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  1. Youup Eken

    Youup Eken14 timmar sedan

    The buccaneers taking notes 📝

  2. Titus Magnus Ein Universum aus Kuchen

    Titus Magnus Ein Universum aus Kuchen14 timmar sedan

    I'm sure they all ended up with Covid-19. Just saying.

  3. Fatal Schmelz

    Fatal Schmelz14 timmar sedan

    MJD looks like a power lifter.

  4. Steve Mills

    Steve Mills14 timmar sedan

    The dislike button is stopped at 968k.

  5. Lar

    Lar14 timmar sedan

    Packers have to be disappointed that the refs didn't help morel

  6. Reverse OFF

    Reverse OFF14 timmar sedan

    I guarantee you Mahomes and Andy Reid are watching this game every day. They’re not letting this happen again

  7. Tyler Angst

    Tyler Angst14 timmar sedan

    Mahomes and Kelce are the best duo in the league

  8. Joe Regan

    Joe Regan14 timmar sedan

    Chiefs took their foot off the gas in the 2nd half because of their early lead. Won't do that again. Chiefs only got an early lead cuz Bucs tried to cover Hill 1on1. Won't make that mistake again. Should be a great SB

  9. N

    N14 timmar sedan

    I can’t believe nobody has mentioned this: Why and how the hell is a goat dressed up in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform and throwing these footballs? This is amazing.

  10. Jonathan Barahona

    Jonathan Barahona14 timmar sedan

    Who is that next to joe namath?

  11. poop face

    poop face14 timmar sedan

    The skinny november tentatively replace because chinese controversly fade despite a tall closet. open, messy nigeria

  12. Brandon Dulak

    Brandon Dulak14 timmar sedan

    josh allen is my favorite

  13. Peter Belasick

    Peter Belasick14 timmar sedan

    51 shoulda went to julio

  14. cactus jack

    cactus jack14 timmar sedan

    But mahomes hill and kelce won’t start because they in the super bowl

  15. Derek Williams

    Derek Williams14 timmar sedan

    coach wont let him leave

  16. Sir Hoopalot

    Sir Hoopalot14 timmar sedan

    Annnnnd we’re back 😎

  17. Rohan Nawani

    Rohan Nawani14 timmar sedan

    What a weak ass OPI call, Burrow won that game

  18. Chowda

    Chowda14 timmar sedan

    your telling me Fred Warner ain’t a starter???

  19. Sarah Holt

    Sarah Holt14 timmar sedan


  20. Rashai Sherman

    Rashai Sherman14 timmar sedan

    Jjettas #rosebaby #LouisianaMade 👌🏿🤙🏿🌹

  21. George Liu

    George Liu14 timmar sedan

    What happened? Lol

  22. Celtic DW

    Celtic DW14 timmar sedan

    Offense doesn't know how to protect Rodgers. Don't know why Rodgers didn't continue to run for the TD

  23. Matthew Mata

    Matthew Mata14 timmar sedan

    Where Fred warner

  24. Amy Falcon

    Amy Falcon14 timmar sedan

    ❤️❤️❤️JLo and Shakira! Dang! And look at Eme! 👏👏👏. Dang!! JLo’s performance is Vegas Style!! 👏👏👏. Love this beat Super Bowl halftime show!

  25. MooseOps

    MooseOps14 timmar sedan

    Haha hey bodied

  26. vinsanity982

    vinsanity98214 timmar sedan

    @6:22 Nothing to see here, just Vita Vea running over a starting NFL lineman.

  27. Killer vibes HD

    Killer vibes HD14 timmar sedan

    Where’s Philip rivers?

  28. Kurt Rhim

    Kurt Rhim14 timmar sedan

    Why do Players make the incomplete pass gesture when he obviously caught it

  29. King Of Everything

    King Of Everything14 timmar sedan

    His work ethic on that bench press is incredible. So much determination and going though pain and blocks. Bulletproof mindset.

  30. Mike Currie

    Mike Currie14 timmar sedan

    Stafford wants to go to Atlanta

  31. Bridge Lee

    Bridge Lee14 timmar sedan

    online highlights underated af

  32. Trent W

    Trent W14 timmar sedan

    That’s the best Kelce play you could find? Lot of the offensive players look pretty lame.

  33. Sinan Walji

    Sinan Walji14 timmar sedan

    this haltime show can not get out of my mind it was amazing like Shakira and Jennifers orange and white sparkly dress better

  34. AKbeast412

    AKbeast41214 timmar sedan

    Notice how mahomes and hills plays were against the bucs cooking em it's about to happen in the sb too

  35. Bryan Tang

    Bryan Tang14 timmar sedan

    0:35 "happy birthday momma" 🤣🤣🤣

  36. afrosaxman

    afrosaxman14 timmar sedan

    Where is Chase Young?

  37. DeputySRGaming

    DeputySRGaming14 timmar sedan

    The ending got me cryin a little bit bro

  38. Eitan Schecter

    Eitan Schecter14 timmar sedan

    Dude! He is going to Washington!

