The Great British Bake Off
The Great British Bake Off
The Great British Bake Off

Welcome to the official SEtoos channel for The Great British Bake Off - the ultimate baking battle where passionate amateur baking fans compete to be crowned the UK’s Best Amateur Baker.

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  1. The unknown

    The unknown8 minuter sedan

    I want the chicken

  2. The Atom

    The Atom32 minuter sedan

    i like the lamb

  3. The Atom

    The Atom35 minuter sedan


  4. Andy Gaire

    Andy Gaire2 timmar sedan

    i hate this guy,

  5. Your_Math_Teacher

    Your_Math_Teacher4 timmar sedan

    i never thought i would see JJ and Jade from Little Mix in the same place..ever!

  6. รpнყภx N̷i̷n̷j̷a̷

    รpнყภx N̷i̷n̷j̷a̷6 timmar sedan

    0:38 you can see in his eyes dying

  7. N. A

    N. A8 timmar sedan

    It’s beautiful

  8. 2 Cups

    2 Cups8 timmar sedan

    jade is so bad

  9. Athena Bucci

    Athena Bucci11 timmar sedan

    I wish the Canadian Netflix would stream the British version. We only have the Canadian one.

  10. Juan Hernandez

    Juan Hernandez15 timmar sedan

    Jade's accent is low-key attractive

  11. Linxy Wun

    Linxy Wun16 timmar sedan

    This is annoying for me because I literally just made chocolate cake tonight and I managed to stop thinking about it but now it's stuck in my head like a broken record and now I want to eat the whole thing 😂

  12. Angela Whiteside

    Angela Whiteside17 timmar sedan

    Lol imagine serving that in a restaurant. 🤣

  13. BillieEilish Edits

    BillieEilish Edits18 timmar sedan

    KSI should start a cooking show xD

  14. epsleon

    epsleon20 timmar sedan

    Rasta Carrot and he didn't name it "Jahrot"?

  15. _Soyaa_ Boon_

    _Soyaa_ Boon_21 timme sedan

    2:02 KSI watching his cake slowly bleed lmaooo

  16. Kez

    Kez22 timmar sedan

    I feel the need to eat everything all these cakes pretended to be, and then the cake itself. ❤️ YUM-ME!

  17. Taishi Hideyoshi

    Taishi HideyoshiDag sedan

    Someone tell me what season this is. I will watch it since Jade is on there.

  18. Zigzag Lychee

    Zigzag LycheeDag sedan

    It was honestly a travesty when Hermine was eliminated, she was incredible throughout the series

  19. King_of_Gaming

    King_of_GamingDag sedan

    Now little mix and ksi need to make song

  20. Culture Edits

    Culture EditsDag sedan

    Jide is a beast everywhere😁😁

  21. RKD

    RKDDag sedan

    Is that sir Theodore the 3rd 2nd son

  22. Amber Carpenter

    Amber CarpenterDag sedan

    I died with the vegan comments.

  23. Bluskyツ

    BluskyツDag sedan

    2:00 Ksi.exe has stopped working

  24. Jeff Jeff

    Jeff JeffDag sedan

    Most viewed video on the channel wow

  25. Autumn Hastings

    Autumn HastingsDag sedan

    I didn't expect to laugh! This is awesome!

  26. LittleMix 4Life

    LittleMix 4LifeDag sedan

    yaaassss jade!!! 👸

  27. Erin Hudson

    Erin HudsonDag sedan

    Lee Mack: can't turn off the beater machine. Leaves said beater machine on the floor while it's still going. 😂

  28. Erin Hudson

    Erin HudsonDag sedan

    The moonwalk got me 😂😂

  29. asian dolce latte

    asian dolce latte2 dagar sedan

    0:25 omg is that james mcavoy i am gonna need to watch this 😭

  30. Ann Other

    Ann Other2 dagar sedan

    Teri and Aisling could be sisters but there must be nearly 40 years between them!

  31. clare A

    clare A2 dagar sedan

    I don’t really like him but he is funny

  32. Natalya Rosenthal

    Natalya Rosenthal2 dagar sedan

    "kiss Simon immediately" OMFG THAT IS JUST PERFECT

  33. Amber Carpenter

    Amber Carpenter2 dagar sedan

    I sooooo wish we fans here in the 🇺🇸 could watch these bake off specials. This is hilarious!

  34. tanmoy aj

    tanmoy aj2 dagar sedan

    No matter what u say our fatneek is the sweetest to be around!!!

  35. ZOCCOK

    ZOCCOK2 dagar sedan

    Everyone is leaving KSI hanging

  36. ZOCCOK

    ZOCCOK2 dagar sedan

    Did the fight resolve all that sexual tension

  37. sophie

    sophie2 dagar sedan

    i would die for val

  38. Jordan Fats

    Jordan Fats2 dagar sedan

    This was pretty jokes

  39. Zenvo F1

    Zenvo F12 dagar sedan

    Best part about JJ he has no clue what he’s doing

  40. blah f

    blah f2 dagar sedan

    Anyone know this t-shirt is from? Love it

  41. RizzyRozay

    RizzyRozay2 dagar sedan

    “Chill like ‘Chill out’?”

