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The Illusion Only Some Can See
Why Gravity is NOT a Force
Is Success Luck or Hard Work?
Is Dust Mostly Dead Skin?
Does Planet 9 Exist?
  1. BigBangThinking

    BigBangThinking8 timmar sedan

    What about an eclipse ? Should we have a bright spot in the center?

  2. HR Lincoln

    HR Lincoln8 timmar sedan

    This is the most fun I've ever had with holes!

  3. GrabitGo

    GrabitGo8 timmar sedan

    Dislikes exposing something!!

  4. Arsen

    Arsen8 timmar sedan

    Wait if moving clocks tick slover to stationary observers cant you just move one clock 500 meters to the left and the other one 500 meters to the right at the same speed at the same time, then calculate the delay and do the experiment. Would that fix it or am i stupid

  5. The Begotten.

    The Begotten.8 timmar sedan


  6. MCplays24

    MCplays248 timmar sedan

    Dude just microwave me and you’ll have an infinite supply of plasma I eat SOOOO many grapes

  7. bluegarson

    bluegarson8 timmar sedan

    Annoying music!!

  8. Lyn R

    Lyn R8 timmar sedan

    Gate's smirk sickens me. He has been aware from before he gave his 101 talk in October 2019 that Covid was being released into society. If he wasn't responsible, why didn't he make HCQ an approved treatment. Now we hear that Fauci and Beric were working on a Covid Vaccine in December 2019. Remembering Covid was only announced in 2020

  9. Nicolas Reid

    Nicolas Reid8 timmar sedan

    Wouldn't a balloon/zeppelin be a better alternative?

  10. Travis Patterson

    Travis Patterson8 timmar sedan

    The next crisis and pandemic that's easy to predict it's Democrats

  11. XSAVIER busy

    XSAVIER busy8 timmar sedan


  12. IntricaciesRus

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  13. Joa bt

    Joa bt8 timmar sedan

    i wonder if this can be used to tile video game terrain somehow

  14. Aaron Reid

    Aaron Reid8 timmar sedan

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  15. VrajTV

    VrajTV8 timmar sedan

    How about you send light from one point where is the timer and when it reaches other point you send a signal trough 5g signal?

  16. Priyansh Suryavanshi

    Priyansh Suryavanshi8 timmar sedan

    well,if speed of light is not same in different direction which means light must passes through a medium which is moving.and earlier this hypothesis was successfully established that light travels through a hyphothetical medium named ,ether,but this hyphothesis was disgarded by famous michalson -morley experiment which prooves that light travel with same speed in all direcions,hence,there is nothing of arguing about that spped of light in differnt directions will be different as ether hyphothesis was ruined.hope you get it"''..

  17. Priyansh Suryavanshi

    Priyansh Suryavanshi9 timmar sedan

    well,if speed of light is not same in different direction which means light must passes through a medium which is moving.and earlier this hypothesis was successfully established that light travels through a hyphothetical medium named ,ether,but this hyphothesis was disgarded by famous michalson -morley experiment which prooves that light travel with same speed in all direcions,hence,there is nothing of arguing about that spped of light in differnt directions will be different as ether hyphothesis was ruined.hope you get it"''..

  18. MyHiPoFro

    MyHiPoFro9 timmar sedan

    Woooooow, your explanation of the algorithm was eye opening. Totally mind blowing actually. 🤔🤯

  19. Shoto Todoroki

    Shoto Todoroki9 timmar sedan

    no one: the comments: *_LAYS_*

  20. BluntHunter

    BluntHunter9 timmar sedan

    So basically aerogel is like our atmosphere

  21. saddo mc baddo

    saddo mc baddo9 timmar sedan

    idk how or why this came up in my recommendations but im so glad it did

  22. Ellie X.

    Ellie X.9 timmar sedan

    Who else doesnt trust this "oh look here is the problem and we will sell you the solution" thing?

  23. AvneetKaurBhogal

    AvneetKaurBhogal9 timmar sedan

    Fun fact: This channel got its name "Veritasium" from Veritaserum(the truth potion in Harry Potter)

  24. NerdOracle

    NerdOracle9 timmar sedan

    proud to say my natural inclination was to propose 16, 32, 64 like most people would, then to propose a second string of numbers multiplying by a factor of 2, and my third thought was to propose a string of numbers that disregards ascending order

  25. Dewott Entertainment

    Dewott Entertainment9 timmar sedan

    I have a Lack of info in my Brain How am I not dead?

