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  1. Márk

    Márk3 timmar sedan


  2. Sophie Carroll

    Sophie Carroll3 timmar sedan

    The funny part was when the dog 🐶 sang after the girl sang and it,s just evry thing🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐭🐭🐭🐭🐩🐩🐩🐩🐶

  3. Julie anne Espiel

    Julie anne Espiel3 timmar sedan

    I'd Loughed at the dog's reaction when he realized that there's more treats on the other bowl😂😂😂😂

  4. Finn Dixon

    Finn Dixon3 timmar sedan


  5. Sharmila K

    Sharmila K4 timmar sedan

    12:38 that cats paw burning not funny

  6. alexandra cantilado

    alexandra cantilado4 timmar sedan

    It really hurts😂

  7. Eliana Fridrich

    Eliana Fridrich4 timmar sedan

    Con qué ingredientes se hace la torta de forma perrito

  8. Kawie Na Ławie

    Kawie Na Ławie4 timmar sedan

    Just like 99% of these ''cute'' hamster compilations this video shows hamsters beiing threaten like a toys, stressed, or just straight up animal abuse.

  9. Ting Chung

    Ting Chung4 timmar sedan

    And look at the camera

  10. Ting Chung

    Ting Chung4 timmar sedan

    I saw one of the monkeys took more than one

  11. Kim Sana

    Kim Sana4 timmar sedan

    Hahahahahaahhahahahahahahaahhahahahaahhaahahahaha itso funny

  12. นายภัทรพล ปั้นชู บูมเซียนpstl

    นายภัทรพล ปั้นชู บูมเซียนpstl4 timmar sedan

    2020ใครดู มีคนไทย 3:19

  13. Ангелина зайцева

    Ангелина зайцева4 timmar sedan


  14. nukacapdidntcap

    nukacapdidntcap4 timmar sedan

    This isn’t the channels fault. The channel probably doesn’t know about hamster care. So who are you trying to blame the channel?

  15. NR ZE

    NR ZE4 timmar sedan

    Stap its so sad

  16. Funny Cute Animals

    Funny Cute Animals4 timmar sedan

    Funny video, make us relax so much😍❤️👍❤️😍❤️👍❤️😍👍❤️😍❤️👍

  17. Lindsay Wambel

    Lindsay Wambel4 timmar sedan

    @11:50 the dog owner tries to act like the dog doesn’t want her to wash the sheets but u can c the glare of the laser she is using...RIDICULOUS!!!

  18. Maciej Muller

    Maciej Muller5 timmar sedan


  19. Maciej Muller

    Maciej Muller5 timmar sedan


  20. Maciej Muller

    Maciej Muller5 timmar sedan


  21. Jessica Soltys

    Jessica Soltys5 timmar sedan

    Watch all of 2:28 the clip I said out loud "ExCuSe Me

  22. Gabriel Gruwell

    Gabriel Gruwell5 timmar sedan

    really glad they specified that it was dolphins and sharks! I would have been so annoyed had there been any other types of animals in this vid.

  23. HEY MÄ°LLET!!!

    HEY MÄ°LLET!!!5 timmar sedan

    Wow hahaha dog is ice-cream

  24. Darissa Harkey

    Darissa Harkey5 timmar sedan

    ThAts why I love bestly crunch AAAAAAHHH!!!!

  25. teagan blanco-diaz

    teagan blanco-diaz5 timmar sedan


  26. Diana Ismayilova

    Diana Ismayilova5 timmar sedan


  27. •mah Gacha•

    •mah Gacha•6 timmar sedan

    Omg lollll😂😂😂😂

  28. Gunta Zarina

    Gunta Zarina6 timmar sedan


  29. Kaitlynn King

    Kaitlynn King6 timmar sedan


  30. Vard Zard

    Vard Zard6 timmar sedan

    Первое было очень классное

  31. Vard Zard

    Vard Zard6 timmar sedan


  32. NaturinoPL

    NaturinoPL6 timmar sedan

    1:22 XDDDD Something beautiful 1:46 WTF?! How did he put it there?!

  33. marianne descallar

    marianne descallar6 timmar sedan

    why did you choke the hamster!

  34. Amanda Woolsey

    Amanda Woolsey6 timmar sedan


  35. Amanda Woolsey

    Amanda Woolsey6 timmar sedan


  36. Таалайбек Момуналиев

    Таалайбек Момуналиев6 timmar sedan


  37. Raimondas Lingys

    Raimondas Lingys6 timmar sedan

    Very funny 🐈🐕

  38. Antonio Nolden

    Antonio Nolden6 timmar sedan


  39. Faiz & jarvis With BBBear

    Faiz & jarvis With BBBear6 timmar sedan

    0:01 0:02 0:03 0:04 0:05

  40. Алина Уварова

    Алина Уварова6 timmar sedan

    Ооооо как милоооо

  41. Tamanna Ahmed

    Tamanna Ahmed7 timmar sedan

    Cat love ♡

  42. Franziska Gensow

    Franziska Gensow7 timmar sedan


  43. Anka Nowak

    Anka Nowak7 timmar sedan

    1:47 😮😮😮😮😮

  44. Anka Nowak

    Anka Nowak7 timmar sedan

    0:36 O NOOOO

  45. Sta'Cyee Davis

    Sta'Cyee Davis7 timmar sedan

    1:38 why would you hit a cat and you start crying?

  46. Ramil Huseynov

    Ramil Huseynov7 timmar sedan


  47. The Reeder’s On the loose Episodes

    The Reeder’s On the loose Episodes7 timmar sedan


  48. 《Grace》 คนโสดงับ

    《Grace》 คนโสดงับ7 timmar sedan

    3:10 Thailand ?

  49. Ä°smet Katar

    Ä°smet Katar8 timmar sedan

    6:58 turtle

  50. Ä°smet Katar

    Ä°smet Katar8 timmar sedan

    6:54 monkey

  51. Ä°smet Katar

    Ä°smet Katar8 timmar sedan

    4:36 too hamster

  52. Ä°smet Katar

    Ä°smet Katar8 timmar sedan

    4:26 hamster

  53. Ä°smet Katar

    Ä°smet Katar8 timmar sedan

    4:30 too bird

  54. Milicantik Cahyani

    Milicantik Cahyani8 timmar sedan


  55. Melinda Difuntorum

    Melinda Difuntorum8 timmar sedan


  56. Ebin E

    Ebin E8 timmar sedan

    0:31 music name please

  57. Erika Santos

    Erika Santos8 timmar sedan

    Da vontade de matar de aperto essas fofuras😍

  58. Abrielle Thiero

    Abrielle Thiero8 timmar sedan