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The Weeknd - Faith (Audio)
The Weeknd - Too Late (Audio)
The Weeknd - Snowchild (Audio)
  1. Amelia Walker

    Amelia Walker3 timmar sedan

    He looks gross lip injections kind of looks similar to micheal jackson how he changed his face

  2. Allen

    Allen3 timmar sedan

    That’s his makeup not plastic surgery, shut up now.

  3. Paawan Atwal

    Paawan Atwal3 timmar sedan


  4. Patricia Tibaldi

    Patricia Tibaldi3 timmar sedan


  5. studies cacahuate

    studies cacahuate3 timmar sedan

    calamardo guapo

  6. Jav Ramirez

    Jav Ramirez3 timmar sedan

    The people that disliked this song should get covid test coz one of the major symptoms is no taste

  7. TBL HyperX

    TBL HyperX3 timmar sedan

    This msn

  8. Vanilla Beans

    Vanilla Beans3 timmar sedan

    This song is so sad if you listened to the album

  9. Jason calmet services Ea

    Jason calmet services Ea3 timmar sedan

    Song number 2 save your tears the weekend

  10. K co

    K co3 timmar sedan


  11. Максим Малюта

    Максим Малюта3 timmar sedan

    The motionless gladiolus holoprosencephaly deceive because pediatrician specifically interest astride a debonair equinox. curly, deafening cold

  12. whoasked

    whoasked3 timmar sedan

    i love him just saying

  13. 74boii That

    74boii That3 timmar sedan


  14. Rodrigo 22

    Rodrigo 223 timmar sedan

    happy first anniversary, happy first year, I said ohhhhh I'm blinded by the lights

  15. Peri Pheral

    Peri Pheral3 timmar sedan

    God dam!

  16. james earl

    james earl3 timmar sedan

    This looks like a sequel to Blinding Lights

  17. Danny Dyer

    Danny Dyer3 timmar sedan

    Has he always looked like that or experienced an extensive amount of plastic surgery? I’m going with the latter...since I could barely recognize him with the Crimson Chin. Just ‘cause ya sound like MJ doesn’t mean ya need to follow a similar path.

  18. JoaKin CDXCV

    JoaKin CDXCV3 timmar sedan

    The dude who works in zara

  19. Des

    Des3 timmar sedan

    I love this mans music so much

  20. Big Bao

    Big Bao3 timmar sedan


  21. Zak the cat

    Zak the cat3 timmar sedan

    the good part of 2020...

  22. enslaved chonks

    enslaved chonks3 timmar sedan

    nah that ain't the weekend, that's the ✨ weakened ✨

  23. Lord Plays

    Lord Plays3 timmar sedan

    Blinding lights = gta vi theme song 🔥🔥

  24. luz aponte

    luz aponte3 timmar sedan

    I love in your eyes & save your tears the music videos are the best to me

  25. sweetz

    sweetz3 timmar sedan


  26. Gwen Dolyn

    Gwen Dolyn3 timmar sedan

    I’m not entirely sure what the intended majority perception of this album is supposed to be here but whatever it is I am excited to watch it manifest and I absolutely cannot get this song out of my head no matter how far off it is from the normal realm of music I normally listen to

  27. Chargingboat

    Chargingboat3 timmar sedan

    I've played enough gta to know that bridge when I see it ☠

  28. Sunita Chaudhary

    Sunita Chaudhary3 timmar sedan

    James Corden should make a video on carpool karaoke with The weeknd

  29. felymeda sn

    felymeda sn3 timmar sedan

    oooh, idk if it's just me but i love the tension between him and bella.

  30. kevin hang

    kevin hang3 timmar sedan

    I’m dancing I m dancing 🥰

  31. ツMenacing

    ツMenacing3 timmar sedan

    I hate this song , it’s too addictive.

  32. Lollygagger 69

    Lollygagger 693 timmar sedan

    Did someone in the live chat really typed " this is so nut worthy" ...... Bruh

  33. Emilio Sarceño Girón

    Emilio Sarceño Girón3 timmar sedan

    1:48 Michael Jackson

  34. felymeda sn

    felymeda sn3 timmar sedan

    i am so in love with his voice

  35. FBI agent #4546

    FBI agent #45463 timmar sedan

    Cmon man bros before hoes

  36. Kaushalshroff

    Kaushalshroff4 timmar sedan

    It's old but gold and I can feel that shit

  37. Dana Chimpén Fernandez

    Dana Chimpén Fernandez4 timmar sedan

    😌🙌 hermosas canciones ♥️♥️

  38. Yovana Patricia Aliaga Millares

    Yovana Patricia Aliaga Millares4 timmar sedan


  39. FBI agent #4546

    FBI agent #45464 timmar sedan

    He don’t even got to ads 🥶🥶🥶🔥🔥🔥🥶🔥🔥🥵🥵🥵🥵

  40. ً

    ً4 timmar sedan

    1:35 lol the guy picking up the drone was.. How do I say this.. Smooth? I just think it "fits in" and it's kinda funny for some reason lol

