The New Close Quarters 50BMG!!!
The Future of Room Breaching!!!
Is a Bulldozer Bullet Proof???


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  1. Memphisoriginal45

    Memphisoriginal4514 timmar sedan

    I would choose the 38 special cause you could cock it like terminator

  2. Nicholas Crump

    Nicholas Crump14 timmar sedan

    Im guessing your not a fan of the .40

  3. Tre Thomas

    Tre Thomas14 timmar sedan

    Anzio 20mm

  4. robert minor

    robert minor14 timmar sedan

    gucci glock baby

  5. Daniel Layng

    Daniel Layng14 timmar sedan

    Wish i can come down there

  6. Gaming _Goat

    Gaming _Goat14 timmar sedan

    What a great full kid

  7. Ali Saad

    Ali Saad14 timmar sedan

    god bless your family man

  8. Pijus Sabaliauskas

    Pijus Sabaliauskas14 timmar sedan

    They should have put that nos inside the car and then shot

  9. Cole Brachfeld

    Cole Brachfeld14 timmar sedan

    First at the 10 year mark for this video

  10. Brad Ryan

    Brad Ryan14 timmar sedan

    I have to say, the AR is safer for inexperienced shooters, along with the reduced recoil comes with more accuracy, therefore more accuracy with inexperienced shooters. I had my grandma shoot the AK and shot a full mag missing the target several times and the spread was all over the target but when she shot the AR her spread was the size of my hand and didn’t miss once. So, the AR is, in my opinion, safer for civilian self defense because the odds of missing the target and hitting an innocent is far less with an inexperienced shooter.

  11. anonimowy anon nie pytaj

    anonimowy anon nie pytaj14 timmar sedan

    Kolibri but irl

  12. Jeremy Madeiros

    Jeremy Madeiros14 timmar sedan

    I want to see you shoot a Mac 10

  13. antony roblox-jailbreak

    antony roblox-jailbreak14 timmar sedan

    That's the most american thing i ever seen

  14. RD R

    RD R14 timmar sedan

    Sorry, this character is locked. Level up to unlock.

  15. Chamberlain

    Chamberlain14 timmar sedan

    this outro is metal af

  16. Francis Balfour

    Francis Balfour14 timmar sedan

    Ah yes, nothing like a 40k yard scope for home defence 🤣

  17. sk8punk318

    sk8punk31814 timmar sedan


  18. Jon Jon

    Jon Jon14 timmar sedan

    Omg its ugly af

  19. Brenda Wood

    Brenda Wood14 timmar sedan

    my momand dad are same way about guns and my dad just got a new ar-15

  20. sycOwood

    sycOwood14 timmar sedan

    I love how whrn he mentions a .357 magnum, he says: this is a .357; magnum

  21. Built Minis

    Built Minis14 timmar sedan

    Fuckin cleetus are you lost

  22. Danger CH

    Danger CH14 timmar sedan

    20:07 Wolfenstein in a nutshell

  23. Paw 09

    Paw 0914 timmar sedan

    shooting in movies be like:

  24. E Anderson

    E Anderson14 timmar sedan

    Best. Intro. Yet.

  25. Damian Roberts

    Damian Roberts15 timmar sedan

    Y'all, I cringe every time yall go check the tank. Be safe dang it.

  26. ulto 6000

    ulto 600015 timmar sedan

    imagine if the u.s army used NOS tanks as armor

  27. Eric Cijevschi

    Eric Cijevschi15 timmar sedan

    "I've rigged up the exhaust so it comes out the AC vents" LOL

  28. supernova2001nk77

    supernova2001nk7715 timmar sedan

    I wish it was a lot longer of a review showing the versatility and lightness of the gun.

  29. Marcus Aurelius Bello

    Marcus Aurelius Bello15 timmar sedan

    those roughly first 2 minutes just screamed at me "stereotypical start setup of a horror movie with an abandoned shack in the middle of a forest"

  30. Lego space guy 123

    Lego space guy 12315 timmar sedan

    Feud has ended

  31. Matt Clemens

    Matt Clemens15 timmar sedan

    Matt is getting jacked! 💪🏻

  32. Eric Cijevschi

    Eric Cijevschi15 timmar sedan

    Man, you guys have such beautiful property. EDIT: Moofasa

  33. Maury Reaves

    Maury Reaves15 timmar sedan

    I really wish you wouldn't have done this video !! You just broke alot of Antifa hearts

  34. John G

    John G15 timmar sedan

    You really dissing my dream car

  35. Temptation Drumming

    Temptation Drumming15 timmar sedan

    It’s basic physics, the bullet wants to keep going so when it stop at the glass it sends a wave through it, and when the wave exits it goes out so fast it cracks the back, literally Newton’s laws of physics

  36. Jozsef Toth

    Jozsef Toth15 timmar sedan

    They have the balls to walk up to the canister they just hit to check the damage😱😱😱

  37. tayfun adibelli

    tayfun adibelli15 timmar sedan

    Why you scream like a girl after shooting?

  38. asher curtis

    asher curtis15 timmar sedan

    matt full auto guns are a felony... 1 year later he has a full auto uzi

  39. Manintheboxjunkie

    Manintheboxjunkie15 timmar sedan

    That's not much smaller than a pocket pistol.

  40. Marissa Daoust

    Marissa Daoust15 timmar sedan

    Fun fact: Alcoholics like twisted tea because it doesn't make your breath smell like liquor.

  41. Humberto Estrada

    Humberto Estrada15 timmar sedan

    Where can I get one ????

