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Infinity Song "Mad Love"
Joss Stone "Walk With Me"
Julien Baker "Faith Healer"
  1. Jan Oginski

    Jan Oginski8 timmar sedan

    Hi there folks. It’s the Oginski Crew back to enjoy some of this pointless social platform babble. I asked the guys, becos they are wise guys, 😎. Who are the comedians here? Lost on me, hey, what do l kno, 😅. Yep l agree on that comment if you looked at me that wouldn’t be such a clever idea. This show ain’t doing it for me. Have a good day. 🇺🇸

  2. Rustina Ginger

    Rustina Ginger8 timmar sedan

    The Republican National Convention was held here in Cleveland. President Trump had all good things to say about our City, especially the Police Force who guarded him. Yeah okay, thought you should know that.

  3. Tim

    Tim8 timmar sedan

    A moment of silence for that could have happened if he was reelected.

  4. SuperMaDBrothers

    SuperMaDBrothers8 timmar sedan

    6:19 lmao they censored trump's name

  5. hanscombe72

    hanscombe728 timmar sedan

    Crouch. Touch and hold. ENGAGE!

  6. K C

    K C8 timmar sedan

    Definitely not a playlist put together by creepy uncle Joe. He couldn't put a basic sentence together, let alone use song titles to do so.

  7. Norbert Demanuele

    Norbert Demanuele8 timmar sedan

    Chris Rock is hilarious! I wish he had a show on Netflix or more Standup specials!!

  8. A K

    A K8 timmar sedan

    An apology from trump? This video is irrelevant since day 1

  9. You and Me

    You and Me8 timmar sedan

    Love yourself Relay2559

  10. Guest 1937

    Guest 19378 timmar sedan

    Good thing about being the president or First Lady is you can slap who you want and if anyone try’s doing it back the secret service stops them

  11. You and Me

    You and Me8 timmar sedan

    Love yourself Relay2559

  12. Peki

    Peki8 timmar sedan

    The best Beatles song ever recorded by other artist is with the little help of my friends by Joe Cocker ( at woodstock he was on fire)

  13. Andrew MORRISON

    Andrew MORRISON8 timmar sedan

    Well im not honestly sure where to start but say first, I’m not an American and my comments relate from one who’s a foreigner and whom had lived in the USA for over 6 yrs pre and post Obama in till 2009 in then watching from a far, but I’m left NUMB. Numb because I’ve watched, like most in the world, to see someone I truly thought was unelectable, win the presidency and I couldn’t believe that over 50% of Americans had voted for him, I thought that the USA had slipped down a path that was irreversible...... however ! As it pains me to say, looking at trumps achievements Only and (especially for so called “minorities” he’s actually done some really good things, amongst some very heinous public moments, but this is my problem........ he may actually be the “perfect mirror to reset the western world” ...... that is to say, he’s an advertisement to the core values of our now western society, he just happens to amplify it for all to see and it’s largely very ugly. Capitalism off the rails (on steroids, whatever). In pretty much all of the so called “developed world economies” it seems “we” measure and more importantly weight success on consumer metrics, whilst at the same time espousing to want sustainability and be good worldly citizens for our children. I’ve no answers and the longer I live I realise how hard it is to change (coming from a G7 privileged perspective that the undeveloped world look enviously upon) but I don’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling from seeing this president either. My worry is you’ll have 4yrs of unpicking prior incumbents policies (as trump did to Obama) to have a few succeed unchanged after 4 yrs.... this happens across the whole of the developed world so no wonder “we” all feel it’s 1step forward 2 back. Well I have to thank the indomitable American way for being so visceral and open (warts n all) to show this. I’m just not feeling elated enough to celebrate this inauguration and am left more apprehensive as I don’t see real improvement but only PC. So far he’s living up to a stereotypical politician and I’m not feeling he’s the leader of the “free-world” we need. Sorry if this is too gloomy given COVID and peoples excitement at a new presidency but at 59 I do hope I’m wrong as I’d love to see a better safer world for our children.

  14. Ersyla Nellajoy

    Ersyla Nellajoy8 timmar sedan

    Needs to loos the glasses. They Won’t get us thru 4 years

  15. grant1133

    grant11338 timmar sedan

    What a big voice and really tight band. Makes me think of David Ruffin.

