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Why Jakarta is sinking
mRNA vaccines, explained
2020, in 7 minutes

2020, in 7 minutes

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  1. Anime Yahallo Studio

    Anime Yahallo Studio8 timmar sedan

    Japan: I'd pretend I didnt see that.

  2. Akasha Ofthenile

    Akasha Ofthenile8 timmar sedan

    One word. HARRP

  3. Westwoods

    Westwoods8 timmar sedan

    Add this to the ever-growing list of why America is an international embarrassment.

  4. Mystical Moon

    Mystical Moon8 timmar sedan

    I’m so grateful my power didn’t go out at all I’m in South Tx

  5. Samuel Saunders

    Samuel Saunders8 timmar sedan

    Yay global warming.

  6. Lonely Burger

    Lonely Burger8 timmar sedan

    Texas became Africa for a second 🤣🤣

  7. dusty bowman

    dusty bowman8 timmar sedan

    February is the coldest part of the year, just some food for thought. It's always best to prepare for the worst. So if it gets worse, you're covered. When everything is good, then it doesn't cost much either.

  8. watchdealer11

    watchdealer118 timmar sedan

    Yes, regulation is always the answer; it's never backfired. 🤦‍♀️

  9. Fessor er forvirret

    Fessor er forvirret8 timmar sedan

    Danes: eh, -20˚


    QMA ISLAMIC CHANNEL8 timmar sedan

    Hi friends

  11. Kevin Chen

    Kevin Chen8 timmar sedan

    Maybe Texas should learn something from this experience and apply that to its current COVID-19 approach...

  12. Lonely Burger

    Lonely Burger8 timmar sedan

    Texas dying for water sounds like Africa 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Petet Xul

    Petet Xul8 timmar sedan

    *Those psychopaths playing with the weathers is mostly a warning sign for the world.*

  14. Isaiah Josh

    Isaiah Josh8 timmar sedan

    Texas be like: *_regrets deeply_*

  15. Prypiat Shadow

    Prypiat Shadow8 timmar sedan

    How about solar pannels? Theres lots of Those in Texas.

  16. Jason Bulac

    Jason Bulac8 timmar sedan

    Undertaker and his entrance smokes: "' I'm four parallel universes behind you "

  17. James A Garfield

    James A Garfield8 timmar sedan

    A problem that only affects third world countries has happen in a first world country.

  18. Anal Commando

    Anal Commando8 timmar sedan

    Classic free market failure.

  19. HB2_TrickZ

    HB2_TrickZ8 timmar sedan

    I literally just saw a fundraiser for Texas before I saw this video

  20. Haeun Kim

    Haeun Kim8 timmar sedan

    I honestly believe that teachers should be more respected than they usually are. What they are doing is educating kids, who will soon grow up to be the future of the nation! Thank you for this intriguing video.

  21. Arranguez, Jancarl S.

    Arranguez, Jancarl S.8 timmar sedan

    the video was posted 4 minutes ago, i have never been this early before, this is a new experience

  22. Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln8 timmar sedan

    Texas independence worked huh?

  23. Ambitious

    Ambitious8 timmar sedan

    I always thought Texas was all heat and no winters or anything cool related :/

  24. Sanju Tamang

    Sanju Tamang8 timmar sedan

    we himalyans live 4 months plus in that temprature oh sorry even worse tempratures

  25. Normal Gaming

    Normal Gaming8 timmar sedan

    How many students are viewers 😂

  26. migue24

    migue248 timmar sedan

    Bring Johnny Harris back!!

  27. Ramy The Commie

    Ramy The Commie8 timmar sedan

    i think we can all agree that the US isn’t exactly a “first-world” country🤷‍♂️

  28. Jigar Patel

    Jigar Patel8 timmar sedan

    "The Winds of Winter."

  29. Mohamed Faizan

    Mohamed Faizan8 timmar sedan

    I will never understand how the richest and most powerful country in the world can be so broken. Healthcare, infrastructure, education, paid leave - this is stuff that even much poorer countries have figured out years ago. It makes absolutely no sense!

  30. Lacveg rd

    Lacveg rd8 timmar sedan

    I hope it snows where I live..


    George STANLEY SAMPSON BALL8 timmar sedan

    To all people who lost loved ones in this power disaster, God bless you and sorry for your loss.

  32. fatboyRAY24

    fatboyRAY248 timmar sedan

    Everything's bigger in Texas.....

  33. SuperThunderGoodGuy

    SuperThunderGoodGuy8 timmar sedan

    So NASA can land a rover on a different planet that’s -120° yet Texas gets like 10° and the whole state shuts down. Maybe scientist, not politicians, should run Texas. How does that sound?

  34. Tien Duong

    Tien Duong8 timmar sedan

    Not first comment!

  35. Praneel Kabra

    Praneel Kabra8 timmar sedan

    3 views. 35 comments. The content Vox makes is just gold and this is proof. I mean- I don't even read the title. I just need to know that it's a Vox video.

