Megan Thee Stallion
Megan Thee Stallion
Megan Thee Stallion

Houston's own real H-Town Hottie! Young Tina Snow. LISTEN to Savage here:

Megan Monday Freestyle 1
F Cancer Q&A

F Cancer Q&A

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  1. Rinawati Risnawati

    Rinawati Risnawati5 timmar sedan

    Agnes mo


    JUSTJUSTIN5 timmar sedan

    This is stuck in my head and it’s 3 am I’m dead

  3. A J

    A J5 timmar sedan

    I think the body chorus may have sounded better if she said it using autotune or something, to give it that edge.

  4. Nya est. 1980

    Nya est. 19805 timmar sedan

    Meg you BODIED this performance!!

  5. Too cold 4hoes

    Too cold 4hoes5 timmar sedan

    Her sex appeal is crazy 🥴🥵

  6. Asia' Valenciaga

    Asia' Valenciaga6 timmar sedan

    She the goofy tho 😩💯💯💯

  7. MO__ Gaciye

    MO__ Gaciye6 timmar sedan


  8. pessodabandit

    pessodabandit6 timmar sedan

    I told em “your not poppin your on the remix”megan the hardest out here

  9. Latoya Muthoni

    Latoya Muthoni6 timmar sedan

    This is lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Alex Mathews

    Alex Mathews6 timmar sedan


  11. Gina

    Gina6 timmar sedan

    Proud of Meg! I know her mom would be too! 💘 Love the beats on every song 🔥

  12. DENISE Thompson

    DENISE Thompson6 timmar sedan

    THAT PART 💝💝

  13. Tonya E. B.

    Tonya E. B.6 timmar sedan


  14. Who ?

    Who ?6 timmar sedan

    Christians (like me): all heart and soul ❤️ *Megan Stallion:*

  15. SosaDaFlexxer TV

    SosaDaFlexxer TV6 timmar sedan


  16. Elizabeth Campbell

    Elizabeth Campbell6 timmar sedan


  17. Dee Tee

    Dee Tee6 timmar sedan

    Ur entertaining them now so I dont get that comment

  18. //SuperAsh4U//

    //SuperAsh4U//6 timmar sedan

    I feel like this is hypnotizing me

  19. OG Bandit

    OG Bandit6 timmar sedan


    BOSS MEDIA6 timmar sedan

    Female rappers are pretty much just glorified strippers now.

  21. 花夕

    花夕6 timmar sedan

    高端外wei🧍‍♀️,各大城市,k姐、模特……+薇。 zydlhqx

  22. Charles Muhammad Sr.

    Charles Muhammad Sr.6 timmar sedan

    Yo how many dudes here just to look at Megan, lol keep it 100!!!

  23. Kitty Kitty

    Kitty Kitty6 timmar sedan

    Love Megan thee stallion

  24. A faking Weeb

    A faking Weeb6 timmar sedan

    Damn....i was watching beside my mom👽

  25. Moon Goddess

    Moon Goddess6 timmar sedan

    S H E D I D T H A T !

  26. najah saleem

    najah saleem6 timmar sedan

    So we’re not gonna talk about Queen taraji p Henson in this vid?? Ok

  27. C Nope

    C Nope6 timmar sedan

    Megan said eat it with the panties on, dream doll said sucked my toes thru the socks.....I see a pattern.

  28. Tia M

    Tia M6 timmar sedan

    The ratio‼️‼️‼️‼️

  29. gabriel nunez

    gabriel nunez6 timmar sedan

    this is now the new fancam theme song

  30. lip

    lip6 timmar sedan

    hey y’all. I’m currently trynna make my mom a Megan stan. So far I’ve gotten no reaction out of her

  31. Arianna Nicole

    Arianna Nicole6 timmar sedan

    😱 the lip singing 🎤 is horrible

  32. Mani Does Makeup

    Mani Does Makeup6 timmar sedan

    Love you Megan 🤪🤪

  33. Alex Bedoya

    Alex Bedoya6 timmar sedan

    lazy song

  34. Plumpkin

    Plumpkin6 timmar sedan

    In what i heard a baby getting barbecued :/

  35. Sofresh105 Monica

    Sofresh105 Monica6 timmar sedan

    Monica’s new music video for her single ‘Trenches’ ft lil Baby out NOW‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  36. Sofresh105 Monica

    Sofresh105 Monica6 timmar sedan

    Monica’s new music video for her single ‘Trenches’ ft lil Baby out NOW‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  37. hunter zenger

    hunter zenger6 timmar sedan

    Yada yada yada yada yada

  38. alldie 669

    alldie 6696 timmar sedan

    Sticky fingaaaa!!!

  39. Makaela Hollins

    Makaela Hollins6 timmar sedan

    Ummmm........ Noo😭

  40. Shen

    Shen6 timmar sedan

    Queen Energy Only!!! 👑🔥

  41. The Bum

    The Bum6 timmar sedan

    This is not rap

  42. Purnima Rana

    Purnima Rana6 timmar sedan

    i like this dance soo much

  43. Zeri Baw baw

    Zeri Baw baw6 timmar sedan

    We love you so freaking much❤

  44. joce :DD

    joce :DD6 timmar sedan


  45. ICY BJ

    ICY BJ6 timmar sedan

    Is that Taraj P Henson

  46. Donald Duck

    Donald Duck6 timmar sedan

    This is the extreme version of Melanie Martinez cray baby song

  47. Felicia Donahue

    Felicia Donahue6 timmar sedan

    If you see this Megan I love you so much

  48. Jon Doe

    Jon Doe6 timmar sedan

    Yo clear ur throught pretty sure I misspelled that but fuk it

  49. Stella Marie

    Stella Marie6 timmar sedan


  50. Meleisa Faimalie

    Meleisa Faimalie6 timmar sedan

    I can't wait for Tommy to react to this😂 he's going to fall in love all over again lmao

  51. Nickggggman

    Nickggggman6 timmar sedan

    Lil baby got robbed

  52. ski 3071

    ski 30716 timmar sedan

    You had all 2020, and you made that?

  53. Ca'Tania Starr

    Ca'Tania Starr6 timmar sedan

    I like meagan 💕 she’s so pretty

  54. Souffle 2x

    Souffle 2x6 timmar sedan

    So can you tell me the MORAL OF THE STORY ... (Its the same topic everytime)

  55. Nicole N

    Nicole N6 timmar sedan

    Bodyyy odyyyyy

  56. Joe G

    Joe G6 timmar sedan

    Ode to Missy Elliot & Beyonce ya think?!

  57. W O K E

    W O K E6 timmar sedan


  58. Mr. pubes

    Mr. pubes6 timmar sedan

    No self respect lol

  59. Dagoth Ur

    Dagoth Ur6 timmar sedan

    Yare yare daze...

  60. Karlh Vincent Balancio

    Karlh Vincent Balancio6 timmar sedan

    Miley who We have Megan

  61. Darvin Guetta

    Darvin Guetta6 timmar sedan

    Thank you Megan your music crazy feel alive my medicine heart 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  62. Hit 360

    Hit 3606 timmar sedan

  63. Ebi Ramirez

    Ebi Ramirez6 timmar sedan

    Best female rapper

  64. GBandz1996

    GBandz19966 timmar sedan

    I’m better then them and I’m on SoundCloud lol🤣

  65. GBandz1996

    GBandz19966 timmar sedan

    I’m better

  66. ahkader47 Kader

    ahkader47 Kader6 timmar sedan

    am i the only one who kept hearing Ari ari ari ari ari ari and thought jojo reference

  67. Jean

    Jean6 timmar sedan

    She’s really wack omg 🤦🏿‍♀️