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  1. Karuna Gupta

    Karuna Gupta6 timmar sedan

    I am both bad and good

  2. Dave Ring

    Dave Ring6 timmar sedan

    Lana is the ultimate goal of pranking

  3. Choi WJ

    Choi WJ6 timmar sedan


  4. Janice Ling

    Janice Ling6 timmar sedan

    I am good girl

  5. Niki Ladybug

    Niki Ladybug6 timmar sedan

    when Adam said “you're so sweet Lana„ then that made me think that Adam is gonna hug Lana.


    DAYSHA SALINAS6 timmar sedan

    i wil be a good student

  7. Nicholas Lekaj

    Nicholas Lekaj6 timmar sedan

    7:07 one puzzle piece fell of his desk

  8. Hann_ofxial

    Hann_ofxial6 timmar sedan

    ugly content and stop copying JianHao Tan video lololololol

  9. Fathima Firdose

    Fathima Firdose6 timmar sedan

    Love ur videos everytime from India🇮🇳🇮🇳

  10. Karen Buenabajo

    Karen Buenabajo6 timmar sedan

    Luna is the best

  11. War Hacker

    War Hacker6 timmar sedan

    It's a ripoff jianhao tan made it

  12. Karolína Tancošová

    Karolína Tancošová6 timmar sedan

    I am a good girl

  13. Raluca Dragan

    Raluca Dragan6 timmar sedan

    I love this ideas

  14. Ailyne Udani

    Ailyne Udani6 timmar sedan

    why does sophia look like taylor swift?


    RAMA SOUNDAR6 timmar sedan


  16. promila Kaushal

    promila Kaushal7 timmar sedan

    Im Emilly


    AAHANA KARIA7 timmar sedan

    im a bad person loll

  18. Roopa K T

    Roopa K T7 timmar sedan

    Good student

  19. Mario Salvador

    Mario Salvador7 timmar sedan

    Delete the vid pls

  20. Pradeep J

    Pradeep J7 timmar sedan

    I am a Indian girl I am 8 years old I like your videos so much

  21. LiloWoLf

    LiloWoLf7 timmar sedan

    Well it’s ok if u cover ur eyes when u see a girl naked but ur a girl too u nw but it’s ok

  22. Tiana Moore

    Tiana Moore7 timmar sedan


  23. Stella Campbell

    Stella Campbell7 timmar sedan


  24. Manya Manya

    Manya Manya7 timmar sedan

    How did you drop eyeshadow behind icecream why don't you take the juice should not take the juicy icecream understand that

  25. Lucy Mankin

    Lucy Mankin7 timmar sedan

    Blink blackpink that is not nice.

  26. Stella Campbell

    Stella Campbell7 timmar sedan

    Pos asiD went is coDasid pos

  27. Eem Hulaemi

    Eem Hulaemi7 timmar sedan

    Ka buatin yg ini aku suka pake B .. indonesia 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  28. Lucy Mankin

    Lucy Mankin7 timmar sedan

    Le le le

  29. SSSniperwolf Gaming

    SSSniperwolf Gaming7 timmar sedan

    I have wanted this 5 times and I didn’t understand

  30. Moomal Baber

    Moomal Baber7 timmar sedan

    Did someone notice that her paws nails are pink? 4:53

  31. Kylee Yallup

    Kylee Yallup7 timmar sedan


  32. Lucy Mankin

    Lucy Mankin7 timmar sedan

    I was laughing when the mom was looking at lanas phone she missed the plant

  33. Raeesa Sheik

    Raeesa Sheik7 timmar sedan


  34. Rayan Abdul

    Rayan Abdul7 timmar sedan

    I really like. There vidos

  35. Devi. Devi

    Devi. Devi7 timmar sedan

    I love videos sisters ❤️

  36. lml oficial

    lml oficial7 timmar sedan

    Indonesia indonesia 😧

  37. friends comedy

    friends comedy7 timmar sedan


  38. Jack Ningthoujam

    Jack Ningthoujam7 timmar sedan

    How is that a coffee

  39. Zandria Chaple

    Zandria Chaple7 timmar sedan

    My favorite teacher farts in class LOL I am a good student

  40. Merlin Jackson

    Merlin Jackson7 timmar sedan

    Im the same Olivia all time but in makeup it's Emily😅😅



    Sisters and brothers I want your number you replay the number I will call you really tomorrow

  42. uma sankar

    uma sankar7 timmar sedan

    Fun fact:u r reading this before the completion of video

  43. Bhaskarrao Taddi

    Bhaskarrao Taddi7 timmar sedan

    Kevin and lily are best

  44. 11 C

    11 C7 timmar sedan


  45. Gaming with Ash

    Gaming with Ash7 timmar sedan


  46. Krishna Suresh

    Krishna Suresh7 timmar sedan

    Lana Next time you dress is butterfly dress OK and also Bella and Lana is so so beautiful

  47. Eliyah Coneys

    Eliyah Coneys7 timmar sedan


  48. Anubis Sample

    Anubis Sample7 timmar sedan

    1 at a time ok 😇

  49. Eliyah Coneys

    Eliyah Coneys7 timmar sedan


  50. gigi labelle

    gigi labelle7 timmar sedan

    F full o Jodi to Robert

  51. Kate Frost

    Kate Frost7 timmar sedan


  52. Sandra Gomez

    Sandra Gomez7 timmar sedan

    My phone falls a lot

  53. Kate Frost

    Kate Frost7 timmar sedan

    Pippa and fb

  54. ZendayandK.C.Undercoverfanforlife -julie

    ZendayandK.C.Undercoverfanforlife -julie8 timmar sedan

    At 1:24 would eat those chocolate cookies before assuming there’s nothing good to eat 😂😂😂

  55. Adhya Dhake

    Adhya Dhake8 timmar sedan

    yes you copied the video of jian hao

  56. Sanapala Basi

    Sanapala Basi8 timmar sedan

    Super hacks love this hacks so much,😘

  57. Disha N Reddy

    Disha N Reddy8 timmar sedan

    I like lily

  58. Disha N Reddy

    Disha N Reddy8 timmar sedan

    123 go challenge

  59. Godcentered Focused

    Godcentered Focused8 timmar sedan

    Meee i want yo

  60. Jjam Lopezz

    Jjam Lopezz8 timmar sedan

    123go Hi

  61. fun time with kamakshi

    fun time with kamakshi8 timmar sedan

    Lana you are so sweet that you care about everybody

  62. Kuldip Kaur

    Kuldip Kaur8 timmar sedan

    The shoe hack works . I have tried it.

  63. Ariel Rivera

    Ariel Rivera8 timmar sedan

    hi 123go

  64. Disha N Reddy

    Disha N Reddy8 timmar sedan

    Can you please put lily in the videos you make

  65. Maria González

    Maria González8 timmar sedan


  66. Silvia Garcia

    Silvia Garcia8 timmar sedan