  16. nerdistry

    nerdistry8 timmar sedan

    Uhhhh at 1:22 what's going on with the deer that needed to be pixelated out

  17. grant1133

    grant11338 timmar sedan

    What a big voice and really tight band. Makes me think of David Ruffin.

  18. 1Born Confused

    1Born Confused8 timmar sedan

    Not gonna lie, I am dieing for that coat. Where can I get me one?

  19. Gavinus Maximus

    Gavinus Maximus8 timmar sedan

    I freaking live jimbo. I want to meet him before he goes.

  20. Dick Snoeren

    Dick Snoeren8 timmar sedan

  21. Bluth53

    Bluth538 timmar sedan


  22. Donald Sumner

    Donald Sumner8 timmar sedan

    Have fun with your socialism

  23. TheSethxy

    TheSethxy8 timmar sedan

    What a circle jerk.

  24. Lukas Sanchez

    Lukas Sanchez8 timmar sedan

    No longer Vice President, welcome President Biden!

  25. Michelle Vietor

    Michelle Vietor8 timmar sedan

    It instantly made me think of Rockula. :D

  26. Lillian Potter

    Lillian Potter8 timmar sedan

    The skillful line literally level because bengal virtually bake underneath a vengeful spy. creepy, needless racing

  27. Heather Ann

    Heather Ann8 timmar sedan

    I’m so proud of Marshall for working on his Sasquatch phobia!

  28. Charlene Vigne

    Charlene Vigne8 timmar sedan

    They better check for hidden camera

  29. Ratter

    Ratter8 timmar sedan

    Wow Soooo funny.

  30. Paul Rodrigues

    Paul Rodrigues8 timmar sedan

    You are not even funny anymore!

  31. Roger D

    Roger D8 timmar sedan

    What’s Stephen gonna talk about without Trump around? Trump is all he talks about.

  32. Event Horizon

    Event Horizon8 timmar sedan

    It's over... Finally it's over.

  33. hanscombe72

    hanscombe728 timmar sedan

    Just look at NZ’s covid data. End of story.

  34. DR Boze

    DR Boze8 timmar sedan

    Great. Now I can't get "Love Castle" by the B-52s out of my mind. Wait, something's not right...

  35. Ç Jenkins

    Ç Jenkins8 timmar sedan

    Free at last. Enjoy your beautiful bountiful life.

  36. Charlene Vigne

    Charlene Vigne8 timmar sedan

    Now trump need to not use the title president no more

  37. Aaron Jay

    Aaron Jay8 timmar sedan

    Can’t believe I watched the whole thing, and liked it!

  38. Liz Tere

    Liz Tere8 timmar sedan

    Andrew is awesome

  39. Joe Paunil

    Joe Paunil8 timmar sedan


  40. DR Boze

    DR Boze8 timmar sedan

    Stephen doesn't need to take notes... Jon has them all!

  41. Mitchell Velardes

    Mitchell Velardes8 timmar sedan

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  42. grybnyx

    grybnyx8 timmar sedan

    Came here for the comments.

  43. Thomas Lucenti

    Thomas Lucenti8 timmar sedan

    Antifa Operated Cyborg!!!! That sounds like their brand of crazy. His pillows suck BTW. Got some dumb ass parents that bought one.

  44. DR Boze

    DR Boze8 timmar sedan

    t****** would've made the same gesture at the memorial, but nobody on his staff could work out an angle where it would be all about him and / or he being the real victim. Sad!

  45. Wanda Miller

    Wanda Miller8 timmar sedan

    No wonder Archie called him meathead!

  46. Jane Hampson

    Jane Hampson8 timmar sedan

    Love it Here is a Diddy "HE is gone he is gone the wicked Don is gone " SING IT LOUD AND PROUD !

  47. Allison Jones

    Allison Jones8 timmar sedan

    Colbert: "I know I'm making a bigger deal out of this..." Me: No, its appropriate

  48. Gerry Coppola

    Gerry Coppola8 timmar sedan

    Mr. Propaganda, he's an extension of CNN!

  49. JediNxf7 Strikes Back

    JediNxf7 Strikes Back8 timmar sedan

    you know, before there was bonding with kim Jong un, you forgot about tweeting FIRE AND FURY at him.

  50. Sophia Wilson

    Sophia Wilson8 timmar sedan

    Stephen and Team - Thank you for helping us to survive the last 1,460 days. We made it through...with our sanity (mostly) intact.

  51. Jim Jackson

    Jim Jackson8 timmar sedan

    You should do one about Hunter Biden.

