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  1. Douglas Hanlon

    Douglas Hanlon15 timmar sedan

    gold soon to hit 3000

  2. JukE Live

    JukE Live15 timmar sedan Obama had sex with kids in the white house. Biden Now owns 95% of what hilliary created info leaked last night.

  3. Kucing oren Female

    Kucing oren Female15 timmar sedan

    come here you fight me 1 against many, sissy you fight 1 boy, me with mymerpati putih

  4. Thaddy Raymond

    Thaddy Raymond15 timmar sedan

    Joe Biden Cheated his way into office with the help of some very smart Democrats people who use their money to put the puppet into office

  5. Gaasuba Meskhenet

    Gaasuba Meskhenet15 timmar sedan

    Shut. Down.

  6. Daisy Figueroa

    Daisy Figueroa15 timmar sedan

    Open de economy and stop talking 🤮

  7. John JCM

    John JCM15 timmar sedan

    That guy talks like an auctioneer!

  8. Fitness Guru

    Fitness Guru15 timmar sedan

    If they weren't laundering all that money away through foreign countries, they could give us $5k instead. POS!

  9. Seventh Anubis

    Seventh Anubis15 timmar sedan

    Wait until he is the president. I'll be surprised if the deep state media is still all for it.

  10. Irwin Fletcher

    Irwin Fletcher15 timmar sedan

    Typical Government...: just keep throwing money at it ..... 27 trillion and counting Is the national deficit.... our kids are going to hate us

  11. AnarchY Ash Aubrey

    AnarchY Ash Aubrey15 timmar sedan

    Yeah.....people who carry guns at all like this is still the fucking wild west need to get a life. They are cowards who are just ACHING to kill someone for ANY reason.

  12. Maggie Kay

    Maggie Kay15 timmar sedan

    Breaks my heart we can’t look forward to the Inauguration with excitement....

  13. Jenae Shanks

    Jenae Shanks15 timmar sedan

    Money is going to bail out California's illegal immigration problem and countries we're already in debt to. Don't think for a second this is for you. $600K/person. And you're only seeing $1200.

  14. Abroy 3221

    Abroy 322115 timmar sedan

    Republican is full of clown except those 10 congress

  15. Ali 62

    Ali 6215 timmar sedan

    Made in China election

  16. bwtv147

    bwtv14715 timmar sedan

    The first impeachment was an honest attempt to overturn the 2016 election. This one is just for show.

  17. Ay-Ay -Ron

    Ay-Ay -Ron15 timmar sedan

    Now every democrat want to open up the economy 🙄 This was all to make trump look bad

  18. Nicole Tara

    Nicole Tara15 timmar sedan

    all of ya'll complaining can send me your stimulus if you don't want it

  19. PA user

    PA user15 timmar sedan

    Demon Biden out of the pits of Hell and his 2 ho's will never make it to the white house

  20. Melvin Calp

    Melvin Calp15 timmar sedan


  21. Bunda Anna

    Bunda Anna15 timmar sedan

    Love President Trump

  22. Kenneth Nash

    Kenneth Nash15 timmar sedan

    Republicons are happy to be criminals.

  23. fourtwenty mostwanted

    fourtwenty mostwanted15 timmar sedan

    You can tell the guy is a moron

  24. John Vargas

    John Vargas15 timmar sedan

    They ride together they died together bad boys for life and in the after life 😎

  25. 214mjn

    214mjn15 timmar sedan

    listen folks fact of the matter is I just pull numbers from my ass

  26. Rand Steele

    Rand Steele15 timmar sedan

    Regret now may genuinely be present after conscience becomes realised. After the fact of past action when an absence of conscious was present makes confession easily done. Newly acquired mental light informs one about realized former heart of darkness. Hardly does admission of mistaken harmful behavior absolve one guilty of past committed crimes.

  27. DownUnder

    DownUnder15 timmar sedan

    I'm just here for the comments

  28. Hammer K

    Hammer K15 timmar sedan

    Really doesn't effect me...not taking it anyway!

  29. The Joker

    The Joker15 timmar sedan

    Yall ever played plague inc?

  30. Abdulaziz 187

    Abdulaziz 18715 timmar sedan

    Why do she look like a female donald

  31. Something Something Something

    Something Something Something15 timmar sedan

    Because Boeing and the FAA says it's safe? Those were the same ones who promised it was safe before the crashes, well knowing of the plane's problems. They have no credibility. I'm not getting on one, that's for sure.

  32. Matthitizidu

    Matthitizidu15 timmar sedan

    Billions going to failed leftists cities that encouraged rioting. 🤦🏻 of course there are no consiquences.

