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  1. Graham Southern

    Graham SouthernTimme sedan

    Marx would be horrified at the sort of angry, self-loathing nihilists who make up the majority of 'Marxists' today.

  2. experiment with video

    experiment with videoTimme sedan

    Characterless women's discovery.

  3. Dinawa Y.

    Dinawa Y.Timme sedan

    Wow, those companies are so futuristic.

  4. Melese Salilih

    Melese SalilihTimme sedan

    I like the grandma. I love Russian anyways

  5. Aoirsae

    AoirsaeTimme sedan

    I'm glad I'm not in the Kalaidzhi clan

  6. Chithra Unni

    Chithra UnniTimme sedan

    Christian churches making a fool of people in every country.

  7. Paul baker

    Paul bakerTimme sedan

    Social credit score....! What the F!+#$

  8. Masuke Jiwa

    Masuke JiwaTimme sedan

    is possible to make a reforestation big n strong as an industry...?

  9. Tom John

    Tom JohnTimme sedan

    Reading many of the comments, very entertaining, so much fear about our future concerning AI, that everyone ignores the real threat to humans, it’s what we doing to earths environment and climate, like a slow moving disasters in the making that by the time we wake up to its potential, it’ll be to late, we are our own worst enemy, so all this fear concerning AI, is over rated, but at least AI, won’t destroy itself through stupidly and fear, but it may determine that humans are obsolete and ignorantly superstitions, lol

  10. Aaron Kiyama

    Aaron KiyamaTimme sedan

    Oh lol my grandparents' house

  11. Apitherapy Nepal

    Apitherapy NepalTimme sedan

    Giving loans & innovative infrastructure investment plans are more democratic than to war against a country, like that done by USA to Iraq.

  12. Katherina Gonzalez

    Katherina Gonzalez2 timmar sedan

    No yet ...because many country don't have the insumes for mother pandemic

  13. Rad m

    Rad m2 timmar sedan

    At 18:20 Ive never imagined Africa would be this beautiful ❤️

  14. Chicxulub Crater

    Chicxulub Crater2 timmar sedan

    Boycott toilet paper???!!!! guess i'm using water buckets bow

  15. Rad m

    Rad m2 timmar sedan

    At 11:35 ...how could she say and think only of her kids ????

  16. Liége Saboya

    Liége Saboya2 timmar sedan

    Behind a corrupt regime, there are always large corporations that support them. Certainly there are some French corporations who did well with the military regime. Vive la Algerian Revolution ! Vive les femmes ! Vive le socialisme !

  17. Yulia Sanatina

    Yulia Sanatina2 timmar sedan

    there was a phrase: "the cat eats mouse and human needs wood" well...one is surviving and human may not survive without cutting trees? at the same time they talk about luxury market of wooden items...seems just Hippocratic to me.

  18. Sabbag- Saab

    Sabbag- Saab2 timmar sedan

    I don't understand why are you still want to be living in Germany. Just move out of Germany and Europe.

  19. Sarah Bowman

    Sarah Bowman2 timmar sedan

    So a whole docu to tell us that greedy, lying "officials" are a problem in the Congo... More like those kind of people are a huge issue for the entire world!

  20. jt lu

    jt lu2 timmar sedan

    If they find penguins on the moon, count me in.

  21. sindiso tebele

    sindiso tebele2 timmar sedan

    Where Dr J Peterson?

  22. michael brady

    michael brady2 timmar sedan

    Add the number of mortgage foreclosures that the Corona/Covid lockdowns caused which provided the cheap properties that the wealth-holders snapped up as they did during the Global Financial Crisis scam and the Great Recession scam, and you will see that all of these economic disasters have the exact same government responses and financial effects: huge handouts to the wealthy, financial destruction for the economically vulnerable (disasters for the people beneath the great wealth-holders, not disasters for the wealth-holders). What has the government done to support individual's actively strengthening their immune systems, that businesses of all sizes and full industries simply develop the infection control methods and practices and tools that have been effective at stopping the spread of infections in hospitals, SNFs, health maintenance and treatment institutions; sterilization at every door and masks if you need. Then the massive numbers of business bankruptcies and unemployed could have been avoided, but that may have been a limitation on wealth-holders' profits...so,....Lockdowns. And generally death rates around the world have remained very close to past numbers overall. Get it?

  23. Chishio Chishio

    Chishio Chishio2 timmar sedan

    Same in EU and US. Welcome in human world.

