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Illusions of Time

Illusions of Time

14 dagar sedan

The Odd Number Rule

The Odd Number Rule

5 månader sedan

How Many Holes Does a Human Have?
Laws & Causes

Laws & Causes

År sedan

Mind Reading

Mind Reading

2 år sedan

Behavior and Belief
How to Talk to Aliens
Should I Die?

Should I Die?

2 år sedan

The Stilwell Brain
Moral Licensing

Moral Licensing

2 år sedan

The Origins of Disgust
Which Way Is Down?
The Napkin Ring Problem
Vsauce Live Stream!
The Brachistochrone


4 år sedan

Fixed Points

Fixed Points

4 år sedan

How Earth Moves

How Earth Moves

4 år sedan

Math Magic

Math Magic

5 år sedan



5 år sedan



5 år sedan

Messages For The Future
The Zipf Mystery

The Zipf Mystery

5 år sedan

Who Owns The Moon?
Human Extinction

Human Extinction

5 år sedan

Is Cereal Soup?

Is Cereal Soup?

6 år sedan

Is Earth Actually Flat?


6 år sedan

Spooky Coincidences?
What Is The Earth Worth?


6 år sedan

What is Random?

What is Random?

6 år sedan

Some Surprising Things
The Web Is Not The Net
Where Is This Video?


6 år sedan



7 år sedan

Moving Illusions

Moving Illusions

7 år sedan

Why Are Bad Words Bad?
Cruel Bombs

Cruel Bombs

7 år sedan



7 år sedan

Our Narrow Slice

Our Narrow Slice

7 år sedan

How People Disappear
last words

last words

7 år sedan

Why Do We Clap?

Why Do We Clap?

7 år sedan

Why Do We Get Bored?
What Will We Miss?
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    The experiment was based on a conclusion. The conditions and people chosen were more curated to prove the conclusion. There was an element of suggestiveness in the whole experiment which played in the background counter to the point of the whole experiment. Also the editing out of the final interview where an opposing argument was made but without dwelling on it much it directly shifted to Micheal concluding the introductory conclusion of the whole Stanford Experiment.

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