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Chris Stuckmann
Chris Stuckmann

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  1. DeltaDogma

    DeltaDogma34 sekunder sedan

    Learnt a lot from this, incredibly brave for you to speak out Chris.

  2. The Great Potato Boy

    The Great Potato Boy9 minuter sedan

    Looking at the shelf in the background and I noticed he has the Indiana Jones collection. I literally bought the exact same one today. Woah.

  3. Mary-Alison Reed

    Mary-Alison Reed12 minuter sedan

    I was raised Jehovah's Witness but left when I was 18 ,fortunately for me my parents understand everyone needs to choose for themselves and even the people in my congregation ( minus a couple) were and still are pretty great to me ! I'm so sorry you had such a horrible experience:-( my grandmother got dis fellowshiped for two years for smoking and my father told the elders there was no way he and our family would stop seeing and talking to her ,my parents arnt judgemental about homosexuality either ) I'm pretty lucky,so many religions take things way to far!

  4. Barry Allen

    Barry Allen12 minuter sedan

    I have so many questions, yet literally none of them are I'll leave them out. Solid effort dude. Glad you're here now doing what your doing ✌

  5. 543deadhead

    543deadhead17 minuter sedan

    I watched this movie last movie last week. It is bad but still enjoyable in a guilty pleasure type of way

  6. Emily Moreno

    Emily Moreno18 minuter sedan

    seeing an ex-jw video with this many views makes it less lonely.

  7. Naihan Noor

    Naihan Noor19 minuter sedan

    West told east that bond coming

  8. Stonesorrow

    Stonesorrow28 minuter sedan

    This is amazing, I hope you will feel better after this, I know my respect for you has increased even more. Coming out like that (on both topics) is very brave, but I'd like to think the world will be a better place for it. Take care, I'm glad you got out!

  9. Thoughtful Devil

    Thoughtful Devil33 minuter sedan

    I like Alien 3, but killing off Newt and Hicks was a terrible creative decision. The same thing happened with the Chronicles of Riddick with Imam and Jack (who wasn't Jack). It doesn't make the film more serious, it just kills our investment in the film (twofold). 16:50 wait, what? I hear Clive Barker was supposed to direct at one point.....that might explain it.

  10. Cam kten

    Cam kten37 minuter sedan

    Loved drive. Did not like Only God forgives. Ima check this one out should be interesting

  11. Luke Van Branderplank

    Luke Van Branderplank39 minuter sedan

    Why do the Jehova's Witnesses leaders in the clips and interviews look like actual movie villains trying to justify themselves

  12. Grey Matter Productions

    Grey Matter Productions48 minuter sedan

    HUGE respect for you for not only leaving this faith, but for actively fighting against it publicly and not being afraid. Good for you my friend. As someone raised in a similar environment, I’ve also been set back in a lot of things. You’re not alone.

  13. Jeremy Dale

    Jeremy Dale51 minut sedan

    This was definitely one of the best films ever made. The original Robocop, The Last of the Mohicans, Lady Hawk (Yes, I said Lady Hawk) and Scarface are probably the 5 best films of all time.

  14. PriSilly

    PriSillyTimme sedan

    I’ve had to go to therapy because of being raised a JW. You grow up feeling not special, like you don’t belong, you’re not allowed to celebrate, it’s hard to make friends and then when you do get chance to “celebrate” let’s say Christmas, it’s hard to connect with the feeling. Everyone else enjoys it, but you still feel disconnected. Guess what, I’m bisexual and/or pansexual and/or perhaps it’s just because I wanted to be a rebel. I think love is love and I find all beings attractive. Thanks for sharing your story. I don’t feel so alone anymore. I thought maybe it was my INFJ personality. 🤣 High five to you 🙌🏼 keep up the films! I’m also a media creator as well. Much love. 🥰👽

  15. Outrageous Flavour

    Outrageous FlavourTimme sedan

    Thank you so much, this was eye-opening and extremely brave.

  16. moviesmag1971

    moviesmag1971Timme sedan

    Hey, Chris! I had no idea this “documentary” existed so I found this fascinating. I run hot & cold with MNS’s films. SIGNS & THE SIXTH SENSE are my favorites & I see something new with each viewing. If I really like a movie, I’ll watch it repeatedly & focus on a different aspect each time. The movie as a whole first, then the writing, acting, directing, cinematography, music & lighting etc. I haven’t dissected a lot of movies but I find it a very satisfying and illuminating experience. Thank you for your perseverance and following your dream.