  26. kourosh zakipour

    kourosh zakipour9 timmar sedan

    me with epilepsy: 😮

  27. raouf moussa

    raouf moussa9 timmar sedan

    Actually, it's simpler than that, the acceleration of the objects towards earth (gravity) is the same, but because the mass is different we have to work more to prevent the heavier ball from following its path to the center of the earth, and that's why we feel it heavy because we are applying more force to hold it in our hands, and that is due to its mass and not gravity

  28. ulu

    ulu9 timmar sedan

    oh but what if water wasnt wet but instead dry? and what if up was down, or how would earth be, if air was instead lava?

  29. Kimter Chheng

    Kimter Chheng9 timmar sedan

    I don’t understand any part of this video at all 😃

  30. Stockton Laker

    Stockton Laker9 timmar sedan

    Why can you measure the pulse to turn the B clock on. Like he said the clock would be off if you put them a kilometer apart then tried to turn them both on at the same time because the signal to turn on the clock that was a kilometer away would travel at the speed of light and therefore not be instantaneous. But then couldn’t you just do that then see the difference between the two clocks and use that as the time it took for light to travel a kilometer?

  31. The Batch

    The Batch9 timmar sedan

    We're so screwed when the future super AI sees what we've done to robots...

  32. Mr. Suave

    Mr. Suave9 timmar sedan


  33. Julien

    Julien9 timmar sedan

    6:25 Salut e-penser !


    WIFIGHOST CRUISER9 timmar sedan

    Science is fantastic! When you get into the branches of this psychology crap it's pseudoscience & BS. In this world there are liars, damn Liars, and statistics.

  35. Autumn Underwood

    Autumn Underwood9 timmar sedan

    OMG he created the pandemic, he had a hand it. He wants to kill off the less fortunate, bio engineer yup you said it loud and clear! He helped create this scam, he is not a scientist he is an engineer nanno tech vackseens. Check out bitchite there is alot of great information out there just have to find it. RND what is that? You sir are not gonna get away with this COVID IS Certificate Of Vaccination Identification 19 is the year yeah, the virus hasn't been isolated, and yet we the people are taking this scam hook line and sinker. Where did the Flu go? This virus has completely ended the FLU season. And you make Billions with their help, non profit my ass. Big pharma doesn't make money on healthy people. Smug smile cause he is a sheep in wolfs clothing! Very cheap J and J all vaccines are supposed to be free. Wow just wow, I do my home work just a few things to throw out here to get that huge noggin thinking for itself. Don't mean to make people mad and save the hate comments, but for christ sake people wake up!

  36. Cello Malvin

    Cello Malvin9 timmar sedan

    4:40 omg i thought the sun was dead

  37. Dheeraja Kolli

    Dheeraja Kolli9 timmar sedan

    He is talking to the camera that might have helped

  38. Eldrin Dayagro

    Eldrin Dayagro9 timmar sedan

    If there was a mosquito there it would be like a chopper

  39. Jo Bettaque

    Jo Bettaque9 timmar sedan

    The production on this is outstanding!

  40. Tuturu

    Tuturu9 timmar sedan

    0:48 Mmh monke

  41. TechMantra

    TechMantra9 timmar sedan

    Simulation broke. Run it again.

  42. Im Hoping

    Im Hoping9 timmar sedan

    Probably cause most venomous animals in cold climate froze to death lols.

  43. Hugo Nilsson

    Hugo Nilsson9 timmar sedan

    "im not saying it will be a huge disaster" just a few billion people getting their homes destroyed, and no food being available because all the farmland has been destroyed 🤷

  44. B l o o m p

    B l o o m p9 timmar sedan

    Well, so you asked Belzébuth how to prepare the next desaster... ..... Hope you were entertained !

  45. tjohnx tjohnx

    tjohnx tjohnx9 timmar sedan

    how can a greedy boy and his father that stymied the evolution of computer software technology now be an expert on anything and everything..... well as a narcissist their opinion is fact apparently

  46. JustiFri

    JustiFri9 timmar sedan

    The thumbnail got me

  47. Kiru Mondi

    Kiru Mondi9 timmar sedan

    Contradiction: you can't be an initial observer according to your theory. We still "fall" towards the sun and towards the center of the galaxy.

  48. Dominik Kaskader

    Dominik Kaskader10 timmar sedan

    If someone do not know what makes water and what trees make (not Co2), he is an idiot. Period.