  41. Thomaya Studios TwTz

    Thomaya Studios TwTz4 timmar sedan

    I’m just so glad this is just a act :)

  42. Cecilia Reymundo

    Cecilia Reymundo4 timmar sedan

    wow iam your fan i love your songs

  43. Wrong Omg

    Wrong Omg4 timmar sedan

    P O L Y G O N S

  44. MrMervinJMinky

    MrMervinJMinky4 timmar sedan

    Fucking love this song, respect from Scotland x

  45. John Fugate

    John Fugate4 timmar sedan

    Good song🙂

  46. Fer ASMR

    Fer ASMR4 timmar sedan


  47. Iqmar Danial

    Iqmar Danial4 timmar sedan playlist for perfect song

  48. Samuel Griz

    Samuel Griz4 timmar sedan

    Ay no, eso sí jamássss


    AMBAR DARK4 timmar sedan

    Que te hiciste

  50. Galaxy Neighty

    Galaxy Neighty4 timmar sedan

    when you lose yourself. when you lose the one you love. when you lose even your face. Pretending and smiling ... Be what they want... Then they applaud you.

  51. Bruno Almeida de oliveira

    Bruno Almeida de oliveira4 timmar sedan

    1 year...damn!!! Still great!!!!

  52. Robert Litman

    Robert Litman4 timmar sedan


  53. Geetika G

    Geetika G4 timmar sedan

    Anybody else get reminded of instant crush by daft punk?

  54. papa_daelyn

    papa_daelyn4 timmar sedan

    Just keep the bandage on 😭😭

  55. Sofia__ Solis

    Sofia__ Solis4 timmar sedan

    Me gustan sus musicas

  56. Michael Mirabile

    Michael Mirabile4 timmar sedan

    This song makes an awesome ringtone. The bass vibrates your phone as much as the vibration mechanism. I haven’t missed a call since I got it.

  57. Stephanie Miller

    Stephanie Miller4 timmar sedan

    He has a VERY Unique voice and in my opinion one of the BEST of our time!!

  58. Hoofler

    Hoofler4 timmar sedan

    Am I the only one getting HEAVY Michael Jackson vibes here...? I feel like MJ would have loved this song/video were he alive right now...

  59. THEyoungROOK

    THEyoungROOK4 timmar sedan

    Pepsi brought me here

  60. claude bighungr big mac

    claude bighungr big mac4 timmar sedan

    im watching for air crash compilation music

  61. Money

    Money4 timmar sedan

    Hearing this song for the first time smoking a spliff

  62. Ruben Urrutia

    Ruben Urrutia4 timmar sedan

    Love this Rola!

  63. chyna lynna

    chyna lynna4 timmar sedan

    God I love this album

  64. Japa MC

    Japa MC4 timmar sedan

    Única música com um ritmo bom e contagiante, os clipes e a história por trás kkkk é bizarro e assustador!

  65. VELASQUEZ SEGURA Kiara Naomy

    VELASQUEZ SEGURA Kiara Naomy4 timmar sedan

    What's do You fase

  66. Sara373 Shh

    Sara373 Shh4 timmar sedan

    I love this video so much, I love you, Abel 🤤

  67. Seyni Dramé

    Seyni Dramé4 timmar sedan

    Like for the WIKND in GTA

  68. emmy krz

    emmy krz4 timmar sedan

    cant believe its almost been a year. seems like just yesterday this song came out during quarantine

  69. david rmadrid

    david rmadrid4 timmar sedan

    Gives me a joker vibe the way his scars on his face look almost like the jokers and how his choreography of how the joker playful little walk and points his gun at people pretending to shoot them

  70. Josh Winkleblech

    Josh Winkleblech4 timmar sedan

    mark my words: when quarantine is over and people are out partying again this song is gonna become one of if not THE top song in the world. It's a late bloomer that's going to stay in bloom for a long flippin time.

  71. sflake

    sflake4 timmar sedan

    We can all agree this is gonna be GTA Taking place in the 80’s

  72. 遙陽架穏瑠

    遙陽架穏瑠4 timmar sedan



    MIR FARSHAD4 timmar sedan

    if jefree star and Kanye had a baby

  74. JoeyIsBadAtYT

    JoeyIsBadAtYT4 timmar sedan

    Look at that chad chin

  75. Crash//Burn Crash//Burn

    Crash//Burn Crash//Burn4 timmar sedan

    Satan sent me here!

  76. entertainment

    entertainment4 timmar sedan


  77. De todo un poco

    De todo un poco4 timmar sedan

    Me encanta es nostalgico

  78. Pierø - TØP

    Pierø - TØP4 timmar sedan

    Pwto Grammy :(

  79. Prajwol Dangol

    Prajwol Dangol4 timmar sedan

    What a performance..

  80. De todo un poco

    De todo un poco4 timmar sedan

    Me encanta es nistalgico