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Chicago PD 8x03 Promo (HD)
Chicago Med 6x03 Promo (HD)
This Is Us 5x05 Promo (HD)
  1. Nina Nevarez

    Nina Nevarez38 minuter sedan

    I’m one of the only people who think Tom’s actually a good person just misguided by all the shit he’s been through and if they kill him off I’ll never forgive shonda

  2. Serenay

    Serenay47 minuter sedan

    oh god everything f*cked up again

  3. Giulia S.

    Giulia S.49 minuter sedan

    So what if teddy will be too much busy taking care of Tom, and they will need another heart surgeon for mer, which could be Cristina? That would be great!

  4. Dr. Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper

    Dr. Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper56 minuter sedan

    Ohh it's me in young bazinga

  5. Dr. Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper

    Dr. Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper57 minuter sedan

    How I am

  6. Dr. Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper

    Dr. Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper58 minuter sedan

    Who I am?

  7. Dr. Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper

    Dr. Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper59 minuter sedan

    Who I'm am?

  8. Борис Борисов

    Борис БорисовTimme sedan

    3 сезон-это нечто восхитительное! После просмотра шедевральных двух сезонов....я не думал что 3-ий окажется намного лучше, но этот сезон, это настоящее произведение искусства. Все плюсы котороми обладал сериал стали в несколько раз лучше, от атмосферы Готэма, которая в этом сезоне особенно чувствуется до качества съёмки, по которому видно что появился бюджет. Главный плюс этого сезона, это потрясающие злодеи....если до этого в сериале не появлялась такая куча злодеев в один момент, то в этом сезоне их просто море. Главными злодеями в этом сезона были: Монстры Стрейнджа Джарвис Тетч(Безумный Шляпник) Эд Нигма....ему уделили огромное внимание и показали его становление Загадочником Капитан Барнс Джером Валеска Барбара Кин Суд сов И в конце показали Рас Аль Гула Все они без исключений были сыграны прелестно, каждый из этих персонажей обладает фантастической харизмой. Можно было бы отнести сюда Пингвина, но он никогда в сериале не был исключительно злодеем, иногда его показывали и с другой стороны, но Пингвин в этом сезоне стал ещё более крут. Из минусов в этом сезоне я не отмечу ничего, этот сезон залатал все возможные дыры сериала и расставил точки над i.

  9. Jordan Markham

    Jordan MarkhamTimme sedan

    What is the song playing in the background ?

  10. Rayo ERRE

    Rayo ERRETimme sedan


  11. Lucas Espinosa

    Lucas EspinosaTimme sedan

    Lucas Till is good actor.

  12. ACE7733

    ACE7733Timme sedan

    giving me scooby doo vibes

  13. S S

    S STimme sedan

    What the H$&@ Nolan do 😩😩😩

  14. sabbin

    sabbinTimme sedan


  15. Tro Tra

    Tro Tra2 timmar sedan

    Yang milih Allah SWT like.

  16. Luis Hernández

    Luis Hernández2 timmar sedan

    Nos es Valhalla es Guarumara duh 🙄

  17. Adela Ionescu

    Adela Ionescu2 timmar sedan

    Anyone else kinda mixing up Mia Queen and Clary Fairchild?

  18. Petra Hand

    Petra Hand2 timmar sedan


  19. Eva Ts

    Eva Ts2 timmar sedan

    Are they gonna kill everyone's beloved ones in one single episode?

  20. Sonny Ankau

    Sonny Ankau3 timmar sedan

    hunter and talbot had some of the best lines in this show.

  21. B Rainbow

    B Rainbow3 timmar sedan

    I am actually happy that there is a third season !!

