Danny Gonzalez
Danny Gonzalez
Danny Gonzalez

SEtoos is an American video-sharing platform headquartered in San Bruno, California. Three former PayPal employees-Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim-created the service in February 2005. Google bought the site in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion; SEtoos now operates as one of Google's subsidiaries.

Kung Fu.... Rabbit???
Ultimate Balance

Ultimate Balance

21 dag sedan

Spooky Man

Spooky Man

Månad sedan

How 2 Be Rich

How 2 Be Rich

2 månader sedan

Straight Up Bothering People


3 månader sedan

My Dad Is Rich

My Dad Is Rich

3 månader sedan

Maybe The Worst Prank

Maybe The Worst Prank

3 månader sedan

POV I'm Your Vampire Dad

POV I'm Your Vampire Dad

4 månader sedan

Joker TikToks Stop Please
Wish Dot Com

Wish Dot Com

6 månader sedan



6 månader sedan

How 2 Be Healthy

How 2 Be Healthy

7 månader sedan

Hit It If You Know You Lit
Trying Awful Viral Photo Ideas
UPDATE CORNER: Paul Speaks Out


10 månader sedan

Justin Bieber Why

Justin Bieber Why

10 månader sedan

Help Let Me Go
Bad Boys On TikTok
SLIME (Music Video)
I Am Hot = Comedy?
Papa Has Been Replaced
Lil Tay Has Disappeared
  1. meeso

    meesoTimme sedan

    How do the rip off movie crew feel after making the "movie"

  2. Surprisingly lemons

    Surprisingly lemonsTimme sedan

    Danny: come beef with me *looks at Jake and Logan Paul* Troom troom *loads shotgun quietly*

  3. Zug Zug

    Zug ZugTimme sedan

    Kodak Throwback

  4. DreamTeamCosplayer

    DreamTeamCosplayerTimme sedan


  5. Matty Mbye

    Matty MbyeTimme sedan

    Let's say, and this is jist off the top of my head, about the same amount of time it takes to commit a murder? 🙄👍🏼😁

  6. dannyboi Z

    dannyboi ZTimme sedan

    hey danny can you put that gecko cloud on a shirt and sell it to me

  7. Zainab Qureshi

    Zainab QureshiTimme sedan

    "They're my prisoners" Wow, Danny!!! Such a way with words!!!! 😂

  8. fizza laiba

    fizza laibaTimme sedan


  9. Zainab Qureshi

    Zainab QureshiTimme sedan

    Seriously, Danny should be on the top charts!!!!!!

  10. doggydo62

    doggydo62Timme sedan

    Btw... you made it to the top 5 comedy channels of the year on vidIQs SEtoos channel!

  11. yar

    yarTimme sedan

    I like how in the movie the guys are just carefully and safely moving the girl from the truck and then all the other guys just go attempt murder as if the moving truck guys had just literally put a gun to her head

  12. • LOLOLOL •

    • LOLOLOL •2 timmar sedan

    Where is the daddy carraige? Also notifacations on

  13. Rotten Cake

    Rotten Cake2 timmar sedan

    I mean at least rizztar has green hair

  14. Tasnim Anika

    Tasnim Anika2 timmar sedan

    Who’s back after Danny’s Yummy got nominated for a Grammy 🎊🥳

  15. Boglárka Bögös

    Boglárka Bögös2 timmar sedan

    My theory when I was younger (~9) is that the elves HATED that Santa and they arranged the murder. They conspired against their leader and since they didn't have the power to just send him away, they made sure he never gets home. That's why nobody batted and eye when a random dude came back.

  16. skycrafter 204

    skycrafter 2042 timmar sedan

    the arm thing is the girth of your arms

  17. Topsy Turvy Online

    Topsy Turvy Online2 timmar sedan

    Let’s together healthy

  18. kaoru

    kaoru2 timmar sedan

    our girlfriend

  19. Gachacatchemall Girl

    Gachacatchemall Girl2 timmar sedan

    He said if you watch him it'll stunt your growth mentally and physically. Well um-. He's correct. I used to watch him and I'm 4'11

  20. Kevin Mallory

    Kevin Mallory2 timmar sedan

    2:09 best part of the video

  21. Matty Mbye

    Matty Mbye2 timmar sedan

    The smile thing could be for people with alexithymia. Google it. 👍🏼😁

  22. Ω Sam Lesser Ω

    Ω Sam Lesser Ω2 timmar sedan

    2:33 wait. People can't reach their back? I can touch my whole back. Maybe it's becuse i have ehlers danlos syndrome, but i thought everyone could do it.

