Late Night with Seth Meyers
Late Night with Seth Meyers
Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Burna Boy: Way Too Big
  1. Zachariah Isaac Israel

    Zachariah Isaac Israel14 timmar sedan

    closer look writers " Good thing he is immortal , because he will have to work THE REST of his life " ...... these kids actually go to school to be this stupid

  2. Patrick Thompson

    Patrick Thompson14 timmar sedan

    they let the clock run out so they don't have to choose between the constitution and their orange cult leader. pathetic.

  3. Shanna Robinson

    Shanna Robinson14 timmar sedan

    So, is that life coach Jordan Peterson? I heard what you did there...

  4. hermes667

    hermes66714 timmar sedan

    Even here in Germany they all share the Bernie memes. Some of my friends even make some new! XD

  5. Vega Fawley

    Vega Fawley14 timmar sedan

    I LOVE Tom!!

  6. VNA

    VNA14 timmar sedan

    I’m so happy he is doing well!!

  7. jim

    jim14 timmar sedan

    rudy this man has no money he rubbed a typewriter ribbon on his head lol

  8. KaritKtana

    KaritKtana14 timmar sedan

    Now we NEED a Black Ice super hero movie starring Mahershala Ali

  9. Lynda Moss

    Lynda Moss14 timmar sedan

    Trump is guilty. He knows it. Republicans know it. We all know it. It's mind-boggling that Trump's super-power is that he's the *real Teflon Don!!*

  10. Wostershire

    Wostershire14 timmar sedan

    Bless Bernie.

  11. Toney Tucci

    Toney Tucci14 timmar sedan

    there is nothing ambiguous about "his Willy wonka in my chocolate factory" where are the censors? HELLOOOOO??? FTC ANYBODY????

  12. Spunow

    Spunow14 timmar sedan

    I feel like Joe Biden is speedrunning presidency lol

  13. Debbe Leigh

    Debbe Leigh14 timmar sedan

    Love Wally ❤️

  14. Julia König

    Julia König14 timmar sedan

    I love you Hugh Grant with your razer sharp mind, the subtle irony, the witty sarcasm, the flawless manners and the smile of a shark. You are so lively, vital, charming, cool- passionate, sensible, se and honest. I am German and we do lack melody and much more things... that s why I love to watch interviews as I am delighted by the tone and melody of the way you talk. You should be Prince of Wales. Lot of huggs.

  15. M4R

    M4R14 timmar sedan

    He should react to how he supported Joe Biden over his own ideals and values. That would make a hell of a reaction video. Especially considering how he gave up on helping the poor in favor of corporations. Where was he to support #ForceTheVote! All he did was talk, and when it comes to actually break the corporations, he folds! Fake!

  16. Petr Stejskal

    Petr Stejskal14 timmar sedan

    Seth is stuck in past ☹️ no Trump, no good jokes 🙁

  17. Grant

    Grant14 timmar sedan

    Is that because live audience doesnt know who Wallace was? methinks yes. also, hard to tell if that was Jason Segel or actual DFW.

  18. Koley W

    Koley W14 timmar sedan

    Terrific actress, she nailed this performance

  19. Mari

    Mari14 timmar sedan

    Doctors and nurses are out here wearing like 5. 2 masks is nothing.

  20. Jody Ross

    Jody Ross14 timmar sedan

    Shut down that tainted political party, just create new parties!

  21. Jackson Merrill

    Jackson Merrill14 timmar sedan

    I’m sorry, I don’t see Ted, I see Michael!

  22. Love Photography

    Love Photography14 timmar sedan

    Remember ALL the politicians who disagree with AOC's points of view.

  23. Harry Ferguson

    Harry Ferguson14 timmar sedan

    It’s a fact: They are not talking about Christmas. But it’s a strange habbit. Making a fool of people. Allright Maybe they do the same, but still it’s different. We, all who celebrate this, pretend someone is stupid en some not. And There is something strange. Exactly the skinn. And that’s absurd! *But it is changing*.

  24. Lin marg

    Lin marg14 timmar sedan

    Repugnants are deplorable.They have stifled the country with their agenda.Now its time for them to respect the vote and act like adults.The cowards should impeach Trump but they're gutless.

  25. TheRetroham

    TheRetroham15 timmar sedan

    One of Canada's best acting/comedic exports to the U.S. (and he's right about the book by Kliph Nesterhoff - it could be the Holy Grail of 20th-Century comedic histories).

  26. izzybeth

    izzybeth15 timmar sedan

    I just enjoy Seth without a live audience so much. it feels like he's just trying to make Wally and the crew laugh, and it feels almost as intimate as it did when he was in his parents' attic.

