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I Took An L Here...
Why I Left Twitter

Why I Left Twitter

Månad sedan

I'm Having A Kid?

I'm Having A Kid?

Månad sedan

Why Was This Created?!?!

Why Was This Created?!?!

2 månader sedan

Why I Got Banned...

Why I Got Banned...

2 månader sedan

Try Not To Laugh (Fail Edition)
What did Jake Paul Say To Me?


2 månader sedan

Paying Money Everytime I Laugh
I Got Roasted In GTA V

I Got Roasted In GTA V

3 månader sedan

I Got Backstabbed...

I Got Backstabbed...

3 månader sedan

Ricegum is down BAD

Ricegum is down BAD

3 månader sedan

I Actually Didn't Laugh

I Actually Didn't Laugh

3 månader sedan

Among Us Gone Wrong

Among Us Gone Wrong

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  1. Hard Enduro Bosnia

    Hard Enduro Bosnia10 timmar sedan

    Thought the title said "Ramadan edition" for a sec 😅

  2. Omar Gamboa

    Omar Gamboa10 timmar sedan

    Make a video on what happened today with Floyd and jake and Logan plz !!

  3. Juliën Somotaroeno

    Juliën Somotaroeno10 timmar sedan

    Yo JJ Big fan man. just wanted to ask have you seen the brawl between Jake Pale and Floyd Mayweather. Big up man from Suriname

  4. tempus

    tempus10 timmar sedan

    When I WAS fat???

  5. ReactiveRBoss Network

    ReactiveRBoss Network11 timmar sedan

    Deji really got mad at JJ for being an older bro

  6. Walter

    Walter11 timmar sedan


  7. Haymaker

    Haymaker11 timmar sedan

    Mans making every excuse

  8. Aaron Hutchinson

    Aaron Hutchinson11 timmar sedan

    I miss these videos. 🥲 Love seeing how happy KSI is..

  9. Ahron Dale Delantar

    Ahron Dale Delantar11 timmar sedan

    not verified? sus

  10. Diego Preciado

    Diego Preciado11 timmar sedan

    i could listen to ksi saying patatas fritas for days

  11. ShaDoW Clan

    ShaDoW Clan11 timmar sedan


  12. reyzerdragon

    reyzerdragon11 timmar sedan

    Evriwon gou tu May neu SEtoos Chanel

  13. The Fire Samurai

    The Fire Samurai11 timmar sedan

    No wonder his dad left him, I would leave him. 😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  14. Samnang Dara

    Samnang Dara11 timmar sedan

    8:59 that what she said

  15. ayo smd

    ayo smd11 timmar sedan

    Miss these days watching this video

  16. FootyManagerTV

    FootyManagerTV11 timmar sedan

    He really said Arsenal like he’s a fan

  17. Josiah Day

    Josiah Day11 timmar sedan

    How many times does This man say oh yo

  18. Takkan Saada

    Takkan Saada11 timmar sedan

    My Best Friends Women Tahzeem Zahra. Haider .

  19. Matt A

    Matt A11 timmar sedan

    Do it jj screw him up

  20. T Ehee

    T Ehee11 timmar sedan

    I think we could all tell KSI was genuinely trying really hard not to peep a smile at some of these

  21. Takkan Saada

    Takkan Saada11 timmar sedan

    Ksi my girlfriend Anne women .? LoL Funny 😁😁😀😂😂😂😂😂yes looks love t.v. SEtoos video . Computer . 😂😂😂😂☝👆✌👏💪💓

  22. RazPlayz!

    RazPlayz!11 timmar sedan

    0:35 i can already see him laughing

  23. Mark Wickmann

    Mark Wickmann11 timmar sedan

    Keep in mind this is the man with knowledge strength and integrity in permanent ink on himself 💀

  24. Eldar Hasanli

    Eldar Hasanli11 timmar sedan

    "why dont the camels have masks" -JJ olatunji

  25. SirSammy YT

    SirSammy YT11 timmar sedan

    I can’t tell the difference between the laugh in the music video and JJs laugh

  26. Viventius Cuyugan

    Viventius Cuyugan11 timmar sedan

    he dead bro no cap

  27. HA - 09ZZ 929806 Bramalea SS

    HA - 09ZZ 929806 Bramalea SS11 timmar sedan

    5:25 that voice crack tho

  28. Pap

    Pap11 timmar sedan

    Mans literally so rich he can just toss out my family income to donate like its $100 to him

  29. Lethal V1S1ON

    Lethal V1S1ON11 timmar sedan

    “I swear kangaroos are bigger”😂

  30. sergio vilca

    sergio vilca11 timmar sedan

    I can’t wait for jj to react to Floyd and jp lmaooo

  31. MyChemRomanceLover X

    MyChemRomanceLover X11 timmar sedan

    Welp. 💀

  32. Karthik Pratheep

    Karthik Pratheep11 timmar sedan

    Someone plz put Jake getting slapped up by Floyd Mayweather on JJ’s reddit

  33. IVDrazzyyyIV

    IVDrazzyyyIV11 timmar sedan

    Ksi react to the floyd and jake paul fight hahah

  34. Samuel Gizaw

    Samuel Gizaw11 timmar sedan

    Anyone here after the Jake Mayweather brawl, can't wait to see JJ's reaction when he wakes up in England time😂

  35. William Hazzard

    William Hazzard11 timmar sedan


  36. Kyle Fleming

    Kyle Fleming11 timmar sedan

    I can't wait for him to react to the interview with Logan and Floyd, that's gonna be funny af

