I find that chemistry is often taught poorly or without a purpose. Because of this, people tend to lose interest and sometimes even start to hate it. In each video that I make, I try to balance theory with purpose. My goal is to show the natural beauty of chemistry in fun and interesting ways.

In terms of education, I have a BSc in Biochemistry, with a minor in pharmacology. However, I've always been a lot more drawn to applied chemistry. So after finishing my degree, I worked as a lab tech in an organic lab and then as a chemistry grad student. However, I ended up leaving my graduate studies early to focus on this channel. Now, making chemistry videos has become my full-time job.

Making transparent wood
Making superconductors

Making superconductors

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Making glow toys from scratch
Making aerogel
Making uranium glass
Making raspberry perfume
What is Fool's Gold?
Developing my own photos
  1. Integration Of Man and Machine

    Integration Of Man and MachineTimme sedan

    Very nice tutorial. Now i can keep my gasoline safe in those ampoules!

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    coco popsTimme sedan

    Forbidden coke

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    4:43 Citric Acid, "A Home Essential." Guess I'd better go on Amazon then.

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    hypoamogus acid


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    Can you find the cure of Covid 19 for us?

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    Yall do realize we just watched how to make a pipe bomb safely lol

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    My friend i have a Question that i could not find its answer please help. I used to carry out a car battery on my car and it flipped over the carpet and i had to change it but the smell still on the car it is very smelly in a way that i can not drive my car. If you can help please do

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    @ 15:10 jawn look like a piece of butter 😂

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    It melts at 98°C? Boiling water is cheaper than mineral oil. /s

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    Why are there so many French words in chemicals?

  16. Tristan

    TristanTimme sedan

    Maybe try by shaking it and letting it rest for days before draining the solvant out

  17. Joovis plays trash

    Joovis plays trashTimme sedan

    I work at a dollerama that sells those very almonds ;)

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    Hans de GrootTimme sedan

    It's for sure an interesting video, but too complicated for me. (and or too long). So yes, I admit that I didn't watch all of it. I skipped to the end but then I didn't understand it anymore. I must say though, that I expected something totally different. More in the style of the SEtoos woodworking content maker from Australia, Pask makes. He made a video about real transparent wood, very thin wood shaving. Well transparent in that case is not the exact expression for that. But was wood through what you can see (not read). He made a lamp shade out of it. No chemicals were involved..

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    Why am I watching this

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    he taught me more then my teachers

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    What does his dad do, that lead him to own a visible light spectrometer

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    Yes that math was relatively simple

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    people would check if coins were real back in the day by biting and bending them

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    It's basically not a piece of wood anymore. It's similar to how fossils formed, the original tissue has been washed away, leaving behind only the texture.

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    Since hes english i hope he had a license for the second part when he distilled the alcohol, as its illegal to do it in the uk without 1

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    I don't drink energy drinks for the caffeine. I drink them because they have such diverse, complex, full-bodied flavors. Soda is way too sweet. I would love caffeine free energy drink flavors

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    Deem 21 mill views

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    _"A paper I found online claimed that lemon juice has about 1.44 grams of citric acid per ounce."_ Mixing SI units and Imperial units... blasphemy!

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