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Longest Dunk Wins

Longest Dunk Wins

Månad sedan

Dude Wars | OT 24

Dude Wars | OT 24

2 månader sedan

Toy Trick Shots | Dude Perfect
Game Night Stereotypes

Game Night Stereotypes

2 månader sedan

Flying RC Car

Flying RC Car

3 månader sedan

Pocket Flame Thrower | OT 21
It Finally Happened | OT 20
Go Kart Paintball Battle

Go Kart Paintball Battle

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Halloween Stereotypes

Halloween Stereotypes

5 månader sedan

Giant Grouper Fishing Battle
Concrete Shoes Football Battle
Airsoft Battle 3

Airsoft Battle 3

7 månader sedan

Real Life Robot Dog | OT 17
Swimming Pool Stereotypes
Card Throwing Trick Shots 2
All Sports Golf Battle 4

All Sports Golf Battle 4

10 månader sedan

Worst Haircut Ever | OT 16
Quarantine Stereotypes

Quarantine Stereotypes

11 månader sedan

  1. RogueFN

    RogueFN14 timmar sedan

    Here’s some time stamps 12:18 12:26

  2. Kailee Stephens

    Kailee Stephens14 timmar sedan

    "You wouldn't believe the price of colors" i cried with laughter

  3. OmegaAwesome324

    OmegaAwesome32414 timmar sedan

    Trailer Park, 100%

  4. Zev :

    Zev :14 timmar sedan

    My dad was born on may 4tg

  5. Mmabatho Thabitha Chauke

    Mmabatho Thabitha Chauke14 timmar sedan

    It's where I live

  6. Nicholas Lombardo

    Nicholas Lombardo14 timmar sedan

    Wow 27 million subscribers how they're at 56 million that's insane how far they've come

  7. Olen&Traber

    Olen&Traber14 timmar sedan

    100% trailer park

  8. JTtheGOAT 2021

    JTtheGOAT 202114 timmar sedan

    If this comment gets as many likes as dude perfect I will be happy

  9. Elliott winkler

    Elliott winkler14 timmar sedan

    do sneaky peaky

  10. Yani Alexis

    Yani Alexis14 timmar sedan

    le tire est en français

  11. Megan Steblein

    Megan Steblein14 timmar sedan

    My grandfather served on that aircraft carrier. I forgot how long or what his job was but he served his entire carrier on the uss nimitz

