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When It's All Over... #REFORM


2 år sedan



2 år sedan



2 år sedan

  1. Deidre Jones

    Deidre JonesTimme sedan

    Doesn't feel like it's been 2 years since this came out

  2. bluff

    bluffTimme sedan

    This song deserves at least one billion views man

  3. Desthaney Jaacsun

    Desthaney JaacsunTimme sedan

    T.b0, dnt know h0w trU it is Ab0ut cutting UP the hud, when ever &- that's what it is bai's &- huts... - IN

  4. Desthaney Jaacsun

    Desthaney JaacsunTimme sedan

    I were Rich bef0re A T O O

  5. miller lumanye

    miller lumanyeTimme sedan


  6. NIAX HYPE Generation

    NIAX HYPE GenerationTimme sedan

    You are ØP sir

  7. CookiePaKC Cuddy

    CookiePaKC Cuddy2 timmar sedan


  8. kac per

    kac per2 timmar sedan

    0:49 who will tell me what is this jacket?

  9. KU Vision

    KU Vision2 timmar sedan

    I’m off a Wop right now n I feel the fuck out of this 💪🏽💪🏽 Durk went nuts 🥜

  10. Mukhtar ahmed Mohamed

    Mukhtar ahmed Mohamed2 timmar sedan

    Quavo true legend

  11. Brayden W

    Brayden W2 timmar sedan

    Always bringing that🔥🔥

  12. ET’s World

    ET’s World2 timmar sedan

    I’ve listened to this everyday since the day it dropped, Meek coming through with something different

  13. The hooper

    The hooper3 timmar sedan

    I know all the street niggas felt dis

  14. Michael Soto

    Michael Soto3 timmar sedan

    Chilling out north philly you already know low-key like robin hood cross me get left like forest Gump corona in the way so play different this year I don't want the fame I just wanna be in the hood away from Jake tell 12 get out my face before I pull out the K

  15. vxll_vrews

    vxll_vrews3 timmar sedan

    This song brung me back to life

  16. Lama Bungane

    Lama Bungane3 timmar sedan

    Meek's music has saved me from depression and killing myself so many times. 😭


    MARKS MENZ4 timmar sedan

    Lil Durk Can rock forever as a strar


    MARKS MENZ4 timmar sedan

    Meek Mill Star

  19. Heroine Hunnii

    Heroine Hunnii4 timmar sedan

    I Feel Like A Crip , B/c I Can’t Even Trust My Own Blood 🔥🔥

  20. Chuck IE

    Chuck IE4 timmar sedan

    Snaked by one of my dawgs I had to stay away

  21. Jörg Breenkötter

    Jörg Breenkötter5 timmar sedan

    crszzy emminem?

  22. Jörg Breenkötter

    Jörg Breenkötter5 timmar sedan

    never heard - fantastiic

  23. Jörg Breenkötter

    Jörg Breenkötter5 timmar sedan

    blue notè, the best label of the world

  24. Young Shizzie

    Young Shizzie5 timmar sedan

    follow my SEtoos Young Shizzie ! I work at Walmart lol

  25. Reacting With Lil Mike

    Reacting With Lil Mike6 timmar sedan

    My cousin has started making raps. He's getting started, but with your support, he could become famous. Please put my cousin to the top. Search up "Yung Geezy" Español: Mi primo ha comenzado, peru con su apoyo, podría volverse famoso. Por favor, ponga a mi primo en la cima. Busca "Yung Geezy"

  26. 1 000 views video challenge

    1 000 views video challenge6 timmar sedan

    For the 1% people reading this, I hope you become successful in your life..

  27. Muzi Msweli

    Muzi Msweli6 timmar sedan

    From the heart

  28. kelvin

    kelvin6 timmar sedan

    @meekmill yo into always go hard G

  29. Rishav Gangopadhyay

    Rishav Gangopadhyay6 timmar sedan

    True HipHop do exist.

  30. Edu .S

    Edu .S7 timmar sedan

    2020 and this still bangs!!


    NICE THE LYRICAL7 timmar sedan

    Bro! You beat the Shit out this track.🔥🔥🔥🔥💎💎💎 @meekmill

  32. Queen RedBone420

    Queen RedBone4207 timmar sedan

    We'll need after doing Time!

  33. Goat Herder

    Goat Herder7 timmar sedan

    "Feels Good" - by Tony! Toni! Toné!

  34. PATRICK Ologun

    PATRICK Ologun7 timmar sedan

    Kudos to *theshadow_hacker* on Instagram, I was able to get my girlfriend account hacked perfectly in less then 2hrs without, he's very trustworthy and smart, You can contact him for any type of hack

  35. PATRICK Ologun

    PATRICK Ologun7 timmar sedan

    Kudos to *theshadow_hacker* on Instagram, I was able to get my girlfriend account hacked perfectly in less then 2hrs without, he's very trustworthy and smart, You can contact him for any type of hack

  36. Horrid

    Horrid7 timmar sedan

    Can someone help me find this beat

  37. Slimeys Official

    Slimeys Official7 timmar sedan


  38. Randy Smith

    Randy Smith8 timmar sedan

    Anyone seeing that this song is actually happening now?!

