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  1. Luis Rafael

    Luis Rafael14 timmar sedan

    why does this happened i wish to visit london with the big ben sounds but my dream is not true :(

  2. Bernie Diveley

    Bernie Diveley14 timmar sedan

    ....and the second 100 days ....and the third one hundred days .....and

  3. Yush

    Yush14 timmar sedan

    this is truly certified bruh moment.

  4. P77777777

    P7777777714 timmar sedan

    0:20 Replay button

  5. Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno Giovanna14 timmar sedan


  6. Hasbullah Vida

    Hasbullah Vida14 timmar sedan

    GTA: IRL civilian record that footage haha

  7. Magz B

    Magz B14 timmar sedan

    Could this be because overseas staff were invited to come here, work in the NHS and bring their dependents. That will be costly in terms of accomodation, healthcare education etc. Heaven help the staff trying to keep things going.

  8. Melissa Gray

    Melissa Gray14 timmar sedan

    The pilots talking to this guy must had had their ego bruised by him saying he doesn’t know how to fly, but “plays a lot of video games” then pulled wild stunts like this without crashing. RIP sky captain

  9. Bernard

    Bernard14 timmar sedan

    I bet the Royals had 100% rise.

  10. Alan Sihler

    Alan Sihler14 timmar sedan

    I take chaaaage!

  11. Lil Boba

    Lil Boba14 timmar sedan

    Isn’t this from a few years ago?

  12. DerpyNerdy

    DerpyNerdy14 timmar sedan

    oh well waste in tax money

  13. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler14 timmar sedan

    A plane , and all I got is a pistol

  14. Oswa C.V

    Oswa C.V14 timmar sedan

    Fly high king

  15. Darklyn Stormember

    Darklyn Stormember14 timmar sedan

    Hate that it is in a zoo at all, but the peek-a-boo is cute, especially since at one point you can see the gorilla smile too.

  16. Drenched in black

    Drenched in black14 timmar sedan

    "Word Salad", a symptom of psychosis. He needs to take his meds, there's no shame in doing so

  17. Osdial

    Osdial14 timmar sedan

    Did no one notice the Pikachu lol

  18. KC Maldonado

    KC Maldonado14 timmar sedan

    "This is all wrong. I shouldn't be up here!" Applause from the audience.

  19. kaluq

    kaluq14 timmar sedan

    "There's something wrong with the left Felangee!!!"

  20. Fionn Mac Donncha

    Fionn Mac Donncha14 timmar sedan


  21. Kawaii Khezu

    Kawaii Khezu14 timmar sedan

    This is the thanks the guys at the NHS get. Let that sink in.

  22. DESPACITO452

    DESPACITO45215 timmar sedan

    I laughed way to hard at this

  23. John Q

    John Q15 timmar sedan


  24. Kimmel Kimmel

    Kimmel Kimmel15 timmar sedan

    Cool it with the flashbangs video.

  25. Actinium Anarchy

    Actinium Anarchy15 timmar sedan

    I bet he’s still alive

  26. Atticus

    Atticus15 timmar sedan

    Sky king

  27. Naing Win

    Naing Win15 timmar sedan

    Shame brutal soldiers . . . attacking on volunteer paramedics

  28. Al Marcel

    Al Marcel15 timmar sedan


  29. Masrur Basirun

    Masrur Basirun15 timmar sedan

    Where is the UN united Nation or Useless Nation. No action only statement by stamement given. Killing is still continuing by myanmar arm forces. Regret to say due to no action by UN in this 21st century n digital Era.

  30. Dan G

    Dan G15 timmar sedan

    Land of the Fragile

  31. Emperor Erzo

    Emperor Erzo15 timmar sedan

    Wait til they hear a Supra. 😂 It will look like a terrorist attack lol

  32. Deska

    Deska15 timmar sedan

    Well, that may be the most badass way to commit suicide that I've ever heard or seen of.

  33. Chad Gautier

    Chad Gautier15 timmar sedan

    Joe biden doesn't have a clue whatsoever.

  34. Richard F

    Richard F15 timmar sedan

    TLDR we gave all your money to our mates , SORRY

  35. Dont be a secret wife!!!

    Dont be a secret wife!!!15 timmar sedan

    Flat still in one place???


    SUCKLE MABAWLSAKYT15 timmar sedan

    Let's be honest it's the best place for it!!! When covid ends it's on my list!!!

  37. VekoHeko

    VekoHeko15 timmar sedan

    Mfs after cayo perico

  38. 265petsar

    265petsar15 timmar sedan

    This Creep is nothing but a lying privileged man who prayed on young girls. His mummy will put him away in the closet in hidding from the world and the justice he should face. If he stole a piece of cheese from Tesco because he was poor and hungry he would have ended up in a cell. Do we need to continue with a two tear justice system in Britain....Lock him up, or send him to America.

  39. darnell h

    darnell h15 timmar sedan

    How did I miss this interview? This is hilarious

  40. John C

    John C15 timmar sedan


  41. Audrey O'Gorman

    Audrey O'Gorman15 timmar sedan


  42. MiVideos2012

    MiVideos201215 timmar sedan

    Let us pray together and take concrete steps toward religious tolerance, justice and peace.

