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Enter the World of Warcraft and descend into a world of myth, magic, and legendary adventure. Enter the Shadowlands - Available Now
ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood and Gore, Crude Humor, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence.

[SPOILER] For Teldrassil
AWC BFA NA Finals | Full VOD
AWC BFA EU Finals | Full VOD
  1. Sonbrage

    Sonbrage9 timmar sedan

    Good idea to hide Plagefall

  2. Renault Ellis

    Renault Ellis10 timmar sedan

    "Remember Arthas, we are paladins. Vengeance cannot be a part of what we must do" -Uther, wc3

  3. Stefan Georgiev

    Stefan Georgiev10 timmar sedan

    getting accepted into a pug is harder than the dungeons tbh

  4. Silas Marquez

    Silas Marquez10 timmar sedan

    Hoping there's 4-8 more throughout the expansion

  5. Dave Cullins

    Dave Cullins10 timmar sedan

    They should make the mythic system so that you can be rewarded from going through mythic dungeons from the previous expansions as well. Would give a lot more variety. Of course everything would have to be up-scaled to the current max level.

  6. Tatsuya Sensei

    Tatsuya Sensei10 timmar sedan

    i like the trailer it out now !

  7. Trent Mims

    Trent Mims10 timmar sedan

    0:43 this right here, is why i'm a dwarf hunter

  8. Smuel

    Smuel10 timmar sedan

    Not gonna lie. That trailer sucked

  9. João Gabriel

    João Gabriel10 timmar sedan

    So... People in the maw doesn't study?

  10. Elizabeth Farin

    Elizabeth Farin10 timmar sedan

    We never liked anything that has disease in a dungeon, my guild and I. In this video, I guess the most challenging one for us is either De Other Side or Spires of Ascension. But even then, we would choose those two said dungeon over Plaguefall, especially on Mythic runs.

  11. woeissylar 1

    woeissylar 110 timmar sedan

    I'm not even geared for heroics yet the grind is real

  12. Святослав Демьяненко

    Святослав Демьяненко10 timmar sedan

    Ролик - дешёвка , ни капли отображения данных событий ...

  13. Apollo Baker

    Apollo Baker10 timmar sedan

    Please put this on iTunes, lol

  14. DarshUK

    DarshUK10 timmar sedan

    Naxx out Pog

  15. Brethzier Aleroes

    Brethzier Aleroes11 timmar sedan

    Nax out

  16. WikkitJuggalo

    WikkitJuggalo11 timmar sedan

    Me, as a Deathknight Gnome, still hope, that my true King will Arise in shadowlnds. i always feel empty without Arthas :(

  17. Deni Fisher

    Deni Fisher11 timmar sedan

    U can see when she says burn it,Saurfang and even Nathanos hesitated,there was no honor in this,only genocide,hatred,rage. She my fav charactee since wc3. She will get killed in the end,one way or another,but that may be to izi,i think best punishment for her is a lifetime of atonement,but never forgiven. Thats the ultimate punishment tho. In the end death claims us all. When death comes,u can only smile towards it tho. Dark lady watches over us.

  18. Alec W

    Alec W11 timmar sedan

    1:28 LMAO it’s Pierre Gasly

  19. tykjedasken

    tykjedasken11 timmar sedan

    amaazing dungeons

  20. Donkens

    Donkens11 timmar sedan

    Not gonna ignore the fact that blizz trying to make us play shadowlands more than classic? Litterally had to kick 5 members

  21. Steelwind Fullmetal

    Steelwind Fullmetal11 timmar sedan

    Warcraft die when Arthas dead

  22. MusicalHearts287

    MusicalHearts28711 timmar sedan

    I just got this ad and I had to find it. Finn from Stranger Things AND World of Warcraft? Count me in!!

