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  1. Melinda Mcafee

    Melinda Mcafee13 timmar sedan

    I love it! Her voice is beautiful!

  2. Zulu Bravo

    Zulu Bravo14 timmar sedan

    "You can’t legislate by executive order unless you’re a dictator." - Joe Biden

  3. Ivy Kaneshiro

    Ivy Kaneshiro14 timmar sedan

    Well deserved!!!!!!! The men and women in uniform always,always perform the utmost respectful performances....their pride and unity are soooo so proudly respectful. Awesomely amazing...

  4. Gabriel enachi

    Gabriel enachi14 timmar sedan

    The world is finished. This is only the beginning.

  5. Butch Preston

    Butch Preston14 timmar sedan

    Omg Thank you. Perfection from Ms. Day. America is back. And what a wonderful, joyful young skater on B L M letters. Thank you all. Feeling inspired to work hard for the Biden-Harris Administration.

  6. Ask Mamma

    Ask Mamma14 timmar sedan

    Perrrrp walk to follow, LOLOLOL

  7. Rosalia Ali

    Rosalia Ali14 timmar sedan

    Wow, wow, wow is all I can say.🤎🤎🤎🤎💞💕💗💓❤🧡

  8. MrLulzim47

    MrLulzim4714 timmar sedan

    He was great!! Well done! Lets hope the country can unify.

  9. incarau

    incarau14 timmar sedan

    This Vaccine has not been approved by the FDA. Is only an experimental vaccine. It has not scientific back up. We THE PEOPLE don't need the VACCINE.

  10. Human Being

    Human Being14 timmar sedan

    One hundred and fifty thousand dollars for families and seventy five thousand dollars for individuals stimulus checks is far better than one thousand and four hundred dollars stimulus checks.

  11. P

    P14 timmar sedan

    []{}~----->>BIDEN STOLE THE ELECTION**

  12. incarau

    incarau14 timmar sedan

    Dr. Fauci should be in Prison. Why did Joe Biden decided to choose or support again this man thst keep on lying. Only 20,000 dead because of Covid-19. Not, like he saying 400,000. Remember this person has expressed the THE BIGGEST LIE in 5,000 yrs. Just ask an HONEST PATHOLOGIST, he will tell you totally different, in other way The Real Truth.

  13. Maria Diveris

    Maria Diveris15 timmar sedan

    what an incredible voice she has!

  14. Marco Solo

    Marco Solo15 timmar sedan

    Funny how comments are turned off on almost all other channels showing this video.....and that is a Mexican Lawn Care service outside,.......I'm going to circle back to that later!

  15. RM P

    RM P15 timmar sedan

    That didn't look like military but more like a theatrical performance. Nice show!

  16. KL LWC

    KL LWC15 timmar sedan

    She’s flawless in every way 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌅🌟🌟🌟🌟FYI Naomi Campbell interviewed her for / on her SEtoos channel 🖤🌟🖤

  17. Dairis

    Dairis15 timmar sedan

    P.S. Please do not overdo the quantity. I am not interested in taxing my corrupt government. I don't need more than 10 million. 4 years will suffice.

  18. robert bogert

    robert bogert15 timmar sedan

    The foval foffice

  19. Samantha Stover

    Samantha Stover16 timmar sedan

    Finish a phrase man, come on.

  20. R Molas

    R Molas16 timmar sedan

    I have a crush for Psaki's professional antics aesthetics

  21. Fractal Cosm

    Fractal Cosm16 timmar sedan

    conservatives won't understand a word of this even if they tried.

  22. Mystery Fontenot

    Mystery Fontenot16 timmar sedan

    My son son song to my son

  23. Stukaman

    Stukaman17 timmar sedan

    Garth Brooks is no patriot.

  24. Jay Bell

    Jay Bell17 timmar sedan

    I guess washed up Brooks was right. He does have friends in low places. His music will never be played in our house again. Chucked it all in the trash.

  25. Mandy Hallam

    Mandy Hallam17 timmar sedan

    Sorry to watch. It just look so sad and a shame of America 👎🇺🇸 worst ever

  26. Drew Pelton

    Drew Pelton17 timmar sedan

    Lol "don't guess" ...shots fired.

  27. Sweet Smiles

    Sweet Smiles17 timmar sedan

    Her beautiful voice gives me chills.

  28. Esteban Jorge

    Esteban Jorge18 timmar sedan

    Where are the bodies Garth????? The families need closure!

