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    DR RANDOM5 minuter sedan

    Finally a car I can draw

  2. Patrick Sullivan

    Patrick Sullivan28 minuter sedan

    This is an AMAZING show! I love it!

  3. Waqas Ahmad

    Waqas Ahmad40 minuter sedan

    Waooowww hes smashed this is a learning point for me Be patient work hard and good things will come to you

  4. rishabh singh

    rishabh singhTimme sedan

    Dan bilzerian ka baap...Ambani...😂😂😂😂

  5. stephon

    stephonTimme sedan

    Imagine the other people they drove past

  6. Shem

    ShemTimme sedan

    cybertruck and cyberpunk. Both were release to the public before it was fully develop.

  7. Tamding Tamding

    Tamding TamdingTimme sedan

    Leno:Why u put bulletproof glass Musk:it's badass 🤣🤣

  8. vivaan jain

    vivaan jain2 timmar sedan

    Cybertruck 2077

  9. Marcellus Wallace

    Marcellus Wallace2 timmar sedan

    What exactly does he do? Can someone specify?

  10. Don Pedro

    Don Pedro2 timmar sedan


  11. mani charan

    mani charan2 timmar sedan

    So everyone knows the password for that elevator now

  12. K Jefferson

    K Jefferson2 timmar sedan

    Wow what a great video with hugeeeeee amounts of important information

  13. Rayan Khan

    Rayan Khan3 timmar sedan

    Elon is from the future, he knows something, he's making the world apocalypse-proof.

  14. Frank Jason

    Frank Jason3 timmar sedan

    Trop fort Elon.🌟🌟👍👍💝💝

  15. DingDongDaddy

    DingDongDaddy3 timmar sedan

    Bill and I get along well, had a lot of fun.... I bet George.

  16. DingDongDaddy

    DingDongDaddy3 timmar sedan

    Swamp Critter


    MEINE SCHISOPHRENIE4 timmar sedan

    Auto z gier przeszlo na droge. Najbardzies wyrozniajace sie auto na swiecie bympowiedzial.

  18. Tra Truday

    Tra Truday4 timmar sedan

    Autos boys lost their lives because you waged war you son of a b**** there were no weapons of mass destruction

  19. Samuel Keresty

    Samuel Keresty7 timmar sedan

    Courtney actually had the $400,000 in her case the million dollars is in case 16 so she got $100,000 more than what is in her case!

  20. Matt Campbell_Musician_Traveler

    Matt Campbell_Musician_Traveler8 timmar sedan

    Tim forever looks good, even in his older ages!

  21. Lawrence Golightly

    Lawrence Golightly8 timmar sedan

    Besides Obama Bush is a piece of s***

  22. Lawrence Golightly

    Lawrence Golightly8 timmar sedan

    Who would just like this you have to be a stupid no-good piece of s*** Democrat

  23. Blake Latella

    Blake Latella8 timmar sedan

    "Cause it's badass and super cool" - Elon Musk

  24. ZeNvO YT

    ZeNvO YT8 timmar sedan

    Anybody notice that there is no side mirrors on the car

  25. Kim Jong Un

    Kim Jong Un9 timmar sedan

    Killer of millions of innocent men women children..

  26. William Kalagayan

    William Kalagayan9 timmar sedan


  27. James Barisitz

    James Barisitz9 timmar sedan

    Seems like a dysfunctional family making a breakthrough. High hopes for the success of the company. The boxes of products indicated offshore production. Are the coolers made in North America or Asia?

  28. Banny

    Banny10 timmar sedan

    bulletproof car= cool and baddass for no reason other than because its cool

  29. DLB

    DLB10 timmar sedan

    1:45 that look you give your friend when you’re about to destroy America

  30. DLB

    DLB10 timmar sedan

    I thought former presidents weren’t allowed to drive?


    PSTRIPPLEE10 timmar sedan

    a vehicle i can finally draw

  32. Owen Shelley

    Owen Shelley11 timmar sedan

    4:30 she tries to grab his hand lol

  33. Iddag Drawde

    Iddag Drawde11 timmar sedan

    Plot twist, elon is making apocalyps vehcle coz his making zombie virus.

  34. gideon sailianpuia

    gideon sailianpuia11 timmar sedan

    This guy motivate me everytime I watch his videos on SEtoos.

  35. foto21com

    foto21com11 timmar sedan

    All art is best when it's original and before it gets corrupted. The Message and New York New York, travelled all the way to more or less peaceful Seattle, even, and had an impact. Those tracks stand up today. Incredible vocals, and incredible production AND incredible universality. Honestly, they've never been matched since. Glad he mentioned the influence of punk rock, which was also influenced deeply by reggae. Music was organically mixing in those days, without interference of managers telling it where to go.

  36. Adobong Pina-uga

    Adobong Pina-uga11 timmar sedan

    Lambo si boring!

  37. RBV281

    RBV28112 timmar sedan


  38. NB Truckin

    NB Truckin12 timmar sedan

    Truck of the future: A door stop 😎

  39. RedSeaReef

    RedSeaReef13 timmar sedan

    Bush did 9/11

  40. Raul Tineo

    Raul Tineo13 timmar sedan

    Man Elon is just too cool! I wonder how he is as a boss.

  41. Roger Diamond

    Roger Diamond14 timmar sedan

    Great video. So inspiring!

