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  1. Eka Saputra

    Eka Saputra19 timmar sedan

    Belloti just go to acmilan ,i hope

  2. suraj Ale

    suraj Ale19 timmar sedan

    CR7 big fan from Nepal 🇳🇵

  3. Aryan Chavhan

    Aryan Chavhan19 timmar sedan

    I heard someone say the other day that Ronaldo can't dribble,..... really?

  4. Krishna Vishwakarma

    Krishna Vishwakarma19 timmar sedan

    This 3:29 stepover feels so nostalgic

  5. andri yuwono

    andri yuwono19 timmar sedan

    Hakimi bek serasa striker top 🔵⚫

  6. RUSH

    RUSH19 timmar sedan

    Buffon is way better than szcenzy even 40

  7. suraj Ale

    suraj Ale19 timmar sedan

    Big fan from Nepal 🇳🇵

  8. Priyanshu Tyagi

    Priyanshu Tyagi19 timmar sedan

    Seriously, how many times has Ronaldo hit the post this season! I feel bad for him 😕

  9. Yahia Slami

    Yahia Slami19 timmar sedan

    Théo >>>>>> Mendy

  10. May Channelisation

    May Channelisation19 timmar sedan

    Turin vs milan 0-10 in one week ☠️

  11. awesome gaymr channel

    awesome gaymr channel19 timmar sedan

    While i was walking my dog picking up bottles, I saw someone. They were stealing my bottles! To no surprise, it was the bottler himself, Penaldo. My dog asked, "Has Penaldo ever won any real international trophies?" I replied "no, and he never will." Penaldo ran away crying.

  12. damar andi

    damar andi19 timmar sedan

    Inter's next stop : helping juve qualify for UEL 😋

  13. Eugenius Richard Pureklolon

    Eugenius Richard Pureklolon19 timmar sedan

    Champione of inferno 😆

  14. Javier SnoW

    Javier SnoW19 timmar sedan

    Alexis the best

  15. brawl master

    brawl master19 timmar sedan

    why fans this like bruh see all cr edits goes to ronaldo thats why also all criticisms geos to ronaldo when lose understand

  16. Paramarta Iganp

    Paramarta Iganp19 timmar sedan

    Dybala cool finish and 100th goal for Juve. How he didn’t tear the world apart with Messi, Aguerro, di Maria confuses me. And CR776, one more it will be CR777. Nothing special because he might play in UEL nexr season but 777 is surely nice to look at.

  17. Gabriel Paiva

    Gabriel Paiva19 timmar sedan

    CR7 el mejor del mundo!!

  18. edgar gabriel Velazquez

    edgar gabriel Velazquez19 timmar sedan

    Jorge Campos el Mexicano parece quien fue el que diseño la remera de la Inter

  19. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman19 timmar sedan

    milan is these times on fireeeee

  20. muti and alfath official

    muti and alfath official19 timmar sedan

    Forza Inter

  21. David Bulus

    David Bulus19 timmar sedan

    Really that Jersey @Inter not the best IMO I think it's the same guys that designed Man united Zebras awful design for me👎👎👎

  22. Chris

    Chris19 timmar sedan

    both Milans in the Champions League next season, the trophy could be on its way back to Italy after all.

  23. PTöLéMàïC KïNgDÖM

    PTöLéMàïC KïNgDÖM19 timmar sedan

    Two times at the same sport milan score... The juventus keeper need to improve thats way....he weaks thats direction


    ROBBY REVANZA19 timmar sedan


  25. Prabhjee Dua

    Prabhjee Dua19 timmar sedan

    Ronaldo showing dribbles as a 20 year old young boy who was at man United destroying defenders 😈

  26. ສີໂອງ ອຸ່ນທີວົງ

    ສີໂອງ ອຸ່ນທີວົງ19 timmar sedan

    ສຸດຍອດຫລາຍ ໂດ້ເຮັດໄດ້ດີ

  27. RUSH

    RUSH19 timmar sedan

    Dzeko doing everything alone

  28. alena dybala

    alena dybala19 timmar sedan

    #BernamessiOut #BentancurOut #RabiotOut #SceznyOut

  29. Giancarlo Filacchione

    Giancarlo Filacchione19 timmar sedan

    Muriqi ha bisogno di giocare! Sul gol fallito, si era mosso bene.....È una scommessa da vincere!

  30. محمد محي الدين

    محمد محي الدين19 timmar sedan

    Grandi milan respect torino

  31. laxman90210

    laxman9021019 timmar sedan

    2nd Samp goal should have been disallowed for handball

  32. Ardianto Wibowo

    Ardianto Wibowo19 timmar sedan

    inter shirt always looks ahead of time and modern. ❤️

  33. •Bad Boy•

    •Bad Boy•19 timmar sedan

    💪🏻Nuova maglia Nuovo Logo e subito Vittoria 🖤💙 Porta Fortuna PAZZA Inter🔝

  34. Sovann Phyrun

    Sovann Phyrun19 timmar sedan

    Another century goal for the GOAT🐐

  35. khabib time

    khabib time19 timmar sedan

    Bellissima la nuova maglia forza Inter dal Marocco 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦

  36. K Ahmed

    K Ahmed19 timmar sedan

    I like Milan a lot, but can't help feeling sorry for Torino. This was an absolute annihilation. No team deserves this.

  37. FM Legends

    FM Legends19 timmar sedan

    Unlucky shot for CR7 in the last

  38. Sven Lukas

    Sven Lukas19 timmar sedan

    Should have played Mirante in goal

  39. Francisco Javier Mena Girón

    Francisco Javier Mena Girón19 timmar sedan

    ➔ Yesterday he announced that he will leave Juve at the end of the course. ➔ Today he started and responded by saving a penalty. SIMPLY THE ETERNAL GIANLUIGI BUFFON.