  17. Overonator

    OveronatorTimme sedan

    Wonderwoman rapes that "handsome man" because he can't consent to have sex with her because his body is taken over by Steve Trevor.

  18. Ben Kappes

    Ben KappesTimme sedan

    bruh ya got shit taste

  19. Christopher Richardson

    Christopher RichardsonTimme sedan

    Burn Hollywood Burn

  20. Blue Goose

    Blue GooseTimme sedan

    I just have to say that the one thing I LOVE about this movie is how the Xenomorphs look... It's honestly one of my favourite designs probably right behind the original look in Alien

  21. Mr. Kasshu

    Mr. KasshuTimme sedan

    Why was this recommended to me all of a sudden?

  22. dalleX88X88

    dalleX88X88Timme sedan

    This is dread man. Truly dread.

  23. dalleX88X88

    dalleX88X88Timme sedan

    This is dread man. Truly dread.

  24. daniela ventura

    daniela venturaTimme sedan

    I watched this movie when I was 4, the alien on the roof scene STILL SCARES ME to this day, I’m 22 now ✌🏽😤 but much love for this movie, it’s my absolute favorite

  25. Kris Weng

    Kris WengTimme sedan

    Maybe Neo don’t really have a choice. Because when you look at it... Neo choose to save Trinity instead of Zion in the ending of Reloaded, but in the ending of Revolution, Trinity died anyway and Neo saved the Zion after.

  26. Andrew Cuevas

    Andrew CuevasTimme sedan

    I named my cat Huey after this movie lol ... every day I ask my cat if he likes Huey Lewis and the news lol

  27. Andrew Cuevas

    Andrew CuevasTimme sedan

    Definitely A+ one of my all time favorite movies, easily top 5

  28. Indiana Jones

    Indiana JonesTimme sedan

    My top 5:- 05. From Russia with Love 04. Goldfinger 03. GoldenEye 02. Skyfall 01. Casino Royale

  29. Tahaym Vids

    Tahaym VidsTimme sedan

    When he pulled out the blindfold I lost it lol

  30. Rob Young

    Rob YoungTimme sedan

    Agree 100%. This movie sticks with you...and doesn't ever go away. I want to watch again...but it's emotionally exhausting.


    A FFTFOMSICHTSTimme sedan

    This is so toxic. One of my best friends from high school was a Jehovahs witness. She fell off the face of the earth after graduating high school. None of us have heard from her since 2006. She’s untraceable, no social media, nothing...makes me so sad. I miss her.

  32. Rosie Brodie

    Rosie BrodieTimme sedan

    The actress in this reminded me really strongly of Jessica Lange. Looks a bit like her in a weird was

  33. kenshinro7

    kenshinro72 timmar sedan

    I was going to write a long drawn out comment. But at the end when you took a left turn. Well that pretty much tarnished some of your leading points. At the end of the day (You) were the one who got spoken too by the elders as you say. And (You) decided to do what (You) had the passion to do or enjoy. And so (You) felt the way that (You felt and did what (You) did because it made (you) feel a certain way. (You) no longer wanted to be questioned about what (Your) passion was. They couldn't Stop (you) from making films due to what they said. They didn't have a remote control on (You) In fact they don't have a remote control on anyone. I wanted to emphasize the (You) becuase by implying that they the Jehovah witness made (you) do this or that Is not true. (You) did what you wanted to do. (You) did what (you) felt.... So when (you) write (your) book don't blame them for (you) choosing whatever (you) chose in life. Because none of the elders put a gun to your head and forced you to do anything.

  34. Marc Valley

    Marc Valley2 timmar sedan

    Damn Chris. You were way too hard on this film. It's by far the best entry in the monsterverse so far.

  35. Saud

    Saud2 timmar sedan

    Coming from a Muslim family and being an atheist myself I feel you man. I still haven’t told my parents about it

  36. Burbankian Dynamax

    Burbankian Dynamax2 timmar sedan

    Fun fact: James Marsters, the actor for Piccolo, was Zamasu for the Dragon Ball Super Dub.

  37. Nuclear Poultry

    Nuclear Poultry2 timmar sedan

    I felt the same way about Nightmare on Elm Street 4, where you’re following one character in the first act, then another in the second. This particular formula has ADHD and requires a second viewing, methinks.