  37. Tristian McLeod

    Tristian McLeod11 timmar sedan

    I like how you try to sit here and make a funny video out of this but won’t even fight Jake or anyone else for that fact lmao

  38. Damian Zoras

    Damian Zoras11 timmar sedan

    6:21 to 6:39

  39. Jordan Wolhuter

    Jordan Wolhuter11 timmar sedan

    Feb 25 2021 is passed though

  40. Baliso Soufal

    Baliso Soufal11 timmar sedan

    Imagine fi GG get cancelled for people who does'nt even what gender they are and they be like:"them/they" 😂😂😂😂fuck U if U one of them

  41. Kubas

    Kubas11 timmar sedan

    8:35 i really thought that to see jj without the bandana is as rare as to see kakashi without his mask

  42. Wolf assassin gamer

    Wolf assassin gamer11 timmar sedan

    KSI react to the Jake Paul vs Floyd Mayweather

  43. Since 5 months ago

    Since 5 months ago12 timmar sedan

    11:43 I laughed so much it was hard to breathe

  44. Drought9

    Drought912 timmar sedan

    Bro that video of Jake was like 2 years ago

  45. Pathos Official

    Pathos Official12 timmar sedan


  46. r҉e҉d҉h҉e҉a҉d҉e҉d҉ ҉ ҉p҉s҉y҉c҉h҉o҉

    r҉e҉d҉h҉e҉a҉d҉e҉d҉ ҉ ҉p҉s҉y҉c҉h҉o҉12 timmar sedan

    the girl asking about his breath and over things giving him the truth... jj complaining about it seems like he doesn't want the truth and would rather lies about his songs... if you'll get what I mean there

  47. RazPlayz!

    RazPlayz!12 timmar sedan

    4:40 JJ: "Yes I 100% fully agree with you"

  48. MissInfinity

    MissInfinity12 timmar sedan

    Please react to jake paul getting clapped by floyd!!

  49. pussinboots Is me

    pussinboots Is me12 timmar sedan

    3:33 literally no one talks like this, only the bad rapping kids or those kind of guys who keep wearing "hip hop" shit (which is basically a big chain and sunglasses with white tank tops).. Both of them are annoying af

  50. Josh Laws

    Josh Laws12 timmar sedan

    2021 and can confirm no q&a sunday

  51. Zafir Siddiqui

    Zafir Siddiqui12 timmar sedan

    Big up mo for the next level editing And syncing


    LIT LUNATIC12 timmar sedan

    Niko Omilano : We shall meet KSI we shall meet

  53. rednekk67

    rednekk6712 timmar sedan

    Dude i didn't think jjs forehead was that fucking big

  54. Mike Henderson

    Mike Henderson12 timmar sedan

    Boxing is becoming a joke!

  55. Shrek

    Shrek12 timmar sedan


  56. Evan Brown

    Evan Brown12 timmar sedan

    Love the new intro


    XTENCIONCORD12 timmar sedan

    Mo is playing with fire

  58. Dhishaal

    Dhishaal12 timmar sedan

    the first reveal of juan is in red alert

  59. Npc I'm knot

    Npc I'm knot12 timmar sedan

    logan just lost becuase of jake lol.. took all the spotlight away.

  60. Ovallife

    Ovallife12 timmar sedan

    2:31 then pause

  61. Burger Man

    Burger Man12 timmar sedan

    Ksi needs to start fighting soon Bc jake is staying active which gives him the advantage. Jane has another fight in September. Ksi hasn’t fought on almost 2 years

  62. Luke C.

    Luke C.12 timmar sedan

    I wish floyd knew the guy who beat logan😂😂

  63. Niggaman -3-

    Niggaman -3-12 timmar sedan

    The only part of “knowledge” we get from jj

  64. Random- Imposters

    Random- Imposters12 timmar sedan

    React to jake Paul vs May Weather

  65. Hampton vlog Hampton

    Hampton vlog Hampton12 timmar sedan

    jake had more top charts

  66. qcgamerworld

    qcgamerworld12 timmar sedan

    They calla liquid Gas hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah

  67. Mehran1up

    Mehran1up12 timmar sedan

    It’s Niko not neeeko

  68. Arnav Prasad

    Arnav Prasad12 timmar sedan

    I cant he had this much support but t-series won I am Indian btw

  69. SuperKpill

    SuperKpill12 timmar sedan

    Ben had hip surgery before the fight.

  70. Hampton vlog Hampton

    Hampton vlog Hampton12 timmar sedan

    like you said when you were reacting to fresh outta london

  71. Reshi

    Reshi12 timmar sedan

    waiting for pt.2 of this video after floyd v jake fight broke out

  72. Owen Matheson

    Owen Matheson12 timmar sedan

    At 10:00 it sounds like me after taco bel

  73. Andri Snær Sigmarsson

    Andri Snær Sigmarsson12 timmar sedan


  74. Saroun

    Saroun12 timmar sedan

    Logan can beat may weather... at reading

  75. Papi Sicarioo

    Papi Sicarioo12 timmar sedan

    Floyd just realized he put him self in a circus-mess🤡🤡

  76. PsyFinn

    PsyFinn12 timmar sedan


  77. David broadchat

    David broadchat12 timmar sedan

    feb 25th 2021 already gone tho.........

  78. Kevin Gs WK

    Kevin Gs WK12 timmar sedan

    0:41 SUS

  79. Ka Paul

    Ka Paul12 timmar sedan

    Ksi will never fight jake lol. He stopped his claims of becoming pro boxer

  80. Shomie

    Shomie13 timmar sedan

    8:34 When ur mom comes to check up on you but she stays in there for a cool hour Pause the video to get the joke😂😂