  42. studiowendy15

    studiowendy152 dagar sedan

    I've watched this episode so many times - one of the best - but am so glad this clipped popped up right now, just when I needed to restore my faith in humanity. (Also just realised how awesome Ovie could've been as Sandi's replacement...)

  43. kevin anatta

    kevin anatta2 dagar sedan


  44. mickey leboeuf

    mickey leboeuf3 dagar sedan

    i gotta take this...raymond blanc's on the phone. didnt even ring did it!

  45. alex

    alex3 dagar sedan

    This is cut so weirdly

  46. rubah

    rubah3 dagar sedan

    Thats where jj learnt the fake handshake, and then he did it in the Sidemen vs 10 year olds :D

  47. Yanick Gemo

    Yanick Gemo3 dagar sedan


  48. Jonatan Gustafsson

    Jonatan Gustafsson3 dagar sedan

    Joe: "I'm gonna recreate an archaeological dig!" *creates fossils and pyramids* Me: "THAT IS PALEONTOLOGY AND EGYPTOLOGY YOU DONUT!" Don't get mad, I'm joking a bit. Egyptology is closer to actual archaeology than paleontology.😄

  49. Gabe Delaney

    Gabe Delaney3 dagar sedan

    Kiss Simon Immediately

  50. Arghya Roy

    Arghya Roy3 dagar sedan

    all those views,95% only for KSI

  51. Ann Other

    Ann Other3 dagar sedan

    Came here TO loaf

  52. Sari Manne

    Sari Manne3 dagar sedan

    I need Anne Marie, jade, ski, jameela Jamil, Michael sheen, and David Mitchell to be on one episode Together

  53. Olivia //

    Olivia //3 dagar sedan

    Jade is bloody hilarious😂

  54. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy3 dagar sedan

    Quote of the day : KSI what does that stand for? "Kiss Simon Immediately"

  55. Sell Out

    Sell Out3 dagar sedan

    Every time Jade speaks I get reminded that she's British

  56. Omandu HUisLife

    Omandu HUisLife3 dagar sedan

    Love Dizzie🤩🥰

  57. Elon Musk

    Elon Musk4 dagar sedan

    This will be in everyone’s recommended

  58. Manuela Mulcahy

    Manuela Mulcahy4 dagar sedan

    Anne-Marie is just fun to watch.....always in good Spirits

  59. Noel

    Noel4 dagar sedan

    they left jj's shake hangin

  60. cloud stalker

    cloud stalker4 dagar sedan

    It was a bit wet lol

  61. French Beats Official

    French Beats Official4 dagar sedan

    next year put Phil and Ethan on it that would be class 😆😆😆

  62. Tanishk Singh

    Tanishk Singh4 dagar sedan

    even he knows ksimon

  63. Ann Other

    Ann Other4 dagar sedan

    At least show the judging!

  64. naisha khan

    naisha khan4 dagar sedan

    she looks like jodie comer

  65. Firsty Lasty

    Firsty Lasty4 dagar sedan

    2:01 Holy talking mannequin.

  66. Molly Wackrow

    Molly Wackrow4 dagar sedan

    Wheres the disaster?

  67. Pen 666

    Pen 6664 dagar sedan

    Ooof! Prue was proper unimpressed with him come judgement time, eh?? 😯😳

  68. Michael.

    Michael.4 dagar sedan

    her eyes are so blue :0

  69. Nation Bants

    Nation Bants4 dagar sedan

    they stole the jokes from reddit pls someone copyright this

  70. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu4 dagar sedan

    3:05 “Em so sovi em a flat mawn dis meringue hos gat me a bricking powynt, ay neveer sought id si de dey”

  71. M&W

    M&W4 dagar sedan

    It's fine, it's not like it was cooked fully anyway 😅😂

  72. Nasir Hussain

    Nasir Hussain4 dagar sedan

    She was a bit to exited

  73. Jodie

    Jodie5 dagar sedan

    Flo and Liam on the flirting game today.

  74. Random Trivia

    Random Trivia5 dagar sedan

    @3:34, the little laugh😂

  75. Molly Wackrow

    Molly Wackrow5 dagar sedan

    Shes got the same vibe as Drew Barrymore

  76. Fine Addition

    Fine Addition5 dagar sedan

    They really were "Let's all wear something with flowers and not tell Jamie-Lee and Saoirse."

  77. B007

    B0075 dagar sedan

    Still can't pronounce flour properly.

  78. Паша Сордонов

    Паша Сордонов5 dagar sedan

    cool video

  79. little puzzle

    little puzzle5 dagar sedan

    they are different!!!

  80. little puzzle

    little puzzle5 dagar sedan

    iced bun is like a white hot dog bread roll with sweet icing!!!