  42. Meninão Vlog

    Meninão Vlog14 timmar sedan

    Alguém que viu o vídeo do vlad e veio conferir aqui ? Kkkk

  43. Dennis Leavitt

    Dennis Leavitt14 timmar sedan

    Lmao.... Leno in that mini van!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  44. The Great Satan

    The Great Satan14 timmar sedan

    Do you know why San Diego is prosperous? Because of the Republican mayor

  45. Dennis Leavitt

    Dennis Leavitt14 timmar sedan

    Lol, you’ll be in the TRANS am series! 🤦‍♂️😂😂👏👏

  46. Grant

    Grant15 timmar sedan

    The dude.

  47. Tiffany Cao

    Tiffany Cao15 timmar sedan

    I’d PAY TO... buy a pair of boots and walk on the trails of Texas, waiting on Bush to pull up with the King Ranch edition F1fiddy

  48. Ra HQ

    Ra HQ15 timmar sedan

    What sunglass elons has? Wanna buy the same

  49. Alicia Foxx

    Alicia Foxx15 timmar sedan

    Nice truck there Elon.. Okay so I made a lot of profits investing with professional traders and of such is Sheila o'neil.. knowing what works is best

  50. joseph stalin

    joseph stalin16 timmar sedan

    He really built a truck with ps1 graphics

  51. Motorcycle Michael

    Motorcycle Michael16 timmar sedan

    Love jay and cyber truck

  52. Eyden Sayah

    Eyden Sayah16 timmar sedan

    It's okay.

  53. SouthernDarkness 99

    SouthernDarkness 9916 timmar sedan

    Jay leno been puffing that goody green and sipping on that sizzurp

  54. Thuggee Gaming

    Thuggee Gaming16 timmar sedan

    Jay looks like he's half asleep and half alive throughout this whole thing

  55. john carrington

    john carrington17 timmar sedan

    A warning for 120? Do you think the viewers are as stupid as you Miss?

  56. Scruffy Delilah

    Scruffy Delilah17 timmar sedan

    Anyone else hated Bush so badly when he was president and now love him?

  57. Nooger BenAffleckIsanOkayActor

    Nooger BenAffleckIsanOkayActor17 timmar sedan

    Is there a new series?

  58. Harry Farmer

    Harry Farmer17 timmar sedan

    This is great, but just because someone is a stoner does not mean they produce less quality products. That's an ugly stereotype that has no place in the Cannabis industry.

  59. Punjabi n Foreign cooking recipes

    Punjabi n Foreign cooking recipes17 timmar sedan

    I hope it has running board option

  60. James DellaNeve

    James DellaNeve17 timmar sedan

    When my family was on vacation in Cape Cod, there was a bad accident with a Volkswagen bus. The traffic was full stop and the driver was knocked out, sitting in his drivers seat. I got out of our car and walked up to the Volkswagen. The doors were open and both of his legs were broken and bleeding and the cops were waiting for the ambulance. He was out cold or fainted from the pain. I didn’t stay around to see how they got him out.

  61. Coltsie

    Coltsie17 timmar sedan

    Imagine if they broke the elevator lift going up because the truck was too big. Elon: haha lol that was cool we made it break Jay: uh aren't you worried that we'll get stuck here? Elon: we can watch anime on the cybertruck screen, Jay.

  62. James DellaNeve

    James DellaNeve17 timmar sedan

    Alpha 1952, $7,000! And a delicate Italian drivetrain. What a deal! I live in the LA area. The Daimler Ferret is sounding pretty good right now.

  63. jane doe

    jane doe18 timmar sedan

    *Absolute Mad Lads: Martin Shkreli*

  64. Katrine Morgan

    Katrine Morgan18 timmar sedan

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  65. Nate Krieger

    Nate Krieger18 timmar sedan

    “So we’re gonna drive blindfolded…There’s a Good Idea!!!!!!!”

  66. LonelySamurai LOL

    LonelySamurai LOL19 timmar sedan

    this is armor that can protect from thugs guns NICE. --- And next day Elon make a cyber hummer maybe ...

  67. Maribel Sanchez

    Maribel Sanchez20 timmar sedan

    Salilors, Marcus. Not soldiers.

  68. Alexis Carter

    Alexis Carter20 timmar sedan

    I love black items too!

  69. Biden's CrackPipe

    Biden's CrackPipe21 timme sedan

    "old" people are do much cooler.

  70. Cereal Tech

    Cereal Tech21 timme sedan

    Cyber truck looks like designed to re kinda relyable on Mars

  71. Asya Ily

    Asya Ily21 timme sedan

    They could’ve done some much more to this car ?🚗🚕🚓

  72. FBI

    FBI22 timmar sedan

    No SEtoos I’m getting a 250.

  73. Amir Amani

    Amir Amani22 timmar sedan


  74. Ronald Cababasada

    Ronald Cababasada22 timmar sedan

    Anyone have extra account for The Profit Channel? I loved to watch more videos in full video

  75. Black Vito - Moneyology

    Black Vito - Moneyology22 timmar sedan

    This should be interesting episode

  76. Pat Pat

    Pat Pat23 timmar sedan

    I would love to know whats Rick Ross strategy behind buying this house ? I’m sure he is not dumb and there must be some type of taxe right off underneath. I would be interested in knowing.l how to turn this massive house that’s part of Ross image into an asset.

  77. Lancelot Arc

    Lancelot Arc23 timmar sedan

    Wait. So Jay just stole Jerry's show?

  78. Raul Rubio

    Raul Rubio23 timmar sedan

    Watching this video after plying Cyberpunk 2077 makes me want that truck

  79. Morei Sky

    Morei Sky23 timmar sedan

    This truck looked like a car in mars

  80. Florencio Vela

    Florencio Vela23 timmar sedan

    I've ordered the tri motor fsd cyber truck..I may also buy the S Plaid.. I CAN'T WAIT!! i got lots of solar to charge them BOTH & a backup battery system as well..