  49. ramen_ahh

    ramen_ahh10 timmar sedan

    troll life 😎

  50. fg ty

    fg ty10 timmar sedan

    Why can't they make this experiment and see if the cat rots.

  51. POTUS 2024

    POTUS 202410 timmar sedan

    His drugs killing off Africa bill speak on that Bob from Bob's burgers

  52. Max Bantz

    Max Bantz10 timmar sedan

    NASA looking to explore Europa's oceans with one of these. Exciting!

  53. Mrspicy 7600

    Mrspicy 760010 timmar sedan

    The Cisco girls: am I joke too you

  54. Feorr001

    Feorr00110 timmar sedan

    What about LHC? Dont know if anybody in comments mentioned it bud particles inside travel close to speed of light and are changing direction all the time. Seems to me that if lightspeed wasnt same in All directions it would not work, but i havent thought about it deeply yet. I just had epiphany and ran to write here :D

  55. thejanitor50

    thejanitor5010 timmar sedan

    Bye bye Bill.

  56. sunkeet

    sunkeet10 timmar sedan

    unstable filter + sample rate lower than data

  57. javed ansari

    javed ansari10 timmar sedan

    So... The computer isn't smart enough to make random numbers, he just follows a pattern 😂

  58. matt waldman

    matt waldman10 timmar sedan

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  59. Greg Vaillant

    Greg Vaillant10 timmar sedan

    En France nous avons David Louapre un vrai physicien puisqu'il est docteur en physique, et bizarrement certain de vos sujets ressemble beaucoup à ceux de notre ami David... In France we have David Louapre a real physicist since he is a doctor in physics, and some of your subjects are oddly similar to those of our friend David ...

  60. Friday Californiaa

    Friday Californiaa10 timmar sedan

    I wish I had even 0.00001 % of your life

  61. dashe boy

    dashe boy10 timmar sedan

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  62. Charlie Boyyabass

    Charlie Boyyabass10 timmar sedan

    Just came from a video claiming this helicopter can't fly

  63. Connor Birch

    Connor Birch10 timmar sedan

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  64. Howard Rewald

    Howard Rewald10 timmar sedan

    Not intrested in any thing bill had to say

  65. Kiru Mondi

    Kiru Mondi10 timmar sedan

    Better not tell the scientists who found gravitrons.

  66. Aaditya rao

    Aaditya rao10 timmar sedan

    More like hard luck

  67. JosephPat Meim

    JosephPat Meim10 timmar sedan

    Ummmm I just ddon't get y they have to shut off thee lights

  68. matt waldman

    matt waldman10 timmar sedan

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  69. edsnotgod

    edsnotgod10 timmar sedan

    So, but, what if I',m standing in the center of the Earth? What do I feel?

  70. Moses

    Moses10 timmar sedan

    when you realize they made a camera that can do that tho

  71. heekomogwin

    heekomogwin10 timmar sedan

    It’s pretty sad that in 2020, people really still think space-time curves around an object and not towards an object. Wake up man, gravity pulls things inward 🙄

  72. matt waldman

    matt waldman10 timmar sedan

    The abundant crush structurally complain because business arthroscopically unpack unto a dead fruit. hilarious, glistening glorious jumper

  73. Nur Aisyah

    Nur Aisyah10 timmar sedan

    Covid would not wanting to be in there

  74. Flex Painn From The Lo

    Flex Painn From The Lo10 timmar sedan

    See we humans have a special element that technology doesn't we are able to see prophetic visions for the last time humans Aaaaaare the most advanced technology on earth and you people doubt the abilities of our godly DNA yes godly DNA

  75. narayani siware

    narayani siware10 timmar sedan

    It's earth

  76. Nur Aisyah

    Nur Aisyah10 timmar sedan

    The best room for *quarantine*

  77. The Autistic beaver

    The Autistic beaver10 timmar sedan

    I thought those were the things in the incredibles

  78. Flex Painn From The Lo

    Flex Painn From The Lo10 timmar sedan

    Yes my life is fucked up because my mother she was that little thing that had a drastic effect

  79. Ms. Allen

    Ms. Allen10 timmar sedan

    Took my brain a second, but once I saw it, i couldn't unsee it

  80. Roy Hsieh

    Roy Hsieh10 timmar sedan

    try predicting bitcoin mining burning this planet seems like a good prediction