  36. Jijo Vj

    Jijo Vj8 timmar sedan

    I have a question Why is American colleges so expensive and what r the solution for this problem?? Could you please make a video about it

  37. Tanner Clinton

    Tanner Clinton8 timmar sedan

    Sixty First

  38. Fabio Ferrari

    Fabio Ferrari8 timmar sedan

    This year there was a day when some place in Texas was colder than some place in Alaska

  39. watchdealer11

    watchdealer118 timmar sedan

    Let companies sell directly to consumers 👍

  40. Turkhan Ismayilzada

    Turkhan Ismayilzada8 timmar sedan

    There is no another more genuine source of inspiration for innovation apart from NATURE. Someone needs to wake up Texas from middle ages. Probably Elon Musk

  41. Lonely Burger

    Lonely Burger8 timmar sedan

    Vox is back to making hits this is why I subscribed

  42. Main Account

    Main Account8 timmar sedan

    I wonder whether Biden is better than trump? There are a lot of unreliable news sources these days.


    RADIO THE ARTIST8 timmar sedan

    Just like every problem that’s been happening to America they’ll probably ignore this too , till it’s too late. But one can hope for massive changes.

  44. Jijo Vj

    Jijo Vj8 timmar sedan

    I have a question Why is American colleges so expensive and what r the solution for this problem?? Could you please make a video about it

  45. Ambitious

    Ambitious8 timmar sedan

    oh my god im one of the first few viewers... uhh uhh...

  46. watchdealer11

    watchdealer118 timmar sedan

    Nuclear is the only answer

  47. Nirmala Yadav

    Nirmala Yadav8 timmar sedan

    I was the first viewer

  48. Jasper Kohn

    Jasper Kohn8 timmar sedan


  49. watchdealer11

    watchdealer118 timmar sedan

    Dozens? OH NO! 😂


    JW COLLECTION8 timmar sedan

    Hope trump wall doesn't break down.

  51. Wi Ta

    Wi Ta8 timmar sedan

    climate change is a warning for everyone

  52. Louis F

    Louis F8 timmar sedan

    5th veiwer

  53. tristan adidarma

    tristan adidarma8 timmar sedan

    5 views and 100 likes in the first 2 min lol

  54. sohith shanmukh

    sohith shanmukh8 timmar sedan

    usa go bruuuu

  55. Jijo Vj

    Jijo Vj8 timmar sedan

    I have a question Why is American colleges so expensive and what r the solution for this problem?? Could you please make a video about it

  56. Lonely Burger

    Lonely Burger8 timmar sedan

    Let’s see how many subscribers I can get from this comment currently at 458

  57. LGND Beats

    LGND Beats8 timmar sedan

    I was with no power for two days straight and it was not a fun experience

  58. watchdealer11

    watchdealer118 timmar sedan

    Global warming, right? 😂

  59. Oddelly

    Oddelly8 timmar sedan

    Real answer as someone in museum management - 'What is out of copyright?' or 'What can we afford a commercial licence on?'

  60. Harshit Dube

    Harshit Dube8 timmar sedan

    I hope all the Texans are all right after the snowstorm.

  61. Isaiah Josh

    Isaiah Josh8 timmar sedan


  62. Michel Seibriger

    Michel Seibriger8 timmar sedan

    Vox always with the fire content though

  63. jimboy de juan

    jimboy de juan8 timmar sedan

    Prepared comes incoming more comments!


    JAHID AKHTAR8 timmar sedan

    Being so early feels weird

  65. bubble cat

    bubble cat8 timmar sedan

    Praying for people of Texas from Pakistan. Whoever you may be, whatever your politicians may have done, we love you people and wish peace for you and wish better rulers for you.

  66. Pix3l Pancake

    Pix3l Pancake8 timmar sedan

    Feels bad for Texas my favourite state

  67. Niclas Mikkelsen

    Niclas Mikkelsen8 timmar sedan

    This would not have happened, if everything ran on gas

  68. Samuel Saunders

    Samuel Saunders8 timmar sedan

    Hi everyone

  69. Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln8 timmar sedan

    I'm Abraham Lincoln

  70. Sweet YT

    Sweet YT8 timmar sedan

    Here in my country we love some snow

  71. Jeje

    Jeje8 timmar sedan

    Well I never touched snow :V I lived in Indonesia

  72. Thomas Eli Adkinson

    Thomas Eli Adkinson8 timmar sedan

    The United States needs a whole lot more than just an revamped electrical grid. Our infrastructure is falling apart all over the place. Dams, levees, ports, bridges, roads, schools, etc...

  73. Aarnav Panda

    Aarnav Panda8 timmar sedan

    if you like this, I'll subscribe to every channel I can find

  74. Ralph

    Ralph8 timmar sedan

    *racist comment

  75. Meep

    Meep8 timmar sedan


  76. Kyo KyoRei

    Kyo KyoRei8 timmar sedan


  77. A.T.

    A.T.8 timmar sedan

    Texas felt like a 3rd world country during that time.

  78. Zachary vidyasagar

    Zachary vidyasagar8 timmar sedan

    yall still tryna prove science wrong?

  79. George Patrick

    George Patrick8 timmar sedan

    You would never see something like that happen in Europe, it’s mental to me how a supposed first world country like the US (I know it’s just Texas currently) can allow that to happen smh.

  80. elloy garcia

    elloy garcia8 timmar sedan

    11th lol