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  1. Ray Nyhus

    Ray Nyhus16 timmar sedan

    Defend the liberal government operatives(Dictators).

  2. Marlaine Gaylor

    Marlaine Gaylor16 timmar sedan

    Good for them! I’d resign too!

  3. Paul Ruderstaller

    Paul Ruderstaller16 timmar sedan

    A delirious puppet fulfilling the goals of a handfulof globalist devils.

  4. Travis Stoudt

    Travis Stoudt16 timmar sedan

    Can we impeach this whole administration

  5. Cleta Goodhart

    Cleta Goodhart16 timmar sedan

    She is inciting a full blown riot,,,, and then some, she is destructive and a danger, MUST GO, GET HER OUT OF HER SEAT


    DIONOND GIRL16 timmar sedan

    Well thats horrible you get free money so then you get arrested like how does that make sense, for all I know they should be arrested

  7. nosajkrad

    nosajkrad16 timmar sedan

    Inciting violence and hate

  8. Chuan Li

    Chuan Li16 timmar sedan

    Unfortunately its a Dumocrate state..........

  9. Rachel Miller

    Rachel Miller16 timmar sedan

    We need a Ron DeSantis in every state of our country.

  10. jidf32

    jidf3216 timmar sedan

    *Let the unfit morons leave*

  11. Nancy Whitten

    Nancy Whitten16 timmar sedan

    Get her outta there please

  12. Gdawg4ever

    Gdawg4ever16 timmar sedan

    I can’t stand Waters and I know she is a liar and hates patriotic Americans ..... BUT no I disagree with the notion that what we say is less important that how people perceive what we say. What someone one says is what they are accountable for it what someone thinks they said.

  13. heavy metal redneck

    heavy metal redneck16 timmar sedan

    EMS employees should all be armed and ready to eliminate those who are out to harm them! They are part of the EMS but they are also Americans so they have the right to bear arms. Its hard to save lives when you have to worry about scum trying to take yours!

  14. viktor Roderer

    viktor Roderer16 timmar sedan

    i say everybody, jb is no perfect for the american citicen.and more. he ruin the usa deliberately.jour. why he want 3- 4 wars in the woerld. this brain is no perfect. please stop this situation. we want peace, freedom, woerk, life. thanks my friends in america 1❤❤❤💪💪💪🦾

  15. Shawn Brown

    Shawn Brown16 timmar sedan

    This is exactly what “mob rule” looks like. Problem? This is exactly what “tyranny” looks like. We have a member of a federal legislative body organizing a “confrontational” response “IF” a court of the land does NOT issue a verdict this person believes “should” be delivered. Secondly, this in not the first time this exact person has called for the deliverance of such tyrannical behavior. Lastly, this person, Maxine Waters, is an elected official from California who has crossed State lines to deliver her message of discord and tyranny. Expel her as a federal level legislator and charge her for her inciteful propagation of acts of tyranny. From Thomas Jefferson: Perhaps the most enduring legacy of the Declaration of Independence is that it sought to overturn the long abuses and powers of tyrants. It revealed the truth of self-government and that power is inherent in the people. In the second introduction of the document, Jefferson declared: …That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness...

  16. Van Ford

    Van Ford16 timmar sedan

    California Representative Maxine Waters is a violent insurrectionist. She stands out in the streets of Minnesota calling out to all black people to engage in violence and riots if she doesn't get the verdict that she wants in the officer Chavin trial. Why won't the FBI arrest her? Federal Bureau of Ignore. The FBI is no longer a neutral law enforcement agency representing all American citizens. If a Republican politician stood up on T.V. and called out to all white people to riot and loot Minnesota if officer Chavin is found guilty you can bet the FBI would be banging on his front door!! The FBI is spinning down the toilet right along side the main stream media. The media is a disgrace, the FBI is a disgrace, silicon valley is a disgrace and the democrat party is owned and operated by the Red Chinese Communist government!!

  17. Greg Rendflesh

    Greg Rendflesh16 timmar sedan

    She should be charged with treason

  18. BronxMade Mantilla

    BronxMade Mantilla16 timmar sedan

    That lady need to be locked up period incinerating a riot and thinking she’s above the law is a no no. This country is about to go to war and the first targets are political party’s both political parties I already see a civil War and it’s gonna be bad for both parties period I smell a military state coming soon cause if these idiot protesters and their demands. When did it became legal to commit a crime and not get prosecuted 🤨

  19. Joseph Ming

    Joseph Ming16 timmar sedan

    Police should leave departments that don't want to back them. Let the democrats figure out how to police the city.

