15-year-old Los Angeles songstress Billie Eilish resembles something of a fairy tale heroine-albeit with a wicked sense of humor, and inimitable fashion sense filtered through a kaleidoscope of hip-hop, grunge, and glam tendencies ready to practically levitate above any runway. It’s this kind of je nais sais quoi that fueled the meteoric rise of her debut single “Ocean Eyes.” Produced by big brother Finneas O’Connell, the siblings uploaded the track to SoundCloud and it became a veritable phenomenon, with the song hitting #1 on the Spotify U.S. Viral chart and #3 on the Global Viral chart. In between signing to Darkroom/Interscope in 2016, Vogue decried her as “Pop’s Next It Girl,” and she has since received praise from the likes of Charli XCX and Tove Lo, plus support from Teen Vogue, ELLE, Rolling Stone, Billboard, V, W, Zane Lowe of Beats1, BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac and many more.

Billie Eilish - No Time To Die
Billie Eilish - my future

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    This time this song not so good as before

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    The era is still, going... And i love the new era!! 💞✨🥺

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    it's not you Billie I know you and who is pretending to be please come back this is looking like a clone of you

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    OMG Always Your Songs Are good DAMN

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    Al principio pensé que era clara la que salía en Xica da silva...

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    like 2021

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    Hellow Billie Eilish

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    i’m the guy looking for the i’m the bald guy, commented by the bald guy.

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    I love Billie Eillesh songs

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    Te amo 🥺

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    Only 2 musicians can put me in a vibing mood that no one can break, Khalid and Billie

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    We didn’t stop watching. Right Seth?

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    Aquí toda los ecuatorianos q le encantan esta canción :^

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    linda cancion te la diseño tu hermano?.jpg :v

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    Braindead. Not cool weird.

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    i’m so proud of billie. you don’t even know.

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    I'm the bald guy (come back 🥺)

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    God is a woman ❤🔥... . . Billie 🕷️❤love you so much ....

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    50M todayyyyyyyy??

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    what an angel

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    Beautiful song and video. Im so excited for the album

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    I can't stop listening to this. Earlier, I broke down sobbing over it, my pain, and everyone else's. Thank you for sharing this, Billie. You are the songbird of our time.

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    I love the song, as always, but I can't watch half of this video because of the snake >_<

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    Turn the volume up

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    Billie’s new song and video are amazing ! And she has such a beautiful and unique voice !

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    What is this song about

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    I think this video was shot in a room with green screen and that anaconda is fake, btw I loved the song though....

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    É impressionante como a Billie consegue tocar as pessoas com suas músicas !!!!!, Love Billie Eilish

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    Who came here just to find Seth Everman's Comment?

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    Thank you billie now i have a new song to listen while crying

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    Everything from Billie is pure gold. Her voice is what I imagine an Angel would sound like. Beautiful young Lady you are Miss Billie. ❤

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    ma queen❤❤

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    Coffee shut the fuck up

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    God Bless this Child...AT her age to be so aware...def describes me as a young, naive and hopeful kid to have difficulty to walk away from the Evil

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    Coolest video 😂

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    Oh and the hair is perfect I love it so much Billie eilish you do the best clothing hairstyles and everything like that.

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    I just wanted to let Billie know that she is a beautiful, confident, kind, funny, and amazing women. I dont care what haters and people say about the real you, and you shouldn't either. No matter what anyone says, remember you are a beautiful strong women.❤❤

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    Looks like young ScarJo here ❤

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    ey 1b views

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    Put this in the most priceless part in the museum even though a museum has Alot of items Wich are priceless

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    This has a victim complex narrative. Thats why people like it. Everybody likes to feel like a dumbass victim nowadays

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    I love this song like saying to it like everyday too cool it's just my favorite I go to it every day and listen to it it just gets me so calm

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    Sorry i was late to the party. I'll try not to disappoint.😉

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    Wow, this ins't something I was expecting to hear

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    Pov: its not ur first time here

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    This song never gets old

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    I can't wait for her new album to be released.

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    IM A FAN

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    This is like lana del rey's White dress meets Britney spears' not yet a woman but WAY less iconic

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    This is truly beautiful

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    1M dislikes????? They don't have a good taste

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    Everyone lost their mind after listening this masterpiece {if you true fan of Billie}

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    She can sing any song and sound amazing. She’s SO brave letting that snake wrap around her (many times). I can’t wait for her new album!

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    so gentle, so meek, but man what a woman.

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    Soi su fan

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    i miss him, I was just 16, but I never met someone like him

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