  23. hot boat

    hot boat2 timmar sedan

    funny how youtube recommended this video to me during december this year

  24. Ω Sam Lesser Ω

    Ω Sam Lesser Ω2 timmar sedan

    So..THIS is the English version of our swedish Pontus Rasmusson that everyone hate 😂 (Not you, the channel you're talking bout, you're the best :3)

  25. john lohmann

    john lohmann2 timmar sedan

    11% of 0 is still 0

  26. Ω Sam Lesser Ω

    Ω Sam Lesser Ω2 timmar sedan

    Well, it's better than Pontus Rasmusson.

  27. Matty Mbye

    Matty Mbye2 timmar sedan

    In that play pen one with the slide and stuff, they changed johny, anyone else notice that?😐👍🏼😁

  28. Starkid Potter

    Starkid Potter3 timmar sedan

    Billion Surprise was like...😳😳😳... oH sHIt

  29. Random Chimp

    Random Chimp3 timmar sedan

    I remember a year ago I seen these ads and I was like, man I haven't seen his videos in years and he must be having a hard time to make shitty ads like this. But now, now it makes sense.

  30. Randall Ascot

    Randall Ascot3 timmar sedan

    My favorite christmas carol

  31. Jhai Rowel

    Jhai Rowel3 timmar sedan

    The Philippines is so honored to be featured in your song. HAHAHAHAHHA

  32. *kas :*

    *kas :*3 timmar sedan

    i CANNOT believe this was 2020

  33. dulce tygg

    dulce tygg3 timmar sedan

    I've never seen someone wear a addidas sweater

  34. Aaryan AS

    Aaryan AS3 timmar sedan

    As an Indian I want to say i had no idea what the heck people used to did on tiktok.

  35. Itz Me

    Itz Me3 timmar sedan

    “Don’t give a dam” *cries in beaver*

  36. Paula Mccormack

    Paula Mccormack3 timmar sedan

    Yeah,but what if Bill Gates spent 218 million dollars in one yeah though?

  37. Starkid Potter

    Starkid Potter3 timmar sedan

    My uncontrollable laughter at your reaction to the two bears was something else 😂😂

  38. Alex Melchor

    Alex Melchor3 timmar sedan

    Did you know a US president had a pet raccoon

  39. Shree Manvi

    Shree Manvi3 timmar sedan

    Notifications on. Greg mode on!😎

  40. youstupidcat

    youstupidcat3 timmar sedan

    the fact that they broke the hoop

  41. Matty Mbye

    Matty Mbye3 timmar sedan

    The accent sorta sounds like this polish girl I used to know🤔👍🏼😁

  42. Nosmo90

    Nosmo903 timmar sedan

    Danny: "Everybody knows that Coke is better than Pepsi. Obviously." Me: *clutches pearls*

  43. Matty Mbye

    Matty Mbye3 timmar sedan

    When that ice cream was leaning on the stand it looked hella creepy👍🏼😁

  44. Matty Mbye

    Matty Mbye3 timmar sedan

    What the heck is "greenish pista"? If it does stand for pistachio, then I've tried it and it's not the greatest but ok.👍🏼😁

  45. Matty Mbye

    Matty Mbye3 timmar sedan

    I've never heard of ball ice cream in my life, so it's not in the UK either👍🏼😁

  46. #Circle Cody

    #Circle Cody3 timmar sedan

    As if we wouldn't recognize semi charmed life

  47. BLM BLM

    BLM BLM3 timmar sedan

    Danny's just different

  48. Joseph Jurak

    Joseph Jurak3 timmar sedan

    1:38 "came in the clutch" best way to possibly mess that up lol

  49. Anant Parxencar

    Anant Parxencar3 timmar sedan

    i hate his face.looks like a chilly who ate a red chilly

  50. mysterious

    mysterious3 timmar sedan

    dang this is from 2 years ago- You haven’t changed at all form then to now Danny 😂

  51. Irteza the Benevolent

    Irteza the Benevolent4 timmar sedan


  52. Withie The Wither

    Withie The Wither4 timmar sedan

    I small part of me wishes that Scales was in this movie (good luck figuring out that reference), just him being the protagonist but NOTHING ELSE changes.

