NASA's mission is to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research.

To do that, we have worked around the world -- and off it -- for more than 50 years, searching for answers to fundamental questions about our place in the universe. We're exploring space and discovering Earth. Join us for this exciting and important journey.

NASA's 100 Days

NASA's 100 Days

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  1. Travel universe

    Travel universe57 minuter sedan

    Wow!!!!really so nice song nasa.Bestluck for complete the artemis mission 😊😊

  2. Bill Housley

    Bill HousleyTimme sedan

    Yeah. Cut video just before the explosion. lol!

  3. Person 2221

    Person 2221Timme sedan

    I hope I live long enough to live until we land a human on Mars .... It’s coming up in 2024

  4. Person 2221

    Person 2221Timme sedan

    Who wishes that they could one day go into space

  5. Ygoldgamer 23

    Ygoldgamer 23Timme sedan

    No u aren’t focused

  6. Mam Amheus

    Mam AmheusTimme sedan

    All astronauts, from every country, are incredibly brave. But IMHO, those who go up first in their country's rockets are the bravest of all. They should all be remembered by everyone everywhere for having equal bravery. Thanks for this fitting memory of Alan Shepard. It would be of great interest if you could do something similar for the other countries to have sent their own rockets and people.

  7. Verma

    Verma2 timmar sedan

    Knowledgeable, wisdom, peace and care. Live by this quality.

  8. Live Facts

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  9. Mr Bardel

    Mr Bardel2 timmar sedan

    the REAL Moon landing will happen .

  10. Hans Gruber

    Hans Gruber3 timmar sedan

    So basically two sets of actors chat on the phone... stunning

  11. Finland

    Finland4 timmar sedan

    "Worlds most powerful rocket" Random KSP player: Allow me to introduce myself




  13. TMKCC Lover

    TMKCC Lover4 timmar sedan

    This asteroid is keeping social distance

  14. สุภาภรณ์ นาคสําแดงฤทธิ์

    สุภาภรณ์ นาคสําแดงฤทธิ์5 timmar sedan

    Is it true that there is gonna be a meteor hitting earth in six months

  15. Official Gamer

    Official Gamer5 timmar sedan

    I want to know about interdimensional spaces. Please tell about that in next video

  16. Mr. Q

    Mr. Q6 timmar sedan

    I think I cracked the code guys. You should name your son Johny Kim/Sin they will achieve great thing =)))

  17. C3B0

    C3B06 timmar sedan

    Maybe Europa or Enceladus have life.

  18. PoisedPerson

    PoisedPerson6 timmar sedan

    "we're workin' on it!" Haha!

  19. Aedes

    Aedes7 timmar sedan

    What if we are worms and the planets are fruits

  20. 14284 RIPDAMAN GILL

    14284 RIPDAMAN GILL7 timmar sedan

    amazing wonderful

  21. Caleb Jones

    Caleb Jones7 timmar sedan

    Very good promotional material. The more people that NASA get get excited, the more funding they'll get from congress.

  22. Milagros Castillo

    Milagros Castillo7 timmar sedan

    K es cotidianidad?




  24. Chuck Platt

    Chuck Platt8 timmar sedan

    Haha ,nobody does it better than George Lucas and nasa.

  25. Crimson

    Crimson8 timmar sedan

    Cant wait for the next generation to see the finished SLS rocket

  26. BGA Live

    BGA Live8 timmar sedan

    I think , our developing technology is very fast and if any alien found , humans will be the more advanced & powerful aliens than anyone in this universe.

  27. twistedyogert

    twistedyogert9 timmar sedan

    Dear NASA: are you sure SLS is a good idea? An expendable launch vehicle seems like such a waste. Also, congradulations with the Mars helicopter.

  28. X-JAKA7

    X-JAKA710 timmar sedan

    Sponsored by Rick and Morty

  29. K. CamposReyes

    K. CamposReyes10 timmar sedan

    Thanks NASA🤗 🙋

  30. Ray Baterbonia

    Ray Baterbonia11 timmar sedan

    Im a fan🥰🥰🥰🥰

  31. J.E. B.

    J.E. B.12 timmar sedan

    It would have been lovely to hear the historic words spoken, but your music layover overwhelmed them.

  32. Mr. Doob

    Mr. Doob14 timmar sedan

    I am 11 years old. Nasa, if you see this, I dream of being an employee or astronaut. If you read please, could I fly with you guys please.

  33. Tadeu Pereira

    Tadeu Pereira14 timmar sedan

    Só esses dias passando o filme foi que percebi o Sebastian Stan. Na época era só mais uma ator pra mim.

  34. Andy Fox

    Andy Fox14 timmar sedan

    And why is the jet-braking system hanging at a height of 20 meters without any jet jets of burning gases? And how, after disconnecting the cables, does it rise up and fly away? With God's help or what?

  35. Haley Sywak

    Haley Sywak14 timmar sedan

    You'll never be better than Commander Shepard.

  36. NinjDS

    NinjDS15 timmar sedan

    This kind of pro-parity video will make full sense only when it will stop to make sense at all...

  37. Asher S.

    Asher S.15 timmar sedan

    SN15 Landed!!!

