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EU Masters Is Here

EU Masters Is Here

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LEC: The final stage!

LEC: The final stage!

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  1. ChrizzlyD

    ChrizzlyD5 timmar sedan

    It's was just not the time for this song this year it all comes together #rouge #mad

  2. Retrakor •

    Retrakor •7 timmar sedan


  3. Julio Amador

    Julio Amador10 timmar sedan

    Ismind is so important man, I think a healthy mind and body give the edge when it comes to esports.

  4. Jacob Wilske

    Jacob Wilske13 timmar sedan

    Not an FNC fan, but I’ve always been a Bwipo fan. The montage of him and the riven game is fucking gold.

  5. TroZ

    TroZ14 timmar sedan

    I love the part where Vedius nocturne ulta to the analyst desk

  6. Fabbyy

    Fabbyy17 timmar sedan

    awesome song guys!!

  7. Max Jigglypuff

    Max Jigglypuff18 timmar sedan

    Armut: ya know r6s is life(◔◡◔)

  8. Tyler Samuels

    Tyler Samuels22 timmar sedan

    I almost forgot just how hard Jenax was smurfing

  9. Thore Adermann

    Thore Adermann22 timmar sedan

    Ali no Flash was missing in the Best of

  10. Ortiz

    Ortiz22 timmar sedan

    This feels more like 2021 spring

  11. yodayun

    yodayunDag sedan

    No one noticed the " I've got what it takes to get you in the end" with a direct reference to In the End, the most famous song of Linkin Park? ^^

  12. chriscobb

    chriscobbDag sedan

    vedi running at 2:54 was legendary

  13. Azurity

    AzurityDag sedan

    Ender: bae come over Vedi: I can't, I'm not casting today. Ender: schalke just locked in noc mid Vedi: 3:00

  14. Shin

    ShinDag sedan

    Who's conducting the interviews? I love this man's laugh!

  15. F1rst World NomaD

    F1rst World NomaDDag sedan

    This is so 2001... and Im so damn here for it. xD

  16. Daniel Romanowski

    Daniel RomanowskiDag sedan


  17. Hei_ Bk201

    Hei_ Bk201Dag sedan

    Guys i found the script for MSI, Armut turns into Showman so he can beat Showmaker :)

  18. batuhan Koçoğlu

    batuhan Koçoğlu2 dagar sedan

    This armut guy looks really handsome btw

  19. Reveluv-friendly

    Reveluv-friendly2 dagar sedan

    2:40 Bwipo every minute: Can we fight this, no? We win right? boom bye bye spring

  20. Michael Studený

    Michael Studený2 dagar sedan

    I was like "who the heck is Jack Links?" Only at the end i noticed the logo, and i looked up the thing, now i know. Glad the ads are not superforced like they are in LCS (god i hate that). Also, glad to see more of Laure, her accent is like music to my ears

  21. Giorgio Ancora

    Giorgio Ancora2 dagar sedan

    i love every single arcade graphic, that is a sick editing. The best part is the street fighter cam rekkles vs renekton.

  22. NidhalOstutsuki

    NidhalOstutsuki2 dagar sedan

    wtf they predicted the finals of this year 1 year ago !!!!!!!!!

  23. Sam Al Azzurro

    Sam Al Azzurro2 dagar sedan

    Now I need dancing Rekkles

  24. Alessandro La Mattina

    Alessandro La Mattina2 dagar sedan

    As an LEC fan... What a ride!

  25. Jan Solil

    Jan Solil2 dagar sedan

    So cringe but yet pretty good and artistic

  26. Xythiera

    Xythiera2 dagar sedan

    Inspiert is still better then he is. The will get crushed at MSI .

  27. Maurice B.

    Maurice B.2 dagar sedan

    Hope someone woke Kaiser up, my man has to play MSI.

  28. Sam Hjortenkrans

    Sam Hjortenkrans2 dagar sedan

    Oh god 7:16 thats embarassing

  29. Rogelio Muñoz

    Rogelio Muñoz2 dagar sedan

    Bro why nobody is talking about the whole roleplay fnatic did? xD It was hilarious

  30. Lhipy

    Lhipy2 dagar sedan

    nice <3 xd

  31. P. MIRANDA

    P. MIRANDA2 dagar sedan

    Nice video ❤️

  32. doing63

    doing632 dagar sedan


  33. Arda2411

    Arda24112 dagar sedan

    Armut Moments*

  34. batuhan güneysu

    batuhan güneysu2 dagar sedan

    Where is "Elpoya what are u doin"

  35. Silver Graph

    Silver Graph2 dagar sedan

    6:51 Humanoid roasted Elyoya....XD

  36. faruk kalmuk

    faruk kalmuk2 dagar sedan


  37. xMurphine

    xMurphine2 dagar sedan

    Where is Limit's Alistar flash to stop Tristana's jump?

  38. Luca Monte

    Luca Monte2 dagar sedan

    i will miss these for a while ;-;

  39. Onur Yaşar

    Onur Yaşar2 dagar sedan

    As a Turkish audience, the only reason why I want to start watching LEC is Armut. I think this guy reunited Turkish people with Europe. He is representing Turkey and, we are so proud of him. Greetings from Turkey <3

  40. Onur Yaşar

    Onur Yaşar2 dagar sedan

    As a Turkish audience, the only reason why I want to start watching LEC is Armut. I think this guy reunited Turkish people with Europe. He is representing Turkey and, we are so proud of him. Greetings from Turkey.