  24. Harsh Bhilware

    Harsh Bhilware2 timmar sedan

    Nothing is permanent but the change. They will change too.

  25. Maurice Miyare

    Maurice Miyare2 timmar sedan

    Hello guys. Is it possible I can get a HIV+ lady from india who's serious for marriage. Am from Kenya, my name is Maurice Amos

  26. Reg

    Reg2 timmar sedan

    Wish I had had that support when mine were young I was going thru so much from ripple effects of c abuse did best I could to guide support guide mine but still foundation of effects of me been abused affected them also my unhealthy parental attachments brought in more abuse into my life I was so overwhelmed from ways in which I was abused

  27. SaturnJupiter

    SaturnJupiter2 timmar sedan

    123 viva ...

  28. Sarah Bowman

    Sarah Bowman2 timmar sedan

    Fally wants to be Samy Deluxe... Respect

  29. Sarah Bowman

    Sarah Bowman3 timmar sedan

    When you call the Gabor traditions archaic, you are implying a very negative connotation about traditions and cultures. To be honest, I expect more acceptance and education felm DW not thinly veiled rascist Meinungen.

  30. P

    P3 timmar sedan

    The stage is set. Everyone hates the banks, so the Government comes to the rescue with a digital currency! This fantasy might sell. The difficulty comes when people lose confidence with the currency (digital or paper). They will eventually wakeup to the insanity of government expenditures creating the majority of GDP. What makes it worse is the government finances the majority of these expenses by creating 'prosperity' by printing money. People know this is not a sound strategy intuitively. After all, they wouldn't allow a third world country to print trillions of dollars to buy goods and services of the first world countries. However, that is exactly what is happening now in Europe, usa, Canada, etc.

  31. Mohammed Says Rashid

    Mohammed Says Rashid3 timmar sedan

    too nice Documentary channel...... From 1822 ..White Masters their directly control gradually decreased & exhausted with out admit & with out declare for that Black slaves revolutions (Revolution of Skin color slavery) appeared in reality and in silence New shape of slavery created in all the Europe & African , South American contents (POCKET SLAVERY ) which equaled between white skin & black skin ....how much rate you have not economy powerful you lose your freedom in comparatively absolute free or absolute slave evaporated

  32. Sadhinoor Jyoti

    Sadhinoor Jyoti3 timmar sedan

    Instead of that irrtating dub voice they could have just added subtitles;))

  33. Issra

    Issra3 timmar sedan

    may the comment section be freed from the claws of capitalism, the class war truly can't come fast enough

  34. Kiki

    Kiki3 timmar sedan

    Remember Algerians , it one thing to ask for change but becareful of what change you get,cos things can get worse,I wish you guys luck.

  35. Weblight Studio

    Weblight Studio3 timmar sedan

    This started like it was gonna be the faux racist history of slavery. Glad it opened up eventually. Human civilization would not exist without slavery

  36. Humbulani Mulaudzi

    Humbulani Mulaudzi3 timmar sedan

    Who supported the killing of his mother? Was it those against communism?

  37. Issra

    Issra3 timmar sedan

    ah yes the humble, friendly, relatable, generous billionaire trope lovely until you realize they make their money off exploiting poc and destabilize in the global south

  38. The Wizard Owlin Celestial

    The Wizard Owlin Celestial3 timmar sedan

    I predicted this would happen back in 2005 when I was 15 the earths rebirth

  39. Berwald Johnson

    Berwald Johnson3 timmar sedan

    *WHOEVER THAT'S READING THIS , I PRAY THAT ONE DAY YOU WILL REACH YOUR DREAMS.* *ALWAYS KNOW THAT THE SECRET OF YOUR FUTURE IS HIDDEN IN YOUR DAILY ROUTINE. SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO DAILY WHAT THE UNSUCCESSFUL DO ONLY ON OCCASIONALLY.* *The older I get, the more I see a straight path where I want to go. If you're going to hunt elephants🐘, don't get off the trail for a rabbit🐇.*

  40. Kiki

    Kiki3 timmar sedan

    At least France left some infrastructure for them before they left,not nothing after that.

  41. summer Solstice

    summer Solstice3 timmar sedan

    Oh aren't we preachy and just so high and mighty!!! .... I guess you would rather have had a billion and a half people, invade the land and domain of these native people, building roads and tearing up the land for hotels and suvenier shops!!! ... instead we brought willing humans to our land, so they could proudly show how they lived ... Do you also disdain and hate the millions of people that gawk at Hollywood actors??? YOUR great, great, great,great, many times over, great grand parents lived in a different world that did not have the luxury of beautiful, talking moving pictures and so many things that we take for granted today. Can we have regret? Yes but we have moved on and now have a different world. Do NOT judge their world by our standards!!!! Instead learn how to be a more forgiving human person.