  27. Martin Miller

    Martin Miller15 timmar sedan

    Love the way she answered her own question (at 2:40) about "why are so many grown men just obsessed with this 29 year old...?"...just keep her away from the Trump/Epstein clubhouse...

  28. Hillefoozy

    Hillefoozy15 timmar sedan

    Well this explains his voiceover in Bad Lip Reading

  29. kief keef

    kief keef15 timmar sedan

    More Brooks, and can we bring him back to snl? A lot of former cast members deserve a second chance

  30. Anton Brakhage

    Anton Brakhage15 timmar sedan

    Trumpers literally stormed the Capitol with an armed force and attempted to violently overthrow the government and make Trump dictator. They planned to massacre Democratic reps, and any Republican they found insufficiently loyal. These scum incited them, enabled them, and still protect them. That means they have every intention of trying again, whether in four years or sooner. We need to get one thing straight, as a country: the Republican Party is not an organization that we can work with. It is not an organization that should have any role in legitimate politics. It is a terrorist insurrection. Either it will cease to exist in anything remotely resembling its current form, or America will.

  31. Carin Leonard-Gorrill

    Carin Leonard-Gorrill15 timmar sedan

    Dessa already made a song for Janet Yellen...

  32. Love Photography

    Love Photography15 timmar sedan

    AOC doesn't get the credit she deserves. She's knowledgeable, educated, and strong....just real!

  33. Goutham Sridhar

    Goutham Sridhar15 timmar sedan

    Love Parks & Rec and Love these people!

  34. Sandra Francis

    Sandra Francis15 timmar sedan

    Nice Suit! That's it.

  35. Steven C

    Steven C15 timmar sedan

    tRump-Virus kills☠️ Biden Presidency saves🙏

  36. Lemon Squeezy

    Lemon Squeezy15 timmar sedan

    I remember when SNL Weekend Update ran news bits like this that were actually funny. Glad Seth is keeping the tradition alive.

  37. yllom nalrafcm

    yllom nalrafcm15 timmar sedan


  38. Brian Mull

    Brian Mull15 timmar sedan

    This should be titled - The two biggest dicks in America have a conversation.

  39. val buendia

    val buendia15 timmar sedan

    this is giving me "ya boring" and "ya basic" vibes

  40. Charles Budde

    Charles Budde15 timmar sedan

    The Supreme Court declines to hear the emoluments cases AND vacates the lower court rulings. Now the Senate refuses to hold the obligatory trial for his impeachment conviction. There is no law. There are no consequences. The people of the US will certainly remember this.

  41. elli heath

    elli heath15 timmar sedan

    I appreciate the Ken Burnt one

  42. Parashar Krishnamachari

    Parashar Krishnamachari15 timmar sedan

    0:30 -- If we're exclusively talking about it in terms of "people who disagreed with [said hypothetical President]", then yes, I'd agree with Rachel's point. If we're taking it a bit more in the spirit of unforgiving and unbendable delivery of consequences for all those even loosely complicit in the travesty that was the last 4 years, then that is not a bad thing at all. That's exactly what the country needs. You don't heal by letting things slide. You don't heal a democracy by giving fascists a hug and saying 'it's okay.'

  43. loto25

    loto2515 timmar sedan

    maybe because theres no cases 🤣

  44. Diarmuid Kuhle

    Diarmuid Kuhle15 timmar sedan

    As a European , it absolutely baffles me how anyone in their right minds can be against the things Biden proposes. These should not even be a matter of political affiliation - they're merely what's rational and humane and needs doing in the situation. Also I do not see the Republican party coming forward with any constructive suggestions ; instead their only 'policy' seems to consist of obstruction for the sake of it.

  45. chewbactimusprime

    chewbactimusprime15 timmar sedan

    Nobody is gonna where 2 face masks at the same time, and while we're at it, I suppose it's also true that keeping a foot of concrete wall kept between you and everyone else would also be more technically more effective than a single face mask. The question that needs clarifying now is whether or not a single face mask is sufficiently effective enough, which I'm sure it is, otherwise MEN OF SCIENCE would have known that and recommended proper protection for everyone from the start. Now is not the time to tell everyone that really this whole time we should have been doing this instead of that.

  46. Anton Brakhage

    Anton Brakhage15 timmar sedan

    They're laying the ground work for Trump 2024, and completing America's transition to a fascist state.

  47. Iforgotmypen

    Iforgotmypen15 timmar sedan

    what did u cut from the make a wish joke?

  48. StephySon

    StephySon15 timmar sedan

    You here that . . . Silence. Just official statements and no fucking bullshit

  49. S Smith

    S Smith15 timmar sedan

    Medal, not metal? Have I misunderstood the phrase this entire time?