  23. StaySic4Ever

    StaySic4Ever11 timmar sedan

    Really awesome

  24. Quang Huy Vũ

    Quang Huy Vũ11 timmar sedan

    Well, Mordekaiser be defeated by Ashe even used his ulti. Lol

  25. HawaiiACE17

    HawaiiACE1711 timmar sedan


  26. Tenzin Chosang

    Tenzin Chosang11 timmar sedan

    I had to take a double take when I saw Finn Wolfhard

  27. russ pc

    russ pc12 timmar sedan

    Theater of Pain Mythic final boss is 10/10, unless you play a demo lock, then good luck on phase 2 :DDDD

  28. ClaustrophobicCarrot

    ClaustrophobicCarrot12 timmar sedan

    Dungeons are much better, BFA dungeons were horrible

  29. J F

    J F12 timmar sedan

    Very fun dungeons, there isn’t a single one this time that I dislike... spire comes close but it’s short enough to not be too annoying

  30. Aaron Rios

    Aaron Rios12 timmar sedan

    Still dont get wtf is happening in the other side

  31. Mauro2K1

    Mauro2K112 timmar sedan

    why is this coming up in 2020? :D

  32. Wan Cai Chen

    Wan Cai Chen12 timmar sedan

    That’s a cool add

  33. Ali Gülşan

    Ali Gülşan12 timmar sedan

    Dragonkin needs to be a playable race

  34. balanc lie

    balanc lie13 timmar sedan

    Me when my pc finally finish downloading an new expansion. 0:51

  35. Blini cat

    Blini cat13 timmar sedan

    Not sure why this just popped up in my recommendations but thanks for the nostalgia lol

  36. JP DP

    JP DP13 timmar sedan

    Same old graphics

  37. Daryn Amangeldiyev

    Daryn Amangeldiyev13 timmar sedan


  38. Виталий Созонов

    Виталий Созонов13 timmar sedan

    Dungeons are good so far but why only 8 on launch? I really hope you add 4-6 more during the course of the expansion

  39. Cameron McEwen

    Cameron McEwen13 timmar sedan

    Jaina and Anduin will join us in freeing Tyrande.

  40. Deni Jovanovic

    Deni Jovanovic14 timmar sedan

    Maiev will be pleased to hear that there new demon hunter on the loose and it's Tyrande, oh yes.

  41. Scott Silver

    Scott Silver14 timmar sedan

    Warcraft has come a long way.....downhill ,man...Blizzard wtf/.?

  42. zecurox

    zecurox14 timmar sedan

    You know what this game needs instead of new dungeons? World of Warcraft 2

  43. I2HS

    I2HS14 timmar sedan

    Love the tours of ascension dungeon

  44. Doktah Doktah

    Doktah Doktah14 timmar sedan

    You think you do. But you don't.

  45. Juschlan

    Juschlan14 timmar sedan

    Dungeons are great and all, but its sad legendaries drop for the second boss instead of the final boss. People leave after the second boss, EVERY TIME :/ Wish I could experience the full dungeon rather than having to backfill somewhere in the middle ALWAYS.

  46. Fenris

    Fenris14 timmar sedan

    Oh look guys its legion again but worse

  47. blackdogz / froggy arts

    blackdogz / froggy arts14 timmar sedan

    i like theatre of pain, i do, but i thi k that the legendary that you can get should only drop from the final boss. i cannot count the amount of times ive run into a group simply fighting one boss before the tank and heals leave, and nobody finishes.

  48. Serpentsaurus

    Serpentsaurus14 timmar sedan

    Shadowlands dungeons are a cut above anything we had in BFA and I thank you for it.

  49. Pelorix

    Pelorix14 timmar sedan

    I don't get it.

  50. Mikeytizey

    Mikeytizey14 timmar sedan

    The dungeons are fun, cant wait for m+

  51. ThanksIfYourReadIt

    ThanksIfYourReadIt14 timmar sedan

    So that blue chick took down the sword to the shadowlands. 6:33

  52. ThanksIfYourReadIt

    ThanksIfYourReadIt14 timmar sedan

    What does he desire? Just this!

  53. Рубик Кубик

    Рубик Кубик14 timmar sedan

    looks like HOTS

  54. 0megacron

    0megacron14 timmar sedan

    The girl in pink who's practicing her golf swing is actress Sydney Sweeney.