  39. Simon Bergquist

    Simon Bergquist14 timmar sedan

    Forgets Justin Jefferson

  40. Kai Sims

    Kai Sims14 timmar sedan

    Dhop had catch of year

  41. Ge In

    Ge In14 timmar sedan

    Both QBs really sucked. 3 Brady ints (and he gets into the SB again!?) Rogers had a wide open TE on the goal line but threw over him to Adams in the back of the end zone. That was 4 points. The dropped 2 pointer. There's the game.

  42. Brendon Marks

    Brendon Marks14 timmar sedan

    4:08 tbh that was Edelman's fault

  43. LIL_CJ3X

    LIL_CJ3X14 timmar sedan

    i'll rush from pakistan if i got too Im dead

  44. vClapz YT

    vClapz YT14 timmar sedan

    Bad pass interference call you supposed to call it before it’s thrown and nobody 7th round draft pick Johnson couldn’t even catch that rigged nfl game

  45. Dante da Goat

    Dante da Goat14 timmar sedan

    Wheres Demarcus Lawrence

  46. Abs Attack

    Abs Attack14 timmar sedan

    The thinkable soda architecturally whistle because lentil additionaly spill beyond a silky roast. eatable, soggy juice

  47. Mckinzie Fishing and Hunting

    Mckinzie Fishing and Hunting14 timmar sedan

    49ers Defense last year, was better then Tampas defense this year. KC should put up enough points to out score them. Even with Eric Fisher out at Left Tackle. I'm sure the NFL will have it come down to the Wire for Top Ratings, cant have people turning off the T.V.

  48. K-L

    K-L14 timmar sedan

    As soon as this pandemic is over! lol

  49. Danny Schopf

    Danny Schopf14 timmar sedan

    29:42 what is the name of the song?

  50. XDx xDX

    XDx xDX14 timmar sedan


  51. Eman Abdelwahab

    Eman Abdelwahab14 timmar sedan

    vJohn Kerry

  52. Art byGiselle

    Art byGiselle14 timmar sedan

    okay but everyone seemed so happy, I haven’t seen that hype in SO LONG

  53. Abs Attack

    Abs Attack14 timmar sedan

    The ossified gear cosmetically place because chocolate ultimately interfere alongside a evanescent oven. spicy, typical barber

  54. Overkill

    Overkill14 timmar sedan

    How did you guys forget KEENAN ALLEN he’s one of the best in the league #13

  55. John Pendarvis

    John Pendarvis15 timmar sedan

    Lots of KC and none of them are starting in the pro bowl so your info is bias for sure!

  56. Adad Reznor

    Adad Reznor15 timmar sedan

    NFL clowns,u forgot Fred Warner

  57. Babs Checkett

    Babs Checkett15 timmar sedan

    Notice half the pro bowler from the AFC are the Chiefs and none of the NFC are Buccaneers.

  58. Bryheen Brown

    Bryheen Brown15 timmar sedan

    Yeah this one is ass

  59. L-MAN

    L-MAN15 timmar sedan

    Brady : I fear nothing and nobody, but that guy, that guy scares me. (Eli Manning)

  60. D T

    D T15 timmar sedan

    running backs??

  61. karl

    karl15 timmar sedan

    Was there a single ravens player

  62. El Profesor

    El Profesor15 timmar sedan

    3:03 this guy,#30,just get off the toilet or what?

  63. Kyle Gillespie

    Kyle Gillespie15 timmar sedan

    Mike Evans will catch that last throw

  64. Malcolm Connors

    Malcolm Connors15 timmar sedan

    7:32 Aaron Donald: Hurts more than a pillow fight

  65. Charlie Jester

    Charlie Jester15 timmar sedan

    My favorite plays are by far the defensive line plays

  66. Doge Gaming

    Doge Gaming15 timmar sedan

    Anddddddd nows he's going to get cut by the eagles.

  67. Garfield Gamer 999

    Garfield Gamer 99915 timmar sedan

    The disrespect to Fred Warner

  68. Devonald Williams

    Devonald Williams15 timmar sedan

    An idea for 2k... non simulation

  69. Richard Naujoks

    Richard Naujoks15 timmar sedan

    man that draft was terrible

  70. Devin Altidor

    Devin Altidor15 timmar sedan

    Let's be fair, no one is going to watch the super bowl between Patrick mahomes and tom brady, I mean come on who wants to see this match again is so cliche

  71. Jackson Ritchie

    Jackson Ritchie15 timmar sedan

    This Super Bowl is gonna be one hell of a game

  72. willemdahoe

    willemdahoe15 timmar sedan

    no mention of broncos. aight.

  73. Mr. Stranathan

    Mr. Stranathan15 timmar sedan

    Edelman, signs with the Bucs 👀

  74. Drix Campaign

    Drix Campaign15 timmar sedan

    He would’ve broke 1000 receiving yards if Dak played all season

  75. Marqueita Alladin

    Marqueita Alladin15 timmar sedan

    2021 and this still gives me chills.