  53. YoutubeTankaPla

    YoutubeTankaPla4 timmar sedan

    You can’t beat the box

  54. YoutubeTankaPla

    YoutubeTankaPla4 timmar sedan

    Get Danny to #1 on billboard.

  55. GhostlyGamer251

    GhostlyGamer2514 timmar sedan

    SEtoos viewers are smarter that's why

  56. nuhu the red sanic

    nuhu the red sanic4 timmar sedan

    Bro his song legit dope

  57. garren justice

    garren justice4 timmar sedan

    You keep making songs as jokes but they actually are good. ARE YOU A COMEDIAN? A MUSICIAN? A COMEDIC MUSICIAN? I NEEED ANSWERS AND IVE BEEN GREG FOR 3 YEARS

  58. John Paul Turla

    John Paul Turla4 timmar sedan

    iT wAs FaKe?!

  59. Ashley Rosemary

    Ashley Rosemary4 timmar sedan

    What happened at 3:30 I’m so confused

  60. Carly Boyd

    Carly Boyd4 timmar sedan

    i don't mean to be a downer but you really shouldn't feed wildlife

  61. Hannah Fulton

    Hannah Fulton4 timmar sedan

    still dont understand the whole "mom" and "dad" thing

  62. b b

    b b4 timmar sedan

    Drew behind the Nutcracker was scarier than any of the Conjuring movies. Edit : was this written by Raven, the infamous Harry Potter fanfic writer? I -

  63. DV Games

    DV Games4 timmar sedan

    G R E G

  64. みどり

    みどり4 timmar sedan

    So... The Thirteenth Year, but worse

  65. b b

    b b4 timmar sedan

    The dobre bros are like those kids in drama class that were absolutely out of their element in front of everyone and stand with scripts and stare and mumble.

  66. Itz_Roid

    Itz_Roid4 timmar sedan

    Did you see him say I can't even raise my hand and he raises his hand.

  67. The Gamer Gaming

    The Gamer Gaming4 timmar sedan

    Hey I’m British btw

  68. 「」。shuro「」。

    「」。shuro「」。4 timmar sedan

    Me singing 🎤 this in 2020 related to 2020 i just wanna kill santa

  69. Matty Mbye

    Matty Mbye4 timmar sedan

    Crap I think you bought orbys, oh no👍🏼😁

  70. Francis Emmanuel Dela Cruz

    Francis Emmanuel Dela Cruz4 timmar sedan


  71. Glynn Hilton

    Glynn Hilton4 timmar sedan

    Please watch there weird series bst super heroes. It's worth the watch.

  72. TYT gacha

    TYT gacha4 timmar sedan

    Everyone: *talking about how this is not funny at all* Small Me: well i think is funny-

  73. The Gamer Gaming

    The Gamer Gaming4 timmar sedan

    His stepdad might be the only one in the videos that actually has the enthusiasm that he does during a vid

  74. Itz_Roid

    Itz_Roid4 timmar sedan

    Poor grandma listening to his screams for youtube

  75. Christine Canigula / Maria Reynolds / Michael Mell

    Christine Canigula / Maria Reynolds / Michael Mell4 timmar sedan

    13:47 this scene made me dizzy for about 10 seconds-

  76. Scunt .0

    Scunt .04 timmar sedan

    What if we lived in mars mars were out of resources then there was an escape pod for only adam and eve and the escape pod was the meteor that killed the dinosaurs

  77. The Gamer Gaming

    The Gamer Gaming4 timmar sedan


  78. The Gamer Gaming

    The Gamer Gaming4 timmar sedan

    Oh it’s carter **** him

  79. The Gamer Gaming

    The Gamer Gaming4 timmar sedan


  80. The Gamer Gaming

    The Gamer Gaming4 timmar sedan

    I’m nine and I don’t fall for this family’s ****