  33. Barbara Schmidt

    Barbara Schmidt15 timmar sedan

    Just keep printing money and ruining economy. Soon dollar will have value of venezuelan bolivar. Socialists and communists just dont know how to deal with economy. We all in a matter of months will remember Trumps years as golden era. For Biden the most important thing is that women of color , transgender black women and immigrants are well fed , nothing else. God help us

  34. piggyroo100

    piggyroo10015 timmar sedan

    Spending opm

  35. denver broncos 1987

    denver broncos 198715 timmar sedan

    Deer photo, i remember when I found it in a magazine.

  36. CJ Torgerson

    CJ Torgerson15 timmar sedan

    Biden and the people behind him will break this country we are going to go bankrupt and other countries are taking over us that's what they say when you bankrupt a country you can take them over if the

  37. Christine Catelli

    Christine Catelli15 timmar sedan

    notice all the thumbs down? Nobody believes your propaganda lies.

  38. D W

    D W15 timmar sedan

    No. No, it's not.

  39. Al Gore Rhythm

    Al Gore Rhythm15 timmar sedan

    Lowbrow Fear Porn!

  40. Michael Voung

    Michael Voung15 timmar sedan

    Felony Murder to all those involved including Trump!

  41. Billy Shepard

    Billy Shepard15 timmar sedan

    *if everything is going to be reset.. send people $2400 and let it all crash and burn*

  42. Thaddy Raymond

    Thaddy Raymond15 timmar sedan

    who do you think have to pay that money back... he giving money to Democratic states who piss their money away.... you the working and tax payers will have to pay it back while the border jumpers will live off of the Amercan people backs

  43. LC

    LC15 timmar sedan

    I don’t remember counter protesters being there so could it be that the black woman was also part of the mob? Yeah im not buying that

  44. 1870relee

    1870relee15 timmar sedan

    I got hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun, and the kids used to come up and reach in the pool and rub my leg down so it was straight and then watch the hair come back up again. They'd look at. So I learned about roaches. I learn about kids jumping on my lap. And I love kids jumping on my lap. Quote by Joe Biden.

  45. hannah finlay

    hannah finlay15 timmar sedan

    Just a bunch of BS!!!

  46. Lisa B

    Lisa B15 timmar sedan

    This is horrific

  47. Mr. E

    Mr. E15 timmar sedan

    Joe counting stimulus... “one billion for Joe, one for the American people, one billion for Joe, one billion for China, one billion for Joe, one billion for Ukraine, one billion for Joe....”

  48. Gary Smith

    Gary Smith15 timmar sedan

    15$ hour minimum wage as a nation wide forced wage is not going to work well for most of the states. IMHO

  49. Billy Jack

    Billy Jack15 timmar sedan

    Shove your vaccinations up your asses you satanic. F you.

  50. platinumhunter

    platinumhunter15 timmar sedan

    what if she free then they would kill her?

  51. A Jen

    A Jen15 timmar sedan

    Look private stand here, dont let anyone through we are giving you your weapon but no ammo magazine! I know your not trained for this type of event but here is your MRE, good luck.

  52. Ryan Ashley

    Ryan Ashley15 timmar sedan


  53. Dano Byte

    Dano Byte15 timmar sedan

    Not one shot of the soldiers...?

  54. Diesel M

    Diesel M15 timmar sedan

    Burn in hell

  55. Josie Garcia

    Josie Garcia15 timmar sedan

    This was the best thing I've ever seen. Even though some of the jokes went over my head - A LOT of them really hit just right.

  56. Maggie Campbell

    Maggie Campbell15 timmar sedan

    Precious miracle

  57. Vetta Monroe

    Vetta Monroe15 timmar sedan

    Something clearly happened to that little girl, like physically. Someone who was watching over her must've done something.

  58. Al Gore Rhythm

    Al Gore Rhythm15 timmar sedan

    Watch everything miraculously reopen like no big deal in about 10 days!

  59. Lance James

    Lance James15 timmar sedan

    I pray for your government to give its citizens universal healthcare. I cannot even imagine.

  60. TheAkbar23

    TheAkbar2315 timmar sedan

    It is so sad what the White man has done in so many places where he went. What does it mean at 5:08 "equal feathers"? English is not my native language

  61. Eric Michels

    Eric Michels15 timmar sedan

    I stand with the Constitution of the United States and NOT with trump and his supporters. How about you?

