The Masters
The Masters
The Masters

Official SEtoos channel of the 85th Masters Tournament, April 8-11, 2021. Tune in on ESPN and CBS or stream live at

  1. GarciaDF123

    GarciaDF1232 timmar sedan

    The club is so exclusive, we're not allowed to see the entire menu.

  2. Nerdyy 022

    Nerdyy 0222 timmar sedan

    DJ's smile in the last part was just beautiful.

  3. 野菜炒め温泉卵

    野菜炒め温泉卵7 timmar sedan

    隣国がいつもネチネチ日本の悪口言ってきてうざいけどさ、 もう一回誇りをもってパワフルに日本を動かしていこうぜ。 俺たちで。

  4. Hussein Kevin Kato

    Hussein Kevin Kato7 timmar sedan

    Goooo Tiger

  5. Hussein Kevin Kato

    Hussein Kevin Kato7 timmar sedan

    We share the same Birth year 1975 ....

  6. Hussein Kevin Kato

    Hussein Kevin Kato7 timmar sedan

    I wish I was in Augusta to witness at moment. Tiger has been an inspiration to me during the 90s when I was doing very gd in Pool in my country and just recently turned to Golfing.

  7. Ryan Hernandez

    Ryan Hernandez10 timmar sedan

    I still get chills listening to the Tiger chants on the 18th green. I cried that day, just like when he won the Tour championship the year before. Idk if he can come back again, but it's Tiger. So we can't count him out completely.

  8. James west

    James west10 timmar sedan

    I see these older videos and am always struck by how much slower the greens were than they are now.

  9. Jordan Sheppherd

    Jordan Sheppherd11 timmar sedan

    Man, I felt so bad for Kenny Perry. I'm glad though, that it was Angel Cabrera that won, I've always liked him.

  10. KCBkotastrophie -

    KCBkotastrophie -12 timmar sedan


  11. dave herman

    dave herman13 timmar sedan

    One of the best things I’ve seen in my entire life. It’s not just a. showing of a sport. It’s strength and love after strife.

  12. Matt Hooper

    Matt Hooper13 timmar sedan


  13. Vital Sound

    Vital Sound14 timmar sedan

    Does it get much classier than this event? This is what the world needs today

  14. アンレ

    アンレ16 timmar sedan


  15. William Ramsey

    William Ramsey16 timmar sedan

    David Dooval with his dumb baggy clothes and his goofy shades...could never win the big one 😂

  16. Arzie Van Dee

    Arzie Van Dee17 timmar sedan

    2:10:30 How come Duval has honors at 17th after a bogey against Furyk's birdie?

  17. Ducksoup67

    Ducksoup6717 timmar sedan

    I was 19. I had to work an early shift that Sunday and made it home when Jack was on the 8th...Made some lunch (West Coast) and started watching the most amazing thing I've still ever seen in golf. My older brothers - who had been playing golf earlier that day - call from our favorite watering hole when Jack was on 12 - just to make sure I was watching...yep...I was watching - what a memory!!

  18. Ian Aldridge

    Ian Aldridge17 timmar sedan

    Fred laid back great guy great swing.He should have won a hat full of majors with that talent.

  19. SearchBucket2

    SearchBucket218 timmar sedan

    Still waiting for Tom to win ....

  20. Meatwad

    Meatwad18 timmar sedan

    5 time masters champion*


    PTREK BOX BREAKS19 timmar sedan

    I love watching old golf to look at the club designs. So so so bad compared to today lol but man I remember growing up and my grandad teaching me early 90s with his wooden drivers. Just recently getting back into golf. In his honor! He was a pga amateur in his days so he taught me well. I JUST CANT GET MY SLICE ON DRIVES TO GO AWAY COMPLETELY!!

  22. Shane Doyle

    Shane Doyle19 timmar sedan

    They didn't wear hats too much back then.

  23. Chuck Norris

    Chuck Norris20 timmar sedan

    Two G.O.A.T.S just looking at a golf ball.

  24. John Locke

    John LockeDag sedan

    Next Video: The making of the Making of the 2020 masters.

  25. pizzaburgerman

    pizzaburgermanDag sedan

    deserves every stitch of That jacket

  26. Liam Li

    Liam LiDag sedan

    The amount of viewership is like 20 other final rounds combined.