  38. Mona Miller

    Mona Miller2 timmar sedan

    Well done and very informative to those who may be going through the same thing! I had my first Christmas and birthday when I was 25, so I'm right there with you as to how weird it was. The elder meetings are truly terrifying, no other way to describe them. I suffered through 4 of them. The first was when I had the nerve to get a job to help my widowed mother with money. The next was missing meetings because of that job and the last 2 were because I was "seeing" a non-jw man at 24 years of age. I walked out of the last one and I never went back. It was definitely the scariest thing I ever did but I also felt a huge weight taken off my shoulders. Keep up the good work, I had no idea you had been a jw, so you are definitely an inspiration in many more ways than people ever knew! 😊😊

  39. Juan Gil

    Juan Gil2 timmar sedan

    Hey man, been following you for a while now. Takes a lot to open up the way you did. Be YOU. Always. Peace and love, Juan.

  40. Tom Servo

    Tom Servo2 timmar sedan

    odd that Yahoo News running this story, but focusing on the pansexual part

  41. Paul Rizzo

    Paul Rizzo2 timmar sedan

    As a Jesus-loving Christian myself, it makes me sick hearing about stuff like this. People take the simple teachings of the historical Jesus of Nazareth and add all their own bullshit and made up stuff to fit their own agenda. Man-made religion is absolute evil. We are all sinners and no one sin is better or worse than others. Gay, straight, in between, black, white, purple, green, male, female, whatever. Jesus forgives everyone, for everything. That’s what He taught. Not this garbage that the JoHo’s teach.

  42. Seb Birch

    Seb Birch2 timmar sedan

    I was really hoping that the girl moved at the end but it also had a “10 years later” scene at the end with the girl and the boy reunited

  43. Richard Dalisay

    Richard Dalisay2 timmar sedan

    That Yuyu Hakusho X Zyuranger shirt is dope.

  44. Robitussin Brohan

    Robitussin Brohan2 timmar sedan

    Around 2 minutes. Now I understand why his parents were strict.

  45. Austin Eichhorst

    Austin Eichhorst2 timmar sedan

    Love this review, but I disagree that there is a lack of characterization. While it isn't as obvious or direct, you learn about the characters by the choices they make and they bravery they display throughout their journey. I found that I grew to care a lot about them through their conversation and particularly the powerful interaction that the lead has with the mother in hiding. I don't mind if characterization isn't as overt, and I think this movie nailed it!

  46. Projection Park

    Projection Park2 timmar sedan

    Jon Favreau also directed the first episode of season 1

  47. Jake Kramer

    Jake Kramer2 timmar sedan

    Man. This story is your movie. Thanks for sharing.

  48. Classic Modern Review

    Classic Modern Review2 timmar sedan

    So who else came here because of the JW video? Surely I didn’t. This just showed up for recommendation 😂

  49. Seize the Means of Reproduction

    Seize the Means of Reproduction2 timmar sedan

    I’ll never forget watching Joker for the first time in the theater. The interview scene was probably the most viscerally affected I’ve ever been by a movie.

  50. Sam g

    Sam g2 timmar sedan

    A-, seriously? Coco got a B. This rating is way off.

  51. Daedae 8692

    Daedae 86922 timmar sedan

    Just watched this for the first time and were confused seeing how badly it was received. Glad Chris of all people agree that it was an amazing film

  52. rotflolextreme

    rotflolextreme2 timmar sedan

    Over sexualized fan service? That short was sad man...

  53. Ninjo X

    Ninjo X2 timmar sedan

    Well this is the cultist thing I've ever seen and I've studied actual cults... I'm sorry for you having gone through this and honestly hope the thing just dies... I was a Mormon, and that wasn't THIS bad! Keep chasing your dream dude :)

  54. ProfessorGigs

    ProfessorGigs2 timmar sedan

    How about that pagan sacrilegious movie??

  55. Pamela S

    Pamela S3 timmar sedan

    9min in, I’m in tears. Lots of love to you, Brother.

  56. MrStcarroll29

    MrStcarroll293 timmar sedan

    I saw Temple of doom in the theatre when I was 8. I prefer it to last crusade and crystal skull. I actually went to see Crystal skull in 2008 at a theatre when I was in Cairo, and was disappointed it had nothing to do with Egypt like ROTLA

  57. Blanca Hernandez

    Blanca Hernandez3 timmar sedan

    Can you review The vanish on Netflix? Really good movie I would like to hear your input and a good explanation of what you thought about the ending they had a really twisted plot.