  62. Billy Shepard

    Billy Shepard15 timmar sedan

    *He's my president, even though I voted for trump.. so, send me $1400, it would be a blessing for my mom and I to have money*

  63. Victory

    Victory15 timmar sedan

    Lol the dems built a wall to protect themselves

  64. Shirley Jackson

    Shirley Jackson15 timmar sedan

    First the news says 6,000 now its 25,000. Which is it

  65. William Hinson

    William Hinson15 timmar sedan

    Did Trump change his name to Biden, wasn't this his plan?

  66. AJ Connor

    AJ Connor15 timmar sedan

    He is full of SHAT! IF you think Nasty Pelosi wanted this for us we would have gotten it during the shutdown.... use your brain is all I ask. They are full of Shat!

  67. S. Pam Poopnuggets

    S. Pam Poopnuggets15 timmar sedan

    Impeachment will NOT divide us anymore than the Trump administration has divided us. Impeachment will NOT incite violence any more than the Trump administration incited violence. Enough is enough!

  68. Hammer K

    Hammer K15 timmar sedan

    Keep printing that money..soon a loaf of bread will be $10.

  69. Texas Aggie ‘84

    Texas Aggie ‘8415 timmar sedan

    Go to hell joe.

  70. D TEE

    D TEE15 timmar sedan

    Let's see, my psychic reading of the immediate Trump future is somewhat cloudy and dim but there seems to be a faint image of something like an orange jumpsuit? ....wait, is that chrome handcuffs?, wait, now overriding all is a disturbing image of what can only be described as a faint image of ......Southern District of New York PROSECUTOR!!!!!!!!! All my GOD, Trump.....RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Lynda Faye