  42. Hasan Ali

    Hasan Ali3 timmar sedan


  43. Trisha Hopkins

    Trisha Hopkins3 timmar sedan

    Knud is a national treasure. I hope that is influence is passed forward far and wide.

  44. REDLIFE 666

    REDLIFE 6663 timmar sedan

    Its really good what you guys are doing people need to know the bad things


    RN ONLINE TUTORIALS3 timmar sedan

    chemical analysis of juice done or not? if we do that we can find what exactly he feeding people with?

  46. Luc Desprets

    Luc Desprets3 timmar sedan

    You drive a Lamborghini and yet you gave out JUST $50 for 6 people to share???? Woooooooow.......The rich TRULY are STINGY.

  47. Benjamin Mugema

    Benjamin Mugema3 timmar sedan

    Black dude sounds like an alarm clock + DJ sound effect + small aeroplane. WTF?

  48. Taunya W

    Taunya W3 timmar sedan

    When they bought Monsanto, I was worried Bayer didn't know what they were getting into. But it seems they do. Masanto did all these underhanded things to farmers in Missouri in the United States. They sued them, they follow the people doing the seed cleanings so that next year the farmers could replant because Monsanto wanted to own all of the seeds. They tried to say that if any seeds drifted over that were Monsanto seeds into somebody's laying that didn't use once I know, then they own their private property. Bayer and Monsanto need to go

  49. MI

    MI3 timmar sedan

    The people in the comments are missing the point (as usual). This is not a movement against Islam lol. It's a movement for democracy and for people to be free to live as they please. Whether it be as devout muslims or as atheists. It's about economic development. It's about freedom in general. That's it. The fact that you guys salivate at the idea that Muslims are fleeing islam is actually tragic because it is counter productive. Muslims are NOT doing that for the most part. Most just want an uncorrupt state and many want a seperation of religion and state. Even religious Algerians are in the streets because they are fed up with restrictions. They just want people to be free and for the economy to develop. That's it.

  50. Spiritual warfare

    Spiritual warfare3 timmar sedan

    Quran is big copy of bible

  51. lukyamuzi isaac

    lukyamuzi isaac3 timmar sedan

    Thanks for this documentary so inspirational

  52. Nayan Mipun

    Nayan Mipun3 timmar sedan

    DW yet have not made men's rights documentaries and pro life documentaries

  53. Noah Maxwell

    Noah Maxwell3 timmar sedan

    Say what you want about totalitarian regimes, they always make the best marching songs

  54. Issra

    Issra4 timmar sedan

    i haven't finished watching the documentary yet, but i would like to point out for other fellow viewers and hopefully the channel managers that right off the bat using the term "failed state", though used in political spheres, is quite problematic. i know someone who thinks they're smarter than they actually are is going to think or comment "they're using an "objective/formal" definition", but the thing is there is no such thing as objectivity (natural laws are a different story so don't even think about going there). the term "failed state" is often used by the west to further the idea that "Africa" (which is a huge and diverse continent btw!) is somehow "undeveloped", "uncivilized", etc... it is a way to divert the blame of conflict and exploitation onto "Africans". this brings me to my second point: it is EXTREMELY problematic to completely gloss over the role colonialism, neo-imperialism and the west has played in the country's current situation. western governments and corporations alike have exploited, incentivized and made business with militias that exploit people (especially children) to mine for minerals, and thus fuel conflicts in the region (to know more: google coltan DRC). i hope this is mentioned later on at least, but if not DW (a german broadcast service) needs to do better because this just further perpetuates colonial ideology and stigma towards "Africa".

  55. Richard Straka

    Richard Straka4 timmar sedan

    Deforestation is forgotten and ignored second class problem. Everyone is just talking about the emissions, while our forests are being devastated.

  56. Magick Academy

    Magick Academy4 timmar sedan

    How stupid. Dummer idiot idea. Children belong with their parents not with officials. Crime.