  12. Greg Gilbert

    Greg Gilbert14 timmar sedan

    My girlfriend LOL

  13. Andrew Beiler

    Andrew Beiler14 timmar sedan

    Ostrich eggs are rock solid

  14. Amy Smith

    Amy Smith14 timmar sedan

    No codes is not right

  15. TrinaJr Avilez

    TrinaJr Avilez14 timmar sedan

    The pocket knife scene is the funniest

  16. Mohamed Ibrahim

    Mohamed Ibrahim14 timmar sedan

    kiwico is niceeeee i had it since i was 6

  17. Mary Daza

    Mary Daza14 timmar sedan

    Also sneaky peaky

  18. Sayra Mosqueda

    Sayra Mosqueda14 timmar sedan

    May 17 is one day before my birthday

  19. Charlie Betkowski

    Charlie Betkowski14 timmar sedan

    Let’s not get injured couple seconds they are killing each other

  20. Radio Jay

    Radio Jay14 timmar sedan


  21. sam_ottr

    sam_ottr14 timmar sedan


  22. Transportationfan0923

    Transportationfan092314 timmar sedan

    The nobody on the speaker is so funny

  23. Salma Ziyad

    Salma Ziyad14 timmar sedan


  24. Mateo Calori

    Mateo Calori14 timmar sedan

    You are the bests

  25. Abderrahmane Turqui

    Abderrahmane Turqui14 timmar sedan

    Don't wast food mans

  26. Radio Jay

    Radio Jay14 timmar sedan

    I DARE YOU TO LIKE THIS COMMENT....... 1+1=123456728436487364823645823465

  27. Cori Duffey

    Cori Duffey14 timmar sedan


  28. Caitlyn Troxell

    Caitlyn Troxell14 timmar sedan

    can i get one of the baby yoda posters

  29. Grant Guild

    Grant Guild14 timmar sedan

    sneaky peaky all day

  30. Pink Ghost

    Pink Ghost14 timmar sedan

    R.I.P ostrich egg 2:44

  31. afk quỷ lửa

    afk quỷ lửa14 timmar sedan

    Như cái q què


    MOHAMED AATHIL14 timmar sedan

    Come to India,tamil nadu

  33. Sweaty Bot

    Sweaty Bot14 timmar sedan

    I’m the kreepy guy in the corner eating a pickle


    RANDOM STUFF YT14 timmar sedan

    15:12 LOL

  35. Caitlyn Troxell

    Caitlyn Troxell14 timmar sedan

    i am your biggest fan

  36. CornDog _Mulch

    CornDog _Mulch14 timmar sedan

    I forgot how much I loved dude perfect

  37. Mary Daza

    Mary Daza14 timmar sedan

    Like your vids keep it up

  38. Caitlyn Troxell

    Caitlyn Troxell14 timmar sedan

    love your vids

  39. Adrian

    Adrian15 timmar sedan

    I really only watch this for cool not cool

  40. mr_snuggle

    mr_snuggle15 timmar sedan

    They forgot to teach us a new vocab

  41. T1 Productions

    T1 Productions15 timmar sedan

    I feel like risk took 50 years for the dudes to complete

  42. early iq4008

    early iq400815 timmar sedan

    I like sneaky peaky more instead of trailer park

  43. Austin Martin

    Austin Martin15 timmar sedan

    Patrick mahomes

  44. Grayson Morales

    Grayson Morales15 timmar sedan

    I guess Garrett's shoes are really absorbent

  45. Stin Productions

    Stin Productions15 timmar sedan

    As a High school student, I think I’m gonna cop the crunch cup. Thanks Cory!

  46. SBplays

    SBplays15 timmar sedan


  47. Chesney O’Neill

    Chesney O’Neill15 timmar sedan

    The worst part of 2021 is that they put Jerry in the new intro instead of Ned 😢😢😢 Also: Sneaky Peaky

  48. Qdog609

    Qdog60915 timmar sedan

    DP has the best videos

  49. sebastian scott

    sebastian scott15 timmar sedan

    Chubby Ty

  50. Shawn Chubb

    Shawn Chubb15 timmar sedan

    Is Cody and Cory twins?

  51. ky ky

    ky ky15 timmar sedan

    4:17 why was he talking like that LOL

  52. Kayden James

    Kayden James15 timmar sedan


  53. Fernando Domínguez

    Fernando Domínguez15 timmar sedan

    Por qué no hablan español

  54. Scavenger

    Scavenger15 timmar sedan

    Did.... did they have two sponsors in one video?


    MARTY THE MAN YEET15 timmar sedan

    great vid

  56. Brian Edwards

    Brian Edwards15 timmar sedan

    Where's my 10 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Juan Gang

    Juan Gang15 timmar sedan

    Great vid

  58. Harrison St. Ours

    Harrison St. Ours15 timmar sedan

    I like how ty is always the rage monster, and it’s in every one. But what I like more is that Cody is always the target.

  59. Ben Cole

    Ben Cole15 timmar sedan

    I love fortnite I’m already level 50 this season I’m talking about the season that is matching the day I commented

  60. Mtb For the boys

    Mtb For the boys15 timmar sedan

    Okay my child hood is ruined look at 4:00 trick shot very closely it’s fake

  61. Dante Central

    Dante Central15 timmar sedan

    They showed bloops of the same stuff

  62. Jamie McKee

    Jamie McKee15 timmar sedan


  63. CarZ7

    CarZ715 timmar sedan

    Sneaky peaky is cooler and dumber and I like it

  64. chaz haye

    chaz haye15 timmar sedan

    team COBY

  65. Delahne Wright

    Delahne Wright15 timmar sedan

    You guys should make some more fight scene

  66. koda bug

    koda bug15 timmar sedan

    Twinkle twinkle little star

  67. Noob Destroyer

    Noob Destroyer15 timmar sedan


  68. Jakester Pinto

    Jakester Pinto15 timmar sedan

    Bucket list is back!

  69. Gamer Playz

    Gamer Playz15 timmar sedan

    do trailer park

  70. Luna Dragon

    Luna Dragon15 timmar sedan

    STOP DOING NEW SEGMENTS. Your just adding on to the list of segments you do once and never again

  71. chlo4130 chlo4130

    chlo4130 chlo413015 timmar sedan

    Ty didn’t do Cool not cool

  72. Alex Brenzo

    Alex Brenzo15 timmar sedan

    Get crafty be like get Sparky

  73. Teklatter

    Teklatter15 timmar sedan

    Petition to change the name of “Judge Dudy” to “Jury Dudy”

  74. ƖƔƠƦƳ_ Waoyt

    ƖƔƠƦƳ_ Waoyt15 timmar sedan

    biggest bubble gum

  75. Mplayz

    Mplayz15 timmar sedan

    Tyler didn’t have an item in cool not cool

  76. Mckay Whiting

    Mckay Whiting15 timmar sedan

    yea do a vid every monday

  77. Jady.Gaming

    Jady.Gaming15 timmar sedan

    we need i spy ty back as a segment!