    Lynda Faye15 timmar sedan

    HORSE PUCKY! THERE WAS NO FIRST , AND THE "ALLEGED" SECOND IS SITTING ON A DESK; THERE WAS "N O " NONE/ZILCH " IMPEACHMENT "WHATSOEVER" LEARN A LEGAL TERM IT'S TERMED "ALLEGED" YES, TRUMP IS TRYING TO CLEAN UP "YOUR SYSTEM" WHETHER YOU DESERVE IT OR NOT. TRUMP'S REMAINING PRESIDENT AND GOING TO CLEAN THE SWAMP (JAN. 15) CHECK THIS OUT: GO TO: "TRUMP WAS SAVING THE BIGGEST BOMB FOR LAST " before it's deleted !! This CRAP HERE is all "alleged" Trump doesn't "allege" he EXPOSES... GO TRUMP SUPPORTERS ! SOTIRED OF HIS SPEECHES BEING CUT AND SPLICED BY "MAINSTREAM" this will be deleted soon; don't kid yourselves a DOWNLOAD IT NOW FOR POSTERITY PLEASE ??? AND PLEASE, YOU GUYS, GET THE "TERMS" CORRECTLY UNDERSTOOD AND PLEASE DO SOME RESEARCH! "They" the guilty, aren't afraid of prison; we don't have firing squads here; They'll get great meals and conjugal visits (quote from Johnny Carson-he was psychic too!) Perhaps Hillary could move to China? She' would like it there . Thank you for supporting your fellow man PLEASE POST ME ANYWHERE YOU CAN, MA & POP STORES PERHAPS ??? For the "sound mind" pls review the preventatives here below; Seems Falsie is taking good "preventatives " for himself, but doesn't want US to know them? Sad to think he's getting paid along with SCOTUSA to just sit and ignore us , yes ? Caught allot of us off guard-but we do know how to sift through the HYPE & RHETORIC, don't we ? Because WE put God first; "They " apparently do not. Good, do not capitalize the words china, nor devil; dont' deserve it in an English speaking God fearing nation anyway! I only capitalize China when referring to our local Chinese-American-Family-Cuisine, where all of the defectors work happily, to be living in the U.S.A! I can "hear" when they are recording me on my phone; they seem to choose specific contacts to record me; Got a good set of ears, and I hear the "echoing" sound ONLY when I speak with my friend who's x-military ! We know Social Security is listening-no biggie---but I' m wondering WHOM ELSE need to think they need to record ME" i'M peanuts to them, but I'm well aware of the news that is NOT APPARENT and how the PEOPLE SHEEP ARE BEING FED. (tHAT'S my 'FED," NOT THOSE guys in Nashville who created the "Contradictory Comedy of Errors"... OH, HURRY NANCY; TRY TO DISTRACT OUR PRESIDENT MORE; WE KNOW THAT "" HOUSE IMPEACHES, "" IS HYPE FOR NEWS ANCHORS AND "PEOPLE-SHEEP," IS A PRESENT TENSE USAGE OF A WORD MISUTILIZED; WHAT IS PRESENTLY OCCURRING IS ABSOLUTLY "NO" IMPEACHMENT----AND DEFINITELY NOT A "SECOND' IMPEACHMENT EITHER; THE ARE " COURT PROCEEDINGS " THAT H O P E TO IMPEACH, THAT F A I L E D ONCE, AND ARE HEADING AT A SECOND FAIL TOO. OVER SENSATIONALIZED "FALSE " TITLES TO GET PEOPLE TO THINK SOMEONE HAS BEEN "IMPEACHED" THINK, PEOPLE AND BYPAS "F A L S E L Y-STATED T I T L ES"...OR JUST STAY THE SHEEP!! RUN GET YOUR VACCINE AND DON'T STOP TO "THINK" OR "TO READ" PROPERLY. "DIVERSIONARY TACTIC" BLA BLA BLA....NOT BA BA BA THE PEOPLE -SHEEP HAVE AWAKENED TO YOUR " SILLY MANEUVERS TALKING OUR PRESIDENT'S TIME" HE COULD BETTER SPEND. S C R E E CH IM P E A C H.... ALMOST A COMEDY NOW !! "Evidence" is rarely "ever shown", that's why it needs to be uncovered, investigated, and exposed! #10:56 diagrams for sixth graders to understand in the video---- GA 3 expert data scientists' report. Maybe you can understand the anomalies and the algorisms ? I will have to look because some of the actors in our film have to work as body doubles for Joe; he can't take any more raps on the head then necessary-and that's just to wake him up; OH, IT WILL BE QUALITY WORKMANSHIP; We've hired the best video cutters and splicers available from Sunnyvale to help It's really going to make a great comedy; like the Nashville Comedy of Errors; See ; Joe passes out when president Trump enters the room, and papers spill out of a lap top briefcase, as someone scrambles to pick them up, the feds arrive to help her retrieve them; I's almost finished. Copyrighted Oct. 27, 2020 while Joe accidentally blurts he plan for US on Pat Gray Unleashed. (Thought someone might enjoy stealing my data can't figure why that might have occurred to me.). "Impeachment " being Joe':s and Pelosie's favorite word; If they silence MY president, let's "give one to him" on Jan. 21st ? I'm about ready to go to my neighborhood ma * pop small business and sing GOD BLESS AMERICA in a strong soprano voice!! And I AM QUITE CAPABLE OF DOING THAT! Surely I'd be arrested for interfering with all of the ghetto blasters blasting from their parked cars though ? Ah "modern technology-and modern government standards ! Isn't it wonderful? I SUBMIT TO YOU , "ADVICE TO THE PEOPLE SHEEP!" What are you going to do, contact Radio Free Europe for the truth on your walkie talkie ? What are YOU going to do about it, write to your senator? They silenced God from your schools already, didn't they ? And you've kept your employment ? HEY--I'm one of the "little guys", no power mongrel, Little prestige AND NBC, ABC, MSNBCA DELETES my comments at will. Whose will? Ask Candice Owen's who filed her lawsuit "FactCheckZuck" dot com; (He'll have to respect HER as she's up there in his income bracket now !)The big brother media SHOUTS HYSTERICALLY, over-sensationalizes those BIG SCARY WORDS based on, lack of legitimate evidence, so they definitely don't want IT, appearing in any of their comments! (Go to Newsmax or NTD, or One America for UNBIASED news, People.. And BTW Pls Consider this: W E ONLY HAVE A FEW TRUTHFUL STATIONS LEFT; ALLOT COULD CHANGE BY JAN. 20--AND NANCY & JOE WILL BE TAKING A LONG WALK!! WE HAVE WORKED TOO HARD TO KEEP OUR COUNTRY "CLEAN"...THIS IS NOW A "WORLD" (DARE I SAY GLOBAL?) GOOD VS EVIL & BIG BROTHER BIG TECH PROBLEM: NTD & NEWSMAX WILL PROBABLY BE SHUT DOWN BY ; BIG BROTHER SOON;: NOTICE THIS ? A: NOBODY AT CBS, NBC, MSNBC OR PBS HAS for you any follow-up whatsoever, on the AT&T building bombing "contradictions", Xmas AM; B: NOBODY at the above are going to ADMIT who caused by "In-fil-traitors" to make the peaceful demonstrators: WE CAN'T BELIEVE THE CUTS & SPLICES OF THEIR SO-CALLED "RECORDINGS/TAPINGS" while they deny the FACTS. "Think Radio Free Europe & WW11". T H I N K & RESEARCH. THEY GOT PRAYERS OUT OF YOUR SCHOOLS AND YOU NOW LOST YOUR RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE ? JUST SIT AND WATCH THEM GO ONE BY ONE; OR BE A PART OF THE TRUTH"ACTIVELY' BOYCOTT BIG CORP BIG TECH AND AMAZON AND HELP YOUR FELLOW MAN!! Funny, we have to hear them, but they won't listen to us, duh??? HERE IS HOW TO LET THEM $$$HEAR US! VERIFY W ANYTHING YOU "WRITE", KEEP RECEIPTS/NAMES ETC. AND US MAILINGS DO RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED to get the SIGNATURE of the congressmen or senators; NOT THEIR SECRETARY'S INITIALS ! Supreme Court of the USA1 First Street, NE Washington, DC 20543Telephone - 202.479.3011, option 5. [email protected] -Nancy's getting desperate; She MIGHT have a conscience, but it's very doubtful. Perhaps since "impeachment" is Joe's favorite word too, we ought to "give him one" on January 19th? But I think he'lll just stay in the Office of the President-Neglect-Suspect under the delusion he's a "president".Ain't gonna happen!! NOBODY "ATTACKED" O U R CAPITOL They're called "InFil-Traitors" and they costume themselves in Trump Supporter attire...Look at the videos that haven't been censored ? They're under the illusion they will stay in control of the sheep. THE PEOPLE SHEEP let prayer be removed from their schools; Then their "right to assemble" THE PEOPLE SHEEP ARE WAKING UP NOW! American sheep can not SEE what is not BEING FED to them; They don't see the preventatives for the COVIDS 19-20 or 21 BECAUSE ( Falsie ISN'T GIVING THEM and the can't SEE the "Comedy of Errors" in the Nashville Bombing, nor what's behind it. (Duh,, funny no video updates on that now, either ?) They SEE flashy performers and shows presented to them by the Hollywood Elite, (Paul Joseph Watson video) They didn't read the Communist Manifesto (destroy from within"...and don't understand that THE RIOTERS WERE NOT TRUMP SUPPORTERS. Because they're being denied the videos of the truth of the events. "Diversionary Tactics" keep them busy trying to keep their small businesses and their families together. They don't see, that having a Constitution that protects people, needs to be LIVED and adhere to; They forget as prayer is taken out of their schools, and now, they've also lost the "right to assemble"...The PEOPLE SHEEP! Blind sheep listening to mainstream Zuck Censored Media? So "OUR" president will have to protect them too? Well, that's' my contribution to humanity today! (Immune System Boosters: 800-700-6151) (We're told by Dr. Campbell, MD, UK get lots of fresh moving air; So "they " closed the beaches, right ?) Does that and closing all small businesses make good 'sense?" to any of YOU? "i Ain't no Middleman" Fred Gold "San Diego Keep my Spirit" "My Dear Lord, Master of the Universe....grant us more time to put your loving words to rhyme," "Devil be Gone with the Wind" to empower the children whom are being SCARED BY BIG HYPED UP UGLY WORDS! U-tube 'til that gets censored too! I swear under Penalty of Perjury I have read and taught both the Communist Manifesto and the Constitution!

