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The official home for Kitchen Nightmares on SEtoos. Weekly clips from the show in which struggling restaurants receives the Gordon Ramsay treatment. \n\nSubscribe for weekly updates and let us know which Nightmares clips you want to see.

  1. Patt

    Patt2 timmar sedan

    The amount of Likes this gets is the amount of times they said FUKING.

  2. Jonathan van der Kris

    Jonathan van der Kris2 timmar sedan

    i feel always so bad for the waiters/waitresses

  3. Ze Ro

    Ze Ro2 timmar sedan


  4. Ze Ro

    Ze Ro3 timmar sedan

    You need to wear diapers

  5. Ani is not OK

    Ani is not OK3 timmar sedan

    8 mile Eminem + Elijah Wood = Brian

  6. Broke Boy

    Broke Boy3 timmar sedan

    What a bad investment that man made

  7. Faith Rodriguez

    Faith Rodriguez3 timmar sedan

    She's acts like a privileged princess

  8. R3KXO

    R3KXO3 timmar sedan

    I was looking at the reaction of those old couples

  9. sulaiman syafwan

    sulaiman syafwan3 timmar sedan

    they have seen hell in front of them and they escape the hell

  10. ozair ozair

    ozair ozair3 timmar sedan

    sooo many fuck words

  11. Pedro Daane Bolier

    Pedro Daane Bolier3 timmar sedan

    When the restaurant is so bad even the nice are dry

  12. Bum Bum

    Bum Bum3 timmar sedan

    Everyone praising Gordon insults But the real star is the one who writes description for every video

  13. Enrique Garcia

    Enrique Garcia3 timmar sedan

    Lost cause from day one.

  14. Bum Bum

    Bum Bum3 timmar sedan

    Anything happens Mohammed: 🙂

  15. স্বাধীন বাংলা

    স্বাধীন বাংলা3 timmar sedan

    Ramsy should bit them

  16. Isabella North

    Isabella North3 timmar sedan

    Me watching Gordan diss everyone while I eat a grilled cheese at 7:20 am 👀

  17. Ashraf Ahmed

    Ashraf Ahmed3 timmar sedan

    I am going to report about this. Because i think he disrespects my country.

  18. Ghastly author91

    Ghastly author913 timmar sedan

    That’s fing disgusting wtf

  19. Ashraf Ahmed

    Ashraf Ahmed3 timmar sedan

    I don't understand why he speaks about Bangladesh.This is very disrespectful.

  20. 0492_Abhijeet Kushwaha

    0492_Abhijeet Kushwaha3 timmar sedan

    Whenever Gordon says 'thank you, my darling' to anyone : Me, a perfectly straight guy - Thank you chef, I love you too chef.

  21. Elijah Talbot

    Elijah Talbot3 timmar sedan


  22. 0492_Abhijeet Kushwaha

    0492_Abhijeet Kushwaha3 timmar sedan

    Me, trying to sleep without dreaming. Ramsay : It's fuckin BLAAAAAND.

  23. PoisonLimey

    PoisonLimey3 timmar sedan

    I LOVE Angelo so much

  24. Lorena Alvarez

    Lorena Alvarez3 timmar sedan

    The waitress' voice reminds me of Scarlet Johansson, really beautiful voice

  25. PRO DUDE

    PRO DUDE3 timmar sedan

    I keep on hearing the dude say "I thought he was being a little unreasonable"

  26. joeyd 444

    joeyd 4443 timmar sedan

    Those customers are so spoiled the ones with the burger sent back they think it's a good thing to do that it's not the customers are horrible people and thing that it's a five star restaurant and everything had to be perfect be because not everyone makes there daddy pay for things

  27. DjSloppy Mop

    DjSloppy Mop3 timmar sedan

    I feel so bad for that server, he looked so disappointed when he found out that eggplant was made 3 weeks ago, all he wanted to do was impress Gordon, and he was so nervous he even dropped the little sliver bowl. I hope youre doing good server!

  28. Xerovity

    Xerovity3 timmar sedan

    First time I've seen Gordon yell at a waitress in kitchen nightmares.

  29. Lemonskilledmyson

    Lemonskilledmyson3 timmar sedan

    Applebee’s has better looking French onion soup and it’s shmack

  30. JIMBO fred

    JIMBO fred3 timmar sedan

    Cici is awful

  31. Ben Linus

    Ben Linus3 timmar sedan

    Everything about Ramsay's shows is so fake that the Jersey Shore people are studying it 24/7 to become more "real"

  32. Chasx

    Chasx3 timmar sedan

    Gordon does not like yelling but he yells for the good of the kitchen

  33. Ziolek2000

    Ziolek20003 timmar sedan

    "About fucking time you noticed it" 😆

  34. Erik

    Erik3 timmar sedan

    Thank the editor for the Nino!

