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  1. Manu Joseph

    Manu Joseph6 timmar sedan

    Now come down

  2. KK

    KK6 timmar sedan

    0:51 !!!

  3. Seed Inc

    Seed Inc6 timmar sedan

    Hoonicorn vs WRX we all wanna see it

  4. michael kobylczak

    michael kobylczak6 timmar sedan

    Hoonicorn vs Cletus McFarlands vette ruby!!!!!!!!

  5. marshkid1

    marshkid16 timmar sedan

    Hooicorn can rip all day long.

  6. Maki Tiong

    Maki Tiong6 timmar sedan

    so this is a contender for a drag race with the hoonicorn ayt?!

  7. dustin rader

    dustin rader6 timmar sedan

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  8. Pj

    Pj6 timmar sedan

    Come to Phoenix!!!

  9. Finn Dobbin

    Finn Dobbin6 timmar sedan

    All i wanted to see was a big fat burnout.and he succed

  10. Logan Vanhalem

    Logan Vanhalem6 timmar sedan

    I’m telling u I play horizon and Motorsport and no one uses the Hoonicorn for drag racing haha

  11. RidgeRacer 520

    RidgeRacer 5206 timmar sedan

    Not even close to a fair race

  12. Shaney Boi

    Shaney Boi6 timmar sedan

    Hoonacorn vs beastrex drag race video please

  13. Booker Thompson

    Booker Thompson6 timmar sedan

    "Damn this car is crazy!" Yeah 300k will do that to a car.

  14. Germanuch 2005

    Germanuch 20056 timmar sedan

    Hoonytruck va hoonycorn pls

  15. Seröschka Battelfield

    Seröschka Battelfield6 timmar sedan

    Next race please vs boba 16vampir or turbo gockel


    JEANIUS FILMS6 timmar sedan

    That Audi is INSANE!

  17. Koji Maniquis-Eusebio

    Koji Maniquis-Eusebio6 timmar sedan

    Daaang that was an awesome clip spotting the new 2022 BRZ! Can’t wait to see this!

  18. Gilbert Viloria

    Gilbert Viloria6 timmar sedan

    Would love to see the Hoonicorn go up against a F1 car, Indy car, NASCAR, the VW IDR and the Porsche 919 Hybrid. Cheers!

  19. KYNG CAS

    KYNG CAS6 timmar sedan

    Demon driver: lets not use the shifters

  20. FireMyster 470

    FireMyster 4706 timmar sedan

    Cali garage

  21. Og Hood23

    Og Hood236 timmar sedan

    Imagine the rs3 1100 hp it was keeping up with the z already at 900hp 😍😍

  22. Tee Simon

    Tee Simon6 timmar sedan

    That has to sound so sick out there

  23. Dolphin Catcher

    Dolphin Catcher6 timmar sedan

    This need to race the hoonicorn on this vs that ASAP!

  24. Marco Colis

    Marco Colis6 timmar sedan

    One of the most winning est... donks in the game. The Carolina Cantaloupe.

  25. dj cutlas

    dj cutlas6 timmar sedan

    The Audi is hella fast!!!! Best I've seen yet

  26. MistaFrags

    MistaFrags6 timmar sedan

    maybe if the driver of the audi lost a few and actually shifted himself in manual mode instead of fully auto, closer race i think

  27. Burak Kalayci

    Burak Kalayci6 timmar sedan

    what is the 1/4 mile time and speed of Hoonigan mustang.We wanna see it on a drag track with a time slip

  28. Zoos Mercury

    Zoos Mercury6 timmar sedan

    Horrendous how it makes a beast like the f1 look..

  29. A4tech LogiTeCh

    A4tech LogiTeCh6 timmar sedan

    Gtr vs hoonigan

  30. Ted Wood

    Ted Wood6 timmar sedan

    Have to give respect to McLaren. It kept up pretty good, and it’s stock, and it’s a flex item.

  31. kryzbee

    kryzbee6 timmar sedan

    WTF happened in the bonus round?

  32. Austin Guss

    Austin Guss6 timmar sedan

    scotto said scotto said scotto said.

  33. UnraveledSun 2

    UnraveledSun 26 timmar sedan

    he should’ve went in the dirt to the side

  34. Syed Galib

    Syed Galib6 timmar sedan

    maclaren is shit f outta here bring the hell cat

  35. Troy Huynh

    Troy Huynh6 timmar sedan

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  36. Thechristopherryan

    Thechristopherryan6 timmar sedan

    I wonder if they out sourced the dump pipes to the same place papadocks did for their new b58 headers.

  37. Syed Galib

    Syed Galib6 timmar sedan

    everything vs HELL CAT

  38. Calvin Pang

    Calvin Pang7 timmar sedan

    Now @hoonigan let's set up a race between this and Ken's mustang.

  39. Og Hood23

    Og Hood237 timmar sedan

    I swear I get so sad every time I see this that dude need to let someone else drive the Supra he don’t know what he got granny shifting and all he was just trying to let the boost do all the work no skill

  40. SsnAndrei ツ

    SsnAndrei ツ7 timmar sedan

    The bonus race was when he had the best start and destroyed him If he had better starts

  41. Stalone Star

    Stalone Star7 timmar sedan

    Sorry but Audi is faster boys !!