  29. SanDiegogulls31 1990

    SanDiegogulls31 199018 timmar sedan

    uh uh uh um um uh uh uh uh um uh uh uh ...

  30. Tom Lin

    Tom Lin18 timmar sedan

    Isn't it refreshing when you have people on stage who are actually scientists and not asking us to inject disinfectants and putting UV lights up our butts

  31. David & Tom Music

    David & Tom Music18 timmar sedan

    Goosebumps ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣

  32. Bill C

    Bill C19 timmar sedan

    At 40 seconds you can see The Real President walk by Outside the window! LOL!!! Check it Out.

  33. Josephine Bobbins

    Josephine Bobbins19 timmar sedan

    Look at the pretenders. God's going to take care of them alright. Looking forward to it.

  34. calvin meyer

    calvin meyer19 timmar sedan

    Man! I can't stand blunt. He is the swamp

  35. Dos Dahrk

    Dos Dahrk19 timmar sedan

    Even the rifle salute was held low....says it all...when trump got tha walk by EVERYmf saluted high and proud. Bidens just a joke

  36. robinfun21

    robinfun2119 timmar sedan

    Her performance was very mellow........I love it

  37. Joann Anderson

    Joann Anderson20 timmar sedan

    Such a beautiful song sung by a beautiful singer. Effortlessly. Just beautiful.

  38. Victor Cruz

    Victor Cruz20 timmar sedan


  39. Jonathan Gonzales

    Jonathan Gonzales20 timmar sedan

    I wish Sir Senator Hawley you become President of the USA! Not the incorporation like biden. Pres of the real usa. Love u Sir Josh! And I love Donald Trump is more!

  40. Jonathan Gonzales

    Jonathan Gonzales20 timmar sedan

    Still, I love Sen Josh Hawley! He is just the best! Love u Sen Josh! I wish I were your student. Like Judge Jeanine!

  41. alfredo mendoza

    alfredo mendoza20 timmar sedan

    Era el botones el que les dió el supuesto servicio militar...

  42. African Flower

    African Flower21 timme sedan

    Andra and Rihanna favor each other

  43. James Aregood

    James Aregood21 timme sedan


  44. James Aregood

    James Aregood21 timme sedan

    All you who are so stupid to think this clown is president . LOOK OUT THE [email protected]#$%!$ WINDOW!!!!! This is a fake oval office dumb asses.. I'm talking to all you Trump haters... we told you this clown didn't win. You know us Trump voters are right.. This fake so called President is inches away from getting is turn at being arrested and sent to gitmo for his execution.. I truly think he's already executed and your looking at a clone just to keep you dummies from rioting.. all you trump voters who believed the fake news about trump and jumped ship. Shame on you.. The military is in charge they are arresting all the corrupt politicians right under your noses . I seen Pelosi get arrested she has her clone out there. Take a good look at them. The real jokers are at gitmo. Thank God Trump will be back in March.. our TRUE AWSOME PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP... ok. Now all you from the peanut gallery can attack me. I don't care.

  45. adriana Arrie

    adriana Arrie21 timme sedan

    How beautiful was that? OMG😱 there is not one to compare with. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  46. Abs Attack

    Abs Attack21 timme sedan

    The brief bath only heal because society ultrascructurally concern through a wrathful attack. lopsided, decisive food

  47. javier gonzalez

    javier gonzalez21 timme sedan

    her voice is too much clearer than before she was fat...a good decision to down weight

  48. MrMistrEnigma

    MrMistrEnigma22 timmar sedan

    Good job keeping Kamala away from President (elected/not really elected) Biden on all those stairs...

  49. collaponce80

    collaponce8022 timmar sedan

    i think that if they would put nurses in schools and colleges and star vaccination the students it would help a lot getting the young generation vaccinated quicker. i should say kids 17 and older.

  50. Mark Rogers

    Mark Rogers22 timmar sedan

    I'm glad the traitors accepted him.

  51. Lalhriatpuia Chitea

    Lalhriatpuia Chitea23 timmar sedan

    Yo, there's a road in the white house, it's just a truck parking there. News are here too, if it was fake, they would've reported that it's a fake oval office. Even MSNBC news is there in the white house.

  52. Thomass Andersson

    Thomass Andersson23 timmar sedan

    Sad performance at a sad party

  53. Dave Smietanski

    Dave Smietanski23 timmar sedan


  54. AJ

    AJ23 timmar sedan

    Please! Can you media morons please ask something about about covid-19 vaccines and less about the past whoever was the President was?? We need vaccines! Not horseshit feelings and the selfish pats on the back boosting media moral! The media needs to tell us about the human lives we can save. Is this press conference for real? WTF is going on here?