  35. Christian Weinberger

    Christian Weinberger3 timmar sedan

    If an ugly fat troll is serving you, just run out of there.

  36. J Money

    J Money3 timmar sedan

    you can see his heart just break too often

  37. Freshminster

    Freshminster3 timmar sedan

    Wow the rice drop was quite a jumpscare !

  38. kaziabir1

    kaziabir13 timmar sedan

    Fucking meth-heads...

  39. Garrett Parker

    Garrett Parker3 timmar sedan

    Mans ordered a French onion soup and got spaghetti lmao

  40. Danilyn Plomeda

    Danilyn Plomeda3 timmar sedan

    Indenial chefss

  41. i like to draw

    i like to draw3 timmar sedan


  42. T_F_Weston

    T_F_Weston3 timmar sedan

    That soup may have been the grossest looking thing I’ve seen on here.

  43. flawless curl

    flawless curl3 timmar sedan

    I just pity this owner..all his money goes to this place and the chefs are just.. gosh

  44. Chloe Jones

    Chloe Jones3 timmar sedan

    Ricky: im not gonna stand here and take shit from monody also ricky: .... ricky: a dog's gotta bark back also ricky: ...i don't have to take shit from you *immediately runs away*

  45. Thien Nguyen

    Thien Nguyen3 timmar sedan

    That description though...

  46. Adiya Roy

    Adiya Roy3 timmar sedan

    "It ees what eet ees" Lmao I love Todesha

  47. Gwen Erdman

    Gwen Erdman3 timmar sedan

    “Our adopted daughter “ Her : 👁 👁 💧 👄

  48. Jörg Bartels

    Jörg Bartels3 timmar sedan

    Gets his ass kicked, losing his business, all his wifes money and making his employees unemployed. Sebastian: „I think I won that one.“

  49. dawsyn

    dawsyn3 timmar sedan

    My dad would’ve chased me with a belt up and down Paris if I EVER pulled that shit Rachel did my dad wouldn’t even loan me money for a restraunt he’d make me work for it which is what a parent should do

  50. Yashneet Kumar

    Yashneet Kumar3 timmar sedan

    Why does Mike’s grandma look like him in a wig? lol

  51. Nuzhat Maliat

    Nuzhat Maliat3 timmar sedan

    Why is Gordon using knife and fork? You don't get the pizza experience or the combination of all in one. That should be a part of rating a pizza too (not saying that these pizzas are good in anyway, he's just not giving full fair assessment)

  52. H Singh

    H Singh3 timmar sedan

    General tosspot

  53. Tolu Olaitan

    Tolu Olaitan3 timmar sedan

    I love this eu version. This episode was beautiful. The us version is so chaotic and clearly edited to appeal to the American audience. But these episodes feel so genuine. There are times where there are pauses in a conversation that would most likely be edited out in the US.

  54. Jon

    Jon3 timmar sedan

    P a n i n i H e a d

  55. Lynx DMG

    Lynx DMG3 timmar sedan

    Can I see the whole video

  56. C-rock 88

    C-rock 884 timmar sedan

    Haha amy went to jail

  57. Hugo Haddock

    Hugo Haddock4 timmar sedan

    Me: See that old fart changes video, I've had enough of him. Changes video.

  58. Austion idefk

    Austion idefk4 timmar sedan

    That cornbread you can just play a song and play it like a bingo drum

  59. Dhyan

    Dhyan4 timmar sedan

    everyones gangsta until vikasa khanna comes on 23:47

  60. Pensky File

    Pensky File4 timmar sedan

    0:21 Gordon's face lol

  61. EA SPORTS axb

    EA SPORTS axb4 timmar sedan

    5:40 "I hope that chef Ramsay tastes our food and says... MY NAME IS NINOOOOOO!"

  62. ErvinFalcon

    ErvinFalcon4 timmar sedan

    why does Gordon Ramsey looks like he's trying to become a titan on the thumbnail?

  63. Greyson Alexander

    Greyson Alexander4 timmar sedan

    Tbf, gordon needs to remember he's famous. So people see him advertising and cooking for a restaurant and they're gonna come.

  64. Christopher X

    Christopher X4 timmar sedan

    I'd like the video, but Gordon hit the gentleman in his chest. He has people on his show sign a contract where they cannot lay a finger on him, yet he can do whatever he likes to them?