  20. a1175779

    a117577916 timmar sedan

    Ffs America, you’re getting walked all over by these authoritarians whilst you say “please, just leave me alone”... hint: they won’t leave you alone, stand up and do something you chickens 🐔

  21. Bruce Sees all

    Bruce Sees all16 timmar sedan

    I call them Smart officers.

  22. Kevin Bratcher

    Kevin Bratcher16 timmar sedan

    With police being targeted by the left, why wouldn’t they resign. Their slogan should be...attack everybody , respect nobody.

  23. XmƏņ

    XmƏņ16 timmar sedan

    Biden will declare state of emergency as riots and protest worsen. And Biden power will be limitless bypassing congress and senate. Maybe that's the plan.

  24. kelly densmore

    kelly densmore16 timmar sedan

    To stop this would take civil war! Just saying.

  25. Sean Lavoie

    Sean Lavoie16 timmar sedan

    I’d love to see Joe Collins show the hypocrisy of Democrats throughout the country as well as recent history. The Democrats generally don’t really seem to care for minorities and just assume they will vote for Democrats. A great example is New Orleans. How many Democrats at the city and state level failed to take steps to prevent disaster and plan for the possibility of disaster?

  26. Nat Nat

    Nat Nat16 timmar sedan

    We, the people, want Law and Order and back to our normal life! We don’t need the crouched administration to the looters!

  27. Tom Wilson

    Tom Wilson16 timmar sedan

    How is this not incitement to riot ?

  28. Myongsu Franken

    Myongsu Franken16 timmar sedan

    Democratic politicians afraid to going to our boarder yet she is out there committing crim🥴 what is going on in America !!! Can someone answer my questions please.

  29. Penny Barnes

    Penny Barnes16 timmar sedan

    She is shameful.

  30. FlapJack NI

    FlapJack NI16 timmar sedan

    It's almost like there's a reason for controlled imigration. Like resources.

  31. Craig Munson

    Craig Munson16 timmar sedan

    MW is sick!

  32. Raffy Raffy

    Raffy Raffy16 timmar sedan

    Just resign as ad a police officer alltogether , so those positions can be filled by new officers willing to do the job. What's the problem ?

  33. Tommy

    Tommy16 timmar sedan

    Maxine Waters is seemingly on the ground with the troops supporting rioting and intimidation. Unacceptable

  34. David Thompson

    David Thompson16 timmar sedan

    What a p.o.s. race baiter. She shouldn't be removed, she should be arrested and charged with insurrection. She is a traitor to America.

  35. Colt4 Preacher5

    Colt4 Preacher516 timmar sedan

    Its gonna be waco and that ranch all over again

  36. Geoff Eastman

    Geoff Eastman16 timmar sedan

    Maxine waters incites riots against a certain party is illegal and is a hate crime. Arrest this woman

  37. Samya R

    Samya R16 timmar sedan

    On short...of you don’t get what you want, cause chaos and violence and demand it. Great message Maxine!!!

  38. Joseph Dobesh

    Joseph Dobesh16 timmar sedan

    She needs to be arrested for incitement.

  39. Sam Afgan

    Sam Afgan16 timmar sedan

    The police did us a favor with that bright young 13 year old aka “lil homicide”.

  40. Dr. Fu Manchu

    Dr. Fu Manchu16 timmar sedan

    She should have been impeached after inciting violence after the Rodney King verdict in Los angels.

  41. Red Pineapple

    Red Pineapple16 timmar sedan

    Gov DeSantis way better than gropey Gov "GranmaKiller" Dogface in NY!

  42. Don Rondel

    Don Rondel16 timmar sedan

    BLM = ANC What happened in South Africa under the communist Mandela & his wife Winnie is now right here in the USA and no one in authority is doing anything about it. Prove that wrong Peace

  43. G Harris

    G Harris16 timmar sedan

    $15,000 for illegal immigrants to come to America - WHAT !!! No wonder there are sooo many illegal immigrants at the border. Thanks Biden we know who you care about mostly.

  44. Dick Goesinya

    Dick Goesinya16 timmar sedan

    biden would less damage if he was flying an airplane.

  45. WaylonJohn13

    WaylonJohn1316 timmar sedan

    Minnesotans should sue her once their businesses burn. Personally I'd outlaw her from stepping foot in my state. But she'll never come to my state.

  46. Laura Brooks

    Laura Brooks16 timmar sedan

    She should be arrested!!! If it was someone on the right. The FBI would have thrown that person in jail with no reason and no bail !!!!!!

  47. It's All Lies

    It's All Lies16 timmar sedan

    border fix impeach biden.

  48. SeventiesLove

    SeventiesLove16 timmar sedan

    There are two Beings there.

  49. Peter Cross

    Peter Cross16 timmar sedan

    Whoever voted for this woman should be locked up in a mental institution, America is going to sink so far into the gutter under these lying, troughing Democrats, there will be no way back.