  22. Nifty

    Nifty3 timmar sedan

    No nuns. No nuns. None

  23. A J

    A J3 timmar sedan

    The fact that George and Mer got these long conversations and all we got from MerDer was “tHe SaNd iSnT rEaL mErEdEtH”🙄

  24. Don MelMel

    Don MelMel3 timmar sedan

    Too many breaks they JUST came back

  25. Iva Pavlović

    Iva Pavlović4 timmar sedan

    "there will be no epidemics today"

  26. Mr. Mayhem

    Mr. Mayhem4 timmar sedan

    What a shit load of trashy actors

  27. Mr. Mayhem

    Mr. Mayhem4 timmar sedan

    I haven’t watched this series but let me watch this scene

  28. Febin M

    Febin M4 timmar sedan

    I really ship sheldon and paige, I really believe if young sheldon came up first then so many things would've been so different in big bang theory and i think paige and sheldon ending up together would've been one💔💔💔😭😭😭

  29. Dinari Kumarage

    Dinari Kumarage4 timmar sedan

    "interesting" "Does she know your leading a double life" 😂😂😂

  30. Lewis crawford

    Lewis crawford4 timmar sedan

    Why couldn’t Paige be in The Big Bang Theory?!

  31. Anastasia Kovalchuk

    Anastasia Kovalchuk4 timmar sedan

    после этого и помереть не жалко

  32. Shivani 73

    Shivani 735 timmar sedan

    Barba looks 🔥🔥🔥


    TONEY ROBINSON5 timmar sedan

    Bruh I'm excited

  34. Shivani 73

    Shivani 735 timmar sedan

    I need Mac Riley🎉 plzzzz❤️❤️❤️


    TONEY ROBINSON5 timmar sedan

    I think Hailey is going to probably tell Jay she's in love with him and then ask him do he want her to stay

  36. Mr. Penguin

    Mr. Penguin5 timmar sedan

    Looks like Brandon Routh will be playing a racist cop. Now that's a storyline I wanna see.


    JAYLA SAUNDERS HAUGES5 timmar sedan

    honestly they can kill off Tom

  38. Aparna Rajesh

    Aparna Rajesh5 timmar sedan

    If Emily Browning got Hollywood roles

  39. Poppy_Gaming

    Poppy_Gaming5 timmar sedan

    Im thinking that lexi will be in the next episode becuase first it was derek and on the 3rd of dec episode it was george and derek was no longer there im thinking either this episdoe or the next will be lexi and george will be gone so then lexi will be there and at the end of 3rd of dec episode webber and bailey were there to

  40. Allen Bonus

    Allen Bonus5 timmar sedan

    Now you know who bangbus founder is

  41. Alisi Matalau

    Alisi Matalau5 timmar sedan

    This was the best moment of season 1 0:36 And Cheryl pushing her hands out was the best part of it

  42. 12Chris6

    12Chris66 timmar sedan

    What is Ray Palmer doing here? He should be on the Wave Rider instead. Oh Wait

  43. Товариш Zauberwald

    Товариш Zauberwald6 timmar sedan

    1:40 björn finally dies. gunnhild walk to the boat, priest around. she will go to death with björn

  44. Klemheist

    Klemheist6 timmar sedan

    I'm pleased episode 1 and 2 are packaged together because Ep 2 is a bit of a yawn. Not a single shot was fired as all the emotionally crippled characters interact with each other. Ep 1 was good however with the dog, very endearing - I shed a tear. One of our dogs, Kuga received the PDSA Dickin medal for something similar.

  45. Rebecca Elliott

    Rebecca Elliott6 timmar sedan

    Way to give Tom all the shit storylines - he joins Alex in deserving better. 😂

  46. Gloria Pongan

    Gloria Pongan6 timmar sedan

    OMG! Rafael Barba is going back people! My dream is finally becoming true!

  47. CrazyBMWdude

    CrazyBMWdude7 timmar sedan

    Anybody else notice that franz kinda looks like mbappe?

  48. i love Riverdale

    i love Riverdale7 timmar sedan

    0:43 Look at Reggie's dad 😂

  49. Legends Of The Arrowverse

    Legends Of The Arrowverse7 timmar sedan

    This was one of the best episodes in the entire show

  50. El caca Seca

    El caca Seca7 timmar sedan

    Who's the black-haired actress?

  51. cartman4885

    cartman48857 timmar sedan

    I don't know what to think but I'll give it a go...............