  43. jake baker

    jake baker15 timmar sedan

    The world we live in

  44. Vince Haylem

    Vince Haylem15 timmar sedan

    It just takes one sheep and the rest will follow XD

  45. Jacob The weird

    Jacob The weird15 timmar sedan

    Now I’m wondering what a two-stepping Supra would cause in Times Square

  46. AS

    AS15 timmar sedan

    Awww...little gorilla needs a playmate, lonely and locked up,😕 he has a joyful nature and wants to play...gorgeous

  47. Renata

    Renata15 timmar sedan

    We have tried to give nhs as much as we can but all we can do it’s only clapping every Thursday😡😡. Disgusting and pathetic

  48. mauricio krebs

    mauricio krebs15 timmar sedan

    is she 14years old?

  49. Belle De Caucase

    Belle De Caucase15 timmar sedan

    Why do footballers get paid more money than nurses? Who'll nurse the footballers as and when needed? 😁😁😁

  50. Snoopy Bollox

    Snoopy Bollox15 timmar sedan

    Where are they finding all this money to waste on the NHS who are fooking useless?

  51. underyourskin

    underyourskin15 timmar sedan

    Empty words..

  52. KonixPlays

    KonixPlays15 timmar sedan


  53. senecasgroupie

    senecasgroupie15 timmar sedan

    Then perhaps all government personages should take a 5% pay cut to fund it.

  54. emmaj

    emmaj15 timmar sedan

    You give sport more money than the NHS you'd think Boris would be backing nhs after he had crono and nhs was their for him but no

  55. Anne Lucas

    Anne Lucas15 timmar sedan

    That should be like to ammorack a landkreuzer p 1000 ratte

  56. Alfredo Morelos

    Alfredo Morelos15 timmar sedan

    we all came for *how dare you*

  57. Alexander Middelton

    Alexander Middelton15 timmar sedan

    Yoo am I the only one that saw those officers walk In the best sync

  58. Robert Mihalache

    Robert Mihalache15 timmar sedan

    NHS Staff deserves loads more money than that.

  59. ameir abrams

    ameir abrams15 timmar sedan


  60. Jean Digno

    Jean Digno15 timmar sedan

    - why are they running? - idk but we should run too😂

  61. The Tin Foil Hat Channel

    The Tin Foil Hat Channel15 timmar sedan

    How about a video on how you can create free renewable energy, oh.... you couldn't save the Earth then and have a political power grab agenda?

  62. Nipuna Weerasekara

    Nipuna Weerasekara15 timmar sedan

    Long live the queen or something idk, I'm not british.

  63. BLCK

    BLCK15 timmar sedan

    He's so cute LOL

  64. Towe naar

    Towe naar15 timmar sedan

    The NHS has replaced the Church. No matter how much you give, they'll always want more.

  65. Kit Carson

    Kit Carson15 timmar sedan

    Please don’t try to explain your actions towards the one will believe you . Better to just keep quiet.

  66. marco168888

    marco16888815 timmar sedan

    Gun Freedom! That’s the consequence...

  67. Darren Rowley

    Darren Rowley15 timmar sedan

    Don't wanna give the nuses a pay rise but quite happy to take our car tax when we don't even drive on the road

  68. Alex Cavallucci

    Alex Cavallucci15 timmar sedan

    prints qe "we have no money"

  69. Aaryan Jindal

    Aaryan Jindal15 timmar sedan

    Another example of why women live longer.

  70. Jonathan Zamudio

    Jonathan Zamudio15 timmar sedan

    Insert meme: Look at all those chickens!

  71. ross keenan

    ross keenan15 timmar sedan

    Has anyone checked to see if that young boy is not on the missing list now

  72. Nimbus o

    Nimbus o16 timmar sedan

    Some of you people dont make no sense, in one video youll be "Where are we getting on this money from money printer go brrr" and making jokes about how the governments spending is ruining the economy then when they try and save money but also give people say "OH U CANT DO THIS BUT YOU CAN DO THIS" cmon guys and gals whats going on in your brains >>

  73. Jill Feingold

    Jill Feingold16 timmar sedan

    Had some fun

  74. ال رئيس

    ال رئيس16 timmar sedan

    He die?

  75. Aoru

    Aoru16 timmar sedan

    America fear mongering. Courtesy of fox news

  76. Orange Grape

    Orange Grape16 timmar sedan

    Gta irl gone to the max

  77. Ronnie Bellas

    Ronnie Bellas16 timmar sedan

    Well we've given Serco £37 billion on track and trace, which was a complete waste of money, but the upside is, we've awarded our friends and families failed PPE contracts worth billions of pounds, so that squares the circle and make everything right.They are a corrupt, lying, bunch of thieving BASTURDS.

  78. Alison Smith

    Alison Smith16 timmar sedan

    How much did Serco give their shareholders for the NHS APP the Government sold the contract to?

  79. Stu W

    Stu W16 timmar sedan

    There is no money for NHS staff? But a continuous pay increase for us MP's , a 30 odd billion wasted on PPE , 1% is a disgusting offer embarrassing , you must be trying to start a civil war against MPs

  80. brick wall

    brick wall16 timmar sedan

    You gave MPs millions for new laptops and headphones so they can work from home ? And you can't give more to the real workers risking their lives fighting a virus ?