  40. erik s

    erik s19 timmar sedan

    Forza milan

  41. Shuvo Orko

    Shuvo Orko19 timmar sedan

    Buffon awesome, Ronaldo incredible, Dybala fantastic❤️❤️❤️

  42. olay spikey

    olay spikey19 timmar sedan

    ga ada istilah bagi bagi poin.segera kirim Juve ke ueropa league

  43. Lanister Gaming

    Lanister Gaming19 timmar sedan


  44. RUSH

    RUSH19 timmar sedan

    That kit tho🔥

  45. sandy tobatz

    sandy tobatz19 timmar sedan

    Buffon.. 👍👍

  46. Dedy Lado

    Dedy Lado19 timmar sedan


  47. Din Achmad

    Din Achmad19 timmar sedan

    Forza Milan

  48. Muenx Gaming

    Muenx Gaming19 timmar sedan

    i think pirlo should use Ronaldo And dybala . they more chemistry than ronaldo and morata

  49. salvo marino

    salvo marino19 timmar sedan

    Ma quanto so brutte le maglie dell inter

  50. Mukul Upadhyay

    Mukul Upadhyay19 timmar sedan

    That was some performance from Ronaldo🔥🔥🔥.

  51. Sara ali khan

    Sara ali khan19 timmar sedan

    Cr100 unstoppable ♥️🔥🐐

  52. Thu Htet Tun

    Thu Htet Tun19 timmar sedan

    3:30 Sassuolo's defender fell for ronaldo 🐐

  53. Oudom Gaming

    Oudom Gaming19 timmar sedan

    Great performance Milan.

  54. Sandhi Aditira nanggala

    Sandhi Aditira nanggala19 timmar sedan

    Keren jersey inter yg bru

  55. Bibek Lama

    Bibek Lama19 timmar sedan

    What kind of Jersey is that??

  56. PTöLéMàïC KïNgDÖM

    PTöLéMàïC KïNgDÖM19 timmar sedan

    Forza Milano🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼

  57. 03_2E_ Ahmad Ilham Anzil R

    03_2E_ Ahmad Ilham Anzil R19 timmar sedan

    berasa futsal inimah🤣🤣you know futsal wkwkkw

  58. Faisal Faisal

    Faisal Faisal19 timmar sedan

    Forza Lazio 💙💙💙

  59. Pratik Bhandari

    Pratik Bhandari19 timmar sedan

    Did'nt know pep still plays😂 3:33

  60. Jemmy Singal

    Jemmy Singal19 timmar sedan

    La beneamata

  61. AK47 DAÏKAM

    AK47 DAÏKAM19 timmar sedan

    Torino our favorite city to party in, 🚀🚀⚫🔴 Rossoneri

  62. Inline studio26

    Inline studio2619 timmar sedan

    When Milan possesed Atalanta's Spirit

  63. iclark2400

    iclark240019 timmar sedan

    Made it look so simple, truly one of the greatest to play the game. This man is relentless, over 100 goals for 4 different teams now. BEAST!

  64. Pes Mobile

    Pes Mobile19 timmar sedan

    The G. O. A. T is still G. O. A T

  65. Akhil Sadasivam

    Akhil Sadasivam19 timmar sedan

    The Inter kit looks amazing 😃😃

  66. Kelvin Emeka

    Kelvin Emeka19 timmar sedan

    Ronaldo's last attempt was phenomenal ☺️

  67. Thaer Hamdan

    Thaer Hamdan19 timmar sedan


  68. Asdrubale Lo Spacciatore

    Asdrubale Lo Spacciatore19 timmar sedan

    Comunque quando era kessie ha detto meite e quando era meite a detto kessie

  69. Marco Van Basten

    Marco Van Basten19 timmar sedan

    2.26 ahhahahahahahhaha2😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂ti voglio bene Brahim 💎

  70. Boburjon Sattorov

    Boburjon Sattorov19 timmar sedan


  71. Boburjon Sattorov

    Boburjon Sattorov19 timmar sedan


  72. Boburjon Sattorov

    Boburjon Sattorov19 timmar sedan


  73. Molza P

    Molza P19 timmar sedan

    even buffon has more than 40yo his age, but his skills looks better than GK No.1 in juve and in this performance, dybala and buffon is very well. and duo dybala and ronaldo is come back. and question why not always played ronaldo and dybala. why always ronaldo and morata?

  74. Vester Tawi

    Vester Tawi19 timmar sedan

    Inter 3rd goal = team goal = on 🔥🔥🔥

  75. Andrea V.

    Andrea V.19 timmar sedan

    La durata dei video è basata su uno studio sulla soglia di attenzione degli utenti? O sulla agevolatezza di avere uno schema di montaggio sempre uguale? Vorrei capire

  76. Alex Viñas Garcia

    Alex Viñas Garcia19 timmar sedan

    Like si viniste a ver si Dybala dedicaba el gol a Ibai y no lo hizo :(

  77. Dika Maulana

    Dika Maulana19 timmar sedan


  78. Alessandro

    Alessandro19 timmar sedan

    Bella partita arriviamo a sti 94 punti dai🖤💙

  79. Jhonnatan Stidk

    Jhonnatan Stidk19 timmar sedan

    Buffon age 43 > Szecsny

  80. Camilo Berríos

    Camilo Berríos19 timmar sedan

    1:36 Sanchez... wow