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Spaceflight Ace

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  1. Abner Diaz

    Abner Diaz4 timmar sedan

    Man when I see El Salvador I wanna see the change that he brought.have faith

  2. Neutralino

    Neutralino4 timmar sedan

    Evidently, they didn't.

  3. Pitchaya Jenjirawong

    Pitchaya Jenjirawong4 timmar sedan

    This video really shows the capability of the social networking service. It's not only tools for entertainment, but it can be used for the journalistic purpose as well. In this case, thanks to Tiktok, we know the reality of life behind the cells and not just how media has manipulated us about it.

  4. Youngy

    Youngy4 timmar sedan

    He actually articulated logical ideas

  5. PDizzleFoRizzle

    PDizzleFoRizzle4 timmar sedan

    Those animals need to all be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law but Trump did not incite the actions of those people. The impeachment is a pathetic political ploy.

  6. Traudi Lepse

    Traudi Lepse4 timmar sedan

    I repeat. Trump told supporters to stay home. I think this man got his wires crossed.


    #ASKFLOYD4 timmar sedan

    When they find out they were lied to by Trump the entire time, they're gonna be pissed. I don't want to be around for that...

  8. ds21273

    ds212734 timmar sedan

    "We have children dying in cages at the southern border"? What the hell is this guy talking about?

  9. Traudi Lepse

    Traudi Lepse4 timmar sedan

    Fake news. '!!!!!!!

  10. Brandon Barnett

    Brandon Barnett4 timmar sedan

    You wanna stay informed south park 💯

  11. IZ

    IZ4 timmar sedan

    “ Somethings Close” Maybe it’s his soul that he’s disconnected from 👍🏻

  12. Mike Burton

    Mike Burton4 timmar sedan

    Not a Marine. He is an airman.

  13. Traudi Lepse

    Traudi Lepse4 timmar sedan

    Trump told people NOT TO COME TO DC

  14. dan rode

    dan rode4 timmar sedan

    Humans are great at killing. Maybe it finally does some good...

  15. Kime Tadu

    Kime Tadu4 timmar sedan

    I dont think I get get him stop smoking and father quickly took one puuf🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 now that's how you inspired child

  16. Brandon Barnett

    Brandon Barnett4 timmar sedan

    Y’all elected this dude for a wall you didn’t even get 😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Napo G59

    Napo G594 timmar sedan

    "It wasnt that violent" *Cop literally beaten to death, another beaten* "i love our judicial system" "Our judicial system doesnt work" Solid.

  18. Life-Hardened School student

    Life-Hardened School student4 timmar sedan

    CCP is already harsh on their own citizen, much worse would happen to their minority

  19. Tracy K

    Tracy K4 timmar sedan

    That interviewer was annoying. And don’t pick your nose while filming, seriously.

  20. Jason N

    Jason N4 timmar sedan

    Rule 1 make money and be happy people that's it 😊👍

  21. Dioxidez

    Dioxidez4 timmar sedan

    So this is how they got the rent a girlfriend plot

  22. 6Lilies6Phillies

    6Lilies6Phillies4 timmar sedan

    Can we just send Drumpf there??

  23. offended liberal

    offended liberal4 timmar sedan

    Plot twist these are bodies he hid and is just showing off his collection.

  24. ميديا حياه

    ميديا حياه4 timmar sedan


  25. Shannon Dyke

    Shannon Dyke4 timmar sedan

    Turn him in Vice if you don't then others will tell FBI that your protecting terrorist and evidence period

  26. firman syah Kurniawan

    firman syah Kurniawan4 timmar sedan

    is it a carpocalypse or just really big free food storage?

  27. Amaan Khan

    Amaan Khan4 timmar sedan

    “Unprovoked” okay bro okay

  28. Ginia Maxwell

    Ginia Maxwell4 timmar sedan

    America 2021: face covering needed to discuss your political ideology. Wow. Lol.

  29. Andrew James

    Andrew James4 timmar sedan

    “Somethings coming” scary ..

  30. Zoe Mccarthy

    Zoe Mccarthy4 timmar sedan

    I’m so glad i go to a rich school

  31. Jasmine B.

    Jasmine B.4 timmar sedan

    Wow, western hegemony and misrepresentation at work again. Amazing that western so-called "experts" who have not lived in China nor possess competent Mandarin nor knowledge of China's history and culture, and who assume that they know best and try to force western ideals onto others. Learn Mandarin, get educated please so you have a balanced view. About Xinjiang by a westerner living in China: The truth about Xinjiang that BBC doesn't want to report: How a BBC reporter got exposed about his lies and misrepresentation: A Chinese youtuber in Xinjiang describing it as the most mis-reported place:

  32. insomnia

    insomnia4 timmar sedan

    I wouldn’t even be at the Google homepage if I was that dude. I would still be at the login screen.

