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Welcome to Life of Boris SEtoos channel, Home of Slav King.
On this channel, you find slav gaming, lifestyle, cooking, car reviews, custom PC builds, animation and tutorials including end of month and budget cooking.
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good morning

good morning

8 dagar sedan

  1. among us among us

    among us among us19 timmar sedan

    Covid 19 vs Slavic Vaccine

  2. Kathryn A

    Kathryn A19 timmar sedan

    Wait, I wasn't subscribed? Fixed that!

  3. Baguette

    Baguette19 timmar sedan

    Why do you have bread for shoes

  4. Baguette

    Baguette19 timmar sedan

    You made me hungry with the potato cake at the end

  5. Alphoyrx

    Alphoyrx20 timmar sedan

    6:52 did I hear babushka It 100% radal I am telling you

  6. Taco Gardevoir

    Taco Gardevoir20 timmar sedan

    Russian man narrates over liminal spaces.

  7. Alison Tshangana

    Alison Tshangana20 timmar sedan

    Boris: you can not hide from my deadly spider. Enemies: RUN!!!

  8. Sars The Second

    Sars The Second20 timmar sedan

    In Croatia we call them Klošars. I am one of them.

  9. Edmar A. Liwag

    Edmar A. Liwag20 timmar sedan

    This is blyatiful Slavs vs. Western spies

  10. Kathryn A

    Kathryn A20 timmar sedan

    A year into quarantine and this might be my new meal plan going forward 😅

  11. ale84

    ale8420 timmar sedan


  12. Raul Mateo

    Raul Mateo20 timmar sedan

    Blasfemous!! for not using olive oil hahahah

  13. Sandisk *_*

    Sandisk *_*20 timmar sedan

    The perfect russian Hacker doesnt exist Boris:hold my vodkacooled pc

  14. Danu Zurdanu

    Danu Zurdanu20 timmar sedan

    I hate you and sovjet union and 15 rebuplika amerika and Gremany are best Fouk you du Arsch

  15. MrChewy

    MrChewy20 timmar sedan

    There is a serbian history youtube channel with a similar idea of covering the face (Barely Serious) (I can put the link, but idk if Im allowed to since it is basically promotion of competition)

  16. Snyrtistofa

    Snyrtistofa20 timmar sedan

    Nice, but the soup is still written : Gulyás and Goulash.

  17. Edmar A. Liwag

    Edmar A. Liwag20 timmar sedan

    Gopnik Cousins 🤙🤙

  18. Juan Carandell Rojo

    Juan Carandell Rojo20 timmar sedan

    30 Euros from paella is just a robbery!

  19. bjrn2010

    bjrn201020 timmar sedan

    Is Cervelat like doctor's sausage? We have it in Denmark and it look very much alike.

  20. Miloš Đošić

    Miloš Đošić20 timmar sedan

    Liberal socialism

  21. Le Rigan

    Le Rigan20 timmar sedan

    сук, даже я не понимаю твой акцент. я в ахуе

  22. alvarosg88

    alvarosg8820 timmar sedan

    Boris, that was just around a 5% of Spain explored, come to the south of the peninsula, and you will try real spanish food

  23. 신지훈

    신지훈20 timmar sedan

    slav king is Futin

  24. Alphoyrx

    Alphoyrx21 timme sedan

    He sounds like radal

  25. Austin Wortham

    Austin Wortham21 timme sedan

    There are Hussare patrolling streets in Hungary? Lol

  26. Clarts

    Clarts21 timme sedan

    Anyone know what pelemininator

  27. Big Smoke

    Big Smoke21 timme sedan

    As a bulgarian, i can confirm that everything that this man says is true. Има ли българи тука бе?

  28. Miloš Đošić

    Miloš Đošić21 timme sedan

    When will you make serbian food(propeć, suklijaš, pogača, lenja pita, medeni kvadratinja(chocolate honey cake with a heart of plum Jam, named KVADRATINJA by Makedonian friend long time ago, because it's a square, not a heart)

  29. trel l

    trel l21 timme sedan

    next video cooking with butter knife

  30. Wolf Bloody

    Wolf Bloody21 timme sedan

    Fajnie że byłeś w Polsce kurwa

  31. Default0r

    Default0r21 timme sedan

    You eat the omelette with ketchup not mayo 😩😩

  32. BobTheGreat

    BobTheGreat21 timme sedan

    This is not mayo... It's vegan..

  33. Winchester Chua

    Winchester Chua21 timme sedan

    3:01 XD

  34. Life of Manestein

    Life of Manestein21 timme sedan

    Better than my animations

  35. Verr Tito

    Verr Tito22 timmar sedan

    Good thing i'm russian by the way there's somebody trying to invade russia it's japan trying to make russia into anime empire so i think i'm a russian to so that means ОН БУДЕТ РЕЖИМОМ ЧЕКИ-БРИКИ

  36. flufyduck : p

    flufyduck : p22 timmar sedan

    BORIS! Please play hoi4

  37. Alexander Ilardi

    Alexander Ilardi22 timmar sedan

    Definitely vodka cooled too

  38. Chrome PhugboiThe 3rd

    Chrome PhugboiThe 3rd22 timmar sedan


  39. Alex the Bordercollie

    Alex the Bordercollie22 timmar sedan

    As an American, this hurts to watch. I'm just kind of amazed the end product came out edible.

  40. Nightmare HxC

    Nightmare HxC22 timmar sedan

    Esa tortilla está quemada... xDD With this omelette rusia can take Berlin again, forget the t34, use this ommelete like a shield... xDDD

  41. Darth Memeious

    Darth Memeious22 timmar sedan

    this reminds me of the one time i got all the bay leaf (bobkový list) in my plate

  42. p3pp sab

    p3pp sab22 timmar sedan

    Tutt o blocc a frittat e patan

  43. Theotmt

    Theotmt22 timmar sedan

    I was terribly sick when this came out. I think it cured it...

  44. Sninctbur

    Sninctbur22 timmar sedan

    Watch with Russian subtitles for the optimal experience

  45. Baldua Inc

    Baldua Inc22 timmar sedan


  46. Michael Arsa Adyatma

    Michael Arsa Adyatma23 timmar sedan