  55. Mort

    Mort14 timmar sedan

    Dungeons are good but i hate that we have 0 clue why we are there. Wth is bwonsamdi doing there locked up

  56. Mon Day

    Mon Day15 timmar sedan

    where can i buy this horn...

  57. Masqerader

    Masqerader15 timmar sedan

    Classic hard... lmao

  58. Juan Nadie

    Juan Nadie15 timmar sedan

    Ronda Rousey!!!!!!

  59. Nils Ververs Lübke

    Nils Ververs Lübke15 timmar sedan


  60. israel blanco

    israel blanco15 timmar sedan

    fck Mists of Tirna Scithe all my homies hate Mists of Tirna Scithe

  61. mudcatjack

    mudcatjack15 timmar sedan

    Sakurai playing smash theme at 1:30

  62. SkinWhitening beauty obritannia roseskin

    SkinWhitening beauty obritannia roseskin15 timmar sedan


  63. คนไทยไกลบ้าน Hinloi

    คนไทยไกลบ้าน Hinloi15 timmar sedan


  64. Smashing -

    Smashing -15 timmar sedan

    So you guys can actually make 60 fps videos but not for retail i guess only for the 16 year old version...

  65. articeon neon

    articeon neon15 timmar sedan

    I'm coming to save you Arthas!, just have to kill 5,000 more alliance... it'll only be a second...

  66. Shauno!

    Shauno!15 timmar sedan

    De other side & theatre of pain have been a blast doing, plaugefall... not so much

  67. Wolfshaven

    Wolfshaven15 timmar sedan

    That moment your customers pump through max-level dungeons faster than your communications team brings out SEtoos content of said dungeon

  68. Lord Fieldsworth

    Lord Fieldsworth15 timmar sedan

    Great job with the dungeons blizzard. Honestly some of my favourites

  69. Wonnie the Poop

    Wonnie the Poop15 timmar sedan

    I can't do it! I've completed a couple of normal dungeons and it was more than enough. I want adventure, but not freaking running on the highest speed.

  70. OutMagic

    OutMagic15 timmar sedan

    Sickkkk XD

  71. N.Doacan

    N.Doacan16 timmar sedan

    I am having alot of fun so far. Great story with old returning characters. I really liked the afterlife concept. I like the rich dialog in cutscenes this time instead of just flashy anime bull***. The art, music is just amazing. It is been so long since an expansion I enjoyed this much came out.

  72. ismail abdelazim

    ismail abdelazim16 timmar sedan

    I have a feeling bwonsamdi is gonna make an appearance

  73. Zimei Fan

    Zimei Fan16 timmar sedan

    What a crybaby this warrior alpha-wannabe

  74. RamenLuLu

    RamenLuLu16 timmar sedan

    I like how the limited the dungeons we can do Lvling up so we don't get burnt out at max lvl, loving this

  75. steakholder

    steakholder16 timmar sedan

    Even in an official trailer the anima orbs in Spires of Ascension are causing framerate drops...lmao Spires of Ascension was so stressful as a tank because my PC kept lagging out in random parts of the fight due to these things.


    FRESHNESS16 timmar sedan

    None of this really looks impressive anymore does it. It's not like running up to Ironforge first time 15 years ago. Is it time for a do-over? WoW 2 or something?

  77. James M

    James M16 timmar sedan

    Need help please; I left at the Battle of Azeroth expansion. If I wanted to jump back in and start a new character does it take ages to level to 48 and try the new content? Sorry havent played in ages

  78. ThatGuy1979

    ThatGuy197916 timmar sedan

    Meuh'zala better be a raid boss later in this expansion or I will riot

  79. Xenomorph

    Xenomorph16 timmar sedan

    Dear Blizzard, Shadowlands is awesome ! Thank you very much !

  80. Влад Войтовский

    Влад Войтовский16 timmar sedan

    - Do you like video games? - I get paid for it. - Are you professional gamer? - Nope. I'm professional actor.