  58. Twinky Star

    Twinky Star3 timmar sedan

    JWs are insanely jealous that you're a Millionaire now and they are still Window Washers and Toilet Cleaners!

  59. Nicholas Caldwell

    Nicholas Caldwell3 timmar sedan

    Also hoping you talk about roger Moore role as James Bond partially about in for your eyes only (1981) which is my favorite of roger Moore and it would nice to mention more of John Glen direction for all 5 games bond movies


    NAFISABLOG3 timmar sedan

    Are you monitized?

  61. Twinky Star

    Twinky Star3 timmar sedan

    Jesus died to save His children. JWs throw out their children to die.

  62. classicuscomics

    classicuscomics3 timmar sedan

    Hey. Guys I know a lot of people are here post the JW video. Including me. If anyone sees this just reminding everyone that JWS are victims of a cult. The organization itself is a festering despicable eye sore. But don’t go Harass these people. I grew up in a cult and it can really just intrench people in their beliefs further. Kill em with kindness, continue activism. Support videos like the one Chris made. Comment experiences of people you know who were hurt by the organization on videos the JWS put out. That’s how you can fight back.

  63. Twinky Star

    Twinky Star3 timmar sedan

    A parent who chooses to obey Strangers to reject their own flesh and blood is not worthy of them.

  64. Nicholas Caldwell

    Nicholas Caldwell3 timmar sedan

    Wondering what the next James Bond hopefully it will be on her majesty’s secret service


    EDUCATION REFLEX3 timmar sedan

    This movie was like a rip off of ‘Devil Wears Prada‘ 🤔

  66. vicki anderson

    vicki anderson3 timmar sedan

    Great movie

  67. Abstract Angel Artist

    Abstract Angel Artist3 timmar sedan

    Courage on display

  68. Kouji R

    Kouji R3 timmar sedan

    I've been a huge fan of yours for several years now. I even talk about you to my friends and family of how much I enjoy watching your reviews after watching a film and how much I respect your opinion and points of view. You said you don't want things to change and how we think of you, but after watching this, I can say I admire you and you inspire me even more than before. To stand against all and to follow your dreams, that takes a true man to do something like this. I hope some day I can be as strong and inspiring as you. Sending love and strength to you. Best regards from Mexico!

  69. Nate Burket

    Nate Burket3 timmar sedan

    Never would have guessed you went through all this dude. Good on you for speaking your truth.

  70. Harry's Movie Reviews

    Harry's Movie Reviews3 timmar sedan

    Jurassic park is the movie that got me into film

  71. chris beyer

    chris beyer3 timmar sedan

    I'm only here because as a kid I loved playing the game. Never watched the movie.. I must have been like 10 lol

  72. Maggie Ryan

    Maggie Ryan3 timmar sedan

    it's a surprise to me that kristen stewart is still performing on camera. Llike, can't the directors, producers and cinematographers tell that she can act in this film, but not in anything else? like gees. she should quit.

  73. Manje

    Manje3 timmar sedan

    Love ya, man. Glad you got all this off your chest.

  74. Aris Talion

    Aris Talion3 timmar sedan

    It might be disney planned

  75. Amanda L

    Amanda L3 timmar sedan


  76. Marco Saraiva

    Marco Saraiva3 timmar sedan

    I am in the exact same spot you were just before you released this video. I'm no longer a Jehovah's Witness for over 6 years now, but never really made it official. I'm afraid as hell. My entire family is JW and I will lose contact with all of them: cousins, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandmother... all of them. Just because I don't have the same faith as they have anymore. Thank you for this video. I believe Jehovah's Witnesses are dangerous and someone with your reach coming in public to talk about it is one step closer to stopping them from destoying more lifes. I've never seen you before. Wasn't even subscribed. SEtoos recommended me.this video probably because I've been consuming "apostate" material for a while now. Good finding =) you just got a new subscriber.

  77. Sammy Tweedy

    Sammy Tweedy3 timmar sedan


  78. ollieivinpoole

    ollieivinpoole3 timmar sedan

    review penguin bloom

  79. toomuchtime

    toomuchtime3 timmar sedan

    no one is gonna mock you

  80. Maria Benson

    Maria Benson3 timmar sedan

    Oh my gosh! I’m so proud of you 💗 My husband was raised in that religion and it is so crazy how similar your stories are. You told that very well. Best of luck and I really hope your family won’t shun you. Either way, keep up the good fight 👏✨