All In The Kitchen
All In The Kitchen
All In The Kitchen

  1. S S

    S S2 timmar sedan

    Renee a fool for that move kinda made a fool of himself on that one...leave him to it

  2. S S

    S S2 timmar sedan

    Prison kitchens are actually cleaner than most restaurants and top of the range for utensils and equipment

  3. Kristoffer Vestergaard

    Kristoffer Vestergaard2 timmar sedan


  4. Posting a lemon until i get famous

    Posting a lemon until i get famous4 timmar sedan

    Brain was more like a victim

  5. kesha patel

    kesha patel4 timmar sedan

    first restaurant should have won😒

  6. Betty Manning

    Betty Manning5 timmar sedan

    The strong palm feasibly clean because egypt temporarily land a a furry furtive fork. zealous, fluttering nancy

  7. Quishaunna Fowler

    Quishaunna Fowler5 timmar sedan

    When the bench fell 😂

  8. jayson _gmoney

    jayson _gmoney5 timmar sedan

    what gordan hears "welcome to brixton" what i hear "welcome to brixton im da party with barbies and drillers"

  9. Min etlaV

    Min etlaV6 timmar sedan

    This two Chinese restaurant are the worst functional ever in the whole Uk

  10. Tim Lawrence

    Tim Lawrence6 timmar sedan

    What a bizarre episode. Gordon Ramsay, the chef with the shout heard round the world, captain of “ A chef must control his kitchen”, teasing and acting confused as to why the Chinese chef is shouting and controlling his kitchen?

  11. Guybrush Threepwood

    Guybrush Threepwood8 timmar sedan

    jesus fuck the cuts are making me ill. Too fast*

  12. William Nguyen

    William Nguyen8 timmar sedan

    Dog chilling (ramsay god your ugly) dog fuck it

  13. MichałŚ

    MichałŚ8 timmar sedan

    Could you put like another 6 ads on this video? Because there were only 8...

  14. StanleyComics

    StanleyComics9 timmar sedan

    Imagine turning your hotel into the dance academy from Suspiria.

  15. CorbZT Kurosaki

    CorbZT Kurosaki11 timmar sedan

    Any other Gordan Ramsay’s haters over here that watched this, slowly warmed up to him watching this. Cool guy helping that

  16. Adam Poll

    Adam Poll11 timmar sedan

    Making Chinese chefs stir-fry on a French-top hot-plate? Bizarre.

  17. Tobias Andersen

    Tobias Andersen12 timmar sedan

    8:01 - there's the issue, don't need a film crew and ramsay calling you a donkey to understand that... Geez man - what's with these people?

  18. Truthteam10

    Truthteam1012 timmar sedan

    gordon to prisoner "ITS FUCKING RAW!!!!!" prisoner " D:| "

  19. Tre Napier

    Tre Napier14 timmar sedan

    I love and respect Gordon so much for him doing this...

  20. Eoin Byrne

    Eoin Byrne15 timmar sedan

    Those two food critics aren't critics. They're fussy for the sake of being fussy, like they're the most important people in the room. That's ignorance. Hardly any noted about the food, only negatives. Shut the fuck up about every single little tiny detail. That attitude will only get your face smashed in repeatedly with a piece of heavy mining equipment.

  21. balle jönsson

    balle jönsson22 timmar sedan

    this one felt staged

  22. M. R.

    M. R.23 timmar sedan

    How can linen cost 75 000 Dollars?

  23. PURPLE

    PURPLEDag sedan

    Thank the cameraman for that buttcheek shot xD

  24. Mikael Pinheiro

    Mikael PinheiroDag sedan

    People that go to the military always think Oh no one better fuck with me or ill give them mean stares lmfao fucking clowns

  25. Vardek Petrovic

    Vardek PetrovicDag sedan

    Lawyers are useless human beings, if even that.

  26. NickEvershedMusic

    NickEvershedMusicDag sedan

    40:55 he’s such a sweet man, made me tear up

  27. Nollåttorna

    NollåttornaDag sedan

    6:53 " it's a takeaway pukebox " lmao

  28. Daltoniusz

    DaltoniuszDag sedan

    29:50 made Smile very, very Happy

  29. wurzel06

    wurzel06Dag sedan

    Fun cant most prisoners reofend because thay can't get a job

  30. NickEvershedMusic

    NickEvershedMusicDag sedan

    10:38 Tesco’s Mia Khalifa

  31. J 4Man

    J 4ManDag sedan

    39:17 is the way we should all pronounce the words.

  32. Miss Dog Lover

    Miss Dog LoverDag sedan

    Gordon Ramsay asking why everyone is shouting 😆 WHERE’S THE LAMB SOUP?!!

  33. Mike Tanner

    Mike TannerDag sedan

    Hard choice would love to have tasted both of them I'm a foodie Thank you for the great look into some tasty dishes

  34. Russell McPherson

    Russell McPhersonDag sedan

    Spoiler: the Chinese Restaurant won

  35. poncho toes bob

    poncho toes bobDag sedan


  36. tommy larsen

    tommy larsenDag sedan


  37. Liam B

    Liam BDag sedan

    poor dog

  38. josh

    joshDag sedan

    Does anybody know where the profit they earn goes?

  39. XYLØ

    XYLØDag sedan

    Upload more of hotel hell please!!

  40. Shorpho

    ShorphoDag sedan

    basicly every video he show his ass

  41. Lucy e bäst

    Lucy e bästDag sedan

    these vids wold actually be god if it wouldnt be so sped up smh

  42. Shorpho

    ShorphoDag sedan

    19:50 wtf happend

  43. JamSpam

    JamSpamDag sedan

    Gordon *Has ran 8 restaraunts* : * Tells what hotel owner should do * Random guy that doent even know how to own a play park slide: g0RdOn iS s0 wRoNg aBoUt ThiS!