  72. Bo Talley

    Bo Talley15 timmar sedan


  73. Patrice Welch

    Patrice Welch15 timmar sedan

    From the negative tone of the comments.......i gotta wonder who supports this guy!? I always see negative comments when it's about Biden. I agree

  74. Trigger Warning

    Trigger Warning15 timmar sedan

    How much of that will be funneled into the Biden crime family's pockets ?

  75. Sherlock Gnomes

    Sherlock Gnomes15 timmar sedan

    All of the children of William and Kate are so adorable

  76. Kris Kross

    Kris Kross15 timmar sedan

    How the stimulus really works: You get $2000 now, but you, your kids and your kids kids kids pay back 100 times that amount with interest in the end. Enjoy your avocado toast and playing kick the can!

  77. Victory

    Victory15 timmar sedan

    This reporter needs to be sent to ramadi Iraq

  78. Athena

    Athena15 timmar sedan

    Trump: It's unfair Kimmy! Sleepy Joe got less votes! Kim Jong-un: "Fewer" Trump: Shhhh, don't call me that in public yet!

  79. Tom Mitchell

    Tom Mitchell15 timmar sedan

    Pence is SPINELESS

  80. Jaime Compton

    Jaime Compton15 timmar sedan

    That's nearly 10$ of our GDP.... GDP is 22 trillion USD