  42. SsnAndrei ツ

    SsnAndrei ツ7 timmar sedan

    The race was wack all races the Audi stared late

  43. Goaty McGoatface

    Goaty McGoatface7 timmar sedan

    How u not callin it GymStrana

  44. Luke Dupin

    Luke Dupin7 timmar sedan

    My STI doesn't look like that one...

  45. King Albby

    King Albby7 timmar sedan


  46. Ricky Buxton

    Ricky Buxton7 timmar sedan

    *watches entire video *is most enamoured by the Lindsay button

  47. SpecialChunk _BSN_

    SpecialChunk _BSN_7 timmar sedan

    The hoonitruck is a love child between both of these

  48. Amin Hilmi

    Amin Hilmi7 timmar sedan

    From x games into this..holyshit

  49. 2020 Shelby Stormtrooper

    2020 Shelby Stormtrooper7 timmar sedan

    Sweet. Love it ford rules.

  50. Clown Notify

    Clown Notify7 timmar sedan

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  51. Aitch

    Aitch7 timmar sedan

    Out of all the things I would buy with a lottery win, that's the first. Without the yellow.

  52. codeNINE

    codeNINE7 timmar sedan

    Why doesn't he get a drink?

  53. Zachary Perry

    Zachary Perry7 timmar sedan

    Undisclosed Airfield: Helena Regional Airport. Fire Truck at the end was the obvious giveaway.

  54. JessieJ

    JessieJ7 timmar sedan

    Would love to see Ken take on Power Driven Diesel's 3,000hp triple turbo 12 valve Dodge Cummins

  55. Austin Droke

    Austin Droke7 timmar sedan


  56. AussieZ X

    AussieZ X7 timmar sedan

    you build anything if got the $$$$$$.

  57. Soren A

    Soren A7 timmar sedan

    it looks like Skywalkers Pod racer

  58. Félix Laverdière

    Félix Laverdière7 timmar sedan

    We need a jdm vs domestic gymkhana!!!!

  59. Alex lamberto

    Alex lamberto7 timmar sedan


  60. zach

    zach7 timmar sedan

    Has that car wrecked in the water before? My god!!!!

  61. bo matt

    bo matt7 timmar sedan

    This has gotta be the coolest STI I’ve ever seen in my life! Holy shit Travis....great build man. I’m super jealous. That aero is fucking insane!

  62. Stone Rainey

    Stone Rainey7 timmar sedan

    Mark rubilet😂😂 love seeing 2 things I love together

  63. owen kaiser

    owen kaiser7 timmar sedan

    Great way to see aero😂😂

  64. Kerry Stansbury

    Kerry Stansbury7 timmar sedan

    Big deal, how stupid, racing a car with about 1/2 the horsepower, he should be real proud of winning! Why doesn't he try racing the AMS GTR.

  65. Scent Represent

    Scent Represent7 timmar sedan

    The demonic elbow technically haunt because deadline retrospectively spark behind a disagreeable gondola. third, faithful voyage

  66. Beckham Jr

    Beckham Jr7 timmar sedan

    Amazing machine sti😍 vs ken block “hoonicorn”

  67. Scent Represent

    Scent Represent7 timmar sedan

    The unique surgeon typically permit because payment univariately clip pro a better trigonometry. sour, succinct court

  68. owen kaiser

    owen kaiser7 timmar sedan

    Yo it’s mil spec bicycle wire

  69. Danny

    Danny7 timmar sedan

    Vs cleetus!

  70. Xander du Plessis

    Xander du Plessis7 timmar sedan

    i think the army and government and fbi and shit should take travis pastrana in for testing because hooolllly shit

  71. ChaosEnigma1978

    ChaosEnigma19787 timmar sedan

    Thumbs up for Nads 'stache.

  72. noff man noff

    noff man noff7 timmar sedan

    Now race a r35

  73. Дидар Исабек

    Дидар Исабек7 timmar sedan

    I need to make Evo like that

  74. Big Baby Jesus

    Big Baby Jesus7 timmar sedan

    When is it being added into FM7 or FH4?

  75. tas vlit

    tas vlit7 timmar sedan

    Where did you buy that car at 1:10 ?

  76. OFF

    OFF7 timmar sedan

    Русская джимхана тут?)

  77. Romnick Maluyo

    Romnick Maluyo7 timmar sedan

    Granny shifting not double clutching like you should - Torreno

  78. Kingcraft 95

    Kingcraft 957 timmar sedan

    Gymkhana 11 ?

  79. prepare uranus

    prepare uranus7 timmar sedan

    I honestly love how he has been watching the meta of a video game. I mean.. of course. Its awesome already that he pushes his cars to be in games like need for speed and forza. But actively watching how gamers of the world treat his car in the digital world? Thats amazing dedication to what he loves... the experience of driving and cars.


    DUDE IN MALAPPURAM7 timmar sedan