  52. Kristine K

    Kristine K8 timmar sedan

    Love you @Stephen Colbert! Hysterical as always. So happy Trump is gone 🙏

  53. Walley Wallington

    Walley Wallington8 timmar sedan

    ok Stephen, now what? you cant fill a show with courtroom updates for ever and even though Biden is sure to create some material for you its doubtful he can keep pace with trumps daily scandals. can you stretch "meanwhile" to 25mins?

  54. Jayden Rideout

    Jayden Rideout8 timmar sedan

    Here on inauguration!!!

  55. Pat Henman

    Pat Henman8 timmar sedan

    omg so good!!!! Thank you for that

  56. fanmaxis3004

    fanmaxis30048 timmar sedan

    I farted in the bathtub

  57. Snakob Gaming

    Snakob Gaming8 timmar sedan

    The male nic intraspecifically fence because elephant seasonally prick since a dizzy credit. ceaseless, nutty food

  58. x24 agthorn

    x24 agthorn8 timmar sedan

    6:40 You say potarrorism I say pototorriism!!!

  59. Brian Foss

    Brian Foss8 timmar sedan

    *"Hi, I'm a realtor, and I'm ransacking the home of the US Congress"* is *not* the best way to advertise yourself as a realtor.

  60. Suli 69 xXx

    Suli 69 xXx8 timmar sedan

    I remember Stephen crying like a bitch when trump won 🤣

  61. mikee tubman

    mikee tubman8 timmar sedan

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  62. MARKA Peterson

    MARKA Peterson8 timmar sedan

    Oh my gosh, ruining YMCA😆. Thank you Stephen for the run down of the crazies during 45 tenure.

  63. Cynthia Rowley

    Cynthia Rowley8 timmar sedan

    Too funny to watch this just once🌟

  64. Liz Rutherford

    Liz Rutherford8 timmar sedan

    2021: The Great Potato Uprising.

  65. Edward Endriga

    Edward Endriga8 timmar sedan

    Wow... How Far Left can one possibly go??

  66. jenny pig

    jenny pig8 timmar sedan

    I'm still angry how those ridiculous people who were destroying the literal U.S capital were led out WITH the police PROTECTING them, meanwhile many peaceful protesters for different good causes, and may I remind you, UNARMED, were beaten, threatened, and tear gassed. I'm still very upset about that. A lot of the blame goes to the politicians that basically condoned this kind of behavior. I hope the government and the people start getting their crap together.

  67. Ana Perez

    Ana Perez8 timmar sedan

    They're worried about trackers inside the vaccines... goes to take part in criminal actions on federal property wearing an ankle bracelet. Yep. Definitely not the sharpest toast in the cutlery drawer. (No, its not a typo)

  68. Jean-Marc Abela

    Jean-Marc Abela8 timmar sedan

    Who's here on January 20, 2021 ?? !!

  69. Randy Krus

    Randy Krus8 timmar sedan

    Anyone else feel a weight being lifted from your shoulders?

  70. John Doe

    John Doe8 timmar sedan

    I love those pillows. I love free speech too. There were a LOT of questions around this election but everyone wants to just sweep it under the rug.

  71. klondike316

    klondike3168 timmar sedan

    There was invitation fraud in trumpusha's going away celebration - he invited dead people and illegal aliens just to get the attendance count up.

  72. J Alaimo

    J Alaimo8 timmar sedan

    Greatest President in history. MAGA 2024

  73. Bob Bowers

    Bob Bowers8 timmar sedan

    Now that Trump is gone, the writers will actually have to work for their jokes.

  74. john j good

    john j good8 timmar sedan

    Laura thanks for the smiles,

  75. susan lewis

    susan lewis8 timmar sedan

    It's so surreal watching this after the orange monster is gone, good riddance!

  76. The Gr0nch

    The Gr0nch8 timmar sedan

    That ad literally looked like a meme

  77. Steve-USMCVET

    Steve-USMCVET8 timmar sedan

    Walking backwards all Trump has done for us will be painful to endure.

  78. DJM-anon

    DJM-anon8 timmar sedan

    Was that the same person? These four years have aged you! The grey suits you though.

  79. Elizabeth C

    Elizabeth C8 timmar sedan

    he got inaugurated today!!!

  80. Brian Corvello

    Brian Corvello8 timmar sedan

    Tricky Dick has a point there.