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Do You Love Me?

Do You Love Me?

Månad sedan

With you, Spot can

With you, Spot can

7 månader sedan

More Parkour Atlas
Spot Launch

Spot Launch

År sedan

Mush, Spot, Mush!
UpTown Spot

UpTown Spot

2 år sedan

Parkour Atlas

Parkour Atlas

2 år sedan

Testing Robustness
What's new, Atlas?
The New Spot

The New Spot

3 år sedan

Introducing Handle


5 år sedan

Introducing WildCat
Atlas Update

Atlas Update

7 år sedan

Petman Tests Camo


9 år sedan

AlphaDog Proto

AlphaDog Proto

9 år sedan

BigDog Evolution

BigDog Evolution

9 år sedan

PETMAN Prototype

PETMAN Prototype

11 år sedan

BigDog Beach'n

BigDog Beach'n

11 år sedan

BigDog Olé

BigDog Olé

12 år sedan



12 år sedan



12 år sedan



12 år sedan

BigDog Reflexes

BigDog Reflexes

12 år sedan

  1. Skullduggery

    Skullduggery11 timmar sedan

    Aww the evil robot uprising looks so cute right now

  2. Aronsaur_0

    Aronsaur_012 timmar sedan

    U-lalá, now the fucking robots are making parkour.

  3. Gordon Fiala

    Gordon Fiala12 timmar sedan

    To be entirely honest, the only thing actually a some about that is the programming. Everything is simply, except the concept of computing itself, having a HandlerLanguage. Otherwise. Great video. Wonderful work. It's an achievement.

  4. Saul Velazquez

    Saul Velazquez12 timmar sedan

    I can see them dancing like Michael Madsen, as Mr. Blonde, right before they start the robot apocalypse. Thanks Boston Dynamics!

  5. Daniel Niculae

    Daniel Niculae12 timmar sedan - our robots in Romania look a bit more advanced!

  6. Betty Swollocks

    Betty Swollocks12 timmar sedan

    This is absolutely immense.

  7. Sequential Geek

    Sequential Geek12 timmar sedan

    Wow, lol!, keeping more people unemployed, wow, ... I wish I ran an offshore hedge fund, thats like the only job worth having any more,... thanks robot'

  8. Mahkus

    Mahkus13 timmar sedan

    Damn! He got the moves!

  9. D Han

    D Han13 timmar sedan

    Had to check the channel again to make sure this is legit one. Awesome work

  10. Ken Regan

    Ken Regan13 timmar sedan


  11. Warrior 》《

    Warrior 》《13 timmar sedan

    i need a robot for dance

  12. El del RABO de 25 centímetros

    El del RABO de 25 centímetros13 timmar sedan

    WTF 😯

  13. El del RABO de 25 centímetros

    El del RABO de 25 centímetros13 timmar sedan

    pero esto es Real o fake ??? 😥

  14. El del RABO de 25 centímetros

    El del RABO de 25 centímetros13 timmar sedan

    😯😯😯 Wtf!!! 😯😯😯😥

  15. Alejandro H.

    Alejandro H.13 timmar sedan

    This is awesome. To all yall who programmed this bots: Congratulations. You're turning science fiction into science. <3

  16. lamin njie

    lamin njie13 timmar sedan

    humanity is f.cked

  17. AL V

    AL V13 timmar sedan

    Can you please teach it Kung Fu?

  18. Artem Figvam

    Artem Figvam13 timmar sedan

    John Connor, kill this skynet terminators

  19. NTER

    NTER13 timmar sedan

    Это компьютерная графика или настоящие роботы?

  20. XaceX

    XaceX13 timmar sedan

    Makes me smile

  21. Henry Stickmin

    Henry Stickmin13 timmar sedan

    can i pet it?

  22. Will

    Will13 timmar sedan

    How is this not fucking amazing

  23. The Stock

    The Stock14 timmar sedan

    The reflections where you can see the robots AND the camera team is fucking killing me

  24. haywood Jay

    haywood Jay14 timmar sedan

    Fucking bot dances better then I do...


    FLOOR GANG AOOH14 timmar sedan

    Can we just take a minute to think about the people controlling these lol

  26. Cindy Moggia

    Cindy Moggia14 timmar sedan


  27. McBlumpkin

    McBlumpkin14 timmar sedan

    Today he's running at thrice this speed with the new AMD Ryzen 10000 series

  28. zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy14 timmar sedan

    OMG 😳

  29. J. Pablo Mtz

    J. Pablo Mtz14 timmar sedan

    And now I can die in peace

  30. animal garden

    animal garden14 timmar sedan

    Zeus and his friend when sn9 lands. For the people that have been following the progress at Boca chica.

  31. H Bomb

    H Bomb14 timmar sedan

    Nothing good will come of this

  32. HowlingArmadillo

    HowlingArmadillo14 timmar sedan

    It honestly looks like stop motion at times, especially the dogbot.

  33. Julian Reverse

    Julian Reverse14 timmar sedan

    Beautiful! Perfect precise ballet dance 😍

  34. Somrug

    Somrug14 timmar sedan

    **joke about robots dancing after slaughtering all of humanity**

  35. LaserGadgets

    LaserGadgets15 timmar sedan

    I mean, its cant even tell fake or not....dammit.