  33. Shannon Dyke

    Shannon Dyke4 timmar sedan

    Look them all up. If hr was on the grounds. Then her needs To go to jsil

  34. M R

    M R5 timmar sedan

    The fact that people say oh well it has a 1% death rate out of 7.8 billion people not realizing that would be 700 million people dead how is that something to dismiss and the danger of this virus is the lower the death rate the higher the transmission rate. The scale of transmission on covid-19 is worse than ebola. The scale used for infection rate is R0- R4 ebola is at a 2.5 transmission where as covid is at a 5.78 at this point. So ebola may kill you faster but it can be contained more so than covid-19. The more this virus keeps going the stronger it will become eventually leading to it being as deadly as sars-cov-1. Since they share a 80% similarity already.

  35. Adam B

    Adam B5 timmar sedan

    this was refreshing

  36. B M

    B M5 timmar sedan

    I hope they understand it was them that emboldened the white supremacists and not Brett...

  37. skull-y

    skull-y5 timmar sedan

    how much of a loser do u have to be to drive across the country for this

  38. Johnny Casteel

    Johnny Casteel5 timmar sedan

    Dsouza was 100% correct, don't be so mad about it. Be more tolerant.

  39. Burden1x

    Burden1x5 timmar sedan

    I think when the journalist was interrogating the poor guy about not knowing about the muslim religion was really rude, if they were taking away Qurans I get it but she took it wayy to far.

  40. Real Wajdi

    Real Wajdi5 timmar sedan

    if i was him i would buy the buy and put him in orphanage he will get much care then living his bio parents

  41. Brillian Tran

    Brillian Tran5 timmar sedan

    If this didnt make you Buy ETH in 2018-19.

  42. Debabrata Acharya

    Debabrata Acharya5 timmar sedan

    Just don't give these protesters sickle and hammer Comrade do it ⚒️ Russian need change 👍

  43. Class tilton

    Class tilton5 timmar sedan

    "The people who pay for these benifits are the inmates themselves" Good lol i mean lets be honest they get to smoke and benifit from the profits, thats actually a good thing

  44. Dina Karimi

    Dina Karimi5 timmar sedan

    i really hope they do stay outta politicsin general

  45. Victor Lungu

    Victor Lungu5 timmar sedan

    Navalniy is a traitor and a foreign agent, who attempted to trigger an Insurrection supplied by the Globalists.

  46. litchi88

    litchi885 timmar sedan

    Well I’m not Muslim and I find this documentary very biased. I think a good documentary shouldn’t filter or gravitate either way, I was hoping to acquire more factual knowledge and understanding of something I do not know well. But the entire documentary is not feeding us enough facts. Disappointed.

  47. Andy0770

    Andy07705 timmar sedan

    Color revolution all over again. This message is brought to you by NED.

  48. Li-ham Cosplay

    Li-ham Cosplay5 timmar sedan

    If you want the university experience, you need to wait till COVID-19 is under control. I work in a College, and it’s not worth the money as you’re not allowed to do anything essentially.

  49. nobody

    nobody5 timmar sedan

    1984 hard core

  50. Platinum Anime

    Platinum Anime5 timmar sedan

    Fun fact: Filipinos know many language.

  51. GTA boy

    GTA boy5 timmar sedan

    This is sad period

  52. M. S.

    M. S.5 timmar sedan

    Greece should have been kicked out of the European Union already.The central government is running a modern day slavery.

  53. Sky66 Atlas

    Sky66 Atlas5 timmar sedan

    Trump’s maga cult followers are jus like him. Blaming things on BLM and antifa and can’t take responsibility for their own actions. Smh

  54. Severed Yakhead

    Severed Yakhead5 timmar sedan

    Joe Biden is 1000 times more oppressive, corrupt, & evil than Putin.

  55. Dina Karimi

    Dina Karimi5 timmar sedan

    he sounds ... sane. and there is no yelling? are you sure he was a trump supporter? this interaction is so calm it kinda marks the end of trumpism for now.

  56. Vlou 13

    Vlou 135 timmar sedan

    I like how they called it a different species when describing trump supporters 0:28

  57. Jamie Hess

    Jamie Hess5 timmar sedan

    Way to go, Vice. It only took you a year to scoop the general public. Better late than never, I guess.....

  58. Zayn Danial

    Zayn Danial5 timmar sedan

    GTA just got a new cheat code

  59. Mukul Jha

    Mukul Jha5 timmar sedan

    Genghis Khan left the chat

  60. Losaiko Biden WON!!!

    Losaiko Biden WON!!!5 timmar sedan

    Trump lost, Pence could not legally flip the Electoral Vote. Law & Order candidate? I don't think so. A police officer was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher. Dozens more injured. This was a violent insurrection with the aim of sedition & destroying US Democracy.

  61. James Davis

    James Davis5 timmar sedan

    I want to apply for elephant beater. Then if I beat them enough, long enough and hard enough, I will get a promotion to chief elephant beater.