  44. JamSpam

    JamSpamDag sedan

    ''Hes like a little hitler''

  45. gandalfx77

    gandalfx77Dag sedan

    gordno should have hired that chef to work for hells kitchen. this guy trully deserves and has love for food.

  46. Chris Habblett

    Chris HabblettDag sedan

    That head officer is a joke wrong guy in the wrong position

  47. Sxphia

    SxphiaDag sedan

    I never thought I would like a Karen

  48. Sxphia

    SxphiaDag sedan

    1:55 me to everyone in my class :

  49. SexySantorsa12

    SexySantorsa12Dag sedan

    What is the purpose behind denying someone else a shower

  50. hassi44

    hassi44Dag sedan

    Ramsey: What do you think of the red? Guest: It's like a brothel. Ramsey: You've... you've been in a brothel? Guest: No, no. Ramsey: Oh... Ok... I can confirm though it is like in a brothel!

  51. Hi. I Sing

    Hi. I SingDag sedan

    On Jah if I was a prisoner I'd test those fall nets for use as a hammock

  52. Tyson Hickey

    Tyson HickeyDag sedan

    Imagine going to jail and getting great food 😂🤤

  53. Rovix

    RovixDag sedan

    Soup du Every jour Ever :P

  54. malin kittensmuggler

    malin kittensmugglerDag sedan

    Oh gosh, I would NOT eat there let alone sleep there 😱the house itself looks straight out of a horror movie. I wouldn't stay there if I got paid

  55. Indigo van Hoof

    Indigo van HoofDag sedan

    Yo that man dropped harder than WWII xDD

  56. malin kittensmuggler

    malin kittensmuggler2 dagar sedan

    Also, Gordons honesty is so refreshing. He says it as is, cutting to the chase. People don't do that enough imo. And my God, there's a lot of people in denial who needs to be slapped across their face with the brutal truth

  57. malin kittensmuggler

    malin kittensmuggler2 dagar sedan

    Oh my God, Robert is an awful human being

  58. Th11Cc Bo1

    Th11Cc Bo12 dagar sedan

    Robert is more of a south park character than human being xd

  59. Patricia d'Assier

    Patricia d'Assier2 dagar sedan

    Why the F does Gordon always have to throw in a shot of his non-buff naked body!? So, so narcissistic. It’s not sarcasm, it’s just creepy!

  60. Double Faultless

    Double Faultless2 dagar sedan


  61. Anissa Cinardo

    Anissa Cinardo2 dagar sedan

    I feel bad for that chef

  62. jasuri nieves

    jasuri nieves2 dagar sedan

    I love this!

  63. Kemetic Production

    Kemetic Production2 dagar sedan

    Gordon why the need for a flat ass shot?😂😂😂😂😂

  64. Bram ACM Holland

    Bram ACM Holland2 dagar sedan

    That cheff has the Passion

  65. Alpha PHENIX

    Alpha PHENIX2 dagar sedan

    13:09 "How would you rate him out of 10?'' ''Can we go in to negatives?'' Nice

  66. Alena Levina

    Alena Levina2 dagar sedan

    The 2nd restaurant manager's honesty is killing me😂😂

  67. Webm. Tjeezers

    Webm. Tjeezers2 dagar sedan

    That gay guy told, "he needs peaceful time to do his work" ... Obviously he has no balls!

  68. Adolf Ilyich Marx

    Adolf Ilyich Marx2 dagar sedan

    The moment Gordon Ramsay accidentally does more to rehabilitate prisoners than the prison system itself.

  69. Mangostripes

    Mangostripes2 dagar sedan

    I don't like that manager. She has that attitude that "I can do my job I don't need to be babied," and then proceeds to not even check the rooms for the most basic hygiene before the guests go into the rooms....

  70. A wild letter e

    A wild letter e2 dagar sedan

    The owner was a lawyer for a democracy, but his mind has no democracy

  71. Aiitof Niturm

    Aiitof Niturm2 dagar sedan

    Gordon's shows are fun to watch... until you realize they're 300% staged. Then it's just badly written drama.

  72. A wild letter e

    A wild letter e2 dagar sedan

    hol'up robert is gay?

  73. nila oquias

    nila oquias2 dagar sedan

    Sir Mr. Gordon Ramsey. iwant to learn cook from you. can u teach me how to become like u a greatest chef god cook in the world.>!!!!!

  74. Weegloogi

    Weegloogi2 dagar sedan

    16:50 "just bring it as it comes" so youre telling me they normally wait to serve food when its already ready but they just let the customers wait wow

  75. Jose Sanchez

    Jose Sanchez2 dagar sedan

    Wtf a restaurant n prison that won't happen here n cali.maybe in a sny yard

  76. Ginsho

    Ginsho2 dagar sedan

    Are the owners always this cringy?

  77. Jonas Nielsen

    Jonas Nielsen2 dagar sedan


  78. Jose Sanchez

    Jose Sanchez2 dagar sedan

    This prison is a joke if they were collecting all the $ I'd bet they'd do it . Every prison I've been in would have people go to work earlier than that like 3 am

  79. Jose Sanchez

    Jose Sanchez2 dagar sedan

    I'm proud of gorden talking to him like that but he's not like on hells kitchen

  80. Jose Sanchez

    Jose Sanchez2 dagar sedan

    Tell him to bird bath probably don't know what that is Cali thing