  55. AJ

    AJ23 timmar sedan

    No! You promised to double the vaccine! That's 200 million in 100 days. You promised! You cut 1 million a day to 500,000 leaving us exactly half of what Trump left us with. We need the vaccine and you are playing with the numbers? We have SEtoos and I went back and listened when President Biden's promised to double it? Trump was 100 million in 100 days! You promised to double the vaccine. Doubling the vaccine is 200 million in 100 days! We can count too! are you gonna honestly lie about the numbers? You can't get us the vaccine? President Biden said ON DAY ONE he would double the vaccine and now you won't?

  56. peaches B- Georgia

    peaches B- GeorgiaDag sedan

    We all got the chance to see... just how ugly some people hearts really are... glad we got to see... just who you really are...

  57. Diana Rodriguez

    Diana RodriguezDag sedan

    Beautiful and powerful words! She sounds amazing 🤩

  58. Barin rilic

    Barin rilicDag sedan

    So faked , where the military badges on the soldiers jacket?

  59. Lordaime Lord

    Lordaime LordDag sedan

    Snake Oil salesman.

  60. Stop sniffin

    Stop sniffinDag sedan


  61. Dairis

    DairisDag sedan

    It is the duty of the current president to gain as much confidence as possible - I can make it difficult or even ruin it. Don't ignore me.

  62. Anime Fan

    Anime FanDag sedan

    Except for Steve Doocy's son asking crazy gotcha questions, this was a normal press conference.

  63. Kathy Easton

    Kathy EastonDag sedan

    Stunning performance.

  64. Dan Ag

    Dan AgDag sedan

    🤣👍 No salute, no respect. Nobody respects you Joe.🤡💨

  65. Dairis

    DairisDag sedan

    I know that the President's responsibility is only their signature on paper. All of the latter are run by globalists and giant tycoons. Whether we like it or not, we have to play by their rules. My thoughts are more cardinal and make it difficult to sign. Give me the well-deserved paid vacation. Don't think to pretend you don't understand.

  66. Shiloh Bloomberg

    Shiloh BloombergDag sedan

    Thanks, Vice President Mike Pence and your Wife Karen Pence for attending Joe Biden's inauguration. That showed that you have a lot of class and decency.

  67. roy hensley

    roy hensleyDag sedan

    Did anyone notice Trump walk by the windows???

  68. Wondershare77

    Wondershare77Dag sedan

    Life is wonderful

  69. Robert Rodriguez

    Robert RodriguezDag sedan

    Such am angelic voice. Something in between Jesus and Fergie.

  70. Bob Burger

    Bob BurgerDag sedan

    Is she on drugs?

  71. Gina Maraña

    Gina MarañaDag sedan

    Fake president.

  72. Pamme Yang

    Pamme YangDag sedan


  73. Logbar 57

    Logbar 57Dag sedan

    Traitor Garth. BS “his heart was in it”.....he’s a bought entertainer. I am boycotting anything he’s ever done. He sold his soul for millions.

  74. Logbar 57

    Logbar 57Dag sedan

    Sell out!! Will NEVER listen to him again. What Rituals did he have to perform to get this “ honor “? You don’t have his kind of career without selling out your soul to Satan. Very sad.

  75. I’m Donald J Trump And I Approve This Message

    I’m Donald J Trump And I Approve This MessageDag sedan

    Lol wtf

  76. Cat

    CatDag sedan

    When Biden signs the Paris Climate Agreement (the third one) it sure looks to me like he forgets how to write his last name and uses an upper case N to finish signing.

  77. Dorothy Lewis

    Dorothy LewisDag sedan


  78. azguitar

    azguitarDag sedan

    This guy is a Neville Chamberlain in the making. Blinken was in charge of the U.S.’s Iran policy under Obama. He sent pallets of cash to the Iranians, in an attempt to placate the biggest sponsor of Mideast terrorism. Oh boy.

  79. StarSeed

    StarSeedDag sedan

    I thought anyone who liked Garth Brooks before he sang for the Manchurian Candidate and kid sniffer was a pillow biter, so nothing has changed.

  80. Your New Pedo President, Bring Your Daughter To Me

    Your New Pedo President, Bring Your Daughter To MeDag sedan

    We need to overthrow this Regime!