  36. Ariel

    Ariel15 timmar sedan

    OMG, Terminator incoming :)

  37. Lia Siciliano

    Lia Siciliano15 timmar sedan

  38. Zek Trk

    Zek Trk15 timmar sedan

    Absolutely fake💀👀

  39. Lia Siciliano

    Lia Siciliano15 timmar sedan

    Funny makes me smile

  40. Vit Raiser

    Vit Raiser15 timmar sedan

    Nice way to make the public feel what this company is doing is harmless.

  41. Stalin Redeyes

    Stalin Redeyes15 timmar sedan

    That's it. I'm gonna be unemployed forever

  42. Supremax67

    Supremax6716 timmar sedan

    Hey Skynet! I believe you misplaced some robots.

  43. press

    press16 timmar sedan

    This is what you do. More dancing, less robot abusing.

  44. PhaserFelix

    PhaserFelix16 timmar sedan

    This is how you use a few million dollars robots.

  45. Johan LIBERT

    Johan LIBERT16 timmar sedan

    Amazing video

  46. 31.Kartavya Choksi

    31.Kartavya Choksi16 timmar sedan

    Please dont make robots more advanced than this or soon they will overtake humanity

  47. Cem YALNIZ

    Cem YALNIZ16 timmar sedan


  48. With Arya let's findout

    With Arya let's findout16 timmar sedan

    OMG 😳

  49. Alexander Chirlin

    Alexander Chirlin16 timmar sedan


  50. dlc

    dlc16 timmar sedan

    So how long till the cops get ahold of a couple of these badboys?


    PAUL VARVARIAN16 timmar sedan

    robots will never need to kill humans we are doing the job for them... dog eat dog... maybe for once when the threat is real we MIGHT choose to stand together

  52. Melo651

    Melo65116 timmar sedan

    The rise of Skynet. We are so dead!

  53. lucalone

    lucalone16 timmar sedan

    what if you give them some machine guns and program them to kill!?

  54. Leo Andeson

    Leo Andeson16 timmar sedan

    So hard to be even smile when watching this.. I saw dancing war machines, after killing billions of people.. I'm just seeing blood.

  55. Νικόλας Μυριτζής

    Νικόλας Μυριτζής16 timmar sedan

    SEtoos algorithm I love you ❤️

  56. alexthejester

    alexthejester16 timmar sedan

    many good choices, including making the hominid robots do moves that humans can do, and nothing more. (except maybe holding that one leg up pose without the slightest shake!)

  57. Roger Rumbu

    Roger Rumbu17 timmar sedan

    To be used wisely

  58. The Real Septilex

    The Real Septilex17 timmar sedan

    They definitely passed the vibe check


    SARTAJ GØKÛ17 timmar sedan

    How do you do that?

  60. MiNoxus

    MiNoxus17 timmar sedan

    This is amazing and terrifying at the same time!

  61. TmRR

    TmRR17 timmar sedan

    Terminator incoming

  62. Mati N

    Mati N17 timmar sedan

    Everybody gangsta till the condition for SPOT.DESTROYHUMANITY() is met.

  63. orhan durusu

    orhan durusu18 timmar sedan

    There's a rope there, fuck it

  64. Rajender Kumar

    Rajender Kumar18 timmar sedan

    I you

  65. Rajender Kumar

    Rajender Kumar18 timmar sedan

    I ynjjy

  66. Tho Pfe

    Tho Pfe18 timmar sedan

    In future i want to see Atlas with in his left robotarm a Flamethrower and he's right a Gatling Gun, oh boi these Genocide mind yay 🔫🤖

  67. Victims of gravity

    Victims of gravity18 timmar sedan

    Looks like cgi...

  68. Dulce Deleche

    Dulce Deleche18 timmar sedan


  69. Jhovid SiLe

    Jhovid SiLe18 timmar sedan

    Alguien aquí habla Español??

  70. Jhovid SiLe

    Jhovid SiLe18 timmar sedan

    Alguien aquí habla Español??

  71. Виктор Ларкин

    Виктор Ларкин18 timmar sedan


  72. Bee K.

    Bee K.18 timmar sedan

    the little noises it's making when it's trying to get the box sound sad :(

  73. Providencia

    Providencia18 timmar sedan

    So cool! 👍🏼😂👍🏼

  74. حسن علي

    حسن علي19 timmar sedan

    غ من الولد الدنيا باردة بس بلكي باسل شواي يجوز هدومي نصهن مشيولات و قالتلي منى تانروح عالمول اني عند اريد ان شاء الله اذا كويس الحمداللة بخير كلهم يسلمون الوساطة مذكرة اليوم نشاللة طيبة واللة برد الدنيا موت موت موت موت موت موت موت موت موت موت موت موت موت موت موت موت الف الف الف مبروك يا حرام بلكي ٢١١٢٤ااااغا قف

  75. çizim imparatorluğu

    çizim imparatorluğu19 timmar sedan

    Yes i do

  76. Nezk

    Nezk19 timmar sedan


  77. Matthias

    Matthias19 timmar sedan

    And when's the date where we are obsolete?

  78. rooooooo100

    rooooooo10019 timmar sedan


  79. dalton simmons

    dalton simmons19 timmar sedan

    Wow this is the most impressive thing iv seen well done boston dynamics your killing it out there keep up the good work

  80. SubtleAmbition

    SubtleAmbition19 timmar sedan

    These robots dance way better than I do.