  50. uglygreen

    uglygreen15 timmar sedan

    I would totally have snickered loudly at the DFW "joke"

  51. Idont Effincare

    Idont Effincare15 timmar sedan

    This is a lie

  52. Benjamin Chin

    Benjamin Chin15 timmar sedan

    lesss gooo Bartees

  53. J H

    J H15 timmar sedan

    Love love MAJOR AND CHAMP!!! NO dope jokes. Dontmake fun of Biden

  54. Public Public

    Public Public15 timmar sedan

    There's nothing complex about Thatcher's character... She was a nasty piece of work and people partied when she died.

  55. Jillian McGuire

    Jillian McGuire15 timmar sedan


  56. Vanillastump

    Vanillastump15 timmar sedan

    You really don't think "Willy Wonka" and "Chocolate Factory" aren't good euphemisms? I mean yeah, if you decide she likes butt stuff, it writes itself!

  57. Megan Stevenson

    Megan Stevenson15 timmar sedan

    Meredith getting hit by a car is SO classic. Great work Kate!

  58. Public Public

    Public Public15 timmar sedan

    I've only seen that clip but definitely being played too nice... She was undoubtedly a very nasty person.

  59. Lucindo Teixeira

    Lucindo Teixeira15 timmar sedan

    The FACT that Seth still uses the tree frog fake set up is iconic

  60. Dan Bertucci

    Dan Bertucci15 timmar sedan

    Comedic shitstain! Rogen can blow it out his fascist loving ass.

  61. GrifDog

    GrifDog15 timmar sedan

    this dude is actual trash

  62. ibusiness

    ibusiness15 timmar sedan

    During the 2022 mail-in voting elections, the Democrats will win 100% of the contested seats. And they will never ever be voted out again. I am Canadian. From my vantage point I am witnessing the decline of a great nation and I weep for all of US citizens who object. So many commenters are expressing their indignation about what has gone on, but that tiny, questionably intelligent pawn of a man is still calling himself a winner.

  63. wispypixie

    wispypixie15 timmar sedan

    Thanks guys haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

  64. garfoonga1

    garfoonga115 timmar sedan

    Its a little frightening that the most politically informative shows in the usa are late night talk shows. Even more frightening that americans still reject and abandon their civic duties and continue to ignore all possible avenues of enacting change.

  65. chuck grimm

    chuck grimm15 timmar sedan

    Troy is like 5’5

  66. T P

    T P15 timmar sedan

    Oh my lawd, he cracks me up

  67. Beverley Chrisjohn

    Beverley Chrisjohn15 timmar sedan

    Bill Maher talked with Katie Couric and stated that Twitter and Facebook was wrong in removing Trump and other, this is stopping free speech.

  68. Melissa Sullivan

    Melissa Sullivan15 timmar sedan

    I’m just here for the marathon horror stories. Keep them coming so I never try to pull one off.

  69. Eric Ball

    Eric Ball15 timmar sedan

    She sounds like a female Gilbert Godfrey

  70. Travis Keena

    Travis Keena15 timmar sedan

    I swear people do dry January just to rub it in everyone's face. Wanna earn my respect, get trashed every day in January and still make it to February.

  71. Andrew Crockett

    Andrew Crockett15 timmar sedan

    Her dad is liar and she got her ass ate out on a show called Girls. She also played Peter action.

  72. Hugh Dunbar

    Hugh Dunbar15 timmar sedan

    Remember when Seth wore a suit? Good times.

  73. nodsib

    nodsib15 timmar sedan

    2:24 - just a hint of Demon Laugh

  74. Amelia Leila

    Amelia Leila15 timmar sedan

    I would have loved for them to name him Hose Strahl, which, in German, means hose squirt

  75. Willie Cicci

    Willie Cicci15 timmar sedan

    Isn’t he one of the SNL back up players a few years ago when they hired 6 white actors, then got a lot of criticism for lack of diversity. A few months later snl fired most of them. It is probably hard to get into any on air sketches when there is a cast of about 15.

  76. Thelma Lynch

    Thelma Lynch15 timmar sedan

    You talk awfull silly at times

  77. James Xilef

    James Xilef15 timmar sedan

    Used to worship this guy as a kid. Then I got older and realized what a [email protected] he really is

  78. MisterTutor2010

    MisterTutor201015 timmar sedan

    In fairness to Rand Paul, the dumbass things he's saying is probably due to getting beaten up by his neighbor :)

  79. d.marie_radha

    d.marie_radha15 timmar sedan

    **cries in californian** 🙃

  80. Tina Clark aka Aunt Tina

    Tina Clark aka Aunt Tina15 timmar sedan

    Don’t hate on Joni! 😍🤩😆