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73 Questions With Lizzo | Vogue
24 Hours With Saweetie | Vogue
  1. Ruth B

    Ruth B8 timmar sedan

    Cheek implants

  2. zsanett Fodor

    zsanett Fodor8 timmar sedan

    I loved it. Do chloe Moretz

  3. Carine Coursol

    Carine Coursol8 timmar sedan

    What a beautiful personality 💗🧚‍♀️

  4. DM

    DM8 timmar sedan

    Only one question: WHY?

  5. Ruchunsinle Tep

    Ruchunsinle Tep8 timmar sedan

    She is beautiful and sweet ❤️. Keep shining star 💪

  6. TWICE ish My Religion

    TWICE ish My Religion8 timmar sedan

    she actually look like camila mendes, eyebag edition

  7. Caroline Southwell

    Caroline Southwell8 timmar sedan

    he looks so skinny and muscular here omg

  8. Flawless lawless

    Flawless lawless8 timmar sedan

    And now it’s a thing 😍😍

  9. Frost Byte

    Frost Byte8 timmar sedan

    Fangirls in Paris : 👁️👄👁️

  10. Adam

    Adam8 timmar sedan

    Pilgrim and the whole debut album was how I got to know MØ. It’s her best music still!!

  11. Tirenioluwa O.

    Tirenioluwa O.8 timmar sedan

    In LOVE🤩🤩🧚🏾‍♂️

  12. Roma Apatenko

    Roma Apatenko8 timmar sedan

    You're good guy,Jeremy.

  13. Janice Luong

    Janice Luong8 timmar sedan

    She says she ;likes the imperfections doing her eyebrows, UHM she has AMAZING EYEBROWS!

  14. Kelli Pyle

    Kelli Pyle8 timmar sedan

    I love makeup for the reason you can be whoever you want and Doja portrays that perfectly. I hate when people say “you’re pretty without makeup” or “you don’t need all that makeup” like I’m not doing it for you I’m not always doing it to impress somebody I’m doing it because sometimes I like dress up as something else because makeup gives us the power to do that and there’s nothing wrong with it.

  15. تجميل كاتي بيوتي

    تجميل كاتي بيوتي8 timmar sedan


  16. Adam

    Adam8 timmar sedan

    Lyrics to fully escape: Oh, what a world I was born into Warriors are lying down Hush little head - you'll get sick So sorrow-filled I am Old wise river take me to the sea Breathe free Like pilgrims on the Camino I go, I go He yo All the time I just want to Let go and go and... (get a hold of it) All the time I just want to All the time I just want to F*ck it up and say I'll... (get a hold of it) All the time I just want to Oh, what a world I was born into Babies are on the thrones Hush little buddy - you'll get sick And shiver to your bones Old wild river take me to the sea Be free Like pilgrims on the Camino I go, I go He yo Oh la Oh la Oh la All the time I just want to All the time I just want to ...

  17. Titus Magnus Ein Universum aus Kuchen

    Titus Magnus Ein Universum aus Kuchen8 timmar sedan

    I made a huge mistake . I watched this.


    VIRGIN EMI RECORDS8 timmar sedan


  19. abby iglesias

    abby iglesias8 timmar sedan

    Every single look she has done is so good!

  20. 2008

    20088 timmar sedan

    does anyone know where i can buy the necklace that pharrell is wearing?

  21. TubbyTurtle82

    TubbyTurtle828 timmar sedan

    So... is BitchSlut her dog? Is it her but like.. another persona?

  22. Albertina Cabali

    Albertina Cabali8 timmar sedan

    This is like the videoclip of cherry 🥺💓

  23. Albertina Cabali

    Albertina Cabali8 timmar sedan

    I really love you harry 💕

  24. Albertina Cabali

    Albertina Cabali8 timmar sedan

    I'm so proud for him ❣️

  25. Albertina Cabali

    Albertina Cabali8 timmar sedan

    This man is too PERFECT ❤️

  26. Brandon Fernandez

    Brandon Fernandez8 timmar sedan

    I’m here for the blood cream

  27. Raisa Aliya Amelia

    Raisa Aliya Amelia8 timmar sedan

    ew filtered

  28. Ruchunsinle Tep

    Ruchunsinle Tep9 timmar sedan

    Beautiful and so simple ❤️💗💗💗💗

  29. x.vermillion.x

    x.vermillion.x9 timmar sedan

    i love how her grandma is so understanding and nice while my grandma told me “why do you think you look good?” “are you sure?” and just other things like that because i said i look good everyday

  30. Strawberry Donut

    Strawberry Donut9 timmar sedan

    Shes so pretty

  31. Neil Rivera

    Neil Rivera9 timmar sedan

    I'd still do Kylie after all these years.

  32. Oh, Angie!

    Oh, Angie!9 timmar sedan

    Omg I think this is the best skin care and makeup video I’ve ever seen! Everything is so simple and yet so natural, not too little and not too much but just right. No drama. No fuss, no muss. Ugh its so beautiful I love it!

  33. Pooja Pandey

    Pooja Pandey9 timmar sedan

    How would she pee?