  38. Kim DLAL

    Kim DLAL15 timmar sedan

    والله جاهزه خذوني معكم 💔💔💔💔💔

  39. Kim DLAL

    Kim DLAL15 timmar sedan

    خذوني معكم ولا ببكي 💔💔💔💔🙁🙁🙁🙁

  40. Jonathan Whiting

    Jonathan Whiting16 timmar sedan

    I'm just curious: What will the late missions look like, and what is the plan after we've got a stronger presence on the moon?(how will we go to Mars?)

  41. Quang Cao

    Quang Cao16 timmar sedan

    the man every asian kid fear cause he's everything their parents wanted him to be

  42. Johan Grunwald

    Johan Grunwald16 timmar sedan

    Who on earth made the graphics for this video?

  43. Sherylin

    Sherylin16 timmar sedan

    LOL duh. Look at the suns magnetosphere. The stronger it got for three cycles then the hotter the earth got. Any grade 7 student knows this [or should]. Now each cycle is getting less, The last two have been lower. The last one very low. And so of course the earth is not getting warmer all of a sudden. Gee wow. So the sun WAS making the earth hotter. NOT us. But you need a brain about an IQ of 100 to figure this out.

  44. supersonic

    supersonic16 timmar sedan

    Fun fact: he was in the same unit as Chris Kyle and went on several recon missions with him.

  45. Simon Mabbutt

    Simon Mabbutt16 timmar sedan

    That was very emotional.

  46. Travel with E

    Travel with E16 timmar sedan

    I can't stop watching this

  47. Baldaxar Callari

    Baldaxar Callari17 timmar sedan

    ch’è sta merda?

  48. Red Ray

    Red Ray18 timmar sedan

    They just announced that they will use starships for moon missions

  49. Sharique khan

    Sharique khan19 timmar sedan

    Itne salo se bewakoof bna rakha h NASA ne

  50. Yamato Genskie

    Yamato Genskie19 timmar sedan

    Who else here after the successful SN15 landing?

  51. Mister Mothy

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    🤢 starliner

  52. isaac appiah

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  53. GreMirid

    GreMirid21 timme sedan

    Вы там собираетесь только женщин на луну отправлять?

  54. Arlo Tharp

    Arlo Tharp21 timme sedan

    NASA is awesome

  55. Gaming V

    Gaming V21 timme sedan

    Make robot and send them to Mars planet to make a good patform and build a space station there to return to the Mars for earth....

  56. OneD33pTX

    OneD33pTX21 timme sedan

    And the trident remains on his chest even in his new uniform. This is peak American exceptionalism right here.

  57. Biovers

    Biovers21 timme sedan

    All my respect to all of you

  58. Some Body

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    Houston, We have a Problem, they know we were in studios.

  59. Quinn06.

    Quinn06.22 timmar sedan

    You guys should just use starship there's way more room in starship then that tiny capsule.

  60. neogator26

    neogator2622 timmar sedan

    As an aerospace engineering major living in Huntsville, AL and a huge Lindsey Stirlying fan I love everything about this video!

  61. Angus Stewart

    Angus Stewart22 timmar sedan

    By the time Artemis reaches the moon there will probably be a space x starship waiting for them..

  62. Nithish Kumar

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  63. Nithish Kumar

    Nithish Kumar22 timmar sedan

    If.......?.+.?.......If........?...... This is Singer .

  64. Brian Grimmer

    Brian Grimmer22 timmar sedan

    No matter how well you put together a video, you can't change the fact that the Russians got into space FIRST!


    ZACHARY HOUSER22 timmar sedan

    0:40 lol i had to mention this is among us

  66. Liquid Bacon

    Liquid Bacon23 timmar sedan

    What a waste of NASA resources making this terrible video.

  67. Jordyn Kaune

    Jordyn Kaune23 timmar sedan

    An amazing person to make that history. A true trailblazer

  68. Red Ray

    Red Ray23 timmar sedan

    "The most powerful rocket ever made" *Elon Musk called, he has some objections*

  69. Connor Harrison

    Connor HarrisonDag sedan

    Some may not agree , but , coolest austronout since buzz auldran

  70. KARAGOTH Shlomi Dabush

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  71. Loris Perfetto

    Loris PerfettoDag sedan

    Videos like this are not good. They give Americans the feeling they're doing everything alone, while Artenis is an association of numerous international space agencies

  72. Loris Perfetto

    Loris PerfettoDag sedan

    SLS is already dead. Hope it gets abandoned as soon as possible. Also, this is not NASA nor the USA, it’s the USA AND its INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS. (Europe, Japan, Canada...)

  73. Icchya Kc

    Icchya KcDag sedan

    My dream👩‍🚀👩‍🚀 But I am not american citizen:(

  74. تاج الدين الأغا

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  75. تاج الدين الأغا

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    اول فيديو

  76. BH TV

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    I am from pakistan I want to join NASA because I love NASA so much

  77. Sandip Shirsath

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    All the best nasa from space exploration. We are NASA

  78. mikito00

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    Thats the origin of the Fantastic Four

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  80. shadanion

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    Why they went for sub-orbital flight instead of orbital.?