  42. Sicong Wang

    Sicong Wang15 timmar sedan

    The ethereal fifth perplexingly repeat because dahlia bacteriologically refuse pace a violent lip. highfalutin, plain north

  43. franck steve njer

    franck steve njer15 timmar sedan

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  44. Anthony

    Anthony15 timmar sedan


  45. LS Slattery

    LS Slattery15 timmar sedan

    They are so awkward on other people’s channels lol

  46. Korey Hayden

    Korey Hayden15 timmar sedan

    Giant whipit that last one was!!🤣🤣🤣

  47. Tungsten Hexafluoride

    Tungsten Hexafluoride15 timmar sedan

    Glass and other glass-like substances (some crystals, a lot of minerals, ice, etc.) have a material property where a large force applied on a small area (like the end of a bullet) will project that force radially in a wave propagation with what's called a "Hertzian Cone," often with a very specific interior angle of 104 degrees. That's what's making the circular pattern on the inside of the first shot with the 9mm. In fact, this material property has been known and used for as long as humans and other hominids have been making stone tools. The specific angle of breakage of about 104 degrees is what gave hominids the ability to precisely control the flaking of stone, thus leading to controlled tool fabrication.

  48. WolvesBerserker

    WolvesBerserker15 timmar sedan

    Fuck you just breathed in glass dust!!

  49. Lane Goode

    Lane Goode15 timmar sedan

    demilition do you have a 350 legend or 450 bushmaster

  50. Michał Plesz

    Michał Plesz15 timmar sedan

    Well theese things are good for movies or airsoft

  51. Donald McFarland

    Donald McFarland15 timmar sedan

    Bruh these two channels keep me making bad decisions just so yall know my GF hates you 😂😂 LOVE THIS COLLAB

  52. Korey Hayden

    Korey Hayden15 timmar sedan

    Nitrous is flammable tape a flare to it

  53. PANDORAS BOX #JVRQRCCY Clash of Clans

    PANDORAS BOX #JVRQRCCY Clash of Clans15 timmar sedan

    You were talking about 5mil subscribers and 2yr later heading to 10mil. ✌

  54. Marcelo Gimenez

    Marcelo Gimenez15 timmar sedan

    0:49 WHO TELLED MAARE !!!!!

  55. Brian Burdge

    Brian Burdge15 timmar sedan

    Love the video man I just started collecting gunsjust got my first one is a 1917 world war 1 issued Springfield 30 ought 6

  56. Asher Sikora

    Asher Sikora15 timmar sedan


  57. Jannis Joplin

    Jannis Joplin15 timmar sedan

    7:52 time for a new gf buddy. It's not a fkn assault rifle!!!

  58. phyxlor red

    phyxlor red15 timmar sedan

    They needed an open flame a few feet away from the tanks. and maybe a propane tank!

  59. Robert Nehring

    Robert Nehring15 timmar sedan

    and in germany are knifes with more than 6 cm illegal on streets XD

  60. Alex Edwards

    Alex Edwards15 timmar sedan

    shhhhhhhhhhhh were hunting nitrous bottles...

  61. MFC Yeetman

    MFC Yeetman15 timmar sedan

    Lil uzi is called lil uzi cus he can rap so fast

  62. AAYCH *

    AAYCH *15 timmar sedan

    I wish I had a car

  63. Alcodane

    Alcodane15 timmar sedan

    Mom used to get mad at me for dropping stuff, this mans wife lets him dead drop a whole ass browning .30 on the living room floor

  64. Jannis Joplin

    Jannis Joplin15 timmar sedan

    Now he's about to hit 10 million.. I'll be happy with a junk .22 Matt thanks...

  65. Vlad The Evil Cat

    Vlad The Evil Cat15 timmar sedan


  66. Binky the Cat

    Binky the Cat15 timmar sedan

    You need to fire a few tracers into the vapor

  67. devilish gamer

    devilish gamer15 timmar sedan

    Next... I have an old ww2 sherman it bullet proof?????

  68. Олег Авдеев

    Олег Авдеев15 timmar sedan

    Nope, aint gonna subscribe after this shit! Real armor - HA... 'facepalm'

  69. The Kono

    The Kono15 timmar sedan

    His classmates will probably love it!


    DIEPVRIES OREO15 timmar sedan

    This Guy safest of America wiht huis Arsenal

  71. Astro Journey

    Astro Journey15 timmar sedan

    Those clouds at 5:23 are freaky

  72. RX Soul

    RX Soul15 timmar sedan

    I’m here in 2021

  73. Alexander Edwards

    Alexander Edwards15 timmar sedan

    Aaaaand a like for that intro

  74. shmuel gruber

    shmuel gruber15 timmar sedan

    Does Matt have a camera man with him when filming?

  75. Chanley Wilson

    Chanley Wilson15 timmar sedan

    “Bro.. your only five..” “BUY ME A DESERT 🌵 EAGLE 🦅 “

  76. Lew

    Lew15 timmar sedan

    Matt's fucking RIPPED !

  77. Erwin Rommel

    Erwin Rommel15 timmar sedan

    My God DemoRanch looks so different.


    ANTHONIO PRESSLEY15 timmar sedan

    I see u 👀 # one love

  79. fuckbiden Theriot

    fuckbiden Theriot15 timmar sedan

    I like my hipoint it's a cheap gun that I can beat the hell out of put on my hip and walk thru the marsh without worrying about a jam ps up bent my mag on both sides no nose dive


    WU KAUFMAN LIANG15 timmar sedan

    Can you just buy those lock because your mom or grandma is now broke aka pooooooor