💋💓💘💖 🧑🤫😴 I love u !

  78. Jefferson Chaves

    Jefferson Chaves20 timmar sedan

    Do remix FT. Pablo Vittar 🔥

  79. Mark Davies

    Mark Davies20 timmar sedan

    Amazing song I love you😃

  80. Lena Kolasa

    Lena Kolasa20 timmar sedan

    I love it!