  52. Valerie Moreno

    Valerie Moreno7 timmar sedan

    Is that lady Edith

  53. Danion Grisham

    Danion Grisham7 timmar sedan

    This may be a good show but I have watched Chuck Norris as Walker Texas ranger for so long and I am a huge Chuck Norris fan so that being said I probably won't watch it it wouldn't be as good to me as maybe someone else

  54. Amal Abueid

    Amal Abueid7 timmar sedan

    Where can i find it online 😢😢😢😢

  55. Amal Abueid

    Amal Abueid7 timmar sedan

    I think tom will die 😢

  56. Nakyla Comer

    Nakyla Comer7 timmar sedan

    I only have a week to prepare, let me call my therapist😩

  57. m geller

    m geller7 timmar sedan

    Girls are grown.sheldon looks same

  58. Alexis Miranda

    Alexis Miranda7 timmar sedan

    I fucking hate this thing,its great

  59. Khaled Al Sharif

    Khaled Al Sharif7 timmar sedan

    Noooooooooo pls at least 2 sessions

  60. Sheldon Cooper

    Sheldon Cooper7 timmar sedan

    Paige is interesting, but she is starting to become more like Veronica and Missy.

  61. Shay

    Shay8 timmar sedan

    I’m sorry but at this point I’m not even mad at Teddy I’m rooting for her and Tom

  62. Just Shoot Light

    Just Shoot Light8 timmar sedan

    I wonder how long before Jason is *BACK AT IT* Because he just cant stay away....guess we shall see if they keep that same old plot line going.

  63. Mike Parker

    Mike Parker8 timmar sedan

    I have heard of a 3 year rookie? What the LAPD does not have any Muslim officers? Because I worked with a Muslim officer for years. The oldest rookie I have ever seen was a 59 year old who failed probation.

  64. Vikram 24

    Vikram 248 timmar sedan

    What year this episode take place?

  65. Mayas Vlog

    Mayas Vlog8 timmar sedan

    A girl saw them filming this back in late November

  66. brianna uribe

    brianna uribe8 timmar sedan

    Calling it now ! Tom is going to die sadly, she will see Lexie ! And Cristina will make an appearance!

  67. hey_there

    hey_there8 timmar sedan

    He's still so gorgeous....

  68. avahartsmedia

    avahartsmedia8 timmar sedan

    what song is playing in the background?

  69. bangslamwham88

    bangslamwham888 timmar sedan

    Since Barba is going to be a defence attorney, I just hope we don't get another "What happened to you?" from Olivia.

  70. ken ziii

    ken ziii8 timmar sedan

    What kind of zombie meredith is 👀 like how many times did shonda killex her and brought her back by now , can other characters take the turn this time 😂🤣

  71. maya ❤️

    maya ❤️8 timmar sedan

    I saw this somewhere but what if Tom gets near dying and sees Meredith. She finally decided to go back and tells him "We need to go back to our families" and he says "I am" and dies.

  72. Mwaka Michelo

    Mwaka Michelo8 timmar sedan

    Tom doesn’t deserve this 🥺🥺 it’s not fair💔

  73. BoGenk XD

    BoGenk XD8 timmar sedan

    I can't move on from dr. Melendez

  74. aisha panchbhaya

    aisha panchbhaya8 timmar sedan

    people are making assumptions on why Dean was upset with Sullivan but I feel like it might be something else too he was pissed in the last episode as well

  75. Javier Polo Gutiérrez

    Javier Polo Gutiérrez8 timmar sedan

    OMG nice!

  76. BoGenk XD

    BoGenk XD8 timmar sedan

    please return Dr. Jared kalu, and why Dr. Melendez to die?

  77. jordan b

    jordan b8 timmar sedan

    When hvitserk said you alive it means to ubbe and Ivar said what took you so long it also means to ubbe

  78. Olivia K-A-Y 1998

    Olivia K-A-Y 19989 timmar sedan

    So he knows Odin is his father

  79. devworlddaily

    devworlddaily9 timmar sedan

    Omg I actually forgot about this show having to wait so long I completely forgot!!

  80. wkadalie

    wkadalie9 timmar sedan

    When will Drake ever learn.