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Rating National Anthems #2
HILARIOUS Misheard Lyrics #3
  1. its_me_faye2010

    its_me_faye20107 timmar sedan

    Here, Hope it helps Canada : 0:05 Botswana : 1:16 Panama : 2:27 Egypt : 3:33 Germany : 4:14 Tajikistan : 5:22 Australia : 6:11 Turkey : 7:11 Luxembourg : 7:59 Iceland : 9:01 Philippines : 10:15 Samoa : 11:19 Scotland : 12:22 Romania : 13:15 Malaysia : 14:14 Mexico : 15:06

  2. TheCiderFish

    TheCiderFish7 timmar sedan

    Man I rembember a whole album from a few years back why did this with a lot of songs. Loved that album, can't for the life of me remember who it was or what the album is called. Found it through Needledrop tho.

  3. kawai avocado

    kawai avocado7 timmar sedan

    He just repeated them and now he saying to the haters

  4. Vinz Caña

    Vinz Caña7 timmar sedan

    I hate u why I'm ur biggest fan and ur just rating philippines -100

  5. Maja Fransson

    Maja Fransson7 timmar sedan

    fun story: the girls in my p.e did just dance and the boys played soccer. We have like a wall that you can either have down or up. And this time we had it down. And the girls danced to Macarena. Then out of nowhere three guys came in to get another ball and just watched us dance macarena and one of the guys were mocking us and we almost layed down on the floor laughing

  6. Dexter Lloyd corporal

    Dexter Lloyd corporal7 timmar sedan

    Roomie is the best


    SSBXMOE7 timmar sedan


  8. Bangtan Mochi for life

    Bangtan Mochi for life7 timmar sedan

    Half of these songs are from my childhood. And to be honest I'm glad

  9. bass guy

    bass guy7 timmar sedan


  10. Sushi Squad

    Sushi Squad7 timmar sedan

    Let me guess your watching this during a school call because your bored.

  11. Noobest R.P.

    Noobest R.P.7 timmar sedan

    The Greek anthem's lyrics is so long that greek people are suposed to know only thr first 4 paragraphs !

  12. barritas

    barritas7 timmar sedan

    Engineer gaming

  13. mc slayer zx

    mc slayer zx7 timmar sedan

    Me : sees Philippines Also me :

  14. feverm00n

    feverm00n7 timmar sedan

    Jose Gonzales/Junip is soooooo good!

  15. Cr O

    Cr O7 timmar sedan

    Try Pakistan

  16. David Hicks

    David Hicks7 timmar sedan

    How in the universe do you not know INNA???? Incredible singer from Romania

  17. Rekha Raviprashant

    Rekha Raviprashant7 timmar sedan

    joel: calls world edit a hack me: - _ -

  18. The Crazy Guy

    The Crazy Guy7 timmar sedan

    Philippine where are you

  19. alice nishe

    alice nishe7 timmar sedan

    About Ed Sheeran: He was a bomb ass composer since day 1(been a fan since + came out) ,but One deserves a grammy and exposure more than Shape of you and Perfect. There I said it

  20. Shubham Adawade

    Shubham Adawade7 timmar sedan

    how has he not done netherlands LMFAO theirs is pretty weird

  21. Actually a Kiwi

    Actually a Kiwi7 timmar sedan

    Why there was some random Pavarotti or something like that at the start?

  22. Dark Unicorn

    Dark Unicorn7 timmar sedan

    i thought the title meant sold out shows lmao

  23. SSSnake fox

    SSSnake fox7 timmar sedan

    *iM eXiTed tO sEe thIS dOg sInG* *THIS IS NOT THE DOG?!* HAHAHAHA

  24. Rayhan Axel

    Rayhan Axel7 timmar sedan

    Please do another one!!!

  25. Lord Tavas

    Lord Tavas7 timmar sedan


  26. Samuel Messiha

    Samuel Messiha7 timmar sedan

    Skipped james’ part cause it’s not worth

  27. Janiel lorence Cayaba

    Janiel lorence Cayaba7 timmar sedan

    No becos a wer hero die of tortur and saffer

  28. SparklingWater

    SparklingWater7 timmar sedan

    *It really hit different when you understand the National Anthem*

  29. Shareine

    Shareine7 timmar sedan

    In my opinion Tron Soundtrack is best what Daft Punk have made and I'm sad that it wasn't in this video (bc ppl don't appreciate it enough). Just please such a great music there, check it out if you haven't already

  30. Wolfax_07

    Wolfax_077 timmar sedan

    Another one of these pleaseeeeeeeeeeeer

  31. DeanBean

    DeanBean7 timmar sedan

    I would have compared Ed Sheeran's old songs to songs from last year... They really felt commercialized imo with no genuine intent

  32. Crow Royal

    Crow Royal7 timmar sedan

    Post Malone wasn’t drinking water- literally the only thing he drinks is bud light. That’s why it was yellow, also because of the stage lights.

  33. super_samurai 04

    super_samurai 047 timmar sedan

    It only took 2:23

  34. Alina Grempes

    Alina Grempes7 timmar sedan

    Hello i am romania

  35. E'Leeze McKenna

    E'Leeze McKenna7 timmar sedan

    I have just one serious question - are you eyes real?

  36. •ZeroAce •

    •ZeroAce •8 timmar sedan

    Joel: i don't like bare feet People with foot fetish: how dare you?!

  37. David Warcken

    David Warcken8 timmar sedan

    That turtle is called a snapping turtle and you do not want to get your finger caught in their mouth

  38. Tazria Hito

    Tazria Hito8 timmar sedan

    Joel:I don't where glasses Me: you do where glasses

  39. #YouTube Solid#

    #YouTube Solid#8 timmar sedan

    He really Is the Music Professor 🤣

  40. Faery Dewdrop

    Faery Dewdrop8 timmar sedan

    Forgetting about Tracy Chapman, how is that possible? Her lyrics are stunning. Her music is touching. Legendary woman.

  41. Luciana Fujita

    Luciana Fujita8 timmar sedan

    Joel please do the anthem of Brazil and Japan. Japanese anthem is melodic and sad But the Brazilian one is beautiful, I think/hope you'll enjoy