  34. music geek

    music geek9 timmar sedan

    i can tell you all how many times i have been here before

  35. Anisa Janae

    Anisa Janae9 timmar sedan

    i love her beautiful self!❤️❤️❤️

  36. oceanrxse

    oceanrxse9 timmar sedan


  37. sophia leonardo

    sophia leonardo9 timmar sedan

    "what are you missing out on" "idk what am i missing out on?" 2020: my time to shine

  38. k kiki

    k kiki9 timmar sedan


  39. Madina Rakhymbaeva

    Madina Rakhymbaeva9 timmar sedan

    so gorgeous!


    JAMIE POMEROY9 timmar sedan

    Perfection omg i love her

  41. A N U S H K A

    A N U S H K A9 timmar sedan

    love how she has a broken nail but aint afraid like the other celebs.................stan her queen

  42. Rania Sahu

    Rania Sahu9 timmar sedan

    this video has always been on my recommend since I started watching one direction videos so FINALLY I'm watching it.

  43. brooklyndcreator

    brooklyndcreator9 timmar sedan

    plzzzzzz do TYLER THE CREATOR

  44. Youyou Zhang

    Youyou Zhang9 timmar sedan

    how do people have eye bags but still look good?!

  45. ZARArts

    ZARArts9 timmar sedan

    10:55 Robot: I feel like we had- Billie: Walks away looking like she doesn't care one bit Robot: Okay...... bye....🥺

  46. Sangwoo'sAshes- Khloe cry

    Sangwoo'sAshes- Khloe cry9 timmar sedan

    I thought the song was amazing tbh.

  47. Hugo Shaw

    Hugo Shaw9 timmar sedan

    Hi Kylie, your eyes are so beautiful.

  48. Ricci Bautista

    Ricci Bautista9 timmar sedan

    The violet soy contrastingly fry because animal commercially launch past a elfin south korea. standing, ripe chest

  49. Sabar Sharif

    Sabar Sharif9 timmar sedan

    Daughter is just as beautiful as her mother...just missing her own charisma

  50. vitoria

    vitoria9 timmar sedan


  51. ZARArts

    ZARArts9 timmar sedan

    5:00 my favorite part lol

  52. Rosna Rose

    Rosna Rose9 timmar sedan

    Are there makayalees?

  53. fernanda stylinson

    fernanda stylinson9 timmar sedan

    Te amoo

  54. Akookies

    Akookies9 timmar sedan

    When she ends the call with her boo and sticks her tongue out lol and the guy is like that is so romantic LOL the face that she made after haha

  55. Sofia Visone

    Sofia Visone9 timmar sedan

    it's on my recommend like i haven't seen it 100 times already 🙄🙄

  56. Kelly Garris

    Kelly Garris9 timmar sedan

    I didn't know I needed this!! Hahah Love it!!! :)

  57. Bella P

    Bella P9 timmar sedan


  58. clara anisya a

    clara anisya a10 timmar sedan

    Omg she's so prettyyyyyyyyyy ✨✨

  59. Hugo Shaw

    Hugo Shaw10 timmar sedan

    What's up, Kylie.

  60. Hugo Shaw

    Hugo Shaw10 timmar sedan

    Well, hey, Kylie. Good to see you.

  61. Yadira paredes

    Yadira paredes10 timmar sedan


  62. Delyssa Garcia

    Delyssa Garcia10 timmar sedan

    "What do u want"😂😂 that had me dead

  63. Romina B

    Romina B10 timmar sedan

    Her hair is everything

  64. Hugo Shaw

    Hugo Shaw10 timmar sedan

    Kylie has a perfect body.

  65. Just for watching videos

    Just for watching videos10 timmar sedan

    Rihanna is glowing

  66. Theresa Z

    Theresa Z10 timmar sedan

    She so cute and cool lol!! I need that huge water bottle lol!!!!

  67. Rachel Emily

    Rachel Emily10 timmar sedan

    Omg her ARMS tho 🔥 🔥 🔥

  68. Isabelle Drapeau

    Isabelle Drapeau10 timmar sedan

    I wanna party with her so bad

  69. dora

    dora10 timmar sedan

    *me staring at their beautiful skin throughout the whole video*

  70. Natasha Virani

    Natasha Virani10 timmar sedan

    I have been so bored during the pandemic so I am binge watching SEtoos videos. Nothing better to do .

  71. a Gg

    a Gg10 timmar sedan


  72. a Gg

    a Gg10 timmar sedan

    redistrubute the wealth?? ahahahah yeah emily nobody is stopping you give me 70 percent of your check then shes in a bubble

  73. Benny B

    Benny B10 timmar sedan

    Was this filmed in the same house? lol. Cause they're dating now :)

  74. acelyn f

    acelyn f10 timmar sedan

    Don’t need anyone coming at me but I don’t understand why looking like a deman is what anyone would like.

  75. Allan N

    Allan N10 timmar sedan

    She is so smart. The message comes through . She is honest about her past. Circumstances made her who she was.

  76. Thao Truong

    Thao Truong10 timmar sedan

    Does anyone know what lipstick she used?

  77. Syifa Deasa Ayulia

    Syifa Deasa Ayulia10 timmar sedan

    I cannot tell you enough how much I love this amazing woman!

  78. H y p e r B a e

    H y p e r B a e10 timmar sedan

    She served the camera man, SHE SERVED THE CAMERA MAN-

  79. Sarah Ward

    Sarah Ward10 timmar sedan

    i guess i couldn’t be vegetarian in britain😂

  80. slender man

    slender man10 timmar sedan

    Perfectly name for a perfect couple