  62. Dave F. Macias

    Dave F. Macias5 timmar sedan

    The host is great and smart and knows what he's talking about but the rioter does not know what he is talking about, Just like the rest of those Qanons... (Lost and confused).

  63. Scary Terry

    Scary Terry5 timmar sedan

    woah drug dealers rapists an killers don’t stop pillaging during a pandemic ? surprising !

  64. Danilo Judd

    Danilo Judd5 timmar sedan

    imagine just talking politics and not throwing hands or trying to make the other person feel wrong for believing something which you may or may not agree with

  65. Victor Lungu

    Victor Lungu5 timmar sedan

    The median lethal dose for inhaled A-230, likely the most toxic liquid Novichok, has been estimated as between 1.9 and 3 mg/m3 for two minute exposure. Making the median lethal dose for inhaled A-234 0.2 mg (5000 lethal doses in a gram) and below 0.1 mg for A-230 (10 000 lethal doses in a gram). › wiki › Novich... Novichok agent - Wikipedia

  66. Rod G

    Rod G5 timmar sedan

    SMH. It was not that violent like the media shows. Lol wtf. Just cause you tell yourself it wasn't doesn't make it less it just makes you delusional. "You can tell it was Antifa" lol what does Anfita look like? If Troop supporters are of all races wouldn't anyone else. It's not like they were Antifa badges. PLUS NO PROOF. Smh idiot making sense of a dumb act

  67. crispix120 Political Psychic Predictions

    crispix120 Political Psychic Predictions5 timmar sedan

    It's time to do it for Russian Democracy!

  68. Harley Evitt

    Harley Evitt5 timmar sedan

    I feel really bad for that dude

  69. Brad Pitts

    Brad Pitts5 timmar sedan

    when the drugs hit sideways

  70. Justin Burke

    Justin Burke5 timmar sedan

    Educated one please help me out here...And I quote the woman in pink from Microsoft giving an example of data processing. "The energy from a solar unit to be transported faster to Seattle". What is the vehicle to this? Not sure how quantum computing plays a roll here.

  71. Enrique Pena

    Enrique Pena5 timmar sedan

    Bet you he wasn’t wearing his mask at the rally

  72. Moonman

    Moonman5 timmar sedan

    The end is close if these people don't calm down, that's what's coming smh

  73. Palpatine

    Palpatine5 timmar sedan

    Trump cracked the whip

  74. Kimberly Valentino

    Kimberly Valentino5 timmar sedan

    damn this is insane...i like Arkansas. i would buy a house here but never rent

  75. muP8085

    muP80855 timmar sedan

    The last one to get the benifits from winning an election are the voters (citizens)

  76. Scroopy Nooperz

    Scroopy Nooperz5 timmar sedan

    Lol notice how every major environmental fcukup story starts with "good intentioned scientists thought that..." xD You'd think these guys would learn that there is ALWAYS unintentional and unexpected side effects. If you're going to be introducing an invader species to accomplish a very specific task in a foreign environment, you should also have a well designed and thought out means to pull the plug on the experiment when your objective is reached. Otherwise you just have a bunch of non native species running around happy as pigs in sh!t coz they have no naturally evolved limitations.

  77. rohit kumar

    rohit kumar5 timmar sedan

    I like Putin but. Now is the time for him to go as Russia has to be handed over to the younger generation. And make Russia stronger . Other one day he will die and leave behind a power vaccum which will create unrest and that shouldn't be taken advantage by anyone. To break Russia.

  78. Basicly Gamez

    Basicly Gamez5 timmar sedan

    It seems as though many people seem to think that all trump supporters, and or republicans in general, are big children. I don’t really understand that because where I live everybody knows how to have a rational and peaceful discussion about political or controversial topics. Not trying to be disrespectful nor rude, but didn’t democrats complain almost every day for the four years he was president? Weren’t democrats the ones who used trump as their headline everyday, trying make it seem as though he was the devil and he’d bring the end of this country? I thought democrats burned the flag and disrespected hundreds of thousands of soldiers who gave their lives for this country. I have only seen republican go into the capital, btw only five people died, compared to BLM riots which cost millions in damage, and killed thousands. I’m just trying to comprehend as to where you would find evidence of trump supporters being childish, because I’ve seen none. I’ve seen left leaning sources such as CNN who had a trump headline that was rude and indecent towards the president and his supporters. So all of this “I get what this is saying, I don’t agree, but at least he sounds like an adult”, stuff should have proof or reasoning provided. If somebody were talk down upon Biden or Kamala, they would be ridiculed and attacked continuously, yet when somebody talks down to trump or his supporters they’re praised and broadcast. I just don’t get how this country has gotten so divided. I don’t think we’ll be the United States much longer. If you took the time to read this thank you, and have a great day!

  79. johngamache7

    johngamache75 timmar sedan

    3 years for stealing a pot plant. Wow! The system is fucked!!