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Holo everyone, it's me Cristine. I'm not like other nail art channels. \n\\n\nFollow me everywhere, cause you're a stalker:\nInstagram: @simplynailogical\nMy cats' Instagrams: @menchiethecat @zylerthecat\nSnapchat: simplynailogica (no "L"!)\nFacebook: Simply Nailogical\nTwitter: @nailogical\n\nSend me whatever you want! Nail polish, drawings of my cats, locks of your hair, anything goes (please skip illegal contraband)!\nCristine / Simply Nailogical\nP.O. Box 35051 Westgate\nOttawa, ON\nK1Z 1A2\nCANADA\n(Companies: Please contact me first, ty!)

Trying 2021 Nail Art Trends
What's Wrong With My Face
I Broke My Nail Again

I Broke My Nail Again

8 månader sedan

Staying Home With My Cats

Staying Home With My Cats

10 månader sedan

Curling My Hair With Bananas
Thank you

Thank you

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  1. unbelibrable

    unbelibrable42 minuter sedan

    My mom is allergic to acetone so this would probably be great for her

  2. bad girl

    bad girl45 minuter sedan

    Be careful what you wish for Ben

  3. Knara Knara

    Knara Knara50 minuter sedan

    I confidently recommend *cent_hakk* on INSTAGRAM he got my account recovered He is really good 💯💯💯

  4. Knara Knara

    Knara Knara50 minuter sedan

    I confidently recommend *cent_hakk* on INSTAGRAM he got my account recovered He is really good 💯💯💯

  5. Erin Marrash

    Erin MarrashTimme sedan

    Could use star shaped glitters

  6. nobody

    nobodyTimme sedan

    we need holo-tea for u im serious

  7. Kylie Lucas

    Kylie LucasTimme sedan

    i got an idea: nail polish with tea in it?

  8. Maddie L

    Maddie LTimme sedan

    She is acknowledging the US’s problems and she isn’t even American...

  9. g alvs

    g alvsTimme sedan

    hahahahaha cristine

  10. Raya X

    Raya XTimme sedan

    So... dumb question. Why shouldn’t you shake your nail polish? 😂

  11. grace shilpa

    grace shilpa2 timmar sedan

    daddy cool

  12. Pixel Playz

    Pixel Playz2 timmar sedan

    did anyone else see at 5:10 that you could see the MrBeast nail already

  13. aesthetic_ clouds

    aesthetic_ clouds2 timmar sedan

    those Kylie Jenner polishes just suck its not a batch problem.

  14. michele fleming

    michele fleming2 timmar sedan

    I'm a nurse all you have to do is put a fucking bandaid on it

  15. Leona Morrissey

    Leona Morrissey2 timmar sedan

    "Is this website saying I'm the meme?" I immediately got an add after that lmao idk y that was so funny to me but it was

  16. Bailey Giese

    Bailey Giese2 timmar sedan

    Can we just appreciate the fact that Matt put the little gem on his nose, and legit just kept it on there. Idk how many times I've seen this video, but it's been a lot. And I have never noticed that but it is by far one of the best things.

  17. Leona Morrissey

    Leona Morrissey2 timmar sedan

    Cristine better have bought that sweetheart her luncheon!!!😂❤

  18. Emilia Tinglöf

    Emilia Tinglöf2 timmar sedan

    “Tell me something I don’t know” Before surgery rabbits should eat as usual, unlike dogs or cats rabbits don’t have a gag reflex and won’t throw up during surgery👍

  19. Saturn

    Saturn2 timmar sedan

    I think my hubby’s feet are too ticklish for this but I’ll have to try sometime lol

  20. Angela Pamula

    Angela Pamula3 timmar sedan

    2040 nope still here

  21. Knara Knara

    Knara Knara3 timmar sedan

    It's now clear that he is cheating on me after meeting *cent_hakk* on INSTAGRAM who hack me his password which I use to login into his account just wanna say thank

  22. Knara Knara

    Knara Knara3 timmar sedan

    It's now clear that he is cheating on me after meeting *cent_hakk* on INSTAGRAM who hack me his password which I use to login into his account just wanna say thank

  23. Amanda

    Amanda3 timmar sedan

    I like you a little bit more knowing you listened to the used 🤘

  24. Mary Joy Espina

    Mary Joy Espina3 timmar sedan

    You look like that doctor who accidentally incriminated the girl from jane the virgin

  25. Guest the best

    Guest the best3 timmar sedan

    I saw the video why would you try to move le desk

  26. Livelifeloving Hi

    Livelifeloving Hi3 timmar sedan

    Haha demoney

  27. Bear Bon

    Bear Bon3 timmar sedan

    Fancy sprinkles is constantly using prism powders in their drinks, it would be really cool to do a bit with that


    Phoebe THECRAZYCATGIRL3 timmar sedan

    Ben's brother: talking about math Me: takes out my math book and takes notes

  29. KB - 07SD 761218 Sir William Gage MS

    KB - 07SD 761218 Sir William Gage MS3 timmar sedan

    I just love it so much when she goes “ BENnN “😂😂😂

  30. Beaner Girl

    Beaner Girl3 timmar sedan

    The what do you think montage in it's early stage. Not as aggressive but still intimidating

  31. KRose and Pen

    KRose and Pen4 timmar sedan

    Cristine: “and its a dark dark future” Me in 2020 ptsd: you have absolutely NO IDEA.