    VALORANT4 timmar sedan


  66. Raptor Mutant08

    Raptor Mutant084 timmar sedan

    I'm pretty sure pantaleones is still open

  67. MajorPhilGraves

    MajorPhilGraves4 timmar sedan

    Ritchie's a top bloke!

  68. Raven Andrew Rubio

    Raven Andrew Rubio4 timmar sedan

    you're so in denial you need NINOOOOOO


    SAMBIT ASH4 timmar sedan

    Bangladeshis running indian restaurant 😂😂😂 like they keep running in india from the borders

  70. peanutbutterisfu

    peanutbutterisfu4 timmar sedan

    Everyone always says most restaurants fail and yeah it’s true but it’s usually always because the food sucks if you make great food and it’s consistently good you will do good. I eat out a lot I always try new places but the same thing ALWAYS happens! A new restaurant opens up everyone goes there it’s the hot spot then after some time the quality of the food goes down then I stop going I don’t complain about food I just don’t return and most everyone I know is the same way. There is only one restaurant I regularly go to (Italian steakhouse) because I can go there on ANY week night and the food is just as good as a Friday or Saturday night, it doesn’t take more than 30 minutes even on a busy night to get my food, for the 15ish years I have been going to this restaurant it’s always completely packed on the weekends, during the week it’s not packed but it’s busy, it’s always super super clean, everyone is always very nice. It’s amazing to me that restaurants that are not doing good do look at restaurants like this one to see what they are doing wrong I mean seriously if I was in that situation I would drive around every night to see what restaurants are always busy then I would eat there a whole bunch to see what I’m doing wrong. There is another Italian restaurant that’s pretty good near me the restaurant is very clean but outdated it feels like your in a Denny’s restaurant with decor from 1990. It literally looks like they bought a cheap chain restaurant and just changed the name but it’s a restaurant you dress up when you go there it’s a very odd vibe but I promise it’s exactly like I’m explaining it. Anyways this restaurant is always packed because the food is good even though it have a very odd vibe. I have eaten here a few times, the food was great but I would rather go to the other restaurant I was talking about which costs at least 25% more because I like their homemade sausage. Now if we want burgers, hotdog, garbage plate (hamburgers, Mac salad, French fries, meat hot sauce it’s a Rochester New York thing) there are literally hundreds of burger joints in my area because garbage plates are a very big thing here even every town in the county has a place named after the town Greece Hots, Henrietta hots, spencerport hots, chili hots, east Rochester hots and so on plus just tons of other places and most restaurants, pizza shops and everywhere that sells food have garbage plates too however there is this tiny place and I mean tiny like a 2 car garage you almost hit your head on the ceiling that is in the city on a street where all the night life is so it’s extremely hard to find a parking spot some times you need to walk 1/8 mile down a side street to get in, the dining room can only fit probably 20 people so there are lines out the door, the place looks like a shithole and even though it’s in a busy area it’s kinda hard to find if you haven’t been there before but it doesn’t matter when you go there it’s packed. I drive about 25 mins to get food from here even though there are tons of places near me and I’m not the only person that does this it’s pretty normal to go on Facebook and see people post about this place every day and it’s been like this for over 5 years because it’s good every single time. With all that being said if you have good food you really can be successful even if you don’t have the best looking place or the best location. No matter what the business is don’t worry about being the cheapest, the most fancy, the absolute best location, just serve a quality product and you will do great!

  71. AggressiveNegotiator

    AggressiveNegotiator4 timmar sedan

    Chef/owner about their bad food: "It's good because nobody ever complained about it." Idiot. Not all costumers willing to complain about the food in front of your face. Some will leave & will never come back, then tell their friends & family to avoid your restaurant.

  72. finatic

    finatic4 timmar sedan

    that pizza tbh looks not that bad

  73. Yilliam Rivera

    Yilliam Rivera4 timmar sedan

    I don't think he knows what gloves are

  74. The Chosen One

    The Chosen One4 timmar sedan

    Sheperd’s pie looks like it was made with the remains of Ghost and Roach

  75. iamcosmosis

    iamcosmosis4 timmar sedan

    The fact they only gave him a butter knife to cut that meat, is already a fail.

  76. Gliz

    Gliz4 timmar sedan

    Ngl Sam seemed kinda cool and it seemed like Gordon kinda liked her

  77. Abu

    Abu4 timmar sedan

    My mum stores equal amount of stuff in a our mini fridge. One day I found my dad.

  78. Goat MC

    Goat MC4 timmar sedan

    3:15 pog champ

  79. Eggo

    Eggo4 timmar sedan

    French onion soup is french onion soup is french onion soup is