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The Story of How We Met

2 månader sedan

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Trying to Predict 2021!

2 månader sedan

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  1. Cody

    Cody10 timmar sedan

    13 years ago. My god, what am I doing with my life

  2. Taylor Race

    Taylor Race11 timmar sedan

    when i watch their content i feel like i get stuck in 2015 and it’s scary

  3. ladlevi • 8 years ago

    ladlevi • 8 years ago13 timmar sedan

    it's ironic coming back to this video cause when i watched it for the first time i fell in love with the idea of getting snake bites, then over time forgot about it, but now here i am however many years later, contemplating getting snake bites of my own accord and realising technically dan howell inspired that idea. full circle.

  4. Iphi K

    Iphi K13 timmar sedan

    :0000 danñyyy

  5. kitkatliz1495

    kitkatliz149513 timmar sedan

    Okay that went so much better than I was expecting

  6. kitkatliz1495

    kitkatliz149513 timmar sedan


  7. Fluorescent Rose

    Fluorescent Rose14 timmar sedan

    I had to go to the optometrist because I see rainbow halos around lights and stuff, so they thought I needed glasses and they put that machine on and the normal machines and everything, (including the one that bloody blows into your eyes!)...then they put me in a different room and I had to put my head in this weird one-eye-at-a-time machine and I had to look at all these different spots that would appear (for both my eyes) and press a red button it was like getting a hearing test. In the end my eyesight was perfect and I don’t need glasses, I continue to see rainbow halos around lights and other things. lol.

  8. Amnah Almutairi

    Amnah Almutairi14 timmar sedan

    This is exactly 3 years ago :) today is March 8, 2021

  9. AntiqueAva

    AntiqueAva14 timmar sedan

    I can’t believe I started watching them when I was 12 and now I’m in university,, I love you guys so much this video was perfect

  10. Julia Wale

    Julia Wale15 timmar sedan

    this is so chaotic i love it

  11. _Bubble _Wolfiee_Arts_

    _Bubble _Wolfiee_Arts_16 timmar sedan

    I love how soft and shy Dan used to sound.

  12. Karin H

    Karin H16 timmar sedan

    I would LOVE another one of these if you ever feel like taking another trip down memory lane, Phil

  13. Raluca Clinci

    Raluca Clinci17 timmar sedan

    I miss The Sims. What happened to Dill

  14. Kaylee Martinez

    Kaylee Martinez17 timmar sedan


  15. LT Trickster

    LT Trickster17 timmar sedan

    Burger King is called hungry jack due to copyright problems as a small company was already called burger king which means they had to change the name.I only know this because of food theory

  16. Louloubieberful

    Louloubieberful18 timmar sedan

    It ain’t chilling but it will be thrilling 😂😂😂

  17. Ludovica

    Ludovica18 timmar sedan

    I can't stop thinking about what would happen if they did this now, they would just be open about it and go like ''yeah it's gay stuff''

  18. Ludovica

    Ludovica18 timmar sedan

    this is one of their gayest videos ever (after their coming outs)

  19. camryn

    camryn18 timmar sedan


  20. Kate Amelia

    Kate Amelia18 timmar sedan


  21. kitkatliz1495

    kitkatliz149519 timmar sedan

    Fun fact, saliva has an antidepressant compound in it! There's a theory about that being why comfort eating is a thing!

  22. elianstan

    elianstan19 timmar sedan

    cheesy sparkling water... should middle eastern phil stans tell him abt doogh or should we let him live peacefully without that knowledge

  23. slate is boring

    slate is boring21 timme sedan

    i am forcing my twitter mutual to watch this i’m so sorry bestie

  24. Giorgia M

    Giorgia M21 timme sedan

    Dan doesn’t know what a fruit salad is???? Wow you think you know someone

  25. Ana Paula Bustamante

    Ana Paula Bustamante21 timme sedan

    Me watching this back in 2021, IT ALL CAME TRUUUEEE

  26. nekotato chan

    nekotato chan23 timmar sedan

    "a couple- Me:OMGOMGOMGOMG of guys"

  27. Felix’s Freckles

    Felix’s FrecklesDag sedan

    James Charles is quaking in his boots rn

  28. Ele Eline

    Ele ElineDag sedan

    Comfort video check ☑️

  29. Just A Person

    Just A PersonDag sedan

    Phils orchid!!! Has flowers!!!! He kept it alive!!!

  30. chloe fox

    chloe foxDag sedan

    phil naming the train guy blaine just makes me think of darren criss with his gelled down hair and a face full of piercings😭

  31. gumi

    gumiDag sedan

    the fact that this is in my recommended is so...

  32. h0pl3s5 h34rt5

    h0pl3s5 h34rt5Dag sedan

    currently thinking about how there could be someone who finds dan and phil through this video

  33. Broken Princess

    Broken PrincessDag sedan

    15 years later, what how ankshsnd

  34. Hildalilja

    HildaliljaDag sedan

    You should be on The dodo lol

  35. Maddy Arana

    Maddy AranaDag sedan

    High me doesn't appreciate you throwing the camera on the bean bag. |D

  36. Tylah O

    Tylah ODag sedan

    i just wanna know how the dil rapper is going

  37. Fatima Lalla

    Fatima LallaDag sedan

    My parental figures have arrived.