  57. John Allen

    John Allen4 timmar sedan

    Hmmn I am still a Christian back in the UK. Maybe we don't need to be " controlled". By a " Church". Grow up and we will all meet in Heaven 🙂

  58. Paul Louis

    Paul Louis4 timmar sedan

    Send them back to Libya , we don"t want them in Europe

  59. Algerian Chaouki

    Algerian Chaouki4 timmar sedan

    Algerians really hated this documentary when it aired last year.

  60. John Labacasch

    John Labacasch4 timmar sedan

    Eric, I feel, is the most genuine of all these millionaires. I just bursted out laughing at Kipay Energy though. Kipay means pussy in our language so that's basically pussy energy.

  61. Micbael Oppenheimer

    Micbael Oppenheimer4 timmar sedan

    Looks more like China everyday !

  62. asdFRap

    asdFRap4 timmar sedan

    Says Germany while Austria illegally chops down Romania's forests.

  63. Bruce Jackson

    Bruce Jackson4 timmar sedan

    This singer 🚘drives fast cars but can't afford a good power generator!!!

  64. gettogirl105

    gettogirl1054 timmar sedan

    I mean... isn’t it better to deal with your mental health issues... healthfully... I feel like RIGHT NOW you’re good. To me this is just like drinking. You’re avoiding your issues. Idk. I just don’t like drugs. And I’m no narc either. I’ve smoked and drank. Don’t care for it.

  65. Smithy smith

    Smithy smith4 timmar sedan

    History is hidden, TO HIDE SYSTEMATIC PROCESSES. Europe has ALWAYS had darkskinned peoples. Dark skinned kings, Emperors and nobility that have hidden their own injustices and blamed random bogieman. SPANISH and PORTUGUESE conquistadors, were African conquests.. the peoples only became predominantly light skinned AFTER the Nasrid Sultanate of Granada fell in 1492

  66. Lucian Baroianu

    Lucian Baroianu4 timmar sedan

    It's sad, humans used to be more normal when I was a kid. I thought religion is something obsolete left behind long time ago after the industrial revolution in the 19th century, and that the gay people are just gay. What's so special to them to pay so much attention?

  67. Ghada Mamdouh

    Ghada Mamdouh4 timmar sedan

    This Doctor made an amazing Job . She is an angel

  68. Bianca Bee

    Bianca Bee4 timmar sedan

    Still continued today

  69. Alberto Seibeb

    Alberto Seibeb4 timmar sedan

    DW please stop voicing foreign languages over. Even if we don't understand the language we want to see how people speak. Subtitles are enough

  70. Nick S.

    Nick S.4 timmar sedan

    I really hope that china can built and run trains in Germany, in order to force the DB to get better, or at least, not get worse.

  71. Mario Palla

    Mario Palla4 timmar sedan

    Public health must be handled by public authorities who must manufacture drugs. Full stop.

  72. Ruby VonSlatt

    Ruby VonSlatt4 timmar sedan

    and this is when and where biden and his corrupt admin began to scheme their fucked up plans to FRAUDULENTLY put biden in office while they SCREW OVER AMERICA AND AMERICANS!!! biden will never ever get this kinda respect from ANYONE! He surrounds himself with backstabbers.

  73. Monica W.

    Monica W.4 timmar sedan

    I know that every country has his own culture and I do respect that . (As long as you do not hurt or harm others with your behavior or actions of course .) Then things change . Personally I belive that marriage is and should be based on love . Business is business . Love i love . Personally , I don't mix love with buisness. To me relationship( specially marriage ) is not a transaction . Simply that is not my reality .

  74. Hank Roedell

    Hank Roedell4 timmar sedan

    Damn jerky camera, making it hard to watch any of it.

  75. Jesse Leibel

    Jesse Leibel4 timmar sedan

    We’ll just make the Bible say whatever we want I suppose? ... Nothing new there! Sadly It’s not the first time and even sadder that it won’t be the last.

  76. Иля Попов

    Иля Попов4 timmar sedan

    The word "Slavery" derives from Slavic. Nowadays just try to enter in Russia, the largest country on the planet, you will never get out.

  77. Aniket Gupta

    Aniket Gupta4 timmar sedan

    Now thats the most misleading thumbnail I have ever seen😂😂


    NARCOS VI RVSSIAN4 timmar sedan

    Why do All those in documentary looks like they got hungover

  79. Dev Sarman

    Dev Sarman4 timmar sedan

    The situation of religious/spiritual crankery in the US is just frightening

  80. Venkat Babu

    Venkat Babu4 timmar sedan

    Mostly people die without payroll. And why loitering. Similarly higher echilions. Beggars have best style of stealing.