  32. mia frye

    mia frye4 timmar sedan

    wish i still had the picture of when i painted thug life on my nails with that font😩 took so much time

  33. Natalia Allen

    Natalia Allen4 timmar sedan

    I don’t know why but she reminds me SO much like Jenna Marbles

  34. **GachaLover**

    **GachaLover**4 timmar sedan

    When I first saw this channel I literally said this in front of my mom and I'm a kid and did not care. "Ima subscribe to this bitch." Lol not joking

  35. grace shilpa

    grace shilpa4 timmar sedan

    can you do nail art wit only one nail polish bottle and a celo tape 😁

  36. grace shilpa

    grace shilpa4 timmar sedan

    i love simply nailogical

  37. Jackie Dismore

    Jackie Dismore4 timmar sedan

    All of my polishes dry up and I am not able to use them anymore. What is the secret to keeping them fresh?

  38. Charlotte Webb

    Charlotte Webb4 timmar sedan

    the perfect part of a song for simply i think im loosing my miind tryna stay inside the lineees

  39. Random stuff with Izzy

    Random stuff with Izzy4 timmar sedan

    Why does the photoshop make her look like a merge of Nikki herself and the queen of hearts

  40. Silvaria

    Silvaria4 timmar sedan

    why dont you put the watermark in the middle?

  41. Among Blue

    Among Blue4 timmar sedan

    She swears bcs her middle finger nail was broken.

  42. aryanna arendt

    aryanna arendt5 timmar sedan

    its 2021 now holo

  43. Abby Alder

    Abby Alder5 timmar sedan

    The slimy mist frustratingly twist because copper univariately bathe next a unkempt george. actually, lewd bacon

  44. Natalie Wood

    Natalie Wood5 timmar sedan

    dang i think i missed it lol

  45. Toco Cat

    Toco Cat5 timmar sedan

    When she said that she’s never met a homophobic person I was like “Must be nice, I live with homophobic people and it sucks ass” 🥲🥲🥲🥲

  46. random alex and stuff

    random alex and stuff5 timmar sedan

    I watched grays to I love grays I have wachd it 7 times

  47. kate aberdesme

    kate aberdesme5 timmar sedan

    you should do the LED light challenge that the beauty gurus were doing and apply it to nail art!!

  48. Elena Stennett

    Elena Stennett5 timmar sedan

    That- cristine that's Portuguese

  49. evelynn tune

    evelynn tune5 timmar sedan

    When Cristina is repremds ben its bad Ben snifing nail polish

  50. Marissa Curry

    Marissa Curry5 timmar sedan

    Titanium white

  51. Kkokichi ouma

    Kkokichi ouma5 timmar sedan

    14:03 meat beyyynnntrina 😊

  52. Gemma Slater

    Gemma Slater5 timmar sedan

    Dude I had this when I was little and it wouldn't even turn on

  53. Lazy_potato 7

    Lazy_potato 75 timmar sedan

    My nails are thin and then break what do I do

  54. Camila Aguirre

    Camila Aguirre5 timmar sedan

    Oh no was I born this year and then travel back in time no I wasn’t Right You will never know 😜

  55. Camila Aguirre

    Camila Aguirre6 timmar sedan

    I have eczema

  56. Cindy Challender

    Cindy Challender6 timmar sedan

    Oh yeah, Lets use the 60's and 70' (ugly) colors. Like I really want to go through that time period again(not on your life. Once was enough!) That green reminds me of changing baby diapers after they eat peas.

  57. A n n a

    A n n a6 timmar sedan

    School hack #11 and 12 are from Natalies Outlet I think lol Edit : school hack #15 is from RCL beauty I think

  58. the style of colors

    the style of colors6 timmar sedan

    Poor ben

  59. Belly Jelly Pepper

    Belly Jelly Pepper6 timmar sedan

    And two (w)rights make an Airplane

  60. Fiona Davis

    Fiona Davis6 timmar sedan

    Who thinks Christine did a AMAZING JOB!

  61. Ella Syhakhoun

    Ella Syhakhoun6 timmar sedan

    Who else thinks Cristine is so pretty with her hair down

  62. Emily Roseborough

    Emily Roseborough7 timmar sedan

    Your makeup is 🔥🔥🔥 in this!