  27. Haro Master

    Haro MasterDag sedan

    So Happy for DJ! Well deserved. Hope he wins more.

  28. George

    GeorgeDag sedan

    Wait, we used to hug guys?

  29. campdude66

    campdude66Dag sedan

    I bet he hit a Perkins waitress hard that night!

  30. Guy Dixon

    Guy DixonDag sedan

    Reed responded very well to the pressure that day. Jordan and Ricky threw everything at him.

  31. Kevin Lewis

    Kevin LewisDag sedan

    I tell ya what... I miss venturi

  32. Ethan's New Imagination Room

    Ethan's New Imagination RoomDag sedan

    0:17 cheering!

  33. Moe Norman

    Moe NormanDag sedan

    DJ winning the Masters is a great achievement plus having Tiger place in the jacket. 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  34. Seymour Butts

    Seymour ButtsDag sedan

    If I ever win the Masters we're having franks and beans in can and you have to eat it with a spork.

  35. Calvacade of Fred Couples

    Calvacade of Fred CouplesDag sedan

    too bad Donnie Hammond didn't win this rather than Jack

  36. robert famiglietti

    robert famigliettiDag sedan

    Jack would have been great in the booth

  37. Bdubs

    BdubsDag sedan

    Yay. Rich people cheering over a snooty sport!!!!

  38. robert famiglietti

    robert famigliettiDag sedan

    Chris Patton . Says he just couldn’t lose the weight. It’s a shame had a lot of talent

  39. vforvendettaMA

    vforvendettaMADag sedan

    2:29:55 - “What a way to cap it off”

  40. 555 sakurako

    555 sakurakoDag sedan

    Matusyama Hideki君 優勝おめでとう! 本当におめでとう! ありがとー!!!!!

  41. Bob Alex

    Bob Alex2 dagar sedan

    My People !

  42. Euan B

    Euan B2 dagar sedan

    He’s the reason we all play. Hero. What a day this was.

  43. Chad Gibbons

    Chad Gibbons2 dagar sedan

    Gotta love Maltbie with the cigarette and Michelob hat. Lol

  44. Cam Mahathey

    Cam Mahathey2 dagar sedan

    i watched this vid when it came out on my bday last year and now im in love with golf

  45. Kaleb Arancelovic

    Kaleb Arancelovic2 dagar sedan

    How incredible was Dustin Johnson's 2nd shot on the 15th!

  46. Jky 852

    Jky 8522 dagar sedan

    As an outsider golf = tiger woods

  47. Conor McCormack

    Conor McCormack2 dagar sedan

    Something about the shade of that Sunday Red made him invincible that day. Greatest moment in sports history. Go ahead. @ Me.

  48. tomgio1

    tomgio12 dagar sedan

    I follow golf and enjoy watching it, but don’t know much behind the scenes stuff. The subtext vibe I got here was perhaps some mild tension between Woods and Faldo. Tiger on a few occasions would cut him off, or boldly correct him - not rudely, per se - but with authority. Was there something in the past between the two that may have contributed to this, or am I naively over-interpreting it? Thanks to those who are in the know!

  49. Kyle Manning

    Kyle Manning2 dagar sedan

    I hope Tiger comes back with Darth Maul legs and wins the 2022 Masters by 50 strokes

  50. Kaleb Arancelovic

    Kaleb Arancelovic2 dagar sedan

    To put things into perspective, a normal weekend golfer that scores 90 on a public course would post a score of +72 after 4 rounds at Augusta. And that's playing the best golf they have ever played cause that course is insanely long and tough.

  51. vforvendettaMA

    vforvendettaMA2 dagar sedan

    1:12:35 - “Give me that putter”

  52. Calvacade of Fred Couples

    Calvacade of Fred Couples2 dagar sedan

    Frauds ... get lost

  53. Calvacade of Fred Couples

    Calvacade of Fred Couples2 dagar sedan

    Prior to the playoff ... could the members be more annoying

  54. Fred Kruse

    Fred Kruse2 dagar sedan

    Nicklaus isn't even mentioned during the intro.

  55. Tony Parrott

    Tony Parrott2 dagar sedan

    But he didn’t have a collared shirt on. Cant golf in that. It’s void.

