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  1. I sk

    I sk13 timmar sedan

    Haha Clients

  2. Tai Minh

    Tai Minh13 timmar sedan


  3. yvng tub

    yvng tub13 timmar sedan

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  4. Luis Pelcastre

    Luis Pelcastre14 timmar sedan

    Conclusion: Ronaldo loved scoring on Buffon

  5. Lorentz Myoland Roméus

    Lorentz Myoland Roméus15 timmar sedan

    I need those Chelsea’s coat where I can buy them

  6. John Peter Hilaire

    John Peter Hilaire16 timmar sedan

  7. Salvador

    Salvador16 timmar sedan

    99 and 100 were offsides

  8. Rene Silva

    Rene Silva17 timmar sedan


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  12. The Futbolero

    The Futbolero20 timmar sedan

    Zlatan doesn't need to Grow Up. Grow up needs Zlatan

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    Allan Abraham20 timmar sedan

    This like a cbs version of peacock or something?

  16. Sunny Kay

    Sunny Kay21 timme sedan

    Zlatan is right. Keep politics out of sports.

  17. aidengoesoof _

    aidengoesoof _23 timmar sedan

    Comeback reloading

  18. saul rosales

    saul rosales23 timmar sedan

    Daam, cr7 just don't exist in these higlights

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  20. Hamed Afagh

    Hamed AfaghDag sedan

    Barcelona: Score a penalty Mbappe: Fine, I'll do it myself...

  21. Hamed Afagh

    Hamed AfaghDag sedan

    Great performance from Mbappe. He is so confident.

  22. Lorenzo Gonzalez

    Lorenzo GonzalezDag sedan

    barca cant comeback psg got this in the bag

  23. Samantha Jones

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    They look like RB Salzburg 😂

  26. Chupa Mela

    Chupa MelaDag sedan

    Bunch of Soyboys .... I can’t with the cringe .

  27. Phoenix

    PhoenixDag sedan

    Even man united dod better than Real Madrid 💀😭

  28. sokin jon

    sokin jonDag sedan

    My battery: 1% Me: Watching it still My battery: I’ll wait bro

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    get these clowns outta here disrespecting one of the best to ever play (keep the girl she alright lmao)

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    always wanted Benfica to win again in a Europe cup

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  41. Rico S

    Rico SDag sedan

    the crazy thing about man city is they are amazing and deciding who they sign. you never see them pull a Griezmann where they pay big money on someone and ends up getting you nothing. everyone who plays is contributing

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  45. Kay K

    Kay KDag sedan

    No VAR?? De Jong should get a yellow card for Hollywood action. Penalty kick is a game changer and should be given after VAR. WTF!

  46. The Productions TV

    The Productions TVDag sedan

    Send legend players in barcelona

  47. tianl98765

    tianl98765Dag sedan

    man. bayern's firepower again in full display

  48. tianl98765

    tianl98765Dag sedan

    chance for another come back!!

  49. Thereal CrunchyTacos1234

    Thereal CrunchyTacos12342 dagar sedan

    Ok now lets see what Messi has! Im still waiting Its also crazy how long Ronaldo was with Real Madrid i totally forgot about Arbeloa and Kaka and Marcelo looked bald!

  50. bansam loiem

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  51. Jingyi Tay

    Jingyi Tay2 dagar sedan

    Who r these people? I swear much more North Americans hate Zlatan than elsewhere

  52. Voet Football

    Voet Football2 dagar sedan

    No one talking about boateng being crossed again? Lmao

  53. Al aMin

    Al aMin2 dagar sedan

    Woman’s Football is a joke 😂😂🤣

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    I haven’t seen a bigger missed opportunity to score, since the Seahawks threw the ball at the one-yard line at Super Bowl 49.

  57. Great Gatsby

    Great Gatsby2 dagar sedan

    These guys sound so dumb...classic...young people trying to act like they know everything.

  58. Krafty Kaktus

    Krafty Kaktus2 dagar sedan

    Draxler's pass to Mbappe made the game, he dragged all the defenders onto himself and made that goal possible, he is the mastermind behind that goal

  59. Wild world with Krinja

    Wild world with Krinja2 dagar sedan

    The amount kf passion he has is just unmatched

  60. David Jarrah

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    Very bad from Lazio.

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    Mario Nava2 dagar sedan

    U r the best cr7

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  66. L 8

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    Classic Leverkusen

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  69. Momchil Zanev

    Momchil Zanev2 dagar sedan

    People taking advise from sports person regarding covid or politics instead of medical experts or qualified people is plain stupid. I love how two guys are bragging about Zlatan being old like those two guys will NEVER get old, LOL - #children mentality.

  70. David Ceron

    David Ceron2 dagar sedan

    Trashventus 🤮

  71. Diego Alvarez

    Diego Alvarez2 dagar sedan

    Imagine if we had Dias and Stones in this game😢

  72. A Poocumber

    A Poocumber2 dagar sedan

    Wow great game

  73. Alex Ortiz

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    Someone is getting paid probably an above average salary by CBS to make videos THIS BAD? Not even in order?

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  79. Ernst Pierre

    Ernst Pierre2 dagar sedan

    Haitian here in west Palm beach Florida supporting the Gunners, what a edge of your seat game . But I’m so happy Arsenal prevail.Obameyang what a fantastic striker he has become 😃

  80. L 8

    L 82 dagar sedan

    Salvia Praha can definitely go far