  38. Joseph Rogers

    Joseph RogersDag sedan

    The Armie Hammer one did not age very well.

  39. Fatima Lalla

    Fatima LallaDag sedan

    "sugar freak" sounded like a pet nameeeee

  40. Fatima Lalla

    Fatima LallaDag sedan


  41. Elzex 04

    Elzex 04Dag sedan

    Dam I miss this <3

  42. justabandlover x

    justabandlover xDag sedan

    I'm so proud of their growth. ♡ They've truly created such a safe space together, which even after a long time remains just as strong 🥺

  43. JessVision

    JessVisionDag sedan

    Crying over this being their first apartment now they're building a house together to move into I'm

  44. Genevieve Blackburn

    Genevieve BlackburnDag sedan

    "quiff!" *foreshadowing*

  45. Bobbi

    BobbiDag sedan

    Imma start saying Licwore now

  46. Grace Mackinnon

    Grace MackinnonDag sedan

    I envy young me getting to watch all of these for the first time 😭

  47. Felix’s Freckles

    Felix’s FrecklesDag sedan

    I can’t the NO sound it gets me every video•,-,•

  48. Krista Nichol

    Krista NicholDag sedan

    Dan cackling in this absolutely killed me

  49. ainsley grace

    ainsley graceDag sedan

    i love u

  50. Iida's Uncle

    Iida's UncleDag sedan

    Totally not having a PINOF marathon and crying cause there was no PINOF last year

  51. eman ahsan

    eman ahsanDag sedan

    carbord cings

  52. megalenzby xx

    megalenzby xxDag sedan

    9 years ago... woah

  53. Ruby Mae D

    Ruby Mae DDag sedan

    When my heart will go on way playing, I was thinking of the dap lyrics not the real ones 😂

  54. WackySami

    WackySamiDag sedan

    Can’t tell if Phill said Sorry to the Camera for kicking it or if he apologized to us for the shake

  55. Niamh Scott

    Niamh ScottDag sedan

    I can't tell if Phil wore the Captain America shirt on purpose

  56. good boi

    good boiDag sedan


  57. Madison Coleslaw

    Madison ColeslawDag sedan

    I feel like I’m the .001% of strippers who watched this

  58. Cassie Mcdonald

    Cassie McdonaldDag sedan

    we all knew u pufff jk marry me

  59. X

    XDag sedan


  60. Evan Benjamin

    Evan BenjaminDag sedan

    honestly i want the cube just so i can say i have the cube™️

  61. Inés G. Gao

    Inés G. GaoDag sedan

    ...or the wisest wizard that ever wizarded. 😆😆😆😆

  62. Ele Eline

    Ele ElineDag sedan

    Omg even the music is so comforting

  63. Inés G. Gao

    Inés G. GaoDag sedan

    Can I just say... I don't find Ricardo to be a cooler name 😆😅

  64. Inés G. Gao

    Inés G. GaoDag sedan

    I never cOnsidered this 😂😂😂

  65. Inés G. Gao

    Inés G. GaoDag sedan

    I actually thought you'd just grown a beard and were sharing that new reality with us. Still thrilled to watch, though

  66. Claudia Connolly

    Claudia ConnollyDag sedan

    2021 anyone Ian lonely

  67. Xtheno 123

    Xtheno 123Dag sedan

    Do these two date

  68. Argenteoque Carpento

    Argenteoque CarpentoDag sedan

    0:44 JOJO DNDND

  69. page y

    page yDag sedan

    you guys got me through so so much when i was having a really rough time, coming to terms with being who i am. i’m so glad you guys are back and seeming to be happy ❤️

  70. Laragh Doyle

    Laragh DoyleDag sedan

    its 2021 and i have three essays to do but i decided to avoid my responsibilities by having a phil is not on fire marathon this is a cry for help

  71. abby poulson

    abby poulsonDag sedan

    “I dont know how to be a real person!” - Phil 2020 Relatable honestly

  72. Lasya Ramakrishnan

    Lasya RamakrishnanDag sedan

    phil really invented covid huh

  73. Dwight Schrute

    Dwight SchruteDag sedan

    12:04 I literally said Stevenson too as a random last name

  74. wiltedrosepetals

    wiltedrosepetalsDag sedan

    i love when y’all were talking about Fuji my cat came into the room

  75. 초록색이진해질때

    초록색이진해질때Dag sedan

    9:21 lol

  76. Zeta Alpha

    Zeta AlphaDag sedan

    2020 killed introversion.

  77. breanna marissa

    breanna marissaDag sedan

    shoutout to all my fellow phannies who subscribed in 7th grade and are now full fledged adults

  78. cherie ana

    cherie anaDag sedan

    Screaming at Phil’s expression at 20:02 Phil: “He’s been deciding where every plug goes in his new room” Dan: “As well as my other things” Phil: 😳

  79. amberXkpop

    amberXkpop2 dagar sedan

    Thank you so much for the shout out to Asexuals :D. It makes me feel loved and less out of place ^^.