  56. C Stone

    C Stone2 dagar sedan

    I'm surprised at how little we see of Jack, in what turned out to be perhaps the greatest single performance in the history of golf. Seems that the director of the broadcast didn't think he had a chance. Birdie puts on 10 and 11, all of 12. No tee shots on 12, 14. Plenty of Langer, Seve, Nick Price, Greg Norman, Tom Kite...all fine players. Bet the broadcaster wishes he had covered it differently...

  57. kepler240

    kepler2402 dagar sedan

    0:04 I remember that woman with the big glasses. She was beside Michael Phelps when Tiger almost made that ace.

  58. Seyyed Mohammad Zaffaranchi

    Seyyed Mohammad Zaffaranchi2 dagar sedan


  59. Jayden Lawson

    Jayden Lawson2 dagar sedan

    I wish it showed where he was in relation to the leaders with every shot

  60. Brion McManus

    Brion McManus2 dagar sedan

    Having been battling and now winning, Cancer in remission, I enjoy watching golf more than ever. This event, the 2002 Master final round takes away any residual pain and depression so without pills, I thank you all those responsible for this game and incredible event. Pax

  61. Drew Hendley

    Drew Hendley2 dagar sedan

    Bermuda grass and bent grass is used

  62. dttruman

    dttruman2 dagar sedan

    Just another Major that Norman is snake bit again. Fate was cruel to him at the Majors. Greg Norman was also very gracious in defeat.

  63. Matt Pierce

    Matt Pierce2 dagar sedan

    Surprised the pill head won again.

  64. Gavin D

    Gavin D2 dagar sedan

    One of the better videos on SEtoos

  65. James White

    James White2 dagar sedan

    This one's up there with the Miracle on Ice and Super Bowl 51.

  66. Dermot Purcell

    Dermot Purcell3 dagar sedan

    I was a massive fan of tigers but I have since gotten information on MK Ultra mind control which his father was a huge part of in the US military machine. Tiger had a massive advantage with muscle memory where his body would just keep repeating the same swing over and over. This in my opinion it's why he has so much things gone wrong with his body. Is no different than Lance Armstrong

  67. Brad

    Brad3 dagar sedan

    In 1986, Greg Norman held the lead for all four majors through 54 holes.

  68. Eric

    Eric3 dagar sedan

    He'll win at least 1 more once he recovers from the car crash.

  69. Bob

    Bob3 dagar sedan

    Whats amazing is the competition he was up against at age 46. All those guys on the leader-board are legends not no names like you see today.

  70. Andrew Nathan

    Andrew Nathan3 dagar sedan

    Greg Norman was my idol growing up and I was introduced to golf at age 15 within 3 years I was down to 3. Watching how Greg lost the 1996 US Masters I will remember for the rest of my life we were all dissapointed that fateful Monday. Nick Flado sitting in the log cabin said He felt for Greg shows the class of the man. This defeat hurt us Aussies more than anything else. But Nick's closing round of 5 under 67 was just beautiful golf under the circumstances. Nick said he believed he had to shot 66 to have a chance. Norman shot 78. I knew after Norman doubled 12 it was over but in my heart I still held on. Great Win Nick.

  71. Meatwad

    Meatwad3 dagar sedan

    Jordan hadn’t been the same after this

  72. kingkongxiong

    kingkongxiong3 dagar sedan

    Atleast that hole is not going to get the f-word

  73. William Ramsey

    William Ramsey3 dagar sedan

    Cory Pavin and Kyle Petty made me hate the early 90’s

  74. Marcus Medina

    Marcus Medina3 dagar sedan

    I remember watching most of this live while in school. Everyone made this a big deal next to the OJ Simpson trial and the 9/11 WTC Bombing.

  75. knowspin

    knowspin3 dagar sedan

    What a great family moment...

  76. Tony Beard

    Tony Beard3 dagar sedan

    One of the most boring Masters ever! I don't care who wins. I want excitement and a dramatic final 9. This year was lame

  77. Areeb Ahmed

    Areeb Ahmed3 dagar sedan


  78. BassAckwards

    BassAckwards3 dagar sedan

    2020 final round 100k views 2019 final round 4 million views

  79. campdude66

    campdude663 dagar sedan

    Jack Nicklaus is never mentioned in this video until the 22 minute mark. Incredible. I wonder if that has ever happened where the eventual champion is not even mentioned until that late on day 4!