  50. Marshall Barnes

    Marshall Barnes16 timmar sedan

    You can see that's not Auntie Maxi, clearly that's just someone dressed in a rubber suit acting a fool...i mean.. you know, the... C'mon Man! 🤦‍♂️

  51. Vlad Shpitko

    Vlad Shpitko16 timmar sedan


  52. Tu Nguyen

    Tu Nguyen16 timmar sedan

    We need to send these idiots to China or Cuba

  53. Get Working

    Get Working16 timmar sedan

    “We will take America without firing a shot,” said Nikita Khrushchev, a confirmed marxist... The marxist revolution is here. It came quietly like a thief in the night. The marxists have taken over the media without firing a single shot. They censor the truth while pushing their marxist narrative of pure propaganda. Isn't it amazing how the masses always fall for the same old propaganda used by Goebbels some 70 years ago? The masses are ignorant and the marxists know it and exploit it. Wake up America, wake up!

  54. Sherry Johnston

    Sherry Johnston16 timmar sedan

    wicked fruit shown thru this woman....

  55. Richard Strong

    Richard Strong16 timmar sedan

    Kick this racist division preaching unintelligent idiot out of congress.

  56. Jody Bundrant

    Jody Bundrant16 timmar sedan

    God says satan has the voice of many waters, he's talking about maxine waters and any one like her and there are many like her on the left, there leftest goats ! Matt 25:30-46

  57. Carol-Ann Boshoff

    Carol-Ann Boshoff16 timmar sedan

    I weep for the loss of these good men.

  58. pablo merel

    pablo merel16 timmar sedan

    We die, and earth will recycle itself... I guess he owns the earth...

  59. Mike Harding

    Mike Harding16 timmar sedan

    U got it right .all of us ,all of us have to stand up an stand together to put a stop to this trash that our government is pushing down our throats. Keep up your good work.

  60. Tom Martin

    Tom Martin16 timmar sedan

    On the pedestal of the Statue Of Liberty, “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

  61. Brown American

    Brown American16 timmar sedan

    I do not blame them one bit.

  62. Andrew LaPorte

    Andrew LaPorte16 timmar sedan

    People should listen to this young Man!!!

  63. Joe Strickland

    Joe Strickland16 timmar sedan

    She was breaking the law when she was committing insurrection by being out past curfew

  64. Dave Thompson

    Dave Thompson16 timmar sedan

    Auntie maxine will take care all of her children on the democrat plantation.

  65. iwo gajda

    iwo gajda16 timmar sedan

    "Mankind will not have peace until it turns with trust to My mercy!!!" (from the Diary of Saint Faustina Kowalska; 300)

  66. pduffy4

    pduffy416 timmar sedan

    Psycho anti-white racist Maxine Waters needs to be jailed, forever.

  67. Prince Harry

    Prince Harry16 timmar sedan

    ALL blue state cops SHALL quit right NOW

  68. Brian Herrala

    Brian Herrala16 timmar sedan

    Self inflicted. We want to always be right and if we can't be we quit.

  69. Cheryl Baney

    Cheryl Baney16 timmar sedan

    She is plainly inciting VIOLENCE, WHY IS SHE FREE TO DO SO??? INSURRECTION!

  70. Ron Nonyabizness

    Ron Nonyabizness16 timmar sedan

    Politicians who drive wedges in society for the sole purpose to demonize their opponents, and the media talking heads who support them and will continue to do so because they are not held accountable. Reminds me of Despicable Me, when Gru explains why his neighbors dog won't poop in his yard anymore. 😎

  71. joanne houseman

    joanne houseman16 timmar sedan

    Maxine Waters is a despicable human being.. filled with hate.

  72. Count Von Count

    Count Von Count16 timmar sedan

    Maxine waters is total garbage

  73. D Rae

    D Rae16 timmar sedan

    This is what they want. They want all good cops to leave so they can fill the ranks with those that will do their evil bidding. Same with the military.

  74. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith16 timmar sedan

    What a hateful and despicable woman.

  75. SavedbyGrace

    SavedbyGrace16 timmar sedan

    I love it. Maybe these morons with colored hair can help protect the public as they’re gutted by these criminals.

  76. John Dukes

    John Dukes16 timmar sedan

    Seriously enough of this nonsense why pay taxes

  77. Joel V.

    Joel V.16 timmar sedan

    A cop got his as kicked by a teen in my town becuse he was afraid of reprocutions if he protected him self

  78. Remington Bradley

    Remington Bradley16 timmar sedan

    This is no different than getting your feelings hurt by something your co-worker said then going home and killing your dog.