  41. mini maki

    mini maki2 dagar sedan


  42. El Espatulador

    El Espatulador2 dagar sedan


  43. wowJhil

    wowJhil2 dagar sedan

    So many great highlights really! But my top favorite is probably FNC reenacting the old times Caps picking Vayne, with a Hylisang totally confused :D

  44. Sophia the 1st

    Sophia the 1st2 dagar sedan

    Armut and Dahyun have that in common ;)

  45. Hacuraz

    Hacuraz2 dagar sedan

    armut mic check MVP

  46. Emir Tektas

    Emir Tektas2 dagar sedan

    Why didn't guys also show the kiss between elyoya and carzzy?

  47. tired ;___;

    tired ;___;2 dagar sedan

    vedius sprinting to the desk will never cease to make me laugh

  48. ProfDrSir - Professor Doktor Sir

    ProfDrSir - Professor Doktor Sir2 dagar sedan

    Abbe 😢

  49. Martín Samo

    Martín Samo2 dagar sedan

    Never seen Rekkles laugh like that before hahaha

  50. Emre Şimşek

    Emre Şimşek2 dagar sedan

    rogue and mad activated well that aged like a wine

  51. Fleda MILKY

    Fleda MILKY2 dagar sedan

    I think you can tell by the amount of time each team got in this how much fun they have while playing the game. I don't think there were much if any clips from Vitality and only little from others as well

  52. Ergonomics of Flatulence

    Ergonomics of Flatulence2 dagar sedan


  53. Ali JRPhoenix Derman

    Ali JRPhoenix Derman2 dagar sedan

    lec deki tek şişko adam

  54. Kiril Iliev

    Kiril Iliev2 dagar sedan

    Fnatic comms are something else man

  55. Fabian Doliana

    Fabian Doliana2 dagar sedan

    Armut is staring at you. This sentence is even scarier if you understand german.

  56. Benjamin

    Benjamin2 dagar sedan

    Armut showing the three and two fingers is the biggest chad energy we have seen in a long time

  57. Suat Şahin

    Suat Şahin2 dagar sedan

    2:07 lol

  58. Atticus Cariño

    Atticus Cariño2 dagar sedan

    90% of the outplays in this vid are against fnatic .-.

  59. Jakub Merta

    Jakub Merta2 dagar sedan

    "My enviroment quality is low, just like your gameplay"


    JENNIE'S EYELASHES2 dagar sedan

    “we will never lift that shit” -man who lifted that shit

  61. Barış Yurtseven

    Barış Yurtseven2 dagar sedan

    Dylan we have to go Vayne

  62. Viktor a.k.a. VikSun

    Viktor a.k.a. VikSun2 dagar sedan

    2:00 there is wrong subtitles I think, because Hyli is bulgarian like me and there he says "This is actually a good fortune in Bulgaria (not "for you" like it's in the video). I mean in Bulgaria when we are going somewhere and we want luck or fortune, before we going we pour water and then we go threw it. #ALWAYSFNATIC

  63. Selman Bing

    Selman Bing2 dagar sedan


  64. änschei

    änschei2 dagar sedan

    Guys, look at the trophy-we will never lift this shit

  65. Skyflairl2p

    Skyflairl2p2 dagar sedan

    Is this a reupload? ive seen this before lol Oh lol nvm, these are the best bits from all the mic checks.. makes sense! I still cant stop laughing at the clip of selfmade reading something from chat with the rest thinking he was imitating the girl in coms lmaoo "oiyoyoyo" tf is that haha

  66. Boosted

    Boosted2 dagar sedan

    8:47 I believe it was "RYZE RYZE RYZE" not "NICE NICE NICE"

  67. Athanasios Naskidis

    Athanasios Naskidis2 dagar sedan

    no vitaliity in the comms wtf

  68. reklinac

    reklinac2 dagar sedan


  69. Zıbın

    Zıbın2 dagar sedan

    just wow!

  70. Isaac Kwon

    Isaac Kwon2 dagar sedan

    Honestly this whole split was great. LEC always pumping out fun games and high quality content!

  71. chirosen :3

    chirosen :32 dagar sedan

    nobody: Armut: kinda

  72. Rotuj

    Rotuj2 dagar sedan

    no vitality in this one

  73. GodlyLegendYT

    GodlyLegendYT2 dagar sedan

    Can't wait for summer split

  74. chrisheka99

    chrisheka992 dagar sedan

    1:46 Im not gonna lie, Ill really miss Fakerdagge in the LEC. Although im really looking forward to see Nuclear Int finally in LEC, it will be tough to see Schalke without Abbe, but I wish him best of luck in NA...

  75. Aos Prins

    Aos Prins2 dagar sedan

    Just plain excellent.

  76. FlexiumGD

    FlexiumGD2 dagar sedan

    They say Felix is better than me because he has a Challenger account in jungle and I don't. - Zanzarah, 2021

  77. Daniel Sebastián Ortega

    Daniel Sebastián Ortega2 dagar sedan

    6:12 7:16 8:58 the best clips

  78. Pacificadora98

    Pacificadora982 dagar sedan

    Razork at 1:35 : PAPÁ QUE ESTOY JUGANDO!

  79. Tanksaawk

    Tanksaawk2 dagar sedan

    This split will go down in history