  39. Masta Yoda

    Masta Yoda8 timmar sedan

    Von would've been on quarantine pack if Durk could've had em at the video

  40. nikhil reddy

    nikhil reddy8 timmar sedan

    Diamonds give me confidence 💎💎💎🔥

  41. marcel raymond

    marcel raymond8 timmar sedan

    these men be my favorite

  42. Mile Nathan

    Mile Nathan8 timmar sedan

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  43. Jay Will dillo

    Jay Will dillo8 timmar sedan

    This is 🔥🔥🔥

  44. Riccardo Goodchild

    Riccardo Goodchild9 timmar sedan

    this the one song that give me goosebumps 🔥💯💪🏽

  45. Kareem Trice

    Kareem Trice9 timmar sedan

    Layed up just cooling

  46. RF.

    RF.9 timmar sedan

    Imagine gta san andreas theme mixed to this

  47. Yurr Gee

    Yurr Gee9 timmar sedan

    Turn this to a song, we need thiss!! Not “want” we neeed this!💯

  48. Chad_American_Revolutionary

    Chad_American_Revolutionary9 timmar sedan


  49. Raul De La Rosa Jr

    Raul De La Rosa Jr9 timmar sedan

    Yellow Tops WMD!

  50. Ja Leon Smith

    Ja Leon Smith10 timmar sedan

  51. Briyonna Williams

    Briyonna Williams10 timmar sedan

    i feel like a crip cuz i can't even trust my own blood that's real talk alot of people can relate to that because family and friends will stab you in the back

  52. Tamaka Lona

    Tamaka Lona10 timmar sedan


  53. Tamaka Lona

    Tamaka Lona10 timmar sedan

    I think back to my son who really use to listen to you ; he is an adult now i just pray he really listen your part and get an understanding

  54. Grind Mode Jay

    Grind Mode Jay10 timmar sedan

    “Even though it hurt my soul, act like I don’t care about it” shxt hit me every time

  55. Gabby Martinezz

    Gabby Martinezz10 timmar sedan

    Meek mill look so different 😮☺️

  56. stephan jackson

    stephan jackson11 timmar sedan

    Meek sounds like everything but a phila rapper

  57. Kadeja Gunter

    Kadeja Gunter11 timmar sedan

    Drake could neverrrr MEEK THE MF GOOAATTTT!!!!!

  58. Alan Huerta

    Alan Huerta11 timmar sedan

    How do you look rich and broke?? 🤣🤣🤣

  59. christian d c

    christian d c11 timmar sedan

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  60. Rewind game station

    Rewind game station11 timmar sedan

    Life is pain

  61. Nick S

    Nick S11 timmar sedan

    I’ve been going through pain for years, ain’t nobody going to save me, everyone is fake💯

  62. X-Ray

    X-Ray11 timmar sedan

    New typa meek????

  63. Loki The Fox

    Loki The Fox12 timmar sedan

    Damn that Yammy banshee🥵

  64. PreeWiEntertainment 1

    PreeWiEntertainment 112 timmar sedan

    Durk is in this Bitch ri now

  65. Bruce Washington

    Bruce Washington12 timmar sedan

    Damm I got to say I’m a fan now dirk raw

  66. Pedro Serrano

    Pedro Serrano12 timmar sedan

    I said I would never change, but shit it changed me!

  67. Jdtong13

    Jdtong1312 timmar sedan

    Jamming to this song in December 2020

  68. Mec The Great

    Mec The Great12 timmar sedan

    Meek in a versuz tho!!!


    MARK MARK12 timmar sedan

    Casanova and G Herbo just got hit with the R.I.C.O

  70. Ethan Taylor

    Ethan Taylor12 timmar sedan

    Let me get one of them KTMs

  71. reem2429

    reem242913 timmar sedan


  72. Cartelboss WEGOTNEXT

    Cartelboss WEGOTNEXT13 timmar sedan

    Knowledge Knowledge

  73. Donnie Pinkett

    Donnie Pinkett13 timmar sedan

    Right, Don't judge my pain, if you don't know what I'm against!!!!! Factz!!!

  74. Woo Christian

    Woo Christian13 timmar sedan

    "Lost two uncle's in a month 2 had two viewings went to one" damn that's why I fuck wit meek real philly shit.. lost my cousins to gun violence and meek help me fight my demons

  75. Dante Gladney

    Dante Gladney13 timmar sedan


  76. Toney White

    Toney White13 timmar sedan new music

  77. Toney White

    Toney White13 timmar sedan

  78. Giovanni Arrivabene

    Giovanni Arrivabene13 timmar sedan

    Name of soundtrack? Please?

  79. Shaterra Jones

    Shaterra Jones14 timmar sedan

    Charm city kings

  80. Candice Luna

    Candice Luna14 timmar sedan